pt cruiser overheating
melvin mills

United States

#426 Apr 6, 2010
Chrysler has fXXXked all of us with the shitty-cruiser.they need to recall the car

Since: Apr 10

De Pere, WI

#427 Apr 7, 2010
I'm haven the same problem with my 2002 PT it has fluid, the water is flowing so the pump works and i just replaced the thermostat on mon but the air is cold from the vents it use to b really hot. The temp goes way up then drops then back up again. any ideas
dj santo

Glendale, CA

#428 Apr 9, 2010
ok people i was having problems with my pt cruser over heating and i started to check out wat the hek was wrong .over a year and so .i changed out radiator water pump and thermostat.okay nothing .so i got feds up and prayed over it .and ask to be revield .so my prayer was awnsered .i disconnected a cable goin to the sencor that connects to the fan and some sort of sencor that is visable right in front of the radiator .i disconnected it and it went to the fan automatically goin on im guessing that dumb sencor is in bad need of replacing but the problem is comung from ther ..that stinky thing .im gona replace it and hope it can hellp others .sometimes all u need is some faith .i love my pt cruser and i cant stand putting it thru any damage .god bless hope this was helpfull.
dj santo

Glendale, CA

#429 Apr 9, 2010
i think your right recall for sure ..please check that censor its very visable go and disconnect it and watch your fan go on .noe you may have your check engine light up but it goes away after a while and another lights up its letting you know that its disconnected .dissconnect it and watch your tempeture go down .its crazy .i also started to turn the censor to tighten it and so far its been ok im still gona replace that dumb censor or watever that part is it has two cables and a connector clip it off and your fan should start working always .im just letting you know thats something that i found .good luck //// blessings..

United States

#430 Apr 13, 2010
I read that it could be pcm module,but cost about 200.00 dollars both the a/c and cooling system run thru this device.
David Z

Murfreesboro, TN

#431 Apr 15, 2010
I Had a 2002 PT and met my now wife that has a 2007 PT. I for sure got extended warrenty on my 02PT and Sure enough auto trans. went out.It was replaced at dealer for $100.00. Of course I bought It used there and know you don't want to put in anything but Mopar trans. fluid. Supposidly same with antifreeze?
Anyway I got rid of my 02 and my wife's 07 was our main car. I beleve now the radiator fan has not worked since I met her. From 10-08 until 4-10.
The Ac would not cool at Idle but ok driving.
Never did it act hot or overheat but Idle ruff, And air get warm at stop lights.
You could hear the fan in my 02 when you shut of the car sounded like a Jet airplane shutting down,and I now realize I never heard that in our 07.
I swapped relays. Mine has 2 side by side on fan shroud, did not help and 2 more relays on the firewall behind fuse box and air filter housing. No help.
After unplugging fan connector and hooking direct to battery ,reading this forum ,4 1st time and finding out a fan motor cost $165 and probably won't work. I Bought wire connectors . Pluged into the Fan motor connector (plug) underneath and ran ground to -battery and +to fuse box . Now have coolant fan and Cool Ac at red light.
pt cruiser overheating

Las Vegas, NV

#432 Apr 15, 2010
I've had my pt cruiser to several shops including the dealership,,,,knowone can figure out why its overheating]
pt cruiser overheating

North Las Vegas, NV

#433 Apr 15, 2010
This sucks,,,knowone knows why my 2005 cruiser is overheeting,,,,please someone tell me why

Boca Raton, FL

#434 Apr 16, 2010
pt cruiser overheating wrote:
This sucks,,,knowone knows why my 2005 cruiser is overheeting,,,,please someone tell me why
get your mechanic to test for coolant in the engine oil and for combustion gases in the coolant.
If all is ok with this then your head gasket is OK.
Check the fan connections under the shroud . This connection is famous for getting corroded.
Then you can check the rad fan works in a/c mode. Put the a/c on and listen to see if the fan runs in high speed. If not,check switch on the a/c compressor.It controls the fan in high speed mode.
Switch off a/c.
Then check the thermostat on the rad filler tube. Just remove the terminal and ground it. Fan should run in low speed.
If all is ok,get water pump pressure tested.
Get all the sensor connections cleaned and put back with the proper sealant ,including the PCM and the ground control module.
My best guess is its the head gasket. If you are not using the correct HOAT Chrysler coolant and are using the wrong green stuff this would be a good bet.
If the head has to come off ask them to repalce the water pump and timing belt etc at the same time as these items have to be removed anyhow to access the head.
Good luck.

Stamford, CT

#435 Apr 22, 2010
I brought my 2006 Cruiser in to the dealer today because when I had the A/C on the fan was not kickin-in when I was at a light. I heard a hissing sound when I shut the car off. They replaced the discharge line form the condenser,the O ring a/c line and the module/fan...I drove home fine. I took the car for a 5 minute drive and it was smoking and overheating.. any suggestions

Portland, OR

#436 Apr 23, 2010
Nicola Natale wrote:
I had the same trouble. My 2002 Pt Cruiser (made in Osterreich I believe) overheated just during my holidays. The mechanic broke the thermostat and so the engine was cooled since it was on. Now I must change the thermostat and also in Italy the cost of the spare parts are incredible. The net of the authorized Chrysler is enabled to make you poor!
Just for curiosity, hom much cost a thermostat in Usa? It is convenient to ship it directly in Italy?
it cost only 10 usa dollarts and is made in israel i just got one
Unhappy Owner

United States

#437 Apr 25, 2010
For the last 6 months, my 2006 PT Cruiser keeps overheating. I have had it in the shop 5 times, 3 thermostats,head gasket replaced and hundreds of dollars later,it is still overheating and 2 repair shops have given up on it.Can someone please tell me what do next?????

Woodside, NY

#438 Apr 26, 2010
Dann wrote:
<quoted text> hey Susan ive done the same repairs on mine and it still over heats, if you happen to find a fix for it, can you please let me know? thanks Dann Sanchez
[email protected]
ok i have the same problem replaced everything and fan still wont run but we have been told that the problem is a switch that flips on when the temp gets hot ill be damned if we can find this switch

Chicago, IL

#439 May 1, 2010
I have had an overheating problem while being idle...I bought a new cooling fan system...u have to replace the connector to it though...that was my problem..I hate Pt cruisers, biggest mistake of my life!

United States

#440 May 3, 2010
I also have a 2001 piece of shiz cruiser. I have been dealing with it overheating for over a year. Like alot of other people i have replaced thermostat,radiator,cooling fan,and relays. i drive it for 20 mins and it is guaranteed to overheat. i have taken it to numerous mechanics and the dealer twice. no one seems to be able to figure the problem out. i think i may just take it to the junk yard cuz thats where all chryslers belong. i will NEVER BUY A CHRYSLER again!

Orlando, FL

#441 May 9, 2010
have you checked the thermostat housing. It's plastic and it cracks. That happened to mine. Also you have to put the thermostat in the housing than attatch the housing to the base. Don't put the thermostat on the base first, it won't sit right when you put the housing on top of it. that happened to me.

Skokie, IL

#442 May 17, 2010
My Cruser also overheats. I have replaced the thermistat, changes all the belts, blead the system. After a short drive it still has a boilinbg and girgleing sound

Dawson Creek, Canada

#443 May 18, 2010
seems like the rad is plugging up

Dawson Creek, Canada

#444 May 18, 2010
i have the same car same problem someone must have put a sealant in it and plugged the rad
T ByeByeChrysler

Sarasota, FL

#445 May 19, 2010
Similar to everyone else. Bought a used 2001 PT Cruiser 2 1/2 years ago. Dream car, worked perfectly, used it on short hops, never had a prob. Then last August the overheating started, at about the time I replaced the battery. Spent $400 for radiator work, seemed like it was fixed but a month latter in traffic the heating indicator went up above the halfway mark while AC was running. Shut off AC, turned on the heat, down it came back to normal. But coolant often boiling after short trips around town. Have used the car for about 7 months, turning on the heat while driving (this is Florida, this trick ain't gonna work in the warm weather!)
Why can't or won't Chrysler fix this problem ?- Because they outsourced their engineers, designers and programmers and the people that designed it are no longer even available That's why. What a shame, I love this car. If my attempt to have it fixed fails, this is my LAST American made car. I will NOT sell it to someone else, I will either convert it to electric or else have it destroyed.

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