instrument cluster dead on my 2001 gr...

Burnaby, Canada

#63 Jun 11, 2011
Power supply to the clock and radio system suddenly went off on my 2001 dodge grand caravan sport. No light and the radio system could not work. When I checked the fuse, it was okay.
How do I remove the instrument cluster/panel inorder to check the connection at the back of the radio system. Kindly help.


#64 Jul 18, 2011
Pat wrote:
My instrument cluster appeared dead and I had no break or turn signals. The hazard (HZD) fuse was blown! Took me a while to figure it out.
Hey Pat good call, hard to believe a hazzard fuse would cause so much problems, poor design for sure.

Woodbridge, Canada

#65 Jul 24, 2011
Darren, what is your model? 2001 Caravan? Where is the hzd fuse? I cant seem to find it in the fuse box in the engine compartment.
Darren wrote:
Had this issue today when I got a flat while driving down the highway. No hazards, no speedometer, no rpm, no fuel, no brake lights, etc. Looked over the fuses in the 95 degree heat at the edge of the highway...completely missed the hzd fuse.
While driving to get the tire replaced, I opened my iPad and found this thread. Saw the comments about the hzd fuse, checked it, and sure enough it was blown. Replaced it and all is well.
Thanks to all.

Saint Cloud, FL

#66 Jul 26, 2011
2001 same problem cluster dead no turn signals no hazards. hazard light bilnks on dash but not on lights. checked fuses & bulbs not fixed just bought dealer said part for cluster fix is on order i am having douts.i will try your posted fixes thanks.

United States

#67 Jul 31, 2011
2Lman Minnesota wrote:
You have corrision on your auxilary power line off the positive side of the battery. It needs to be cleaned on a regular basis... service bulliten about keeping this power line clean and symptoms are no radio, dash lights, ect...
2Lman Minnesota you are exactly right. Just had the same symptoms and corrosion on this power line was the problem.(2001 Dodge Grand Caravan)

Seattle, WA

#68 Aug 4, 2011
2001 chrysler mini van check engine light stay on even with keys out of ign. codes said replace the brain so i did nd now its the same story . dealer serv. said possibly cluster and wants 2 grand to fix. anyone got an idea???

Orland Park, IL

#69 Aug 10, 2011
Anette wrote:
I'm haveing the same problem. It's been happening on and off. I used to hit the dashboard and it started working but that doesn't help anymore.
The mechanic told me I "probably" need a new Body Module Control, for $900!!! I don't know what to do. Check engine light came on too.
I have the exact same issue with my 97 caravan, but somehow the anti-lock brakes got turned on too. For just over a year the panel would die about once a month and one or two good hits would get it working, but tonight I hit it until my hand hurt and it didn't help. It's good to know that I'm not the only one this stuff happens to.

United States

#70 Aug 21, 2011
Paccordino wrote:
I had the issue of all my instrument cluster out and this is what i found to be the cause. After some research, it appears that Dodge instrument clusters seem to go out. It may be due to poor soldering or some other reason. So i took my instrustment cluster out (about 25 minutes worth of work and found that one of the terminals on the circuit board was broken. The solder had just cracked on the grounding terminal where the plug meets the sircuit board. After a quick solder, I re-installed and tested and it appears to have been the fix.
i have the same issue i am going to repair or replace via wreckers but im not sure how to remove dash cluster any instructions would be welcome thanks.

Wake Forest, NC

#71 Sep 9, 2011
Randy wrote:
My 2005 Dodge Caravans instrument cluster, brake lights(except small one on top of the van), and turn signals all were out when I started the van. Everything else works just fine including the head and tail lights. I disconnected a trailer just before then if its any help. I have checked all the fuses and relays, tried resetting the bcm, and anything else I could find on the net. Does anyone have an idea how to fix this?
Exacly the same thing has happend to our 2005. Thinking it is the OID. Tried disconnecting battery but that did not help. Not sure what to do.

St. John's, Canada

#72 Oct 3, 2011
dafir wrote:
I had problem with my 2001 grand Caravan. the instrument cluster went dead. Nothing appears (Odometer, etc.) in addition the analog gauges (spedometer, fuel gauge, etc) are not working. and if came back the first time i used the signal arm the whole instrument cluster dead again The vehicle still operates fine.
I checked all fuses the IOD fuse and relays and they appear fine.
is there any help for my problem please
please if i miss the coment on this site please email me diract to [email protected]
thanks alot
i had the same problem as u checked fuses and still nothing so i started strippin er and found the problem in the fuse pannel under the pannel there is a blue plug with a brown wire yellow and blue and white the brown one and yellow one was alot of corrosion on it i fixed that and everything worked again try that...

Conway, AR

#73 Oct 13, 2011
ben wrote:
I have a 2005 Dodge Caravan.When driving in heavy rain wipers failed,ac blower stopped,display on clock stereo coming and going,power windows failed to open.Van runs fine
but scary when wipers failed when passing in rain. Suspect moisture geing in somewhere,has anyone experienced this problem and have a solution
i have same problem

Conway, AR

#74 Oct 13, 2011
same prob

Little Rock, AR

#75 Oct 31, 2011
I have a 2001 caravan and everything went dead. Then I got come battery cleaner and sprayed it down to get it clean before I started to work.
Now everything works?
Well almost everything works until I turn on the blinker. When I hit the blinker the entire dash dies. Turn off the blinker and everything comes back on.

HOW CHEAP did they make this crap

Little Rock, AR

#76 Nov 2, 2011
I decided to try one more thing before tearing it all apart.
I pulled off the battery cables and gave the post and cable ends a good scrubbing. Then I noticed the bolt on the + terminal was very corroded. This has a wire made into it so I buffed it all off and put it all back and everything works fine.

Is there a good way to insulate or isolate these terminals from corrosion. One friend said pack it in grease. Another said get the felt type pads that go on the post which I have but have not done anything it looks like to me.

is there a way?
luis leon

United States

#77 Nov 12, 2011
tengo una dodge grand caravan el problema que tiene es que pongo el fusible de bcm #2 y lo rompe o mejor dicho lo quema y notengo luz en el panel del caravan miro el caja de fusibles y aparesen 2 fuse 1# bcm fuse 2#bcm y el 2 lo quema el mecanico dice que es la caja del bcm remplsarla ok es mi pregunta luis leon

Brampton, Canada

#78 Nov 17, 2011
i have a 2001 caravan and i have lots of problems with it. When stopped at a stop light,, the speedometer needle will go back and forth real fast and when you take your foot off the brake peddle to continue driving the car will sputter and want to shut off. also the washer light and gas light comes on even though the tank is full of fuel and the washer bottle is full
Ben Davis

Grafton, WV

#79 Dec 1, 2011
Don't forget to check on the recalls. There was one on the instrument cluster but don't remember the years.]
Steve Ontario Canada

Barrie, Canada

#80 Dec 14, 2011
Problems were; 2002 Dodge Caravan
No Hazards
No Gauges
No Signals
Checked: all fuses, sprayed with electrical cleaner, battery connections, relays, pulled dash panel off.......ALL OK....didnt solve problem
LAST RESORT INSTRUCTIONS: This is how I fixed it
1-Disconnect and take out Battery to get it out of the way of hinged huge fusebox
2-Stand by drivers side fender
3-Look along side of huge fuse box there is a plastic tab near the bottom. Pull the tab towards your belly and then this allows you to flip huge fusebox upside down towards direction of where battery was.
4-This is where I found a corroded wire that had broken off of its connection. There are a total of three wires connected to a blue plastic connector. The one that corroded and broke off on mine was red and brown. I pulled out the old broken clip out of the connector housing and crimped on a new one to the wire.
I sprayed all the bottom with electrical cleaner. 5-Then I just pushed the wire back into place, made sure it was tight, flipped the huge fusebox back down into tab.
6-Reinstalled and connected the battery
7-Opened drivers side door and sure enough everything worked again.
I couldnt believe that one broken wire controlled the Hazards, Turn Signals and All Gauges and dash warning indicators.
Hope this helps anyone as desperate as I was to find out the problem.

Clemson, SC

#81 Jan 10, 2012
dafir wrote:
I had problem with my 2001 grand Caravan. the instrument cluster went dead. Nothing appears (Odometer, etc.) in addition the analog gauges (spedometer, fuel gauge, etc) are not working. and if came back the first time i used the signal arm the whole instrument cluster dead again The vehicle still operates fine.
I checked all fuses the IOD fuse and relays and they appear fine.
is there any help for my problem please
please if i miss the coment on this site please email me diract to [email protected]
thanks alot
need talk to you mail me to [email protected]

Clemson, SC

#82 Jan 10, 2012
i got the same problem did you fif it

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