battery and starting problems

Davenport, IA

#101 Aug 3, 2011
I have an 03 PT Cruiser and have had all the exact same problems as described above, including burning through cam shaft sensors.
So does the electrical tape really help? Or should the wire be completely replaced?
I am hopeful that the suggestions here will work for me. I just need some specifics.

Orlando, FL

#102 Aug 3, 2011
Antionette King wrote:
my pt has starting problems sometimes. I got a new battery on month ago and todsay it will not start. Maybe it is the alternator or the starter help me please i had this 02 cruiser for 2 months. Only 39000 miles on it and it runs just fine when it starts.
have u tried checking your codes? Try turnning the key all the way(but don't start it).. on then off three times on the third time leave key in posistion before starting. look where your digital mileage is located and see if she shows u a series of numbers just a few. oncce u have them go online and look up the code. it will tell you what is wrong. Mine was a fuse located under the hood in a large grey plastic box behind the battery by the window. I replaced it and havent had a problem in almost a year.

United States

#103 Oct 12, 2011
I repair a pt cruiser 2002, head,timing belt and water pump but when i asembly all parts the car no star, i need help the spark plugs no have power, i replace coil, crank sensor, cam position sensor and no work, are o no what hapen whit this somebody helpme.thanks
Michelle Lakeman

Spring Hill, FL

#104 Oct 12, 2011
My cruiser had a starting problem and it ended up being a fuse in the fuse box under the hood. I dont remember which one but it had something to do with the engine I think. Now I am having a problem with the horn not work, it's weird because when it rains my radio will go on and off, sometimes to get it to come back on I hit the center of the steering wheel (the horn) and the radio comes back on but no horn...I think these cars are riddled with electric problems. I love my cruiser other than a few problems its a good running car!!
Antionette King wrote:
my pt has starting problems sometimes. I got a new battery on month ago and todsay it will not start. Maybe it is the alternator or the starter help me please i had this 02 cruiser for 2 months. Only 39000 miles on it and it runs just fine when it starts.
Rhonda M

Newnan, GA

#105 Oct 12, 2011
I forgot to come back and say my car has been great for months. Eversince the wire harness was fixed. I had an isolated no start some months after the repair, but I think my son left the lights on. The car is doing well. I hope things work out for everyone else. Replacing the wire harness was my solution.

Since: Oct 11

Hutto, TX

#106 Oct 24, 2011
Antionette King wrote:
my pt has starting problems sometimes. I got a new battery on month ago and todsay it will not start. Maybe it is the alternator or the starter help me please i had this 02 cruiser for 2 months. Only 39000 miles on it and it runs just fine when it starts.
Im having the same problem as all of you with my 2006 PT Cruiser. Obviously Chrysler hasn't resolved this issue in all the years it has been happening. I believe that we all should start a Class Action Law Suit against Chrysler for this Lemon of an issue they fail to find the source of and FIX! Meanwhile they're customers (Us) PT Cruiser owners suffer the expense of trying to find the problem in the middle of the worst economy we have ever seen. Hey Chrysler Care about those that Pay Your HUGE Fat CAt Wages!!!! I Will Never Ever Buy Chrysler Again!!!

Omaha, NE

#107 Oct 25, 2011
I think you're right about starting some kind of Law suit. It's outrageous that they can build something with so many expensive problems and NOT have to take care of it. I've only had mine for less than a week and I'm already looking to sell it. Mine is a 2001 and it seems they have had problems from the beginning...... Everyone says the same things....... same problems, but they love thier cars and the cars run great! "when they run"....... If I could take the shell and put it on another body, that would be great! I just love the design, like everyone else......
hector noriega

Hickory Hills, IL

#108 Jan 8, 2012
03 pt cruiser/w turbo my car not start im check the signal from the ignition switch to the ecm the signal is ok but no signal from the ecm to the starter them and get the solution please email the inf at [email protected] thanks
Bob T

Moose Jaw, Canada

#109 Jan 23, 2012
Taking my 2010 to the dealership tommorrow for the second time. Went to start it and there wasn't enough power to engage the starter. Solinoid would just click. Put the brand new battery on charge for about 15 minutes and it starts. Sounds to me like the battery cable to the starter but at least its under warranty. Last time dealership said there was nothing wrong with it.
mike scranton

United States

#110 Jan 27, 2012
my neighbors 2003 cruiser is acting up put push button starter switch under hood to assist starting had to replace 30 amp pink fuse in main box under hood noticed some corrosion on connections for this fuse could be causing intermittant electrical shutdownscleaned and put on treatment and car works fine

Arecibo, Puerto Rico

#111 Feb 4, 2012
Hey guys for all of you that a pt with a battery that it get drain that problem it is the cpu of the pt cruiser

Milton Keynes, UK

#112 Feb 13, 2012
Sadly I am joining the PT Cruiser no start club. I have a 2003 Cruiser and have been very happy. Now it is sitting dead on the drive. Have already replaced the Alternator (and wondering if that was really necessary) and now told I need a new battery. It all sounds horribly familiar. I was so shocked at the price of battery and alternator that I did some research and found this thread. THANK YOU to everyone. I have read every entry and decided to get the electrics tested before I spend any more money. I also noted down all the suggestions and comments and will give them to the garage.
Wonder if anything came of contacting Chrysler? Are they taking any responsibility?

Peabody, MA

#113 Mar 8, 2012
J Rose wrote:
Geez, this does not give me much faith. My Cruiser died this morning at a gas station. Was working fine and then, nothing. Won't turn over. The electrical is going haywire too, lights coming on, then not, power locks working one second, not the next. Having it towed to a battery place now, at the suggestion of the dealership.
Sounds like this is an 02 problem that should be covered, but alas, she went out of warrenty long ago.
Got the same problem. I changed the battery and the starter. I realized that the alarm indicator light is staying on. I looked in the manual. It says that it is suppose to flash on and off for 16 seconds. It shows the system is arming or disarrming. My light stays on. MY light stays on the whole time. If my light stays on I cant start my car. when it goes off I can. Im taking my car down tomorrow to try to get the security alarm looked at. I bought my car new. It a 2001. been a great car till this popped up. Post to let ya know what happens.

United States

#114 Mar 14, 2012
Jeana wrote:
I've got an 06 pt cruiser. The battery went dead, we replaced it and now the car won't start at all. It cranks and tries to start...but it won't catch. My dad thinks its the starter, but i'd like to try other options first before dropping a lot of money on a new starter. What do you guys suggest we try irst? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Replace the red cable from battery to starter

Lathrop, MO

#115 Apr 18, 2012
I had a 2001 PT Cruiser we had to out in a new head gasket, then the starter shorted out. I would turn the key on and then it would start. Turn off the key and then it would not start again. I read this whole thread and I replaced both wires going to the battery (negative and positive). I replaced the starter again. I put in a brand new battery, and I checked the fuses under the battery box. Checked that big black fuse and nothing worked. Still no start unless we giggled the battery wire or we open and closed the right rear door.
After doing some checking and my number one ace mechanic came over with his high powered scanner.(not the one from O'reillys) We tore the wiring harness down and put each wire in as the computer said to and the thing runs like a dream!. Can you do this at home? Not unless you have this high dollar scanner.(Which is very rare.)
MY SUGGESTION: tell your dealer you worked on your car and the wiring harness has to be hooked up in a certain order or your car will not start. I did not replace the wiring harness, we just hooked it up in order. THIS WORKS!

Cookeville, TN

#116 Apr 29, 2012
My '01 PT Cruiser won't start. Battery has a full charge and I can jump it; but won't start next time. It will click, click, click several times but not crank. Then nothing. There is also a liquid that pools underneath the right front of the engine. We did find a short in the fog light switch that was draining the battery so we just pulled the fuse out. Can you help me; and is this something I can fix myself or a mechanic? Thanks.
ray cherry

United States

#117 Oct 30, 2012
My 2007 pt cruiser makes a clicking noise each time i try to start my car...i looked under the hood and had my wife try to start it up....the clicking noise comes from the starter and also somewhere towards the steering wheel.everything in the car comes on...but my engine wont turn over...i should also note that the weather last night was pretty cold.all the car does is make the clicking noise for a few seconds then it stops.can someone give me some advice as to what the problem may b..all help is appreciated.thanx.
felcher bloom

Dayton, OH

#118 Dec 15, 2012
2008 pt cruiser driving down the road it shut off and now wont start back it just keep s cranking but wont start 8115
Jan P

United States

#119 Dec 15, 2012
I have a 2003 PT Ceuiser. My problem started with engine light on, then fog light indicator on, then fog lights wouldn't turn off - dead battery. Midas unplugged fog lights. Then engine wouldn't start when warm. I'd Turn the car off and try to turn it on again and it wouldn't start. If I didn't attempt to start it before an hour or so passed, it would start immediately. I have to keep my car running if I'm doing anything that takes less than an hour, like the bank, grocery store, etc. My radio display goes on and off also. Does ANYONE know what's wrong or how much this is going to cost me?

Winnipeg, Canada

#120 Jan 10, 2013
I have 1997 BMW 325i conv it sat in a heated garage baterry went dead charges it and the flashers started to flash and it turns over but won't fire any ideas out there

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