Chrysler 300 Climate Control Light no...

Trussville, AL

#41 Aug 1, 2013
In regards to the Chrysler 300 ATC lights working or being dim, i have one that only one light is working. I took it to an after market shop and the tech removed the control board but the light assembly cannot be removed, no solder connections on bottom of printed circuit board......Would be interested in a solution besides paying over $200 to replace the unit
RD Koons

Carmichael, CA

#42 Oct 6, 2013
I think I found the solution. The wires that plug into the electronic control flop around on top of the radio. Take the control apart. Plug just the circuit board into the car and push the black box that the wires get plugged into towards the top of the car until the lights come on with the ignition switch on.Do not over push, gentle pressure is all you need.Keep applying the pressure gently until you get results. The wires act like a too heavy set of ignition keys that will mesh up an ignition switch. Next you will need to secure the wires to the bottom of the ductwork so that there is no more weight on the plug.
RD Koons

Carmichael, CA

#43 Oct 6, 2013
Harold, I have one $80 and you can put it in your self it is simple when you know how.

United States

#44 Oct 29, 2013
Dave G wrote:
<quoted text>
Did anyone ever get a fix for this problem? I am having the same issue with the climate controls and the airbag red light. The answers I am getting from the dealership are not helping. Thanks!
did you figure it out because I have the same exact problem and I can't figure out what it is

Fort Wayne, IN

#45 Nov 20, 2013
My Heater Control on my 2000 300m quit controlling the doors that switch between the blower levels and temperature but lights up fine. I have been through 4 used heater controls and have come to the conclusion that its a common problem. I am finally giving up and buying a new one. I can get it at cost since I work in body shop but its still going to over $300 to replace it. You might want to check your body control module which controls the interior lights and such. Mine went out about a year ago and I still have not replaced it. The interior lights will sometimes come on or go off by themselves. That is an expensive fix.
chuckie b

College Park, MD

#46 Dec 18, 2013
Bulbs are out I am trying to find new ones to resoider them to the panel board chrysler wants 375.00 for new control panel. That sucks hun!!!

Wilmington, MA

#47 Dec 25, 2013
Jan Knudsen wrote:
It is easy to replace the light bulbs, but this is not the cause of the probelm with no light in the display.
I have have the same problem and have come to conclusion that the probelm is with the Transistor (or IGBT) on the Print Board (PCBA). The transistor is situated next to the multi connector for the connection cable. The transistor is supplying power to the display light.
Light comes back in the display when I twickle a little with thje transistor (can only be done when PCBA is dismantled from the Clima Control Unit and connected via the multi connetor)
One or more of the 3 legs of the transistor seems to have loose connection inside the transistor or the transistor has delaminated. In any case the transistor is falty.
Solution: Replace the transistor.
Thanks for the info. I'll pull it out tomorrow.
Racin Ronnie

Hicksville, NY

#48 Mar 8, 2014
Carlos wrote:
I just got a used 06 Chrysler 300 and the climate control area don't light up when the rest of the center console and dashboard light up. Is it suppose to light up?
My Cilmate control lights are out oo WTF do we need to do to get some lights ? Replace control ? anyone know ? let me know
Racin Ronnie

Hicksville, NY

#49 Mar 8, 2014
Guys my heater control lights dont work what do i do to fix them <> shit i have a replace control cause its led lites ?
ted pettit

Catonsville, MD

#50 Mar 10, 2014
I had to replace the climate control altogether. Whether you can fix the old one I do not know, From Chrysler a new one is very expensive. I went to All Tune and Lube on Rt 2 In Baltimore County. They put in a used one they had reconditioned. It was very reasonably priced and works fine. This was for a 2001 M car. No problem in over 1 yr. so far .

Canton, NC

#51 Apr 25, 2014
Dave G wrote:
<quoted text>
Did anyone ever get a fix for this problem? I am having the same issue with the climate controls and the airbag red light. The answers I am getting from the dealership are not helping. Thanks!
did u ever get this fixed?

Hope Mills, NC

#52 Jun 21, 2014
I have a 2006 Chrysler 300c and I can get my front window defroster to work can you tell what my problem could be

Hope Mills, NC

#53 Jun 21, 2014
Î have a 2006 Chrysler 300c and I can't get my front window defroster to work can you help me

Monterey, CA

#54 Jul 9, 2014
RE: Climate Control Head not Displaying.
FIX: Seems this can be repaired easily by cleaning the connecting Plug to the Head.
This is miniature, tedious work:
1. disconnect Head Jack
2. The Plug can now be cleaned.
3. maneuver each Pin Receptor so that they will accept Pin by only slightly being pried into place.

I thought this sort of thing had been fixed on Chryslers YEARS ago. I first started working on Chryslers (Dodge) in the late 70s and came across bad electrical connectors on about 75% of the vehicles I worked on. Late 50s to 70s. In the 90s however I saw a dramatic improvement in the connectors on the Chrysler vehicles. I had assumed that was due in part to the many mergers and cross information with Daimler, Renaut, AMC and Fiat. Alas I was wrong or not entirely right anyway. Chrysler still maintained a little bit of its connector problem integrity (rather the lack thereof). When ever I bought or did substantial work on a Chrysler vehicle back then I would replace or substantially modify the connectors to make them less suceptible to malfunction. This issue is no less critical now in the Climate Control Head Connector Plug to Jack. The Plug has 15 female Pin Receivers that are often distorted, worn or corroded in use and must be cleaned and adjusted to work properly. No need to replace all Heads only to do the same thing again down the line. A little bit of time and you will see your display come up again.

1. Remove the Climate Control Head from the Console
2. Reconnect Head
3. Turn on Ignition (no need to start engine)\
4. Fiddle with the connector and Head
5. If the Display flickers or comes on then you have a connector issue, not a Head issue.

Thanks for you time
Normal replacement cost for a used Head OVER $100


#55 Aug 10, 2014
I am also having an ECU issue. While trying to unsuccessfully install my new head unit I now have the airbag light on and no control of my ECU at all. I turn the knobs and press the buttons and nothing works. I pulled the manual and checked every fuse that I could think of and all were fine, I even moved relay #43 into 42's spot and that didn't work. I may not have disconnected the battery when hooking everything back up, I can't remember. The traction control button and hazard work, clock seems to be fine and radio works (after I changed the fuse twice). Any help would be greatly appreciated, being overseas I don't know if there are any dealerships around my area but I can check. Any help would be appreciated and thanks in advance.
gerard whelan

Dublin, Ireland

#56 Nov 27, 2014
they tell me you have to replace the unit ass the bulbs are all saldered in place so the unit be replaced

Weslaco, TX

#57 Mar 3, 2015
Carlos wrote:
I just got a used 06 Chrysler 300 and the climate control area don't light up when the rest of the center console and dashboard light up. Is it suppose to light up?
Hey try to push the middle knob in worked for my car the cold and hot knob goes in and out
ted pettit

Catonsville, MD

#58 Apr 3, 2015
Dano wrote:
I have the same problem with the climate control panel (lights don't work) in my 1999 chrysler 300m. Has anyone fixed the problem yet? All I see is that is everybody has the same or similar problems, but know one has posted how they fixed it yet. Can the light bulbs be replaced or do we have to replace the hole panel?
had the same problem on a 2001 300m. Replacement of the climate control on dash fixed it. Chrysler wanted a lot of money but All Tune and Lube got a remanufactured one that was a lot cheaper. All is OK now.

Stone Mountain, GA

#59 Apr 16, 2015
kingston wrote:
While driving my 300 my light goes on and off ... took it to the dealer and they can't solve the problem ... one dealer told me, my keys are to heavy .... please help
Light control switch ,, you get it from the dealer pop it out put it in

Farmington, MI

#60 May 20, 2015
I have a 2008 Chrysler 300 Touring & the ac/heater controls do not work. Picked up a new one & still does not work, any ideas??

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