water leak on passenger floor

Baltimore, MD

#81 Jul 12, 2010
I have a 2000 lincoln towncar, had water everytime it rained coming in on passenger side,dripping behind glove box, well u pop the hood on same side ,remove the cowl cover,and underneath is a cover with about 8 small hex head screws and when you do this you will see a screen,do not touch screen, just remove those screws and remove that plastic cover turn it over and you will see a seal, mine looked like weatherstripping for a door in your home, a foam type, you will see it's has dips in it, anyway with a scraper remove that stripping and clean, then clean where it sits,get some ,either silicone or gasket sealer, place about a 1'4" bead all the way around cover, place back in carefully ,press down and tighten screws,no more water!! I aslo had water coming in rear of car the same side,check around rear windshield for seal breaks and reseal with silicone, then pop trunk lid check water channel for spots that may need sealing,then prepare to get under rear of car, get a flashlight, Pour water over windsheld and follow the water around trunk water channel toward tail lights, after you pour water get under car and mark with a marker every where water touches beneath car, then look at the opposite side to compare and then you will see where you need to seal,some weld joints may not be tight, get sealer and patch everywhere the water touched, water gone. remove back seat ,pull carpet back and dry out carpet with a Hair dryer ,towels, etc, you can leave windows down, prop something under carpet so that air can reach all damp areas,you can even remove drain plug just until carpet dries replace carpet ,seat, done.

Baltimore, MD

#82 Jul 12, 2010
on 2000 Lincoln towncar, water leaking everytime it rained below glove box, remove wiper cowl on that side of car, by removing 2 black plastic screws,then remove plastic cover beneath it by removing about 8 hex head screws, remove cover and check seal beneath it, if warped, scrape off old foam seal, looks like weather srtipping, clean car mouting suface good, take and place about a 1/4 " bead of slicone or gasket sealer, install cover gently, press down to make seal contact, then replace screws, leak gone!~Also had leak same side in the rear, Pop trunk lid, get a jug of water, flashlight, pour water and trace water around trunk channel, follow it under car, get flashlight and look closely underneath and mark every spot that got wet, then check opposite side of car,if you see openings, or small cracks or gaps, seal with silicone or whatever you prefer to seal it with , water gone. to dry carpet, remove back seat, pull back carpet,get towels, Hair dryer, and dry out, leave windows down, and remove drain plug in floor for air to assit in drying. replace carpet, seat, water gone. don't foget to cheack around rear windshield also and trunk channel for cracks and seal as needed. it worked for me!

San Diego, CA

#83 Jul 21, 2010
rglide wrote:
For those Sebring convertible owners, and perhaps others, don't overlook the possibility that water on the passenger floor is coming from a clogged or broken drain from the "condensate collector box", a black plastic reservoir just under the glove compartment that collects the condensation from the air conditioning coil and routes it through the firewall and to the street.
On a hot day in Florida, mine can collect a good cup of water in a short drive.

I think this is my problem because it has been 90-105 degrees here in San Bernardino, CA, so it couldn't be rain. My cousin has been having the same problem and she suspects the air conditioner because we've been running the a/c a lot even when our cars are not in motion when we have to park or wait in the cars for a few minutes.

Lahore, Pakistan

#84 Jul 21, 2010
Yesterday my Honda Civic 2005 driving side and the back of driving side floor was all wet with water after a heavy rain. I tought that sunroof or the door might not be properly closed. I got the water drained with sponge and dried it partially with a hair dryer. Closed all the door and sun roof properly again.

Now last night it again rained heavly again and to my surprise all the four sides are full with water this morning. There is no signs of water on dash board, seats or in the sunroof glass, only floor is wet. Car remains parked outside as i do not have any covered area for parking.

This has happened for the first time and I am pissed off.

Any help plz. I am from Pakistan and the mechanics here are too dumb to understand this.

Chicago, IL

#85 Jul 26, 2010
2008 Ford Fusion. Water on the passenger side front and back like a mini wading pool. My brother pumped 4.5 gallons of water from the inside of my car.

Columbia, SC

#86 Aug 1, 2010
I have a Toyota Camry 05 and when it rains it collects water on the floor of driver seat and the back. I took it to the dealer and they unglog the flappers by the tires where the water suppose to go and it couldn't because of leaves that have been collected for long time. However, this did not solve the problem because I still get the floor wet in the same places. I am concerned about the car as I need to have this problem solved before it gets worst since the rain will start picking up and I don't have a garage to put the car. PLEASE HELP!! thank you

Ellicott City, MD

#87 Aug 15, 2010
hi everyone,

I wanted to chime in as another disgruntled 2000 Camry owner. I will try some of the advice given on this forum and check back in if I find a solution.

North Bay, Canada

#88 Aug 17, 2010
I'll check the door drains and hopefully this is the problem, it seems reasonable with the amount of water that has accumulated all of a sudden on the right rear passenger floor pan and the right front floor is wet too. it is either this or a window seal. I'll find the problem and see no need to sell a perfectly good car in ever other way and stick someone else with my problem, that is something a scumbag does.

North Bay, Canada

#89 Aug 17, 2010
I don't thing it advisable to be banging your doors with hammers ,

North Bay, Canada

#90 Aug 17, 2010
Selling the car and passing the problem to someone else is something a scumbag does. Obviously there is a leak either in the window seals or the door drains are clogged.

Tampa, FL

#91 Aug 25, 2010
I have a 98 sebring, and every time it rains the passanger side floor boards have water and when I drive the car it sounds like I have waves in the car. Have no Idea what to do!

South Windsor, CT

#92 Aug 30, 2010
Dave wrote:
I didn't drive my 2000 Lincoln Towncar for 2-3 weeks and came back to find 2 inches of water on the passenger's side floor rear and front. I guess I'll just have to climb under there and have my friend hose off the car and see what's going on. This car is too nice to let it get ruined by some water. I just hope I don't have to spend too much money on it. Your posts have been helpful.
I have the same problem with my 2002 Town Car. Did you receive any advise on the matter?

Ocean View, DE

#93 Sep 2, 2010
Alisa wrote:
My 98 Jetta is leaking and I have had 3 inches of water on the floor of my car but only on the passenger side. How do I get it fixed? Who can investigate the leak and also fix it?
My 1998 Olds Aurora has been doing the same thing on the passenger front side floor, and it made my floor cover stained, but today i found a bunch of water under the cover, and i dont have leaks in my windows plus i've been running my A/C for the past week now so i figured thats my problem, might wanna give that a check, because i thought it was from wet shoes so i turned my floor covers upside down, but that allowed for more A/C water to get soaked up into the carpetted side of my cover and now it's ruined! but if it is your a/c then just don't run it until you get it checked out and fixed that way you prevent more water damage! fare and simple!

Nashua, NH

#94 Oct 9, 2010
Most of you have not mentioned if you have a sunroof or not.I've had this problem with several different types of cars.I started taking them to the dealers and all they ever did was make sure ther was less money in my wallet as opposed to less water in my car.Here are some suggestions that have worked for me.If you have a sunroof,over time not only do the drainholes get stopped up with crap but the seal gets all grungy.If you have an air hose, blow all the crap out all the way around, then check for holes.You will find them, they are drain holes,blow air down them,ream them out with wire ,whatever you have to do to get them to flow.Second, clean(wash) all around the sunroof where it seals to the car and then what I have done is apply a small amount ouf grease (vaseline would probably work)all around where it seals,both car and glass.Sometimes the seals just get dirty or dried out.This has worked on every car I've owned with a sunroof.For everybody else, there is a piece of plastic right up against your windshield that needs to be removed,be carefull there are lots of hidden little screws.Don't ask me how but leaves and crap do get in here.Clean all that stuff out and on both sides reach down into the space wher the fender meets the car you'll probably find they're packed with crap.For the people with the passenger floor, unfortunately it is usually the heater core is going and leaking under pressure,see if you can have a pressure leakdown test done to be sure or if you smell antifreeze when the heat is on this is your problem.Sorry they usually suck to change so it won't be cheap.Anybody else,I would call the dealer and ask them where all the body drainholes/rainchannels are and make sure they are good and clean also clean the areas wher the door seals meet,Armorall should work for that,GOOD LUCK TO ALL.

United States

#95 Nov 30, 2010
Water accumulates on the floor,front passenger side of my 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee. The dealer said the heater core was failing and it could be replaced for approx 1400.00 because the front dash would have to be removed. I read some posted solutions, would any of the suggested fixes apply to my Jeep?
College Park, Ga

Vandalia, OH

#96 Dec 9, 2010
all these cars fill up with water inside the rear car panels, if you look under the side panels you will see 2 rubber plugs for each side , remove them to drain water then replace them good luck,Tim

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Vandalia, OH

#97 Dec 9, 2010
Tim wrote:
<quoted text> all these cars fill up with water inside the rear car panels, if you look under the side panels you will see 2 rubber plugs for each side , remove them to drain water then replace them good luck,Tim
also there are hoses under the car hood that connect to outside air vent when these are clogged water can seep into and through glove box area, the hoses pull off by hand , inspect them and replace them back on.

San Diego, CA

#98 Dec 21, 2010
I have a 2001 chevy malibu and I have water on the floor of my passenger side. it is not just a little water its a lot.. it is also raining at the moment... what should i do? do any one think my windshield is not sealed right????? please help. i see water leaking from were the top of your foot rest on the floor...

Atlanta, GA

#99 Feb 21, 2011
Can someone help me please, I bought strach limo 10 pass for our pos, i been geting lot's of problom? I need to repair vineyl roof. Where can I buy this? I need air suspanion, I need weels. My car is 1999 lincoln town car 4-door limousine. I have water wit floor in back. Can some one give good susg, where can I used part and get solve on wit floor...
Please if some one can helppp:)))

Benton, KY

#100 Mar 14, 2011
2000 Lincoln Town Car Cartier has water comming in on the passenger side of the car.Floor boards are all that is saturated. We had the winshield and door jams tested and the fresh air duct resealed. The problem is still there. I am going to take the suggestions found here to him and see if any of these work.

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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