pt cruiser overheating
Laura - Youngsville

United States

#222 Apr 28, 2008
It has been several months since you posted this, did it solve the problem? We are looking at a PT Cruiser for my daughter right now and would like to know that these mystery overheating issues can be fixed.
Henry wrote:
Okay, I found the problem with the over heating issue. After reading most all post here, I concluded that the problem is with the fan motor on the radiator fan itself. I had a hunch that the motor ran on carbon brushes so, I took the motor apart and sure enough carbon brushes. I just so happened to have some carbon brushes on hand so I soldered them in place and cleaned the motor contact point of the carbon brushes. What is happening is, when to much carbon builds up over time on the coiled copper wirering the current flowing over the wire is greatly reduced thus causing an interference with the operation of the motor itself. I simply used a can of carburetor spray to help remove any carbon dust left behind on the motor. My pt is running cooler than ever now. A/C also improved. With that said, I do not believe that Chrysler is at fault here. Carbon brushes are like brakes on a car; they wear out and need replaced in time. Simply and easy fix is to purchase a replacement motor for the fan blades. Should not cost any more than $120. Mine only cost me time.

San Diego, CA

#223 May 1, 2008
my2001 pt cruiser is overheating. I have changed the radiator, flushed it, new cap, and a new sensor and still it is overheating. The mechanic says a blown head gasket. The book says possibly a power train control module either way I think it is going to cost me a bundle.
Ray D

North Providence, RI

#224 May 1, 2008
My wife drives a 2001 pt cruiser only has 29,350 mileS on it. It is a puff always garaged started to have problems with it overheating 2 weeks ago brought it to the dealer They said cracked thermostat housing, ok replaced that and new thermostat $186.She drove it 72 miles overheated again brought it back, they said was radiator cap losing pressure ok replaced that $79.with diagonistic paid that Wife got home today car overheating called dealer said bring it in (5-1-08) am waiting for a call from dealer to see what story is next. Will reply when i get info on it also just to let all know I have bought the 7 year contract on it. It ends in (8-10-08) So if they don't fix I think I will just let the engine over heat and damage whatever happens to it and let CHRYSLER foot the bill

San Diego, CA

#225 May 3, 2008
kathleen and judas wrote:
<quoted text>
We have had a PT cruiser since September 2000. For the last three years our car has had this same problem. In these three years we have spent a couple of thousand dollars taking it to different mechanics and radiator specialists. The radiator has been replaced three times. Nobody has been able to fix it.
The worst was when we took it to the Chrysler dealership shop. They said nothing was wrog with the car. The same day we took it out of their shop my wife (driving with her dad in the car) got stranded by the side of the road with an undrivable overheated engine. Less than 100 miles driven since Chrysler assured us nothing was wrong with the car.(They had no problem charging us $150 for that diagnostic!!!).
Now the car is completely beyond use. I cannot sell it to anybody. It won't drive even a few miles without smoking and overheating. I have to throw it away.
I had never noticed so many people complaining online about this problem before... but now there seems to be quite a few which makes me think that Chrysler is responsible for this defect in some of their PT cruisers. If anybody thinks it is worth a class action suit against Chrysler, I believe it is something we should consider.
Kathleen Owen and Judas Bosch
sue the bastards. I have replaced the radiator, cap, thermostat, temperature sensor. All to no avail. One mechanic wants to replace the head gasket but this is very expensive and it seems from online that this solves nothing and maybe chrysler knows but just likes to sell us alot of expensive parts.
Jim Cooper

Linden, CA

#226 May 4, 2008
I have a 2006 PT Cruiser that has hit overtemp a couple of times because the fan did not come on. It sounds like the same issues as the older models. I am going to do what I always do and replace everything that is cheap (switch, thermostat, etc) and hope it is not the fans. If it is, I will look for one that physically fits and is a good brand name and re-engineer the problem.
Jesse Anderson

United States

#227 May 5, 2008
Well, I had the head gasket repaired. and have been driving it for three days with absolutely no problems. I was told that the head was warped so they leveled it. I think this head gasket problem has been ongoing, because like I said, last winter on really cold days it would not start, it turned over fine but did not fire. So time will tell. but if you are having oveheating problems where the coolant is being forced throught the overflow tank and onto the engine then it probably is a head gasket. make them replace all the belts, the water pump and if you have high miles, or your power steering pump is making the infamouse grinding noise, have them replace that and your alternator. you will only spend about $100 bucks more on the labor as well as money for the parts. this may save you a bunch down the road.

North Providence, RI

#228 May 6, 2008
Jesse seen your message hope your are right, Thety said that they ordered all the parts and that car will be ready in a week , Asked them about the loaner car from Enterprise and they said drive it until we call you to pickup the cruiser. Said that they will pay all rental fees on loner So am happy about that but hope the cruiser runs fine after the repairs will post on here asap after I get it back Ray

Decatur, GA

#229 May 7, 2008
My 2005 PT Cruiser overheated 4 months ago. Took it to the dealer and they replaced the thermostat. Now it is overheating again! I will have them check out the fan motor as mentioned before and see if that is the problem. Somehow Chrysler needs to be aware of the myriad of problems with overheating of the PT Cruisers. I will call them and see what can be done.

North Providence, RI

#230 May 7, 2008
Dealership called me today (5-7-08) told me that I needed a new head , So they are ordering it for me, Will be here in a few days (no cost to me) I bought the contract when I first bought the cruiser, Glad I did out of pocket for me is $50.00 Also said keep rental till car is repairded. SO maybe thats why we are having all these overhaeting problems

United States

#231 May 20, 2008
I also Have a 2002 Pt that I am dealing with. I love my car but at this rate it's becoming less worth it to me to keep it. The past 3 months I have more trouble that I ever have with any car I have owned. First it over heated on me while waiting for my daughter to get into the car. The mechanic changed the fan out and it costed $300. The about 2 months later It did the same thing. As long as the car kept moving it was fine. But if it stopped at a stop light I was in trouble. So I took it back and the Mechanic replaced the thermostat. Which worked for about a week. I then took it to another mechanic and he replaced the air censors. Said they were caroded badly..... it's been about 2 weeks and now it is beginning to make the same noise that I am becoming all to familiar with. It's just a little miss while the car is sitting still. It seems to work fine while it is on the go.I have always kept up with the upkeep on the car. regular oil changes and so forth.But I have to admit I am getting frustrated. Nice to hear others are having sililar problems. Which Means its not just mt PT and something I may have done. Now going up tall hilss there is nothing I can do about that. I have to climb one just to get home...... Any suggestions on what to do next?

Huntington, WV

#232 May 20, 2008
Im Pt cruiser is a 2003 with 84,000 miles on it. it started overheating but got cooler when i turned on the heater i replaced the fan and thermastat dont still dont work. I dont know what to do with it now. sell it for parts i guess . I went and bought a new 2008 cobalt hope it last a while

Huntington, WV

#233 May 20, 2008
pt cruiser are *junk*

United States

#234 May 22, 2008
Frankie wrote:
Im Pt cruiser is a 2003 with 84,000 miles on it. it started overheating but got cooler when i turned on the heater i replaced the fan and thermastat dont still dont work. I dont know what to do with it now. sell it for parts i guess . I went and bought a new 2008 cobalt hope it last a while
I too have to turn on the heater to get it to cool down. fan and thermostat have been replaced . Along with belts and censors.....

Jackson, MS

#235 May 26, 2008
I just purchased a used 01 pt and it is running hot on me. I checked hoses, radiator, fluid, had the thermostat changed and it still runs hot. The liquid was a rusty brown the first time it ran hot. My gauge is never below half way either.
kerry jackson

Fort Mcmurray, Canada

#236 May 27, 2008
2002 PT Cruiser LTD..
Bought used and the Fan died 6 months past warranty.(replaced by chrysler $500.00).
Its over heated a few times now, usually on long trips..(20 minute trips its fine.)
Took it into the local dealership, they said it was the head gasket.. went and got a second opinion, local mechanic pulled the thermastat and found it to faulty (not opening all the way).
Car runs much cooler and doesnt overheat, but now I'm loosing coolant..(overflow fills up but doesnt go back down)
Mechanic is going to do a pressure test as he suspects it COULD BE the head gasket (probably from ever heating too many times The heads are warped.)
Kerry Jackson

Edmonton, Canada

#237 May 27, 2008
i'm thinking everyone who is having problems should also post their problems at http:// www .car complaints . com/(no spaces)

They hove tons of reports of other vehicles but nothing on the PT cruiser!

We need to get the word out that this is a major problem!

Columbia, MD

#238 May 30, 2008
2001 pt cruiser will idle for hours & temp stays in the middle ,but, turn a/c on or drive a couple of miles & goes to top & boils thru coolant plastic tank , no leaks , new t-stat,radiator cap & fan seems o.k.?

Since: Jun 08

United States

#239 Jun 4, 2008
I have 2002 Cruiser and its fine as long as I am driving but the minute I stop at a light or coasting then it jumps up. I just had my water pump and timing belt replaced about a month ago. Does anyone know what could be wrong with it?

Connellsville, PA

#240 Jun 8, 2008
I was also have the same issues as everyone above. "Car slowly started having overheatig problems while running and gas was bubbling into the overflow bottle" The problem was due to the radiator being clog 50% the tempurature of the radiator was was over 100 degrees cooler at the bottom with small hairline fractures in the corners. 5 of them to be exact. I has the radiator replaced and the problem is now fixed. WARNING! if the pressure test is good YOU DO NOT NEED A HEAD GASKET!! Dont let anyone talk you into it your car will never be the same.
Hope this helps.

United States

#241 Jun 11, 2008
OK! After all my struggles, headaches, and frustration. After all the repairs I did trying to resolve my overheating issue (read all my Victor comments)the one thing that resolved my overheating issue was...bleeding the coolant! There is a little nodule (like the one used to bleed brakes) that you need to open while the car is at full running temperature. Allow a small amount of water to come out which removes air from the cooling system. I'm not exactly sure of the science behind it (maybe a pressure thing) but it works especially if revving the RPMs seemed to help temporaily fix your overheating problem. Good Luck!
Victor wrote:
<quoted text>
This sounds logical. My car just started to overheat again after all my other attempted "repairs"! I tested the fan by connecting both the Hi and Low motors directly to the battery and they both worked, however, I will take into consideration your brushes not contacting before I proceed to my next repair (which would have been my water pump).

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