pt cruiser overheating

Nashville, TN

#718 Dec 24, 2012
Well, I decided against the Blue Devil and was gifted the cash to replace the head gasket and the fan relay assembly. so that means the entire cooling system has been changed within 4 months. It better not give me any problems!:)
I want to keep the car for at least 2 more years! Good luck to all.
Mad As Heck

Hawarden, IA

#721 Feb 9, 2013
I purchased a 2004 pt cruiser from one of the most disshonest lowlifes i have ever met in my life so far. Said they changed thermostat and radiator cap and told me the machanic said it was fine. Ha Ha it didnt even make the trip home.It was over heating bad and the fan was running . I think the coolant was burning out the tal pipe. I called the person i bought it from on Craigs list and told them what happened and they said theres no lemon law in Iowa and hung up on me. Lovely just my luck. I got it pretty hot about three times limping it along to get home. Probly time for a different engine.

United States

#722 Feb 18, 2013
My PT Loser over heated super fast. Was just told need head haskey n timing belt n it's gonna be big buckeroos.:( Idk if it's still under my extended warramty but I HOPE so!

North Fort Myers, FL

#723 Feb 20, 2013
Wow! Pt Cruisers all seem to have this overheating problem. 2005 PT overheating. Spewing coolant too. Will try the thermostat and flush the system too.

Summerfield, FL

#727 Mar 26, 2013
5 months after i fixed my 01 pt it's acting up yet again with the over heating Chrysler was no help from the start i did every thing i could think of but the relays (just seen them on a post) just shy of usen it for target practice lol (jking)

Plano, TX

#728 Apr 6, 2013
Ron wrote:
I was also have the same issues as everyone above. "Car slowly started having overheatig problems while running and gas was bubbling into the overflow bottle" The problem was due to the radiator being clog 50% the tempurature of the radiator was was over 100 degrees cooler at the bottom with small hairline fractures in the corners. 5 of them to be exact. I has the radiator replaced and the problem is now fixed. WARNING! if the pressure test is good YOU DO NOT NEED A HEAD GASKET!! Dont let anyone talk you into it your car will never be the same.
Hope this helps.
NOT ALWAYS. Firestone told me at least 4 times that my 2002 PT Cruiser pressure and chemical tested good. After $2249 and 9 trips, it was the head gasket. Quick check, with radiator cap off, let engine warm up. When thermastat opens water should flow past open thermastat. If it blows out (stand back), there is pressurized air in your cooling system. Other signs,coolant coming out the drain tube on the firewall across from the overflow bottle and loss of coolant, Car was fine in cool weather with not A/C.

Saint Peters, MO

#729 May 10, 2013
I also have a 2001 PT Cruiser and it overheats I live in town so every time I go into town it overheats on the highway it doesn't overheat. I was reading all the comments and this guy was talking about the connector for the radiator fan, I believe that is the problem can someone please tell me how to check it. Thanks

Lumberton, TX

#730 May 10, 2013
A sum of my older post buried in this thread-(and some of it is repeated)

The fastest way to tell if you fan is not working is to open you hood, turn your PT on (engine running), and turn on your a/c.

If the fan is not running -Bingo! there's your problem.
Most likely your radiator fan.
a) Worn out rad. fan motor/ clip holding motor to fan worn or loose (my g/f's PT problem,$100 part 3 hours to fix in driveway)
b) Bad Connections
c) Bad Relays

Next, could also be:
a) Bad Thermostat
b) Radiator Fluid not bled when refilling radiator
c) Wrong type of Radiator Fluid

Results from driving overheated because of above problem-
White smoke from under the hood = crack or expanded heads ($1000+ repair job)


Your fan kicks on when the a/c is on or the temp reaches a certain point. You fan will kick off at 35 mph - at that speed the airflow from outside to your radiator is enough to cool your radiator coils.

To check your fan - turn your car on and turn the a/c on. The fan should be running. If not, see #1 below.

Most likely causes:
1. Fan motor is burned up - happens a lot. New fan motor $99 and a few hours of work.
2. Relay(s) not working - you will be lucky if this is your problem ($10 fix), but probably not.

Good luck and DON'T(!!!!) drive with the temperature in the red zone!!!! <or even close> If you see white smoke from under the hood then you've screwed up and it will cost you $1000 -$2000 to get you heads fixed.
I got the fan fixed but still overheated and spit out fluid through the overflow tube by the firewall. This was the first car that I had to bleed the radiator fluid. From my mechanic buddy, he said that there are small passages in the engine where air bubbles can block the flow. There's a little valve right below the radiator cap on the right hand side that you have to loosen while filling up the radiator with fluid. It's best to have a 3/4" or 1" hose placed on it ran to a pan to catch the run off radiator fluid from being bled.
Bleed the radiator-
Right below the radiator cap (1" or 2" inches) there is a 10mm nozzle to the right. Just unscrew it when you fill your radiator up. It is recommend that you get a hose to drain the overflow in to a container (you can reuse it again). I got a 3/4" clear hose from ace hardware,$.79 per ft, to drain it into a pan. You want to keep pouring radiator fluid in until the fluid that is being bled is a solid stream - no bubbles. BTW, my fiancee's car already had the green stuff in it when we bought it, so that's what I continued to use. The HOAT is good for 5 years, where as the regular green stuff is only good for a few years.

Albany, OH

#731 May 18, 2013
I have a 02 pt crusier & it was over heating & I changed the thermostat & It over headed , & died while I was driving it . & now it won't start , it will turn over but act like its not get compression, can anyone tell me what they think is wrong with it , sound I take it to a garge or what? People are saying it's a head , or a head gasket , does this sound about right ? Someone help please!
don d

Columbiana, AL

#733 May 20, 2013
2006 pt cruiser non turbo. overflow tank fills up after driving and does not return to correct level. changed cap and took off thermostat. using correct hoat antifreeze. flushed radiator and added new antifreeze..drove 45 minutes.. stopped and overflow tank gurgled again. let cool off and radiator was low. temp never ran much above the half mark

Muskogee, OK

#734 Jun 9, 2013
ash wrote:
my car is overheating and smoking, the thermostat and waterpump hav been replaced very recently (thermostat last week, waterpump lastmonth) but the car is still smoking, overheating and cutting off. anyone have any similar problems?
yes i just bought a 2002 limited ed. the people i bought it from said they've replaced thermostat water pump radiator. we got it today got a new raid. cap. still over heats bubbles out all the fluids so we frefilled w/ all new anti freezew/ water went about 6 blks got hot. help i just bought a lemon or can it be fixed??

Muskogee, OK

#735 Jun 9, 2013
2002 limited over heating... can anyone email me w/ some help just got it today,the thermostat has been replaced, water pump, radiator, new radiator cap .thanks to all...

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#736 Jun 10, 2013
See my long post above-

Check the radiator fan first

Make sure you or whomever bleeds the radiator while putting coolant in. There is a bleed valve on the right hand side of the radiator fluid fill opening just below the radiator cap.

If you run your car once it hits the red area and it dies or you have a bunch of white smoke - it's your heads and maybe more you messed up.$$$$
Shelia in Texas

Dallas, TX

#737 Jun 29, 2013
same problem-2008 PT temp going up at stop lights, but not on freeways. when car turned off after driving,it bubbles under hood. What is it ??

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#738 Jul 22, 2013
Changed the fan one month ago worked fine ran hot today so I changed both relay still the fan does not work

Milton, WI

#739 Jul 23, 2013
I have a 01 PT C it has been overheating . It mainly overheat when at stop sign or red lights. A friend of mine unscrewed the cooling system pressure cap and poured anti freeze in.. I drove it for two hours no overheating.. Will post in the next few days for update.
Eric frost of alabama

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#740 Jul 29, 2013
Alright my cruiser has become a nightmare. Started overheating so I replaced thermostat and pressure cap. Started overheating again so I replaced my water pump and coolant temperature sensor underneath thermostat housing. Burped the radiator and now only overheats when idle and reservoir sounds like it's boiling. I don't think it's my head or head gasket cause there is no indication of cracked head or head gasket. What are,the few reasons left why this thing is overheating?
Slow motion

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#741 Aug 3, 2013
Mike wrote:
Im 24 and I have a 2001 pt cruiser and I had replaced my radiator, hoses, timing belt, water pump, and thermostat. My car still overheating and leaking in the front passenger side. Can someone help me?
Defiantly heater core leak

Frisco, TX

#743 Sep 2, 2013
My 08 pt cruiser is over heating when I then it on it automatically goes to red...when I drive it bubbles. I have tried to put water and coolant in and when I reopen the hood after it cools off all of it is gone but I can't seem to find a leak anywhere!!!

Does anybody know how to help me?!?

Mckinney, TX

#744 Sep 17, 2013
My 01 PT Cruiser is still overheating after changing water pump timing belt, thermostat and radiator cap.From reading other post it sounds like their could be a cracked head. If so is the something the mechanic should have noticed while changing the timing and waterpump?

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