Trouble with Multifunction control sw...

Plattsburgh, NY

#21 May 24, 2006
2001 85,000 miles and mines doing the same... No class action lawsuit yet? No recall on this...what the heck? This is redicious!

Newport Beach, CA

#22 May 26, 2006
You can count me in as one who is having the fog lamp problem on my 2001 PT too :( I'm glad to see this forum. I think I will pull the fuse too rather than pay the $$ to have it fixed right now. I think Chrysler should fix it for free too....
Deborah Butler

The Colony, TX

#23 May 26, 2006
I have a 2001 with the same fog light problem. My manual says it is fuse number 21 but the panel only has fuses numbers 1-20 on it, so I have hung a water bottle from the light control switch which turns off the fog lights. It is so irritating.

Fort Huachuca, AZ

#24 May 30, 2006
Deborah Butler wrote:
I have a 2001 with the same fog light problem. My manual says it is fuse number 21 but the panel only has fuses numbers 1-20 on it, so I have hung a water bottle from the light control switch which turns off the fog lights. It is so irritating.
The fuses listed in the manual are the "under the hood" fuses. Look at the listing on the back of the panel which hides the in car fuzes. Mine was number 8. Just had the problem this week, pulled my fuze. I have never used the fog lights, so can live without them.

Syracuse, NY

#25 May 30, 2006
Add me too the fog light list I noticed my wife lights on. Tried to shut them off, finally pulled the fuse on them.

Fort Myers, FL

#26 May 31, 2006
Been driving me NUTS!!! I knew there was an electrical short somewhere but couldn't find it. Dittos on Chrysler service - they don't offer any. Because we bought the car used we didn't get a manual either. Since it is a 2001 like others listed in this forum, I'll try to find this "behind the fuse panel" mentioned and pull the fuse. Glad I found this forum on a search!!

United States

#27 Jun 5, 2006
I don't actually own a P, but I have repaired at least 7 with the same problem. The dealerships are making way too much money for this to be any kind of recall right now. I suggest a petition to Chrysler to fix the the original problem. Since I've replaced 3 switches in the same car in the span of 1.5 years. If Chrysler would just add the relay to the headlights and fog lights the problem should go away. I personally think the whole problem is due to overheating of the switch itself.

United States

#28 Jun 5, 2006
BTW... Does anyone know of an aftermarket dealer? If I'm going to have to keep replacing switches, I would at least like to save PT owners a little money since Chrysler isn't.

Baltimore, MD

#29 Jun 6, 2006
My battery went dead over the weekend, thanks to the fog light switch problem. I've had the problem for some time, but thought I was "wiggling" the switch the right way when leaving it parked. Apparently not. I pulled the fuse, and will probably never fix it. Chrysler won't do anything about this for free, unless it becomes a safety issue, and / or the NHTSA forces a recall.

United States

#30 Jun 6, 2006
Recently, in March I experienced when I returned to my parked car, that my fog lights were on. I didn't quite understand why. Now the problem is related but different. The control switch that turns the fog lights on/off is engaging all of the time. If I apply pressure with my finger (inward), then the fog lights go out. I found that the lights remain on even though the ignition is off. The very weird workaround (besides pulling #8 internal fuse) is: If I turn the control arm to engage the left turn signal, the foglight go out. As long as I remember to turn the left turn signal on, my foglights don't come on. I know I will forget to do this and have a dead battery. I was afraid to find out how much it would cost to fix this.
paulaspt wrote:
Has anyone heard of or had problems with the multifunction control switch that turns on the lights and turn signals? I'm going crazy with this problem. This will be the 5th time I will have it replaced. I own a 2001 that I've had since it rolled off the truck and was the 2nd one in my town. I get no warning that there is a problem. All of s sudden the headlights go out (at night of course)and the lever feels broken. Wiggling it keeps the lights going on and off and I've managed not to get in an accident but on 4 occasions I've been on country roads withot any street lights. The 5th time was on a freeway. Any ideas or comments you could give me would be greatly appreciated. I never feel secure at night even when it's been replaced.

Houston, TX

#31 Jun 6, 2006
Geez, I found this in the nick of time. My PT was actually at the dealer and I was waiting for an estimate to fix this exact problem when I stumbled across this forum. SO - when the dealer called and told me $185 I said "no thanks". I will pull the fuse tonite.

Thanks folks - you saved me close to $200!
PT in Canada

Toronto, Canada

#32 Jun 6, 2006
First started seeing the indictor for the fog light come on a month ago on my 2001 PT Cruiser LE. Was able to wiggle it to get it to turn off. It stayed off until today. About five minutes later I saw a puff of smoke come out of the steering column. I pulled the fuse after pulling over to the side of the road. Decided to Google the problem and found this site right away. I am printing out the postings on this site right away.

United States

#33 Jun 7, 2006
I called the 800 number suggested in a prior posting and was referred to another 800 number 800-853-
1403. All the person did was look up my VIN with existing recalls and cited there were no outstanding recalls. She did however take down the info on the problem (I wonder if it will be used?). She also said you can contact (no phone # given), National Highway Traffic & Safety if you believe there are issues, so they can initiate a "safety" recall.

Wilsonville, OR

#34 Jun 9, 2006
I'm glad I'm not alone - I was beginning ot think my 2002 PT was possessed! I thought the indicator light with the slash through it meant a headlight was burned out - but it's been itermittent since February. Yesterday it would only go off if the high beams or the turn signal were on. I came out of a work to a dead battery. I'm headed out to the car to pull the fuse, and then I'm calling NHT&S as Stan suggested. Sounds lilke we need to get organized !

Huntsville, AL

#35 Jun 14, 2006
I have a 2001 LE (I am original owner) with 66,000 miles. My fog light indicator would not come on and I checked and found that my fog lights were not working. My husband put a new fuse in and still no fog lights. I bought 2 new fog light bulbs and that didn't work either. I found this website and postings and saw the part number that I probably needed. I called our local Chrysler dealer and was quoted a price of $83.00 for the switch (5073049AB) and was told that the part was on national backorder with 896 scheduled for shipment to dealers and that it would be several days before the part would be available. That let me know that there is DEFINITELY a problem going on! I called the Chrysler dealership in a small town 20 miles away and they had the part in stock and sold it to me for $53.93! My husband took the old light switch assembly out and plugged in the new one and it works great. It took him about 25 minutes and he says that if he had to do another one, it would only take him about 10 minutes now. I think Chrysler should help the PT owners out since there is apparently a HUGE amount of the light switch assemblies going bad.

El Cajon, CA

#36 Jun 14, 2006
Yup. Same problem here...pulling #8 fuse today before my battery dies. My fog lamps stay on intermittently, and usually during the afternoon daylight hours!

I can't afford $200 to replace the part yet, nor can I afford a dead battery.

Thanks for starting this thread, very much appreciated! Chrysler needs to step up to the plate on this one, even if it isn't considered a "safety" issue.
Melina in California

El Cajon, CA

#37 Jun 14, 2006
I can always put the fuse back in if you were in dire straits of needing fog lamp assistance, right? Haha...the fuse removal was a cinch.
Charles White

Lynn, MA

#38 Jun 15, 2006
I have had the same problem as the rest. Two Chrysler Dealerships to the cost of 188.00 and never repaired the problem, and 206.13 this morning same problem. Its a shame that Chrysler does not stand behind their products. My 2003 PTC has had more issues over the last two years, more time in the garage then on the road.
Good Luck!
Angela in Florida


#39 Jun 15, 2006
Ditto...have a 2002 PT & have had continuous problems with not starting, etc.. Everytime dealer said alternator, ingnition problem & a variety of other things. After reading these posts, I did check the fog lights & discovered that they would stay on at different times. Have placed a weighted travel cup on the left turn signal to stop this (not really sure about fuses & such - but am going to have my brother do this soon).

Obviously, there is a major deficit with this mechanisim that crosses over several years. Is there a way we can all send a petition or forward these posts to get Chrysler to take responsibility for this problem & issue a service bulletin? It's just ridiculous all of the money that has been spent on this matter.
tony BC Canada

Victoria, Canada

#40 Jun 15, 2006
Same problem on our 2001 PT Cruiser-Fogs lights will come on and not go off.Read all the mail and I guess we just buy a new one- Chrysler should be reacting to this.

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