water leak on passenger floor

Irmo, SC

#61 Jul 26, 2009
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Greenwood, IN

#62 Oct 9, 2009
2003 Grand Prix. Woke up this morning following a day and a half of solid rain to 1 1/2" of standing water on my passenger side floor. Not really to sure what to think of it. A guy at work said my heater core could possibly be going out. But I do not smell anything and my windows are not fogging up. The only thing I can see is my fresh air intake on the passenger side was clogged up. Could this be the cause of the water? Not really sure..

Acworth, GA

#63 Oct 12, 2009
Dave wrote:
I didn't drive my 2000 Lincoln Towncar for 2-3 weeks and came back to find 2 inches of water on the passenger's side floor rear and front. I guess I'll just have to climb under there and have my friend hose off the car and see what's going on. This car is too nice to let it get ruined by some water. I just hope I don't have to spend too much money on it. Your posts have been helpful.
I have the same issue, did this work for you?

South Amana, IA

#64 Oct 27, 2009
Dave wrote:
I didn't drive my 2000 Lincoln Towncar for 2-3 weeks and came back to find 2 inches of water on the passenger's side floor rear and front. I guess I'll just have to climb under there and have my friend hose off the car and see what's going on. This car is too nice to let it get ruined by some water. I just hope I don't have to spend too much money on it. Your posts have been helpful.
please e-mail if you found your leak.. [email protected]

South Amana, IA

#65 Oct 27, 2009
need leak info on 2000 t/c. thanks

Somerset, NJ

#66 Nov 4, 2009
briles wrote:
need leak info on 2000 t/c. thanks
I have the same problem. Did you ever get a response?


#67 Dec 4, 2009
I had a similar problem with a 2007 Subaru Outback in 2008. My passenger side floor had 2 inches of rain on the floor on a weekend. After contacting the Subaru dealer I was told this was a common problem. They asked if I had parked it under a tree. I said I didn't know you couldn't park Subarus under trees.
Well aparently the drain from the windshield to the bottom of the car runs through the passenger side. Clogs then overflows. Nice Design, Recall?

Madera, CA

#68 Dec 13, 2009
I hav a 1997 GMC Jimmy and it is doing the same thing. Now that I have read some of the posting and comments I am going to try the hanger and see if that is the problem. Thanks for the comments and help. Didn't know where to start and this gives me somewhere to start.

Port Sulphur, LA

#69 Dec 23, 2009
my 1998 chevy suburban is soaked on the passenger floor side along the door and under the evaporator fan and also my windshield is cracked on the passenger side edge i took the door panel off now im trying to find the leak can someone help me [email protected]

Baltimore, MD

#70 Jan 1, 2010
I'm trying to resolve the same problem with a 2000 VW beetle. we have been taking water in on the passenger side only for a while now. i was thinking the drain for the moonroof might be clogged. we can see the water is starting to discolor the ceiling fabric in the car so we know it starts at the top. maybe it's backed up and can't drain out and that's the just one of the places it shows up along with the floor. we are going to look into the unclogging the draining system. if anyone has seen this with a beetle can you tell us your experience.

Miami, FL

#71 Mar 1, 2010
I have a 2004 beetle...I to suffer leak on my driver side fron & back ever time it rained. Once day I was at the car was. & just happened to have my back seat down & back dash removed because my dog was sitting back there. When I discovered the water leaking through the hatchback from the VW emblem.

Miami, FL

#72 Mar 1, 2010
Sorry for all the typo's

Providence, RI

#73 Mar 8, 2010

Dubois, IN

#74 Apr 29, 2010
I have a 1997 Toyota Camry. Water was collecting on the front PASSENGER floor after a rain. I opened my sunroof and found the front drainage holes (about 1/8" diameter) in the corners of the track sunroof track. They looked clear. I poured a bottle of water in track and watched the result. Sure enough, water started dripping from the right ride of the glove box on to the floor. I started tearing out the interior panels to trace the leak. What I found is that if I poured the bottle of water REALLY slow into the sunroof hole = no leaks. But if I pour it too fast the small 1/8" hole cannot keep up and the track overflows! THAT is where the leak comes from in my car! If water overflows the track, then it makes its way down the column trim, around the glove box and on to the floor.

So I need to help the 1/8" sunroof hole drain faster. I took some 18AWG TFFN electrical wire and jammed it into the hole to help clean it out. I then removed the black plastic mud flap behind my front tire and blew out all of the leaves and rotted debris that where behind that flap. It was packed with junk! I poured more into the 1/8" hole and it seemed to drain quicker.

I hope this information helps other.

Olympia, WA

#75 Apr 30, 2010
I own a 2005 Ford Explorer. I've been having an issue with water entering my drivers side frame for about 6 months. I can easily get up to 2 to 2 1/2 inches of water in there -- which then overflows onto the drivers side carpet. It will get so overflowed with water that you can hear the water squish around. I've taken it to the mechanic now three times. They've removed the drivers side carpet and claimed to have dumped gallons of water over my car -- but they cannot tell where the water is coming in from. They now want me to remove my middle console and all the seats and carpet of the car to be able to determine where the leak is coming from. This is going to cost me over $1,700!! I don't understand why they can't see water coming in. If it isn't raining -- I don't see any water in the frame. But when it rains -- I see tons of water in the frame. I'm going to try and check the drainage holes under my car. That is a good start. However, any other advice and/or tips would be very helpful. I'm so frustrated that I'm almost to the point to have the mechanic do what they want to the car; however, I really don't think they are going to resolve the problem. I'm also thinking baout checking the cowl, the condensate drain tube and the windshield seal. They claim that the leak isn't coming from my heater/ac since it would leak only on the passenger side. They claim they've checked all my door seals. Where else could this water be coming in from? I KNOW for a fact water is entering my car when it rains -- but I just don't understand how they don't get any water to enter the car when they claim to be dumping gallons of water over it. Please help before the mechanic rips me off. Again, water leak on drivers side frame. Will overflow so badly with water that it spills over onto my carpet. Carpet will be soaked with water -- not just damp -- but wet enough you can hear it squish. Bought this car brand new -- 1st car. Car is paid off -- this has become a nightmare. Any help would be so appreciated. Thanks for your time and hopefully your advice.

Rockport, TX

#76 May 3, 2010
Have a 2005 Chrysler Sebring. Have water on passenger side floor, usually in front but once in the back. Am told has something to do with a.c. Anyone have ideas? Can't afford the 600.00 and that all labor.

Teaneck, NJ

#77 May 6, 2010
So my Audi a6 2002 has been letting in water in my back passenger seat three times already. my patience have run thin and I was wondering if the hammer thing really worked? I donít want to bring it back to the shop because quite frankly they just really piss me off and keep my car longer then they should. help?

Miami, FL

#78 Jun 21, 2010
my camry has the same problem.

after research, i found out that its the sealer on the right side of my firewall (under windshield) all you have to do is unplug the drain holes, and reseal the bad seals. save your self some money.

Miami, FL

#79 Jun 21, 2010
do some research! youtube offers alot of help.
Wes Thomas

Saint Petersburg, FL

#80 Jul 2, 2010
Stephanie wrote:
I've got a 2001 Toyota Camry. Water is collecting on the back passenger floorboard (enough to slosh around). This only happens when it rains. I've brought it to the dealership 4 times in the past 3 yrs for this problem. The first 3 times they replaced the 'body plugs'. I took it in a month ago and they said the sunroof was not properly closed. Well, it's been raining here non stop for a week and I've got water sloshing around again in the back passenger floorboard. I need a permanent fix before the floorboards rot out! HELP!!!????!
Stephine- Did you ever get this issue resolved. I have the same problem with a 2002 model but could not find a answer to your question.

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