gas smell coming from under hood
Long_Term_Dodge_ Owner

Milwaukee, WI

#21 Sep 10, 2011
Check The Fuel Rail Pressure Relief Valve.... sounds like this valve has failed. A failing valve can produce a very slow leak, where the fuel will flow along the surface of the rail and down the mount... during this slow, it evaporates, leaving no visual indicators to a leak. Simply replace the rail. When the rail is replaced, have all the fuel injector O-ringsd checked. If the engine has near or more than 80K miles, have the fuel injectors replaced with ONLY Brand New injectors - Fuel Injectors cannot be rebuilt - they can only be cleaned and new O-rings put on....however, the inside sealing surface of a used fuel-injector is still worn and cannot be rebuilt. Fuel rain replacement means the intake manifold must be removed from the engine... this takes time for removal and replacement. Only have this done by experienced mechanic and business - not a franchise service center or retail store!
Mark T

Minneapolis, MN

#22 Sep 30, 2011
Mark wrote:
<quoted text>
I have a 3.3L 2001 Grand Caravan that has a gas leaking from the top of the gas tank, which only leaks when the tank is full. I called 3 Dodge dealerships & they all said they know nothing about recalls for fuel leaks on 2001 Caravans. I don't want to pay for an expensive repair if I don't have too. I'm looking for advise to find out if there were any recalls for this type of problem
My Wife's 01'Caravan had this issue. The dealer found that the Filler Pipe (from the tank up to the fill port) had rusted thru and needed replacement. Replacement fixed it.
Now I have a similar problem to others in here regarding fuel leaking form the press. relief ? on top of the Fuel Rail.

I am assuming replace the whole rail minus the Injectors, as I just changed the o-rings.
Mark T

Minneapolis, MN

#23 Sep 30, 2011
Hi Bill.

So did you have to change the whole rail ? or is the pressure valve sold separately ?

Thanks for any reply.
Bill wrote:
I took the advice of what I read here and replaced all the o rings. the next day I had more smell. I finally moved a few things out of the way and waited for everything to dry. I stuck my head down there and watched while someone started the car. The fuel was coming from the small pressure valve mounted on the end of the fuel rail.(2001 dodge grand caravan.) Sometimes it leaks and sometimes it doesnt. I guess I am going to have to try to change out the fuel rail.

Gainesville, FL

#24 Oct 1, 2011
i already know our problem is the fuel rail. so far the only place we can purchase is at the dealership which cost $220.00. we have to order it and wait for a week to get the part. is it safe to buy the part from the junk yard by getting it out on another van or by someone elses engine?
Mark T

Minneapolis, MN

#25 Oct 2, 2011
I just bought one yesterday and installed it.$85 from Burnsville dodge in Minneapolis area. It fixed the gas smell issue.
It took a few hours.
rebecca wrote:
i already know our problem is the fuel rail. so far the only place we can purchase is at the dealership which cost $220.00. we have to order it and wait for a week to get the part. is it safe to buy the part from the junk yard by getting it out on another van or by someone elses engine?

Chicago, IL

#26 Oct 3, 2011
I have a 2005 Dodge Caravan and have been smelling gas fumes for about a year - mechanic didn't see anything wrong or smell last year when I mentioned it. Smell is getting stronger lately and having trouble starting first try. Nothing appears to be leaking externally, check engine light also remains on all the time. Been avoiding a dealer visit, but I guess it's inevitable at this point. Have been looking but not seeing any recalls on this issue.

Gretna, LA

#27 Oct 21, 2011
Why i keep smelling gasoline coming from under my hood.

Englishtown, NJ

#28 Dec 12, 2011
I have same problem with gas leak underhood, gonna change fuel rail pressure valve.

Renton, WA

#29 Mar 15, 2012
Here is another one, 97 grand caravan 3.8L. Had the rails replaced and the injectors taken out and cleaned. All seals were replaced. I'm still getting a intermittent fuel smell thru the vents. I'm going to check the hose clamps just in case. HELP!!!!!

El Paso, TX

#30 Nov 7, 2012
hi i have a 2002 grand caravan is leaking gas from the maniful how i fix my van

Mauston, WI

#31 Nov 21, 2012
Today I fixed my fuel leak on my fuel rail.
I loosened the power steering pump set a side and was able to get to the cap on the fuel rail, I took a screw driver and pried up on the cap carefully getting it off the rail. I was told that the O-ring on there was the same as the fuel injectors and I went to the parts store bought those O-rings and put the cap back on. the cap will need to be tweaked back to original shape buy that I mean the little clips that hold the cap on need to be re bent to assure that it is on tight. I have no leak any more and save around 400 bucks buy buying O-rings at 4 bucks ! what a deal !!

Mauston, WI

#32 Nov 21, 2012
Sorry forgot to tell you what year I have
I fixed my 2001 grand caravan sport 3.3 fuel rail leak it was easy

Astoria, NY

#33 Feb 21, 2013
my 2003 DODGE GRAND CARAVAN 3.3L V6 keep say inector 2 open when I chg that 3 time plz help me

Fayetteville, NC

#34 Feb 27, 2013

i take it your engine light is on and you r getting a P0202 code with alot of smoke?
If so, your problem is the Injector Wiring Harness.
It sits directly on the exhaust manifold BEHIND the intake. There is supposed to be a Kevlar heat wrap that is wrapped around it.
You have to remove the intake (about 30 minutes) unplug the harness from your injectors and replace that harness.
It MELTS the wires together under that Kevlar heat wrap and "short circuits" your some cases it can short your ECM as well.
The Injector harness from Dodge is 220.00.
You have to give them the VIN number or they will tell you the injector harness cannot be sold separately from the ENTIRE Wiring Harness (which is about 2 grand)
Trust me.......I have done this repair on NUMEROUS Dodge and Chrysler Minis
In a few cases, a new ECM was needed........169.00 from All Computer Resources (find them on Ebay)

Fayetteville, NC

#35 Feb 27, 2013
and rigo..........

seriously?!?!?!!? are you for real???

Fayetteville, NC

#36 Feb 27, 2013
if you are going to ask for help, please be a LOT MORE specific.......


Where/When fuel is leaking

"leaking gas from the maniful how i fix my van" isn't nearly enough info

Phoenix, AZ

#37 Mar 13, 2013
i have a 2000 dodge caravan fuel leak comming from fire wall i can see it leak but cant find the source can u help me thanks

Newark, NJ

#38 Mar 23, 2013
I have a 2001 hyndai sonata nd i smell gas under hood and it is coming thru the vents when heater is on could it be the fuel rail to even tho it is not a mini-van?? Thanx for the help
luke floyd

Oxford, UK

#39 Mar 26, 2013
i have a caravan and it smails of gas were there cook is in my caravan .

Lower Sackville, Canada

#40 Apr 9, 2013
I have a 2008 cadillac cts 2.8L with 155,000 km. I started getting the fuel smell under the hood and only when driving inside the car when the ac or the heater is on. Does any one has this problem with a CTS ?

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