2001 sebring blown start/fuel fuse.
sebring 2001 sedan

Calgary, Canada

#21 Feb 26, 2010
have the same problem with fuel/start fuse, first time happened couple weeks ago then changed fuse-no problem for 2 weeks, then yesterday couldn't start replaced fuse-started after an hour same shit replaced fuse - ok, then replaced start relay (square big one) came at work will see would be i able to start my car and get home!!!:)

United States

#22 Feb 28, 2010
Since my Sebring does this intermittenly, does that confirm it could be the Solonoid only?
Randy Chesnut


#23 Mar 11, 2010
Has anyone ever figured out why the start/fuel fuses keep blowing on the Sebrings? I just brought it to the Chrysler dealership, they kept it for two weeks, and they could not get the thing to blow the fuse..........Help.......If anyone has the answer my e-mail is [email protected]

Stockton, CA

#24 Jun 7, 2010
NO NO NO.replace the battery, it will fix the problem, it did mine. thats why it started again for one guy after four years, the life of a battery. When there is not quite ENOUGH juice in the batterythe wires heat up a little trying to push the juice thru, thus blowing the starter/fuel fuse intermittenly. I was frustrated for a year with blown fuses til i figured it out.
seems to work


#25 Jun 22, 2010
This problem start on my 2001 in May 2010. A little at a time then weekly and then every other day. One dealer said the starter, someone else said ignition switch. One friend said "undue the negative battery cable and this will re-set things" OK. It's been three weeks and no blowing fuse. If you think about it everyone that changed the starter or fuel pump undid the battery cable to fix it. Hope this works for everyone out there.

United States

#26 Aug 13, 2010
jdg wrote:
What does this mean. I replaced it and it has started, but what does it mean if it happens again?
you need a starter, seen this problem many many times.

Watertown, CT

#27 Aug 14, 2010
Same problem here my 2001 Sebring, blows the starter fuse about once a day, it was the nut loose for battery cable at starter solenoid.
It didnít blow any fuse after I tighten the nut.

Chicago, IL

#28 Aug 24, 2010
My car won't start unless I have to jumped, it's run but try to started back up seem like no light, just changed new battery, help

Biloxi, MS

#30 Oct 12, 2010
I have a 2001 Sebring Sedan with a 2.7L (worst ever made) and have blown around 70 fuses throughout the past year and a half. Doing it myself I broke down and removed the starter/solenoid.(which was a pain in the a**) I had a very loose pole on my solenoid which was causing a arcing action. Replaced solenoid only, as my starter brushes were fine, and it seemed to fix the problem. But the fuse can go months without blowing and then WHAM! it will blow 15 times in a row. So I hope I'm not celebrating too early. Email me if you want to know the details of how I did it. [email protected]
david d

Naperville, IL

#31 Oct 26, 2010
have any of you folks had the fuse blow while driving? Our fuel/start fuse will blow if we hit a bump once in a while or for no apparant reason. Ive been trying to diagnose this problem for months. I also had a problem with it blowing when we sprayed the windshield washer. Even after disconecting the pump for that it still blew. Thought i had it nailed, but i tried spraying again and it didnt pop. so much for that one. does anyone have an answer for this?

Tavares, FL

#32 Nov 24, 2010
I also have the same fuse problem on my 01 Chrysler Sebring. I had my starter replaced and one day later the fuse blew again. My battery is only about 4 months old soI know its not that. Has anyone figured out the cause of the problem yet?

Springfield, MO

#33 Dec 21, 2010
My 2001 Sebring would not start. Had service truck some by to start it. He could not and told me that the battery was fully charged and the problem apparently was the starter. Hauled it to Dodge and they told me it was a fuse but could not guarantee it would correct the problem. Cost $94. I know it is 9 years old but with what I have read on this site, seems like Chrysler should have recalled these cars.

Mission Viejo, CA

#34 Jan 10, 2011
I own a '98 Sebring Jxi 6-cyl. Conv. that is blowing the 20-amp fuse,#8 Ignition fuel starter, located in the engine compartment fuse box. The problem started after a big rain just sitting, not driving (co-incidence?) It only happens when I try to start the car. The fuse does not blow with the key in the ignition position, but when I try to crank the engine over -the fuse blows. I get no error lights and lose the display when the fuse blows. I hear nothing, no clicking, no relay engaging because the fuse blows first. I eliminated the starter by removing the cable running to the starter - but the fuse still blows. The battery is charged and even jumping the battery didn't keep the fuse from blowing, so it's not a weak battery problem. Radio on or off makes no difference. Any ideas?

Mission Viejo, CA

#35 Jan 10, 2011
Forgot to mention I noticed the relays are all the same part number so I took them all out and checked their resistances and found no differences. Just to be sure, I rotated them and put them back in different slots but my problem remains so I don't think it's a relay problem.
david d

Villa Park, IL

#36 Jan 11, 2011
TRev wrote:
Forgot to mention I noticed the relays are all the same part number so I took them all out and checked their resistances and found no differences. Just to be sure, I rotated them and put them back in different slots but my problem remains so I don't think it's a relay problem.
If you are having the problem only when you go to crank it over, its the starter solenoid. there are loose connections inside that are causing the short. even if you take the power cable off there is still a 2nd wire that is sending a 12v signal to the solenoid.
Sergio Meadows

Portland, OR

#37 Jun 9, 2011
It's the starter! I have the same problem with my 2002... The starter gets stuck so when you turn the key it sends it power but since it is stuck and not turning the power has no where to go so it blows the fuse! If your starter just started doing it you can hit it (not hard) with a hammer to loosen it up but you will eventually have to replace it... Moving it a couple feet and then starting it is probably just moving the starter enough to get it out of the stuck position...

United States

#38 Jun 28, 2011
I just got this 01 sebring convertable 6 months ago I keep changing the number 10 fuse which is the ingnition fuse I'm on my 4th box with 25 in each box. I've taken it back to the dealership they can't find anything wrong wit it I'm so upset cause my 01 sadan was nothin like this I just can't get help everything else works fine I can't keep taking off work cause the 10 keeps blowing seriously 100 fuses in 6 months
david d

United States

#39 Jun 29, 2011
try changing your ignition switch, its a cheap $20 part and easy to fix. i also pin pointed my issue. under the plastic where your knees are there is a group of wires that runs around a metal bracket. well 2 of my wires were chewed thru and grounding out. repaired the wires and have not had 1 issue with fuse for over 7 months now.

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#40 Jun 30, 2011
Thank I will try this this weekend

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#41 Jul 12, 2011
OK, my story: Family member's '01 Convertible, V6. Randomly blowing fuses. No pattern. Starter, ABS, seat-belt, etc. Often several at a time. No rhyme or reason. I haven't dug into this very far just hoping someone has seen this problem.

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