Trouble with Multifunction control sw...
Valdir London

Gloucester, UK

#283 Jun 3, 2008
I pulled out the wires and disconnected the fog lights but still having the same problem as the lights go on and drain out the battery .valdir
let's sue chrysler !
David CT

Plano, TX

#284 Jun 5, 2008
Yes, my '03 PT can be added to the list of fog light stay-oners. I pulled the #8 fuse for now, will check back to see if there are any other bright ideas in the future.

Duluth, GA

#285 Jun 6, 2008
i as well had the same problem i had it fixed it worked fine for 13 monthes and the multi function switch broke again i took it back to the mechanic and he said it had a 12 month warranty no i am currently trying to fing=d another one but this time in stead of my fog lights like before my brights and head lights stay on until i pull the fuse pain in the butt but the turn signals still work and the fog lights dont come on at all but i have had more problems with this car than another car i have owned
Yandisa - South Africa

South Africa

#286 Jun 6, 2008
Regret the day i bought my 2004 PT ... had the same problem a year ago. really frightening to see smoke coming from the steering wheel!!! I eventually pulled the fuse out. Worked well for a year, until last week when the car couldn't start. Took it to the dealer and they told me I have to replace the swith and the battery....
Jim in California

Hayward, CA

#287 Jun 6, 2008
The multifunction switch in my wife's 2001 PT Cruiser did the fog-light-stay-on-all-the-time thing in April at 51,000 miles. She said it had been doing it intermittently for a few days before I happened to be driving it one day when it started doing it continuously. For slightly less than $100 (the dealer had some in stock, which tells you a lot about the demand for this part), I swapped the bad one for the new one and all's well again. It was an easy job. Remove and replace six screws, the wiper module, the turn signal "clicker" and the two cover halves -- it was a 10-minute job. Yet another bad design by Chrysler engineering. However, as other posters suggest, this one has very strong potential for vehicle electrical fires and occupant safety. A recall should be implemented.
Dave Ontario

Windsor, Canada

#288 Jun 10, 2008
Hey everyone. Contacted transport Canada and they want serial numbers and accounts of what happened. May see recall, hopefully!

Washington, DC

#289 Jun 10, 2008
Well I guess I've joined the club. I have a '05 Conv. @ 94K and the fog light come on while driving and while I'm in park... I think I'll call my car Christine until I take it to the shop. I called estimated cost + labor is 300.... this list reads like a definite defect on chrysler's part

Huntsville, MO

#290 Jun 11, 2008
Well ad me to the list. My 2005 pt cruiser has the same fog light stay on problem. Pulled #8 fuse cured the problem but no fog Lights.

United States

#291 Jun 13, 2008
My 2001 PT has the same fog light issue, "solved" temporarily by pulling the fuse. Obviously an issue!
John -Washington DC

Herndon, VA

#292 Jun 13, 2008
Thank god for the Internet --2002 65,000 miles dead battery. Restart the car and see the fog light indicator is on. Think strange my wife must of switched it on. Replace the battery thinking its 5 years old. Next day lights are on for no reason. Going on out to pull #8.

Can anyone post the steps for replacing the switch?

Long Eddy, NY

#293 Jun 13, 2008
I am having the same problem with my 2003 Cruiser LE but mine does it on right hand turns.Has 76,600
miles. Just replaced the battery,it was the original one. New switch is $116.00 at dealer +install. I am going to pull fuse. Mine is number 21 in thepower distribution center under the hood. Look where the posative jump start post is.
I have not had any smoking from the steerring column yet( figers crossed).
John -Washington DC

Herndon, VA

#294 Jun 15, 2008
Remove negative battery cable under air cleaner on right
Move steering column to lowest tilt setting
Remove (2) phillips screws from underside of covering in front. 3rd hole is empty.
Remove covering top and set aside
Remove (2) Torx screws on top front silver color
Remove (2) small torx screws on right side connecting turn indicator
Push wiper switch section out of way
Take small flat screwwdriver and pry out red locking tab on wiring harness. Push tab straight back ;Pull out harness
Pull out old multifunction switch
Transfer foam dust circle to new switch (over lever)(not on all models)
Transfer flasher module (not included with new part). Pull straight out it plugs in -no screws
Place multifunction switch back onto column
Install wiper section with the (2) small torx
Install (2) upper torx screws
Install upper and lower plastic
Install (2) lower phillips screws
Connect battery and test.
Small red lock tab on harness can be challenging. Finding the smaller Torx screw drivers is a challenge. Ace had them in the bin and on the wall as bits only.
John -Washington DC

Herndon, VA

#295 Jun 15, 2008
ps.pulling the #8 didn't fix the short. Other functions like the dash lights came on too after a while. Its a fire hazard you should replace the switch --see instructions above.

Las Vegas, NV

#296 Jun 15, 2008
Im finding that the heat is causing our lower lights to come on an run down the battery. i just took the blubs out, this has helped the problem but the factory should be respondsable for the problem. I think we should start a class action suit because who knows one day it may cause a fire. [email protected]
Dave D

Omaha, NE

#297 Jun 15, 2008
I have a 01 and my dash lights and headlights just stoped working oneday .Just now getting into the problem.I dont know if my problem is the same as anyone elses or not but it is strange.

Tucson, AZ

#298 Jun 17, 2008
Me, too! I am the original owner of a 2001. It has about 61,000, and has never given me a lick of trouble. Same fog light situation came up recently. After two calls to AAA for a dead battery, my husband tried to pull the fuses, but like some others on this site, the manual said #21 and there was no fuse there. He tried all the amber 20 amp fuses, but nothing, so he removed the bulbs from the fog lights. We don't get much fog in Tucson anyway. In fact, the only time I can recall having fog, I didn't use the lights because I forgot I had them! Thanks to all for the great info.

Tucson, AZ

#299 Jun 20, 2008
Hi, there! I am experiencing this exact problem as we speak, right in the middle of my workday and am hoping that my battery stays charged for a couple more hours before it's time to go home! My 2001 LE PT Cruiser is baking out in the 104-degree heat of an Arizona summer and I had a good feeling that heat was messing with the fog lamps. So which fuse should I pull to get them to shut off until I can solve the problem? I hope to hear from someone soon! Thanks!
Scott wrote:
I have the same problem with the fog lights on my 2001 LE. Started in April after 60,000 miles. It is the switch on the turn signal stalk. Heat definitely plays a role. When the interior of the car is hot, or the sun is shining directly on the stalk, the problem gets worse. Plus there is the heat generated by the current running through the circuit. I pulled the fuse. This car has been exceptionally reliable for a PT Cruiser and is the first problem of any consequence I've had.

Tucson, AZ

#300 Jun 20, 2008
Sorry, I didn't read all of the posts and didn't see the one above mine. I just went outside and saw that there indeed is no number 21 fuse to pull. Any other ideas to hold it until 5:30?
Jim in California

San Jose, CA

#301 Jun 20, 2008
Beth wrote:
Sorry, I didn't read all of the posts and didn't see the one above mine. I just went outside and saw that there indeed is no number 21 fuse to pull. Any other ideas to hold it until 5:30?
See if putting the turn signal stalk in the left turn or right turn position turns off the lights. That worked for us when the PT was parked.
mike in denver

Littleton, CO

#302 Jun 23, 2008
thanks everybody,I might be the biggest idiot-pulling the fuse is so easy. i was charging two batteries; having one on a charger in the gargage and other in the car because it would always drain. i would diligenlty check to make sure the fog lights were turned off only to find out they were on later in the night. I even began to disconnect the battery cables at night.

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