2004 Pacifica electrical problems
Dave in Trenton Mi

Trenton, MI

#61 Dec 12, 2007
Bought 04 and after spending $1000 on extended warannty. Two weeks after buying car ground cable broke. Told cables not coverd. It caused dash lights to flash then go out then blew main computer and module on tranmission spilled fluid all over the road. well $2500 dollars later out of pocket. Now condensor has O ring 62 cent part will cost over $750 dollars to replace. have to take out dash to replace. Blown motor mounts twice so far in one year and with car driven very well. What next?

Lakewood, CA

#62 Dec 19, 2007
I have an 04 Pacifica and have had the same complaints as others: electrical problems, fuel gauge occasionally dropping out and springing back up, cracked engine mounts, just fixed a blown-out valve that controls the fuel mixture (which caused me to stall on the freeway) and now my air bag indicator light is on. I am dumping this car soon and will never buy another Chrysler.

Saint Petersburg, FL

#63 Jan 13, 2008
I have had to replace front and rear motor mounts and both cv joints. I have had no electronic issues yet and overall the car runs great. I think Chrysler should take some resposibility for these ongoing problems so many have endured.

Laredo, TX

#64 Jan 14, 2008
Tim wrote:
<quoted text>
My power seats suddenly stopped working (04 with 55,000 miles) With the bumper to bumper extended warranty in hand, I took it to the dealer - it was the "seat memory module" which is not covered by warranty.$378.00 later it was fixed. I complained to the Dealer Manager to no avail - will try the Chrysler complaint route. I also have a audible clunk with each change in throttle when driving (speed up or slow down). I suspected CV joint - but could it be worse? Welcome andy comments.
You may already have gotten it fixed but the clunk in throttle change turned out to be loose axle nuts on the CV shafts on our Pacifica. We've also had problems with the wheel speed sensors going bad causing the ABS light to come on.(2005 Chrysler Pacifica)
Alan - Canada

Toronto, Canada

#65 Feb 5, 2008
04 Pacifica we bought used (not through a dealer).
Always have had battery problems, we are on our third battery in three years. The most recent issue; as the car is sitting in the shop onday two; is after the car is turned off the instrumrnt cluster remains on. All the little diagnostic lights turn on. The power door locks don't work when this happens. If I disconnect the battery it resets itself, but as soon as I turn the car off; same thing.
Chrysler dealer has no idea. Never seen this before. What the hel can I do. I have a car I can't use convienently and a car that I can not sell.
Domestic piece of ##$%%.
Kelley Johnson

Lyndhurst, NJ

#66 Feb 14, 2008
I am test driving one over night. I love the room, but now I am getting scared.

Moose Lake, MN

#67 Feb 14, 2008
My girl friend has a 2004 pacifica and the gauge thing is going on once in a while. It happened in the garage the first time and just happened driving six times in a matter of 60 miles, but hasn't affected the the driving. The needle dropped to E and then corrected itself and was fine. I am concerned if it is going to leave her along the road at some point though. Anyone have any news on this problem and what to do. It doesn't seem like chrysler has a clue what to do either!!! Then they (so called american auto makers) wonder why they are getting passed by toyota!!!!!!!!!! For what these vehicles cost these problems should not be happening and if they do they should be taken care of pronto. Or there are so many different auto makers maybe it is time to show these american auto comapanies what a true boycott is!!!!!!!!!!
Bolingbrook Illinois

Naperville, IL

#68 Feb 16, 2008
04 AWD with 41,000 miles, bought new and religiously brought to dealer for scheduled maintenance intervals. Developed problems not being able to idle from cold start. Had to keep high idle with gas pedal for at least 10 minutes before engine would idle. Scheduled to have the dealer check this out and low and behold, the morning I was supposed to bring it in , the car would not start with dash message "Service Immobilizer". Had car transported to dealer and mysteriously at the dealer, now the accessories won't even light up. Dealer told me it was computer. New computer arrived and installed yesterday and car still won't run. Dealer still working on it. Awaiting final repair estimate. Very worried it's going to become a lemon case. Any problems electrical/computer related can turn into a series of chronic problems down the road that can never get fixed. I'll post repair outcome at a later date.
BIg toe

New York, NY

#69 Feb 19, 2008
I have had my 04 since 04 and hafd very few issues. I will tell you my battery would go dead for no reason, UNTIL I discovered that if you leave the lights switch on the signal handle in the wrong position the lights would stay on (even with the auto off) I have no idea why they designed it that way, but they did. Since them no trouble, Hope that helps in some of these cases above. Other issue is my Navigation just died. Cant read disk, tried to clean it, and it appears scratched, how that can happen I have no idea, its notr like we opened the case up and played with the disk. 200 beans for a new one.
Bolingbrook Illinois

Streator, IL

#70 Mar 3, 2008
Follow up to my previous post. Two weeks later and $800 dollars poorer, my Pacifica is fixed. They replaced wiring harness and computer module. Corrosion was the reason given. Salty road conditions here during Chicago winters. Computer covered by warranty. Wiring wasn't covered but it was the labor that drove the cost of the repair. Oh well, guess this is the cost of owning complex machinery. Since owning this car, out of habit because I'm a gearhead, I reset the MPG monitor frequently depending on driving conditions (i.e. city /highway) just so I have an idea how car is performing under these conditions and so I can cross reference these numbers for accuracy when I fill up the tank (i.e. I calculate MPG manually by how many gallons I put in and how many miles I've travelled since last fillup). Curiously, with the new computer module my MPG that the dash is showing has improved somewhat dramatically. I used to get 16/19 (city/highway), and now I'm getting 19/23 (city/highway). Lets assume that the MPG calculations on the new computer module are as accurate as the old module. I'm wondering if the software on the new computer has been updated for better fuel/engine management. So if you are getting less than 16/19 (city/highway), you might want to take it to the dealer and hint about the computer. I'm sure a busy service department doesn't touch the computer unless there is a silent recall or if you've brought it in with an issue directly related to the electronics. Therefore, if you have an 04 Pacifica (1st year of this model) you might not be getting the fuel efficiency benefits of new software. Just a hunch, mind you.
Janine in Skokie

Chicago, IL

#71 Mar 12, 2008
I was looking into buying an 04 Pacifica, but now I'm leary. Thank you all for your posts.

Franklin, MA

#72 Mar 14, 2008
Well I do LOVE my Pacifica with every option you can Have about $40,000 New. It now has 45,000 miles on it and at 42,000 miles i replaced 2 tires but other then that I always take great care of it and it does the same to me and my Family with 3 kids.So far so good maybe i should sell it ?

United States

#73 Mar 17, 2008
I have an 04 with 72000 miles. Yes 72k. I have had the seat module replaced and the radio, all under fac warr. The gas gauge is now doing that cant decide if empty or full thing. Its a minor hassle but I have not had any of the battery problems, rear door, or axle/tire wear issues. Other than oil changes, air filter and headlights its been a tank. Sorry to hear of all the problems but I think you have to remember they are made by humans and we humans tend to make mistakes. O and yes it is fully loaded with all the electronic toys, nav, dvd, awd but at 72k it's doing just fine.

Moose Lake, MN

#74 Mar 18, 2008
An update on our 04. The gauge issue was due to corrosion on the connections. I guess i got lucky this time. But, something to check if you are having the same issue with your gas gauge!!!

San Antonio, TX

#75 Apr 13, 2008

Coventry, RI

#76 Jun 27, 2008
Hello People wrote:
First of all, I hate to hear people complain about my beloved pacifica. I have a question for you. Did you read the owner's manual? If you have electrical problems I would suggest, getting a very high quality battery; like a die hard. It took care of a lot of my problems. My kid played video games in my car and it killed the battery evertime. You can't leave the car off and play video games. Secondly, if you by a used pacifica and it wasn't taken care of like it should have been. Mid grade gas not less than 89; tire rotations; ceramic brake pads;guess what? It will act up. Don't blame the car. Blame the previous owners who neglected it then passed it to you. Buy a new one and take care of it. I love my pacifica!
Some of us did buy these cars new, and have followed everything in the owners manual and still have had major problems with vehicle, let's face it they are 40,000 pieces of junk. My wife's car is going on 5 days not starting and no one can figure out why, this is the 3rd battery put into the car as well. So please think before you speak.

Bolton, Canada

#77 Jul 8, 2008
I have a 2004 pacifica with 250,000 km yes 250,000 km and i have had no problems. I am a buisness man with all hwy kms. The only problems i had are i had to change the control arms due to a front end clunking sound and 3 sets of tires. my advice do not bring it to chrysler bring it to a local trustworthy mechanic.
04 Pacifica problems

Reading, PA

#78 Jul 11, 2008
I bought my 04 in August 06 - and started having electrical issues and transmission clanking from day 1 (all the dashboard lights would stop working). Called the dealerhship was told "trying to get the part". This song and dance has gone on since then with my car being to that dealership 3 times now. As far as the transmission they keep saying nothing wrong - as for the electrical, I finally got them to fix it a month ago - only to bring it home to have the same issues and *MORE*. Now the dealership is refusing to do anything *and* they refuse to give me a worksheet of the work that was done. Its now at a different dealership (we're at week 3) waiting for the original dealership to authorize repairs.

Beloit, KS

#79 Aug 5, 2008
I bought a new 2004 Pacifica in July of 2003. Just traded it off with 45,000 miles. It had all the bells and whistles. Only problem was that if you left the doors open for 15 minutes, it drained the battery. Very high amp drain from the interior lights, I believe. Served us well for 5 years. Traded it off with the original tires still doing fine. What more could you ask for?

Charlotte, NC

#80 Aug 6, 2008
motor mounts went bad, causing engine to shift shorting out a wire harness to computer not allowing car to get passed 2nd gear. They say it is not covered under 7/70000 warranty any suggestions?

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