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joyce st

Eaton, OH

#1 Dec 1, 2006
On several occasions recently the door locks have started locking while I was in the car, either driving or getting ready to exit. The locking noise is present but all three times the locks themselves stayed in the down (locked) position. On one occasion I was opening the door to the garage from my house and heard the locks locking. Neither I nor my husband had our car keys in hand. Any ideas? Our dealer says that they can do nothing about it unless they can witness the problem/
Terri R

United States

#2 Dec 22, 2006
The automatic door locks on our 2003 PT Cruiser started unlocking and locking all by themself last night. At first we thought the remote was stuck, but it wasn't. It was doing this while we driving and then after we got home and parked the car. Has anyone else had this problem?
neil y stratford on

Danbury, CT

#3 Dec 28, 2006
Terri R wrote:
The automatic door locks on our 2003 PT Cruiser started unlocking and locking all by themself last night. At first we thought the remote was stuck, but it wasn't. It was doing this while we driving and then after we got home and parked the car. Has anyone else had this problem?
I had the same issue with my 2001. The door locks and handles all have switches to tell the computer what position they're in. I was able to isolate the faulty one by gently banging on them all until the locks 'fired'. It was the passenger door. D.C doesn't consider a used car consumer as customers and treats them know. Their dealer network demands prices that are pretty much organized robbery with out care or concern for the people who buy their products.(try checking out the control arm bushings you are going to need eventually) I elected to simply go into the door, cut the black ground wire from the faulty lock cylinder and that ended the problem dead in it's tracks. This is my first Chrysler and if the arrogance of the local dealer and corporate pricing policies continue, it'll be my last Chrysler. One shot at gaining a customer and they lose the race in the first phone call !! Oh yeah, used cars consumers are not customers, I forgot.
The mafia wuold be envious. Good luck either way.
Stu H

Victoria, Canada

#4 Feb 11, 2007
We have a 2002 PT and our door locks move up and down by themselves frequently, the interior light also comes on when the doors "magically" unlock. We can't leave anything in the car as it often is unlocked when we return. The dealer also says they can't do anything unless it happens in the shop. Any ideas ?

Edison, NJ

#5 Aug 14, 2007
my car has been at the dealers for over 2 weeks..they tried to order a part but were told it was not in stock anymore and they said it needed to be make far they are talking over $1400 and NO GUARANTEE this will fix the lock problem as well as the intrmittent horn blowing while I drive or shut the car off..I think I should have just got some holy water and sprinkled it and be done with it@@ What is the purpose od computer chips and special diagnostic computers if they do not diagnoise anything? When I ever get the car back I will report on the outcome. Next car is a ford or chevy.. this was my first and last Chrystler
Dirk Lok Netherlands

Groningen, Netherlands

#6 Aug 30, 2007
I have my 2001 PT for 6 years now and in the last month the door locks all of a sudden started to spontaneously unlock frequently without anybody having touched the key at all. Unfortunately this does not happen immediately after locking, but I always just found the car unlocked after a day or night parking. It also occurred once that just before starting the car (immediately after making electrical contact with the key)the door locks started to fibrillate up and down very quickly (a rather spooky experience). My dealer told me that he never heard of this problem and doesn't know what to do, but I am happy to see all your similar experiences now, with which I will confront him.
john binder

Kitchener, Canada

#7 Jul 17, 2008
mine has a demon in it the locks go irratically and the dome goes on for no reason. many of times at the gas station the car locked me out with keys in ignition. Thinking about calling in the priest to do a exorcism.

Springfield, MO

#8 Oct 15, 2008
I'm having the same problem with my 2002 PT Cruiser, the doors lock and unlock by themselves, I'ver heard it could be the battery getting weak or one of the switches in the doors. I called local dealer and they said it was uncommon for PT Cruisers, whats that mean? They said I need to bring it in for a checkup, bet that won't be cheap and probably won't fix problem either. The battery is the original one from 2002 but it only has 21,000 miles on car. Sounds like it is more of a problem than dealer wants to admit.

Pikeville, KY

#9 Oct 19, 2008
i had the same problem be driving it the locks would lock and unlock real fast then when we would get out of it and lock it it would unlock inside light come on i took it to the dealer after closing let the guard see it si they would not say i was crazy they fixed it though and each time you get out of it i will shock the tar out of you.

Autryville, NC

#10 Dec 4, 2008
last night my door locks stopped working, when I push the lock button on the door or remote I can hear the solenoid in dash click and all the locks jiggle a little but but none lock, this happened the same time the headlights quit, car runs good and charging sytem ok. any suggestions?

Tacoma, WA

#11 May 27, 2009
Terri R wrote:
The automatic door locks on our 2003 PT Cruiser started unlocking and locking all by themself last night. At first we thought the remote was stuck, but it wasn't. It was doing this while we driving and then after we got home and parked the car. Has anyone else had this problem?
The same thing happened to my 2002 PT 3 different times each time the shop fixed it. It was like the twilight zone.

Huntersville, NC

#12 Jun 5, 2009
2001 pt crusier..... i am locked out of car,windows up.... have universal lock out tool set.... book for tool kit out of date

Monon, IN

#13 Sep 4, 2009
My 03 Turbo is doing the same thing with the locks, sometimes the inside light comes on sometimes it doesn't. Dealer told me today they have seen this before and about 200 bucks to fix it. I am thinking more on the lines of RECALL!!!
Dexter - 2001 PT

Utica, MI

#14 Sep 11, 2009
If you are having problems with the locks it can be a couple of things... at the top of the list will be a door lock switch or the RKE module (remote keyless entry). If the dealer says they dont know... go to another dealer... a proper dealer will test the resistance of the switches to determine if they are faulty before suggesting to replace the module.

Rockville, MD

#15 Jan 25, 2010
Our 2001 PT just started doing the crazy lock thing. Sometimes it just sits in the parking lot, with no key in the ignition, and the locks go up and down. My mechanic tested the locks and found two that had faulty readings, so he replaced them and all was well for a couple of days. Started doing it again today. It rained very heavily last night ... maybe moisture in a relay somewhere? Has anybody actually fixed this problem on their car?

United States

#16 Apr 14, 2010
I'm sorry that everyone is having this issue but at least I'm not alone anymore! I mostly have the phantom rapid locking/unlocking. When this happens to me, I call the car Christine and yell at it to stop. It seems to works as well as anything else that has been tried.

Naperville, IL

#17 Apr 26, 2010
My 2003 PT-GT just started last week with the lock thing but just sometimes. When I start the car and put in gear the doors lock, rather than at the 15mph. Then whenever I stop and start moving again they lock again. Also when I close the back hatch maybe 30 seconds or a minute later I hear the all the doors locked out two days ago when this happend and keys on dash. Will check with my dealer this week.

Cheyenne, WY

#18 Jun 19, 2010
what is the silution to the doo lock problem ?

Cheyenne, WY

#19 Jun 19, 2010
I need an answer to pt door lock problem also.

Valparaiso, IN

#20 Jul 2, 2010
rick wrote:
what is the silution to the doo lock problem ?
I have a 2001 PT Cruiser and have had the door lock problem. It needed a new battery.
If your car is over 7 years old and you still have the original battery you will need to replace it.

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