2005 Dodge Caravan Ingintion / Starte...

White House, TN

#186 Nov 8, 2008
oh yea, twice the digital odometer dropped the numbers and said "donE". mechanic thinks i'm crazy.

White House, TN

#187 Nov 8, 2008
i guess this thread is dead?
Needed a new car

Minneapolis, MN

#188 Nov 16, 2008
FormerDodgeOwner-I wish wrote:
As a follow up. It seems that there was a short on one of the connections from the remote starter causing the van to not start. Oddly enough, the solution for them was to cut all of wires to the remote starter and remove it. Geez, talk about throwing the baby out with the bath water. I question their solution because now the running lights do not blink when you press the button on the key. It should be once, driver's side lights, twice all four lights, locking - horn sounds all lights blink. Well, at least the horn still works. This isn't over. Trust me! They charged $434 for 4 hours troubleshooting and 3 calls to some "expert help line". I guess we'll see where it goes from here. This is the kind of thing that makes people not trust auto mechanincs. Gee, I wonder why? NOT!
This is helpful. I had a 93 Dodge caravan and it would have the problems mentioned where the car would start and then die unless you had your foot on the gas. Tried again with a 99 Dodge Grand Caravan and it has started to act up with not starting right away. It has a remote starter so maybe I will have that taken out. I have been able to get it started but now that it is cold it requires it to be jumped. This would suck to be a $3000 lemon.

Victoria, Canada

#189 Nov 18, 2008
I have 1996 dodge caravan i repleced the two shock at the back that nigth then i test drive the van, but the engine of my van suddenly stopped, I though just running out of fuel. then i went and buy about 7 litre gas. then come back and put the gas. then still won't start.
please need an advice before i spent lot of money later.

Langeloth, PA

#190 Dec 1, 2008
2006 dodge caravan......in 6 times for starter. i can hit it with my snow brush then it works. everytime i take it in they have no problem with it. i am sooo mad...and this is a lease.so yesterday i took it to the dealer and turned it on and off till it died. today they call and say something is really wrong!!!! REALLY YOU THINK.I HATE DODGE

Hinesville, GA

#191 Dec 3, 2008
I'm glad I'm not alone.. I have 2005 Caravan and I too having starting(once in July 08) and door lock problem.. I took it to dealer and they replaced door solenoids and now driver and passenger door works fine but sliding door lock won't lock or unlock.

Also starting to have popping noise comming from front of van(still under 20,000 miles), and brake peddel kicking back when high speed breaking, dealer changed rotor when it was under 10,000 miles.. This is my second dodge(1st was Dekota quad cab---had problem with paint fading) and I don't think I will make number 3 any time soon..

New Berlin, WI

#192 Dec 12, 2008
I have a problem with my 05 caravan. When its cold out i have to turn the key on and off 6 to 8 times before it will turn over. The dash lights come on, I did change the starter relay under the hood. Didn't help. any ideas has 41 k on it

East Liverpool, OH

#193 Dec 17, 2008
I own 2005 dodge caravan with 95,000 miles. At 55K, tranny locked in second. It reset when I started it next time and I've had no trans problem since, although I hold my breath. Since then however, I've had to replace EGR Valve, water pump, and rear wiper motor. Power door locks stopped working a year ago both inside and remote. ABS system went out about six months ago. I've not repaired either of these. Recently I've had intermittent dead battery problem. I carry a power jumper and use it about once every week. Battery just drains and dies without warning. Total cost of these nuisances however has been about $700 over four years. I'll have to think hard about buying another dodge van.

Killeen, TX

#194 Jan 3, 2009
<quoted text>
Are you talking about the emissions control unit?
No, the computer.

Santa Ana, CA

#195 Jan 5, 2009
Have a 05 Caravan and all of the electrical lights and gauges freak out, flicker on and off, the headlights flicker, radio "pops" on and off, and goes back to normal for a couple of minutes, then does it all over again. Now we are having a problem with it starting. We have to turn the key on and off at least 10 times before it finally engages and starts. It seems to get voltage spikes when this heppens and seems to get too much voltage causing everything to freak out. We already took it to the dealership which told up it was a bad sensor, replaced it, was fine for about 2 weeks, then started doing it again. Any suggestions? Do Dodges just suck that bad?

Barrie, Canada

#196 Jan 10, 2009
Hi all, it seems that all of us Caravan owners seem to be having this annoying electrical problem. Today my 2003 Grand started having the infamous starting problem. Replaced the starter and still same problem. Three weeks ago had transmission problems, and since I bought the vehicle almost a year ago have had ongoing dash light problems. This computer virus seems to go round and round, affecting all the various systems in these vehicles. Have got some great ideas from reading all of your posts...Thanks... and will try them tomorrow to see if my van will start.

Las Vegas, NV

#197 Jan 15, 2009
heather wrote:
We have a 2002 Dodge caravan SE that will shut off while driving at low speeds.(under 20mph.) We have spent almost $500.00 and have had it at 4 different shops trying to get it fixed anyone ave any ideas??
Yes, just change the cables & spark plugs. It will do the job.

Toronto, Canada

#198 Jan 20, 2009

My 1996 dodge caravan suddenly stalled while I was parking. I cannot start the engine any more. This is 1st time in 2 years ! I hear continuous 'click' sound when I try to start, and I noticed all indoor lights keep flashing while I am trying to start... Panels light-up.'Service engine soon' flashes once or twice. No battery light on - seems battery is OK..I tested 12.47V.

Some guys say, bettery dead.. while others say - starter is dead. I am not sure what could be wrong!

i wonder if anybody found similar problem and I would be glad to know you had solved it.

Toronto, Canada

#199 Jan 20, 2009

Was that easy to change the relay ? Was that relay really faulty ? Hynes manual tells how to check this relay.

In cold, I need to press little gas, then start. I added castrol GTX hi mileage oil. Seems starting is better with that oil.

Key turn on-off : is that just one step turn or just turn to light up pane and engine electrical system check ?
mreedster wrote:
I have a problem with my 05 caravan. When its cold out i have to turn the key on and off 6 to 8 times before it will turn over. The dash lights come on, I did change the starter relay under the hood. Didn't help. any ideas has 41 k on it

Chicoutimi, Canada

#200 Feb 2, 2009
I have a caravan 2003, and when i put my car on Reverse to reach the Drive, all my electronic shut down. (radio, door lock, light, window...) In Park mode, all is fine, just when i pass to Reverse all shut down and after on Drive, electronic work randomly for fews seconds.
Don Spencer

Stewartstown, PA

#201 Feb 19, 2009
Same Issue here. Plenty of battery juice,Just doesnt get past the rappid clicking sound unless i jumpstart,
Lou wrote:
Good Evening
I am experiencing on a intermitten basis that my 2005 Dodge Caravan won't start.
I already took it to my local dealer and they weren't able to identify the problem.
To date, this problem still exists and I was wondering if any of you have had the same problem and if you found out the cause of it.
Please share.
Don Spencer

Stewartstown, PA

#202 Feb 19, 2009
Same Issue here. Cant get pased the clicking sound altho battery has plenty of juice.? Do your aut door locks still work. What about the horn. Could we be experiencing computer probs??
brian blanchard

Baton Rouge, LA

#203 Apr 6, 2009
I have 2005 Dodge Caravan, kills while driving, and misses while idling

Saint Augustine, FL

#204 Apr 7, 2009
We have a 2004 Caravan and my wife has problems with the car not starting. When cold it allways starts. But when the car is driven a few miles and left to set for a short period of time, sometimes it won't start. If we wait about an hour it starts up. This has happened 6 times. Once it happened to me, but I might have been using her key. The dealer says the car is fine. I did try to make a key off of one of the keys. But I thought it was my key. I'll swap keys with her and see what happens. Thanks
Jeremy wrote:
I have recently been having starting problems with my 2002 dodge caravan as well. It would start then die a second and a half later..It would do this 2-3 times then nothing at all. I thought disconecting the cables would reset the computer but that didn't work...after a couple hours it would run just fine but then seem to have the same problem...and this wouldn't happen everyday either. Anyway I finaly called the chrysler service department (after messing around with the starter) and the tech asked if i was using the same keys all the time. He said that if you have made any keys off the original there is a built in security thing that will kill the engine... I was using a key that didn't have that thick plastic rubber end. I immediately tried the original key and it started right up...tried the other key and had problems...so maybe the issue could be in the security. This problem would only happen to my wife..but I was the one with the original and never had any problems with it. I find it crazy to be just a key...but that seems to be my issue for now.

Dearborn, MI

#205 May 15, 2009
My 2005 Dodge Caravan won't start occasionally. I've notice that if the square indicator light doesn't appear around the P (Park), the van isn't going to start... I just hear clicking. Anyone know what turns on that square indicator?

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