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River Falls, WI

#715 Aug 17, 2012
paulaspt wrote:
Has anyone heard of or had problems with the multifunction control switch that turns on the lights and turn signals? I'm going crazy with this problem. This will be the 5th time I will have it replaced. I own a 2001 that I've had since it rolled off the truck and was the 2nd one in my town. I get no warning that there is a problem. All of s sudden the headlights go out (at night of course)and the lever feels broken. Wiggling it keeps the lights going on and off and I've managed not to get in an accident but on 4 occasions I've been on country roads withot any street lights. The 5th time was on a freeway. Any ideas or comments you could give me would be greatly appreciated. I never feel secure at night even when it's been replaced.
My 2005 PT cruiser did the same thing 2 weeks ago. I took it to my local shop & he said the switch is bad $220.00 to replace. He said if you don't use fog lights just pull the fog light fuse. did that & now no other problems. The part is on back order by chyrsler 6 weeks. It's a lot cheaper to pull the fog light fuse before you short out and start getting smoke out of the left side of the streeing wheel. Chyrsler has not done a recall as of today everyone needs to call the local chyrsler rep & complain to force them into a recall for the part.

Ottawa, Canada

#716 Aug 18, 2012
Having a similer problem with my 2009 PT. First the signal lights started acting up (turned one on and suddenly the other would start flashing, then they started flashing crazy fast then normal. now the car is dead. Don't have fog lights though.Do have daytime running lights.

Long Beach, CA

#717 Aug 21, 2012
take it to the dealer and demand fix!

United States

#718 Aug 27, 2012
same problem with my 2001 pt. after reading all these comments i will pull the fog light fuse and after charging my dead battery i hope this fixes it. thanks for all the comments.

Springbrook, Canada

#719 Aug 31, 2012
2002 PT with 125,000km. Same problem! Fogs on! Pulled the fuse! Fogs Off!

Cary, NC

#720 Sep 6, 2012
Have a 2002 PT and the same deficiency occurred. The fog lights came on and killed the battery. Chrysler needs to provide a recall and get this engineering fault corrected.
douglas repair

Lubbock, TX

#721 Sep 7, 2012
I have replaced 3 switches so far about every 6 months or so on the same car ,2005 turbo w/fog . Any feed back ??

Jacksonville, FL

#722 Sep 9, 2012
2005 pt, dealer wants $295.00 to replace multifunction switch. Will start shopping at local auto electrical shops. As of this date no part recall has taken place......if anyone has a better idea please let me know.

Cadillac, MI

#723 Sep 9, 2012
i got an aftermarket multi switch from two yrs problem installing it myself and no problems since !!

Kingfield, ME

#724 Oct 12, 2012
i had the same problem with my 2003 Dream Crusier, only my Husband pulled the fuse a long time ago, but that is not the only thing wrong my head lights blink all the time and my dash lights blink all the time. this has been going on since I got the car. I bought it new. and crystler dealer could not fix it. We had it in there place a lot, now my husband is chainging out the light switch. maybe this will help. lets hope so cause people think we are always blinking our lights at them.

Kingfield, ME

#725 Oct 12, 2012
Manton How long does it take to put that switch in? is it a hour or two hour job?

Cape Coral, FL

#726 Oct 12, 2012
Patty wrote:
Manton How long does it take to put that switch in? is it a hour or two hour job?
It takes about 1 Hour

Prescott, AZ

#727 Oct 17, 2012
Have a 2002 .. same problem .. found the lite switch on ebay for $102,00 ... thot about replacing it but decided to save money on switches and fuses ... thanks for the info.

Keswick, Canada

#728 Nov 16, 2012
lawlady wrote:
I have a 2001 PT LE; the headlights stopped working, replaced all of the bulbs, then the fuses, then the multi-switch (twice); nothing.
I took it to the dealer, they said it was a bad multi switch, then said the part was back ordered. Got one off the shelf at NAPA, installed it, nothing, returned it for a new one- nothing.
Emailed Chryslers Executive Board- no response.
This is my primary method of transportation- I have over 269,000 miles to prove it. I need to get this problem solved a-s-a-p!
Just thought I'd post a similar problem I had. No headlights, no wipers, no turn signals. I thought MF switch. Replaced it. Headlights came on but wouldn't turn off! Long story short, took it to garage. 4 hours of labor and they found wires under the dashboard had shorted out. It was factory crimped and installed but over time rubbed against a piece of steel and wore through the insulation on the wiring! Returned MFS. All is good now. Crazy!

Newport News, VA

#729 Dec 17, 2012
Have a 2005 PT GT ... same problem (plus many more). Only found out because of dead battery. Replaced battery and then a few days later same problem, dead battery. Took it to the dealer and they tried saying it was the battery. I said, no, it's a new battery. Got home from leaving dealership and realized that my fog lights were on. Pulled fuse and no more problem. I hate this car!!

Waldport, OR

#730 Dec 22, 2012
After 11+ years with the original 2001 battery, I came out of a store with a "dead" PT. Same problem as others are reporting. However, I did it a little differently, just pulled out both bulbs. Light on panel still will flicker to green, but no bulbs, no drain. Will eventually fix it, but for the near future. Healthy NEW YEAR to you all.

Cape Coral, FL

#731 Dec 22, 2012
howard wrote:
After 11+ years with the original 2001 battery, I came out of a store with a "dead" PT. Same problem as others are reporting. However, I did it a little differently, just pulled out both bulbs. Light on panel still will flicker to green, but no bulbs, no drain. Will eventually fix it, but for the near future. Healthy NEW YEAR to you all.
By not pulling the fuse from the box you are still getting juice to the faulty switch which could cause a major short out and smoke pouring out of the control arm area. This will fry the wire harness pull the #2 fuse so no juice goes to the switch. It's cheaper to pull the fuse now than having to replace the wire harness or possible fire....Alex

New York, NY

#732 Dec 28, 2012
Wow! I have read these posts today because I have just begun experiencing the exact same problem. Will pull the fuse and not replace the switch unless it get worse. After all these years and Chyrsler hasn't issued a recall????? Maybe this is why they nixed the model but I suspect we'd see this same problem in other models using the same switch and wiring.

Wilton, IA

#733 Feb 12, 2013
Its the turn signal switch... Common problem..... Mone is doing same thing...
Bruce wrote:
<quoted text>My problem with the multi-function control lever is the fog lights come on without asking and will stay on even when the car is parked and not running unless I have the lever set at left turn signal. I am waiting on a quote for replacement of this part.

Orange, TX

#734 Feb 22, 2013
Therese wrote:
<quoted text>
The fuse number for the fog light for the 2001 PT Cruiser is behind the fuse panel and it is #8. Pull it with a pair of needle nose pliers, and so far everything now works fine.(Of course, except the fog lights that want to burn continuously) Now, they don't light at all and that is fine with me!
Thank you so much! I pulled #8 out and those pesky lights finaly turned off. This was a huge help to me!

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