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Weed, CA

#224 Nov 1, 2009
Paul wrote:
My van doesn't seem to hold a charge on the battery. It tests fine, but every couple of days the car wont start unless jumped. then it will run fine again. Very frustrated. My toyota will sit for weeks and start right up.
I would consider replacing the battery if it is more than about 4 years old regardless of whether it "tests" good or not due to the fact that automotive batteries rarely last more than 4 years or so.

Having said that, I would think that you may have a "parasitic" (i.e. excessive, abnormal) current draw problem that is draining your battery. I had the same problem with our van and was, with luck, able to trace the problem down to the optional "power outlet" circuits (see your owner's manual for more info) by removing the "12V OUT IGN OR BAT" fuse (located in the "IPM FUSE AND RELAY CENTER" block under the hood). Removing this fuse reduced the parasitic current draw down to a normal level (I, unfortunately, haven't yet had time to trace down the actual problem in the circuit or circuits).

Other Caravan owners have traced their parasitic draw problems down to glove box or other interior lighting that stays on when it shouldn't, bad door lock solenoids or switches, Hazard lamp relays, etc.

Modern vehicles with their various on board computer control systems and other electrical/electronic devices will, unfortunately, drain their batteries (while sitting) much quicker than some older and or less "feature packed" vehicles. A case in point is the fact that my old 1985 GMC S15 truck can sit for months on end and still start.
kristn knight

Collierville, TN

#225 Nov 3, 2009
Lou wrote:
Good Evening
I am experiencing on a intermitten basis that my 2005 Dodge Caravan won't start.
I already took it to my local dealer and they weren't able to identify the problem.
To date, this problem still exists and I was wondering if any of you have had the same problem and if you found out the cause of it.
Please share.
i had a similar problem.. mine occured while i was driving.. finally took it to the dealer where i found out it was my EGR VALVE had gone bad, which is a known issue for this yr & model vehicle... be prepared to have numerous more problems...my power windows, power door locks have stopped working & now i think i could be having major transmission issues...good luck..

Smyrna, TN

#226 Nov 4, 2009
I have had two more mechanics look at my van and they both think that the intermittent starting problem is caused by the computer. they also said that they found a lot of problem with the computers on Dodge vans, it seems that the seal on the computer leaks and water gets inside. I ordered a new computer and it should be in either today or tomorrow, so I'll let you know.

Smyrna, TN

#227 Nov 4, 2009
Jeff wrote:
<quoted text>
I just went through hell figuring my intermitant starting issue on my 2002 dodge grand caravan. New battery, Nope, New starter...Nope. Then I starting thinking about the fuse/relay box under the hood and guess what...there is a relay that sends power to activate the Solonoid in the starter. I also noticed that many of the relays are identical so I swaped the starter relay with the blower relay..No more intermittant starting problems. I'll have to replace the bad relay unless I want my blower to act up intermittantly!
I did the same thing when I started having this problem and it did work for a while, but eventually my van just wouldn't start at all, I am waiting for a new computer.

Smyrna, TN

#228 Nov 6, 2009
I just received the computer for my van, we installed it and the van started right up.

United States

#229 Nov 8, 2009
I have a 2006 dodge caravan stx i just shut off while on the freeway the oil light cane on ans it jsut stop also the check engine comes on and i took it in to check the light there are on problems i just want to know what to do before i have an accident bocause of this problem

United States

#230 Nov 9, 2009
Shanel wrote:
I have a 2006 dodge caravan stx i just shut off while on the freeway the oil light cane on ans it jsut stop also the check engine comes on and i took it in to check the light there are on problems i just want to know what to do before i have an accident bocause of this problem
There should have been a "trouble code" stored in the OBD (On Board Diagnostic) system that could help resolve the problem. However, not all problems will produce a trouble code...

This could be an "oil pressure sensor" problem. As I understand it the oil pressure sensor on your van is designed to protect your engine from major mechanical damage. The signal from the sensor lets you know that the oil pressure is at the appropriate level. When this pressure drops, however, your vehicle computer shuts off power to the fuel pump to protect the engine by "turning it off". In other words, a "bad" or malfunctioning "oil pressure sensor" could be shutting your engine off. I would stongly recommend that you first make sure that you don't have an oil, oil level, oil leak, or oil pump problem. The next step would be to check the electrical wire connections at the "oil pressure senor switch" (located just above the oil filter on most 3.3 Liter V6 engines). Finally, consider replacing the "oil pressure sensor" itself (which, btw, in not a very expensive job).

Otherwise, I would perform a fuel pump pressure test. Your vehicle may also be ready for a major tune-up including spark plugs, plug wires, fuel filter and air filter. Major tune ups are generally required at between 60 and 90 thousand miles depending on your driving conditions.

Laval, Canada

#231 Nov 24, 2009
I have dodge caravan 2004. when i turn the steering left or right there is vibrations in the front.

Seminole, OK

#232 Dec 4, 2009
Paul wrote:
My van doesn't seem to hold a charge on the battery. It tests fine, but every couple of days the car wont start unless jumped. then it will run fine again. Very frustrated. My toyota will sit for weeks and start right up.
having similar problems. went out this morning aned could here clicking coming from fuse box under hood. relay was clicking and i had turned noting on. tried to start and had no juice. hokked jumper cables up and clicking stopped and van started right up. will run all day now and start everytime. may do this for 2 or 3 days until it drains battery again. did you find solution?

Montgomery, AL

#233 Dec 7, 2009
Walter Washington DC wrote:
I have the same problem that Roger with my 2005 Dodge Caravan, random symptoms: engine and all electricity turns off while driving. Took it to the dealer and they couldn't find anything.
Heppended to me before too. I took it to my local mechanic and found out that one of cells int he battery was dead. I drove it like that for a few months (its my 2nd car) and now because of the strain to the starter, it now has to be replaced as well.

Woodstock, Canada

#234 Dec 8, 2009
frank wrote:
oh yea, twice the digital odometer dropped the numbers and said "donE". mechanic thinks i'm crazy.
happens when you cycle the key off-on three times
Peter Hood

Saint-hubert, Canada

#235 Dec 19, 2009
I have a 2006 Dodge Caravan. Have had starting problems twice. For a new vehicle this is completely unacceptable. The manufacturer,not the dealer, should be held responsible and required to make monetary restitution for inconvenience.
The problem was that the bolt holding the cable was improperly tightened at the factory. Even after the dealer tightened the bolt it became loose shortly afterward. It now seems to be holding but I'm not taking any chances so I carry a
2ft length of broom handle and a hammer. I had to use it once to get going. With my wife at the ignition I got under the right side of the vehicle,
positioned the rod onto the starter and banged on it with the hammer and it started. Bastards!
Alana 24

Champlin, MN

#236 Dec 29, 2009
Don Spencer wrote:
Same Issue here. Cant get pased the clicking sound altho battery has plenty of juice.? Do your aut door locks still work. What about the horn. Could we be experiencing computer probs??
My van also will not start, just the clicking noise. I am scared to bring it in to shop since I am out of warranty and it seems as though mechanics just keep trying the same things that don't work. If you or anyone figures this out I would love to hear what is causing the issue. Before my 2005 Grand Caravan did not start, my stereo went haywire and then just stopped working with a cd caught inside.
Because of the stereo, I am thinking it is a computer problem. This is so frustrating because it seems no one has actually had their van fixed. If I can an answer, I will post it here.

United States

#237 Dec 30, 2009
David wrote:
I just had the same problem again second time this past Sat. I am taking the car back to the dealer this week. We'll see what they can come up with. Based on other comments that I have seen here, I hold no great hopes.
<quoted text>
guys its probably a worn out solenoid!!! CHEAP EASY FIX

Marion, OH

#238 Jan 8, 2010
I helped a freind fix a car and it wouod shut down while driving and or not start or if it did start it would run like crap. I check many things and could not fix it. They took it to a garage not a dealer and they had found that the ground wires under the battery was clamped togeter and they had corroded. The ground wire would be for the computer. They cleaned it up and they have went at least a year with out a problem. This vehicle was a Ford explorer. Please check it out.

Carbondale, PA

#239 Jan 15, 2010
2002 Grand Caravan two months ago would not start. Trouble code was: Running to lean. Had it towed to a garage. Replaced fuel pump, filter, still had a very weak spark. Replaced plugs, coil pack and wires. Ran for a couple of weeks then the same problem.Plug were fouled out (saturated with fuel) replaced plugs again. Two weeks later same thing. Anyone any IDEAS!

Buffalo, NY

#240 Jan 25, 2010
I just put in a new starter and now it is grinding on the flywheel a little just at the end of the start. It is almost like it is not completely disengaging from the flywheel fast enough once the car is running. What can I do to fix this??

Since: Jan 10

Croton On Hudson, NY

#241 Jan 28, 2010
Does it look like this Caravan?
Patricia C

Middletown, CT

#242 Feb 11, 2010
I have a 2005 Dodge Minivan with 50,000 mi. I have been having similar problem as seen here. Car stalls after it's started at lights and stops, choking and then eventually freezing up. Sounds like it's not getting any gas. I have brought it several times to the mechanic but after about 20 minutes it's suddenly starts up. After hundreds of dollars in diagnostic fees and several mechanics and towing it to a Dodge Dealer no one can find the problem. They are baffled... any recomendations???

Fairmont, MN

#243 Feb 24, 2010
My 2002 Dodge Caravan would intermittently start and not start. I replaced starter and battery and still had the problem. Finally found out that when the after market remote starter was installed they severed the very thin wire from the ignition to the relay. They got worse over time. When I would hit a bump it would separate the wires so the next time I tried to start it would not. Somehow it would eventually connect again and start. Hope this helps.

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