Chrysler Sebring Transmission Questions

Chrysler Sebring Transmission Questions

There are 430 comments on the story from May 14, 2007, titled Chrysler Sebring Transmission Questions. In it, reports that:

Replying to: mitchg00 had same problems. car jerks when downshifting around 30mph..had solenoid replaced, trans cooler replaced etc...nothing worked. via

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Hialeah, FL

#184 Aug 6, 2009
I have a 1996 Sebring that I recently bought and now I am having tranny problems. It runs great but when I am driving it will surg in and out of 3rd gear and then go into lip home mode. After that it will just stay in lip home mode. Anybody know what is going on with this.

Rockwall, TX

#185 Aug 11, 2009
2005 Chrysler Sebring Convertible - Transmission problems.
I have around 50k miles on it. At about 40k transmission started jerking when downshifting and got stuck in first gear. This triggered Check Engine Light on. Error code pointed to Crankshaft Position Sensor, which I replaced and fixed the problem for a while.
Now I have the same problem but happens ONLY WHEN LOW IN GAS (around or below 1/4 of a tank).
Error code points to Input Speed Sensor and Output Speed Sensor different readings in all gears.
After reading some of these posts I will try and replace these but I have to get them from the dealer, apparently.
I will post with the results.

Rockwall, TX

#186 Aug 11, 2009
Forgot to mention that turning off the car for a few seconds will fix the problem temporarily...

Rockwall, TX

#187 Aug 11, 2009
Well, I am having a hard time finding these famous Speed Sensors anywhere online...

Anybody any idea where I can find these for my 2005?

Caledonia, MI

#188 Aug 18, 2009
I have a 95 sebring LX looking for a new tranny does anybody know if a 2001 would work in it?


#189 Aug 20, 2009
Well, I managed to find both Input and Output Speed sensors at a Transmission shop.
I replaced them and that FIXED THE PROBLEM! for $32 and one hour of work.($15 each plus $2 for the O-Rings.)

A big THANK YOU to "Marking Time" for the tip.

The Input Speed Sensor is located towards the left side of the Transmission housing (looking from the front of the vehicle), right underneath the Air Filter Housing.
I had to remove the Air Filter Housing in order to reach it. The location makes it difficult to work on (a couple of pressure lines in the way) but with plyers I managed to get it out and replace.
The Output Speed Sensor is located towards the right side of the transmission and, although visible from the top, I only managed to reach it from underneath the vehicle. Again, location makes the task tedious but relatively simple.

Good luck everybody!
same problem

Brooklyn, NY

#190 Aug 25, 2009
jim wrote:
99 chrysler sebring won't up shift speedometer not working check engine light on any ideas
need to get tranny replace

Montréal, Canada

#191 Oct 14, 2009
Yes, you ALWAYS have to use the one who's use by the fabricant. you CANNOT use something else (there some exception but you don't have to know that but never, if you don't know what you're doing, change or fill transmission oil by yourself.
Julius wrote:
I have a 1996 crysler sebring. Last week I checked the transmission fluid and it was low,so I went to the nearest store and got two quarts.
Four day later my car stop changing gears. Is there a special type of fluid that I should have used

United States

#192 Oct 25, 2009
i have a 96 chrysler sebring lxi. come 2find out i need work done,$1500.00 i have 148,000. miles. should a investment of that should be applied?The trip is a 4 1/2 hour drive, and is it wise 2 drive out of town knowing a leak is involved?

Newport, OR

#193 Nov 23, 2009
Hi there...

I have a 1996 Chrysler Sebring Lxi with 173,000 miles on it...

The other day I was driving it a bit cold and made it out the parking lot. I stopped at a light in gear and when I went to go, the car would not move out of drive even though I was giving it gas. I put it in park and turned it off and back on. Took awhile to get it going again. When I did it barely made it around the corner, it was bucking in a way and I got it off the road and turned it off. When I turned it back it on, it was fine like nothing happened.

I haven't had any problems with it bucking in speeds over 40mph.. but I need to get my car smogged and they're saying I need to drive 200 miles to get it to read correctly in the computer. I'm nervous driving with this issue.

Any tips?

There have been other times where it bucked between gears and revved up really high when it shouldn't have.. or even died when going speeds 5-10mph.

No check engine light though.

Checked it on an analyzer too and nothing.
leo wiscarson

Detroit, MI

#194 Dec 1, 2009
I just replaced a transmission in a 97 jx sebring with a 99. Should the control module recognize the newer trans I do need a differnt harness(1 plug is differnt) Im just wondering if this is all I need or if I have to get a control module from a 99 as well.
Also if that one plug isn't hooked up will it stop the starter from engaging. Been checking wiring but it is good all the way to the starter relay. Is it possible the trans could prevent the starter circut from connecting?
leo wiscarson

Detroit, MI

#195 Dec 1, 2009
tat2s8 wrote:
I have a 95 sebring LX looking for a new tranny does anybody know if a 2001 would work in it?
I know they stopped making that body style in 99 and the wire harnesses are differnt from one year to another. 2001 is a whole differnt platform with a differnt drive train I believe they went to the 3.0l motors in 2000. Do make sure if you do get a trans to save the wire harness and the brain for it you may need them. IK installed a 99 into a 97 and I found I need a new harness when I get that ill find out if the brains work.

Evansville, IN

#196 Dec 5, 2009
I have a 97 sebring Lxi was running great until battery died about 1 1/2yrs ago now it dies everytime i come to a stop. Can anyone help me find out what the problem is?????
Jo Lamun

United States

#197 Dec 5, 2009
i changed output sensor and still not shifting should i cahnge input also....
just me

Columbus, OH

#198 Dec 10, 2009
My 2002 sebring is leaking transmission fluid, but the level is not low. It was very cold out and it does not want to shift. I can go about 35MPH. The RPM s run high, but not much else happens when I give is gas. The check engine light is on. Any ideas as to the extent of the repairs?

Lake Charles, LA

#199 Dec 13, 2009
I have a 2001 Chrysler Sebring Coupe V6-83,000, I am having problems with my transmission,I car accelerates but the car does not shift. But some days the car shifts fine. What could be the problem.
POS Sebring

Saint Paul, MN

#200 Dec 29, 2009
Cheryl wrote:
My check engine light is on, and my car is losing power when driving, sputters and gains it when I stop it almost stalls but catchs itself before it can.Would this be my fuel filter or trans.Its a 95 sebring lx coupe
I had the same thing happen to my 98 sebring lxi. It turned out to be the egr valve. This is located on the back side of the intake plenum and costs about $80.
just me

Columbus, OH

#201 Dec 30, 2009
just me wrote:
My 2002 sebring is leaking transmission fluid, but the level is not low. It was very cold out and it does not want to shift. I can go about 35MPH. The RPM s run high, but not much else happens when I give is gas. The check engine light is on. Any ideas as to the extent of the repairs?
I can now answer my own question: rebuild and $1300

Denver, CO

#202 Jan 7, 2010
rachosd wrote:
i have a 1995 sebring when is cool in the morning or after is park for more than 8 hrs and i star to drive it the transmision only works on one gear ( 1 or 2 i don't know wichone) i drive it like that for 2 minutes ( 6 bloks )then i stop the car turned off waith for 15 seconds and star again and then works well like nothing hapends but today samthing weard hapends,i was on a stop light en when i start to move the transmission stop workin like if i change the gear to neutral but it was on "D" i pullover and wait 10 seconds whit the car off and then works fine
could be a sensor?
I have a 2008 Sebring with only 27,000 miles and it does the same thing! Did you ever find out what was wrong?
tom polcari phd

Oakland, CA

#203 Jan 13, 2010
Those of you who are trying to keep your older cars wired together- good luck. The fact is, that, in time, mechanical things wear out and need replacement, just like my 10 year old Whirlpool washer. It gave me a lot of good service, but when the time came, it was replaced by a new GE this month. I know times are tough, but is it possible to take a look at the great new cars Chrysler is building today. And remember- no back yard mechanics trying to fix yur own! That's what the experts get trained and paid to do.

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