pt cruiser overheating
Karen - Baltimore Md

White Lake, MI

#41 Oct 21, 2006
I was having a problem getting a brake pad to fit on my 2001 PT Cruiser. Purchased pads from the dealer and they still were the improper fit. The pads would jiggle all around and make all kinds of noises. Took the car into a mechanic who discovered that the brake brackets on the car are not for a PT Cruiser. The only way to fix the problem is to replace the brackets with new ones since we have no idea what type of car brackets are on the car . We cant get any pads to fit properly. This is going to be rather expensive since I just had to replace the water pump as well as 2 motor mounts were broke. Why they would break I have no idea. Was wondering if anyone has had this problem or hasany idea how I can fix it less expensively.
Beverley Puyallup Wa

Pacific, WA

#42 Jan 2, 2007
My 2001 PT does not over heat but the dealership has told me for some time it is low on coolant when I have the oil changed and that there is a leak with the thermostat. I am reading all these over heating problem and mine doesn't do that. Do I really need the thermostat replaced?
Beverley Puyallup Wa

Pacific, WA

#43 Jan 2, 2007
The dealership has been telling me for a year or longer when I get the oil changed that my thermostat is leaking and should be replaced. The PT has never over heated. It is a 2001 with 70K miles on it. The constantly say the coolant is low, but I have never had a spot on my garage floor either. Do I need to have the termostat replaced and why? They did show me today the gasket is showing some pink color to it.

United States

#44 Jan 9, 2007
pirce of a thermostat 15 $
Jerrilyn B

Jacksonville, FL

#45 Jan 16, 2007
Susan wrote:
A few months ago I had my 2001 PT Cruiser worked on for overheating. It only happens when the car is idling for a while and I live in a rural area so don't usually spend much time in slow or stalled traffic. I had the thermostat replaced, the radiator fan replaced and the cooling system flushed. The car is still overheating in exactly the same manner and the radiator fan still does not turn on. The repairs were very expensive and I would caution anyone having the same problem because apparently the cure is not in the thermostat, radiator fan or coolant. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
hey Susan ive done the same repairs on mine and it still over heats, if you happen to find a fix for it, can you please let me know? thanks Dann Sanchez
[email protected]
Having the same exact problems overheating when idling. Replcaed thermosat, fan switches, etc. ti the tune of over 900.00. Problem is still happening. Now being told by (non chrylser mechanic ) radiator need to be replaced.
Does ANYONE have any more definitive Correction to this issue, with SO MANY PEOPLE having the same problem? Surely all these people are not STILL having this problem?
Jerrilyn B

Jacksonville, FL

#46 Jan 16, 2007
Also having the problem with the Fog lights. When the car does overheat usally when idling at a red light, the tempature gauge NEVER indicates Hot. It's reading about medium all the while it's steaming like old faithful under my hood.
dave ray

Shelbyville, IN

#47 Jan 17, 2007
we love our 2001 pt cruiser. but because chrysler has lied to all of us about this overheating problem we will never buy another chrysler again. as a mechanic for 30 years i had to rewire the fan switch to correct this problem. all of you who spent $$$$$ to correct this problem should be mad as hell. thank you, dave ray
carl ct

Milford, CT

#48 Feb 4, 2007
Where is the fan sensor located?
usually behind the back of the glove box

Albuquerque, NM

#49 Feb 4, 2007
If your fan isn't working, maybe an aftermarket fan controller might work. See when your car heats up, the thermostat is a temperature resistor that opens the flow whenever it gets soo hot and lets water flow through your block. When the water is flowing it's hot of course so the fan kicks in, well when the fan doesn't kick in, it's the fan controller, when the water doesn't flow, I have no idea what the problem is... Might wanna bring it up...

Long Beach, NY

#50 Feb 8, 2007
OH no i wish i read this first. I just brought my car in to the dealer bc it is leaking coolant. I have been adding coolant about once every two weeks with no visible sign of a leak other than the temp gauge would climb. Then two days ago it overheated and now you can see the coolant on the ground. They told me I need a thermostat and a flush for something like $200 plus. It this right, can all 2001 pt's be defected?
kathleen and judas

San Bruno, CA

#51 Feb 8, 2007
ash wrote:
my car is overheating and smoking, the thermostat and waterpump hav been replaced very recently (thermostat last week, waterpump lastmonth) but the car is still smoking, overheating and cutting off. anyone have any similar problems?
We have had a PT cruiser since September 2000. For the last three years our car has had this same problem. In these three years we have spent a couple of thousand dollars taking it to different mechanics and radiator specialists. The radiator has been replaced three times. Nobody has been able to fix it.
The worst was when we took it to the Chrysler dealership shop. They said nothing was wrog with the car. The same day we took it out of their shop my wife (driving with her dad in the car) got stranded by the side of the road with an undrivable overheated engine. Less than 100 miles driven since Chrysler assured us nothing was wrong with the car.(They had no problem charging us $150 for that diagnostic!!!).
Now the car is completely beyond use. I cannot sell it to anybody. It won't drive even a few miles without smoking and overheating. I have to throw it away.
I had never noticed so many people complaining online about this problem before... but now there seems to be quite a few which makes me think that Chrysler is responsible for this defect in some of their PT cruisers. If anybody thinks it is worth a class action suit against Chrysler, I believe it is something we should consider.
Kathleen Owen and Judas Bosch

Napa, CA

#52 Feb 18, 2007
My boyfriend has a 2002 Pt Cruiser that he bought used from a dealership last July with no warranty. It's been in the shop 3 times in the past month for overheating. The first time he took it in he paid 1100 for a new water pump (mechanic claimed it was hard to get to) and that didn't fix it. Then he had the thermostat replaced for another $162 last week. The third time we brought it in the guy said the radiator cap wasn't holding pressure & replaced that for free. We just picked the car up last night and thought it would be safe to drive. I am typing this from my mom's house 25 miles from where we live because we are stuck now & will probably have to have it towed. Interesting to see that so many other people are having the same problems.

United States

#53 Feb 20, 2007
I have a 2002 PT and wrote on here the other day about the battery dying. The next day, taking the car to get the battery replaced, the car started overheating. I took it to the dealership today and was told that the lower fan (?) was not working and would have to be replaced for $640. nd once they replace that, they will see what else is wrong. Took them 5 hours to figure it out. If it is just a short in the wiring I am seriously going to be REALLY irate... especially since the car is now worth less than $5000 according to Kelly Blue Book.

United States

#54 Feb 20, 2007
A thought from my husband...

Could this be a planned obsolescence of the fan since it seems to be happening to quite a few people at around the same time?
I think I shall call Chrysler tomorrow and ask.

Apo, AE

#55 Mar 1, 2007
Same here. 2002 PT with 94,000 miles. The day after having the car serviced by a local mechanic, the car over heated -- to include the oil light coming on. Radiator seemed to be bone dry, but there was no evidence of leaking. Since then, I can drive for about 30-40 minutes in stop/go traffic before it begins to overheat -- I also see the occassional billow of smoke coming from the exhaust. Took it back to the mechanic today ... he thinks it's the gasket. Anyone else have the gasket replaced?? Did that solve the problem? How much?

Austin, TX

#56 Mar 6, 2007
I bought my 2005 PT in 08-2005. By Dec 2005 in overheated on the highway on my way out of town. I had it towed to the dealership and they "fixed" my car. It was cover under warranty. They said the problem was the thermostat got stuck causing a blown head gasket. Two weeks ago on the my car broke down on the highway again. I pulled ove right when it started overheating, had it towed and it is no longer cover under warranty so im out 1800.00. I have talked to several people who own chyerslers & dodge vehicles. They all report bad coolant system problems with their fairly new vehicles. Im not sure what the deal is but Im trading my car in ASAP
Melinda wrote:
My 2005 PT Cruiser, on the road for 10 months, 20,000 miles....overheated....pulled manual...let it cool down...hour later, started up car...drove 5 minutes...froze up....towed to dealer...said hole in radiator????? dealership for 2 1/2 parts...may have to replace heads or leak....I am thinking maybe the fan went ....interesting to see that PT C has history of overheating....
Chris McConnell

United States

#57 Mar 8, 2007
I have a 2004 cruiser and the owner before me has had many of the same problems with the car. I recently was driving my cruiser it overheated and I recieved no warning lights or indications of the problem until I lost power. I coasted off the freeway and it died. After having it towed to a dealer I was told I had been in wreck becouse my fan punctured the radiator. B.S was my response. After $2,786.00 I can safely say F*%& Chrysler and their products. Never again!!! Is there anybody that is interested in purchasing this car?
allen burton

Auckland, New Zealand

#58 Mar 11, 2007
have a 2003 pt o heated elect. fan is a two speed low and hi speed low speed brushes worn out eng,o heats before hi speed starts

Since: Mar 07


#59 Mar 14, 2007
2001 PT Crusier - Touring Edition. For the past about week maybe 2 I noticed that the heater wasn't putting out any heat. Then last night I was driving home from work which is about 15 mins away...mostly highway driving. I looked down and noticed that the temp gauge shot up and so I immediatly started to pull over. It started to gurgle and then when I stopped all this white smoke poured out. We got it home and we tried to fill up the coolant and it was full, checked the oil, none in there. Replaced the radiator cap...seemed to fix the problem. Then on my way to work today I got off the highway and the temp was way up. Got to the bottom of the off ramp and I heard the same gurgling. Made it to work and I am going to try a thermostat. I will let you know how this goes. Ive read several that this hasn't helped anyone. So far on this vehicle that I have had for now 3 years, Ive replaced the blinker switch, and the speed sensor. Shoulda bought a Honda!

Shoreham, NY

#60 Mar 23, 2007
Same ol' story!!
I recently replaced thermostat and had radiator flushed after my dad had the car overheat on a trip to NJ. Been fine since then (in Jan 2007) until today. Was driving out on Long Island and noticed temp was getting high. Heard gurgling when car was turned off. Checked radiator when cooled, and water level was fine. Ran hot the whole way home, didn't "overheat" cause I ran heat the whole way. Brought it to service station and they are telling me I might need new radiator. So, I left it over night tonight and they will flush again tomorrow. That was my dad's suggestion--he is a total Mopar car guy and knows his stuff. I will see how it does tomorrow and tell them to check the fan sensor. I had a fan sensor problem on one of my first cars! A PLYMOUTH Sundance. Damn Chrysler!

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