2004 Pacifica electrical problems
Jim - Hayward CA

San Francisco, CA

#21 Mar 19, 2007
I read about all sorts of things wrong with the '04 model (2nd year Pacifica was made). I bought a new '07 two weeks ago and brought this list of '04 issues to discuss with the dealer. All issues have been resolved and the vehicle has been improved over the prior models (bigger engine, better brakes, Mercedes electronics). I also got a 7year extended warrantee (to be on the safe side) for only $800.00.
Alexis Biloxi MS

United States

#22 Mar 21, 2007
I too have a 04 Pacifica, let's start with the cracked manifold (whatever that is) got that repaired just under the 36K warantee - at that time the dealership said there was a recall on "something" to do with the power seats, well guess what my power seats have stopped working and after searching all over to see why (which is how I found this site) I went to a mopar website and read that the power seat failer is due to a static power discharge and the dealership should fix this for free as per TSB 08-039-05 (not sure what that means and now I am off to hunt that out).
Good Luck!
Bill Leite

North Dartmouth, MA

#23 Mar 27, 2007
Hey Alexis ive got the same problem with the seats and read the same thing about the tsb 08-039-05 please get back to me with some answer about this my email address is [email protected]
Alexis Biloxi MS wrote:
I too have a 04 Pacifica, let's start with the cracked manifold (whatever that is) got that repaired just under the 36K warantee - at that time the dealership said there was a recall on "something" to do with the power seats, well guess what my power seats have stopped working and after searching all over to see why (which is how I found this site) I went to a mopar website and read that the power seat failer is due to a static power discharge and the dealership should fix this for free as per TSB 08-039-05 (not sure what that means and now I am off to hunt that out).
Good Luck!

Saltsburg, PA

#24 Mar 30, 2007
Aimi wrote:
<quoted text> I, too, am having problems with my Pacifica. Last summer the battery was "dead" although it was only 2 years old with 32,000 miles. The power seat has just quit working on us two different times before and just today, decided to quit working again. It's a little hard to drive when the pedals are 2 feet from your feet! I've called the dealship re this and they have no suggestions. It just seems to start working again all by itself. I've also noticed a strange rattling noise in the front and have had it checked twice to no avail. There is also a loud popping sound every now and then - scary. And, last but not least, there is another sound that someone else also posted about on another site that sounds like a plastic bag stuck under your car while driving on the highway. So comforting. Nothing like a $40,000 car that sounds like a log wagon!
We bought an 04 in February and the same week the battery went dead. There have been so many problems with this car. Tires sensor replaced, gas gage going crazy, today is the 3rd time in 2 weeks it has been back there because they can't figure it out. Seems they have it more than we do!=(
Makes you wonder if the dealers know about these known problems when you buy them.

Burlington, Canada

#25 Apr 7, 2007
Just bought an 04 Pacifica last week. It was beautiful, with all the bells and whistles. A couple of things should have tipped us off. The battery was dead twice when we started it to test drive. The dealer claimed it was because customers were playing with the electronics. Right. The tire pressure sensor light was on and wouldn't go off. The dealer had us take it to the shop for diagnosis. The entire instrument cluster is malfunctioning and they don't know why. The gas gauge needle moves all over the place, the engine light was on. Needless to say, we are no longer pacifica owners. Thank goodness we found out right away. It's a beautiful car...with a brain tumour.
Dean Fink

Apollo Beach, FL

#26 Apr 10, 2007
I have an 04 Pacifica with 15,000 miles. The vehicle information center (below the gas gauge) went blank on me (Not a fuse). The lights for the temperature contol panel work intermittingly if I hit it with my hand sometimes it will light up. I feel the 04's definitely have an electrical problem. If anyone knows what may have caused the info. center to go blank please write back.

United States

#27 Apr 15, 2007
i had my 04 pacifica for a year now its on 66000 miles i love the car its just the gas gage moves up and down sometimes and my head lights blow more then normal i had 2 replace 4 this year
Kelly Haupt

Jefferson City, MO

#28 Apr 16, 2007
We have an 04, makes loud popping noise when just starting out. Sounds like the wheels may fall off. Also have to hit the dash several times for the temperature to come on. Will never buy another Chrysler.
Hello People

Montgomery, AL

#29 Apr 17, 2007
First of all, I hate to hear people complain about my beloved pacifica. I have a question for you. Did you read the owner's manual? If you have electrical problems I would suggest, getting a very high quality battery; like a die hard. It took care of a lot of my problems. My kid played video games in my car and it killed the battery evertime. You can't leave the car off and play video games. Secondly, if you by a used pacifica and it wasn't taken care of like it should have been. Mid grade gas not less than 89; tire rotations; ceramic brake pads;guess what? It will act up. Don't blame the car. Blame the previous owners who neglected it then passed it to you. Buy a new one and take care of it. I love my pacifica!
Derrick W

United States

#30 Apr 20, 2007
I purchased a 04 with a fully warrenty,within 6 month engine blown and they replaced it, while it was in the shop and still less than 36,000 miles I purchased the extented warrenty, within weeks they replaced the passenger side shock,rods,ect...

The dealer here in Cleveland is great, when ever there is a problem they have me bring the car in if it's bad they give me another car and I leave it for repair, if it is minor they set an appointment date and fix it, I sure we all know cars are going to have problems but due to my dealerships great service I purchased a new jeep from them for my wife.
06 Pacifica

United States

#31 Apr 24, 2007
I just bought an 06 Pacifica not even a month ago. I have to say, I absolutely hate it. I've been having problems with it for the past 2 weeks. While driving the vehicle with 14000 miles, it shut off on me. No warning just shut off. Everything gone but the cd player. I was so upset, I was almost in a car accident with my baby being in the 3rd row. I am trying to return the vehicle at this time. I am also hearing funny noises from the moter, so I dont know what that is. I wish I would have read the reviews about the Pacifica before I purchased it. This is my first American car and I have to say, never again. I will stay with Honda for now on.

Denver, CO

#32 May 4, 2007
ddg wrote:
My '04 AWD Pacifica has had off and on problems with the auto seat adjusters. First time, the whole door system, auto windows, seats, lights quit. They replaced the door module. That was about a year ago and now it's acting up again. Luckily, I had the sense to get the extended bumper to bumper warranty since I knew it was the first year out w/ this model. Lots of little problems, but a new one that is serious is that mine just had the power transfer unit go bad. Another owner of an '04 AWD Pacifica was in the repair waiting area and has the same problem. Mine has 40K miles, hers nearly 60K. So beware of a cluncking noise when decelerating.
Had similar probs with my '05. Light wouldn't shut off so I left it at dealer and disconnected the neg batt terminal. Of course next day they could find no problem.

Next was power seat inop. Took it to dlr and asked if this was a recurring problem. They too told me the module needed to be replaced. Maybe, but I asked them to disconnect the batt momentarily and guess what? Fixed. From my exp manufacturing vehicle security systems I know that IC's can lock in a loop until power is removed and that's what I think happened. It's a minor design error, maybe an imput floating between + and -.

Other than that no probs, just picked up '07 Touring. Love it, but lease only.

Bristol, RI

#33 May 10, 2007
Ilove my Pacifica. I never, NEVER, have a problem whit my 2004 60k pacifica.
Fred in FL

Lady Lake, FL

#34 May 14, 2007
'04 Pacifica. Battery replaced at 40k. Power seats stopped working. Taking it to dealership to see about the power door module replacement. Maybe that will do it or I will try disconnecting the battery to get it to re-set. Wish me luck.
Mr Pratts

Elizabeth, NJ

#35 May 15, 2007
worst car i have ever owned. Don't buy this car even if they offer huge discounts.

United States

#36 May 22, 2007
If any of you have an 05 or older Pacifica and still have the OE battery, changing it to a premium aftermarket battery will help immensely. Low battery voltage can damage electrical components, make your alternator work too hard and leave you stranded if you decide to listen to the radio for 10 minutes with the car not running.

Darby, PA

#37 May 22, 2007
Mike wrote:
For three years I had nothing but ptaise for my Pacifica, but now there is a very annoying electrical short somewhere in the driver's side module. Took it to the dealer because the power seats would not move. According to the dealer, they reset the computer. Well, it's doing the same thing all over again--nothing. Does anybody have an idea about what could be causing this problem?
My power seats suddenly stopped working (04 with 55,000 miles) With the bumper to bumper extended warranty in hand, I took it to the dealer - it was the "seat memory module" which is not covered by warranty.$378.00 later it was fixed. I complained to the Dealer Manager to no avail - will try the Chrysler complaint route. I also have a audible clunk with each change in throttle when driving (speed up or slow down). I suspected CV joint - but could it be worse? Welcome andy comments.

United States

#38 May 23, 2007
I was looking at these cars last night. And had my heart set on one. I don't buy anything without researching it first. Which brought me here....I'm thinking maybe I could bring this webpage with me to the dealer and make a nice deal...including an extended warranty. Most people on leave negative messages, when they are angry about a negative purchase, I have to believe there are many of these cars on the road, with little or no problems. So I think I will take a chance, if I get the right number, and warranty. Good luck to everyone. Sorry to here about all your problems.

Montréal, Canada

#39 May 23, 2007
I have an 04 Pacifica with just over 45,000 miles, and like other owners love the style. Unfortunately, I too have had motor mount issues, electrical issues surrounding movement of seats and headlights, 2 batteries to die, brakes wearing out quickly and numerous computer messages which seem to intermittently appear. I am just in the process of purchasing a NEW pacifica BUT after reading all the posts I think I may need to jump over to another manufacturer. I too, have had awful service and have gone to the dealership each time for service to insure that I get quality. My last trip to service included me having a bumper put on just before a 600 mile road trip. To make a long story short, the bumper fell off in the middle of the highway. Thankfully my family nor anyone else was hurt as I heard the noise while driving at a low rate of speed due to an accident ahead. When I contacted the service department at the dealership in Stone Mountain Georgia, the service department told me they put the bumper on the best they could. Wow! I told them that if they didn't have the expertise to do it accurately or if they didn't have the time or simply couldn't do it RIGHT they should not have done it at all. To top it off, I called Chrysler corporation to make the complaint and they did nothing either. I've had numerous other service issues with this dealer and have gotten no satisfaction from either Chrysler corporate nor the owner of the dealership. I would have thought that with the purchase/merger with Mercedez quality would not be an issue. Guess I was dead wrong on that.

Andover, MA

#40 Jun 6, 2007
Tom wrote:
Gee Whiz. I bought my 2004 Pacifica when they first came out, in October 2003. Mine was one of the few with the 70,000 mile 7 year warranty. I bought one with all the options. I have had ZERO problems with it. Best car I've ever owned, by far. I lug wife, two long legged teens and their two friends routinely. Can't believe I'm hearing of so many problems. Hope this posting doesn't jinx me!
I leased a 2004 Pacifica in April of 2004. Excellent
vehicle...just purchased it. Only problem I had in 39 months was the auto seat adjustment system. Bought it in & they either replaced the module or
ran a new ground wire (apparently they had static electricity problems with this system early on). No
problems since. Can't believe all these problems.....
I checked and there were only 2 minor recalls.

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