pt cruiser overheating
Wilfrd Rivera in florida

Saint Cloud, FL

#569 Apr 20, 2011
Cos Georgia wrote:
I am having an overheating problem and think I have isolated it to a bad electric cooling fan. Anyone else had a similar problem with the fan not running when it should? Thanks.
Yup, have to replace cooling fan. The old one is wobbling around inside the housing. Why hasn't or have they?(Crysler) told anyone about all these problems with the Cruiser
overheated pt

Clover, SC

#570 Apr 23, 2011
to all with overheated pt cruisers these are known to blow a head gasket and cause leaks and cooling problems most techs will sell you a thermostat and flush cause their scared to work on a pt thanks

La Mirada, CA

#571 May 5, 2011
Patricia wrote:
My pt started overheating, they replaced thermostat and water pump were replaced.....still over heating ...what is the problem ?? can someone help ??
Hey i have a 01 cruiser,and problems overheating also...I was told to replace the radiator fan motor...i'll be doing this on saturday.Just hope this fixs my problem GRRRRRRRRR its killn me smalls....

La Mirada, CA

#572 May 6, 2011
RICK wrote:
<quoted text>
yes the job is very need to take it to the shop..Two screws and replace...done

La Mirada, CA

#573 May 6, 2011
Susan wrote:
A few months ago I had my 2001 PT Cruiser worked on for overheating. It only happens when the car is idling for a while and I live in a rural area so don't usually spend much time in slow or stalled traffic. I had the thermostat replaced, the radiator fan replaced and the cooling system flushed. The car is still overheating in exactly the same manner and the radiator fan still does not turn on. The repairs were very expensive and I would caution anyone having the same problem because apparently the cure is not in the thermostat, radiator fan or coolant. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
check your fan relays under the hood there's two low speed,high speed....

La Mirada, CA

#574 May 6, 2011
RICK wrote:
very easy job two bolts ...pull out old thermostat,put in new....done

Boca Raton, FL

#575 May 6, 2011
Hi Chris,
it only takes one episode of overheating to warp the cylinder head. Get a mechanic to check for lube oil in the coolant and visa versa. When the head is being rebuilt get the water pump,timing belt ,cam sensor,radiator and cooling fan replaced. I replaced spark plugs,coil and leads etc as well. My PT has now gone 20,000 miles with no problems including a trip across the US , down The Baja to Cabo San Lucas and back to Florida........
The fan connectors are under the fan shroud. They are prone to corrosion so get them hard wired.
Check the onboard computer for updates.
Good luck.


#576 May 16, 2011
pt crusiser they all over heat at some point problem is head gasket or cracked head

Weslaco, TX

#577 May 17, 2011
Nicola Natale wrote:
I had the same trouble. My 2002 Pt Cruiser (made in Osterreich I believe) overheated just during my holidays. The mechanic broke the thermostat and so the engine was cooled since it was on. Now I must change the thermostat and also in Italy the cost of the spare parts are incredible. The net of the authorized Chrysler is enabled to make you poor!
Just for curiosity, hom much cost a thermostat in Usa? It is convenient to ship it directly in Italy?
its 11 dlls in usa

Boca Raton, FL

#578 May 17, 2011
there are over 350,000 Pt Cruisers running around in the US. They have the Mitsubishi 2.4 litre double overhead cam engine fitted with either a 5 speed manual box or a 4 speed auto tranny.
This engine is very widely used in many other US cars and small trucks. In Europe the most popular engine is the CRD Turbo Diesel which gets over 35 mpg.with lots of power.
The issues with the US PT Cruiser that cause these overheating problems are to do with the electrics and the cooling fan connections. The fan connections are very susceptible to corrosion as they are located under the fan shroud. A fix is to relocate this connection out of the weather or hard wire it and seal the soldered joints.
Any car with a aluminum cylinder head and a cast iron block,even a Mercedes,will warp the cylinder head if it overheats,only one time.
If your PT shows signs of overheating you must stop the engine and not restart it unless you find the cause.
How many here on this website can honestly say they did not drive the car at all after the temp gauge started to climb ???
Too many mechanics do not know enough to go straight to the cause and then investigate to see if the head is warped.

Des Plaines, IL

#579 May 22, 2011
I have read so many of these posts, but I have yet to find out what the final part is that actually solved the overheating problem. Can somebody please help?
Is it worth the money to go to the website where you pay a PT mechanic to help you?

Vidor, TX

#580 May 22, 2011
Most likely your radiator fan.
a) Worn out rad. fan motor/ clip holding motor to fan worn or loose (my g/f's PT problem,$100 part 3 hours to fix in driveway)
b) Bad Connections
c) Bad Relays

Next, could also be:
a) Bad Thermostat
b) Radiator Fluid not bled when refilling radiator
c) Wrong type of Radiator Fluid

Results from driving overheated because of above problem-
White smoke from under the hood = crack or expanded heads ($1000+ repair job)


Boca Raton, FL

#581 May 23, 2011
Find my posts on here. My PT Cruiser overheated for 2 main reasons last year.
The fan connection was corroded so the fan did not work all the time.
The green gunge coolant was used.....not the Chrysler or Napa HOAT coolant. It corroded the water pump,blocked the radiator,and corroded the cylinder head,finally warping it so I had to have a top end rebuild. I can thank the previous owner for all my troubles. He had wired an alarm system into the computer power supply causing erratic sensor readings and used the green coolant.
Make sure the radiator fan is working properly,the radiator is clean or new($100) and the coolant is the HOAT type , not the green stuff which will ruin your water pump,radiator and cylinder head.
Since the rebuild the car has gone from Florida to Cabo San Lucas via San Diego and back,with side trips to Las Vegas and Mimbres NM.
Last week a heater ose ruptured where it enters the bulkhead below the brake fluid reservoir. The coolant splashed on the exhaust causing steam so I had good warning,pulled over and stopped the engine.
No damage done,but a reminder to check all hoses regularly. I should have changed ALL the hoses after the rebuild but I just changed the rad hoses.Now we are changing them all and putting in a new thermostat.
The car now has 128,000 miles on the clock and runs strongly.
Good luck.

Des Plaines, IL

#582 May 23, 2011
Thanks guys for your responses. I should of written that the fan and 2 thermostats have been replaced and still no good. Are you saying I just have to keep replacing all the other parts till I find the right one?
Also when I park the car after a 1/2 hour ride there's a lot of gurgling under the hood.
Has ther ever been a recall on this problem?

United States

#583 May 23, 2011
I have replaced the thermostat, water pump, fan, timing belt and had the PT pressurized -NO ONE knows why my 2004 PT Cruiser(non turbo) is running hot...please help...out of money...need to FIX the problem...FAST!!([email protected]

Boca Raton, FL

#584 May 24, 2011
you must check the radiator. Mine was completely obstructed by the corrosion residue from using the green coolant Have you been using the green coolant?
First thing your mechanic should have tested for is oil in the coolant and visa versa to see if the cylinder head is warped. If it is warped you can throw endless amounts of money at the car to no avail. You have to have the head planed and rebuilt. Lets hope it is the radiator....costs around $100 plus 1 hour installation and make sure you use the HOAT coolant after purging the complete system (if the green stuff was used)
Check the fan....when the a/c is switched on it must run in high speed mode. Connections are under the fan shroud...they do corrode;have the connector replaced with bullet type and cover with shrink tubing.
Good luck

Clute, TX

#585 May 24, 2011
Sounds like the radiator wasn't bled. There's a little valve right below the radiator cap on the right hand side that you have to loosen while filling up the radiator with fluid. It's best to have a 3/4" or 1" hose placed on it ran to a pan to catch the run off radiator fluid from being bled.

Clute, TX

#586 May 24, 2011
@Debbie (more)
I learned the hard way about the bleeding of the radiator fluid. I changed the radiator fan which requires draining some of the fluid. I went a head and drained it all because it was a few years old. I got the fan fixed but still overheated and spit out fluid through the overflow tube by the firewall. This was the first car that I had to bleed the radiator fluid. From my mechanic buddy, he said that there are small passages in the engine where air bubbles can block the flow.
Hope this helps.

New Albany, IN

#587 May 26, 2011
Mine did same thing 2 wks ago. Head gasket was cracked and had be replaced cause water was getting in where shouldn't be. Still over heating but hole in radiator tube or whatever @
& fan gone out! Anybody else heard PT stands for PART TIME Cruiser! Lol that been my luck anyway! I actually got on here to find name of that dang hose! hope I could help tho!

Fredericksburg, VA

#588 May 30, 2011
I too have the overheating problem. Got it back yesterday and seemed to work fine. Did the flush, replaced thermostat and cap. Today it overheated once again. I haven't checked the fan, fuses or relays as of yet.

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