Reports: 2004-2006 Chevy Uplander Sli...

Reports: 2004-2006 Chevy Uplander Sliding Door Problems

There are 177 comments on the story from Jul 23, 2007, titled Reports: 2004-2006 Chevy Uplander Sliding Door Problems. In it, reports that:

According to some recent news reports, a number of 2004-2006 Chevrolet Uplander minivan owners have been having problems with power sliding doors opening on their own, sometimes when the vehicle is being ...

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Ellington, MO

#61 Mar 29, 2009
Aliyah Golden wrote:
We also own a 2005 Chevy Uplander and the doors do the open and retract back to close by themselves. Sometimes the door won't close all the way and stop midway then retract. It has opened while we were driving and we have a 1 1/2 year old and a 3 year old that sit next to the doors. Also I have been crushed by the door that closed on me after I pressed the button to open it. I had to quickly grab my son and move him out of the way as I was getting him out of his car seat. I was pinched between the door and the door jam and had to wait a few seconds until it released me . Thank God my son wasn't hurt. Just the other day we spent over a half hour messing with doors so that we could actually get going. This happens about once a week and sometimes we will spend close to an hour trying to close the doors. The other problem is when the doors do close they won't open! We have to manually open the doors because the doors won't open when we press any of the buttons. This happens about 2 times a month and we have owned it since 2005 so imagine how many times this happened. This has been a serious safety issue for our children.
We are just now beginning to have sliding door problems on our 05 Uplander. The dealer says the motor is "weak" so I have another motor coming. I just hope this cures the problem.

Ellicott City, MD

#62 Apr 13, 2009
Jacquie Orzell wrote:
I to have a 2006 Uplander and have been to the dealership numerous times for brake work and lately the doors are just ridiculous. They open and close randomly, they shut and then you start driving they open. The left door was so bad that the kids wouldn't get in that door and I thought it was due to the twisted seal. They are replacing the seal with the brakes (just replaced 5,000 miles ago) I am just starting the complaint to GM. According to my research, you need to have 3 attempts at fixing the doors to file a lemon complaint. Also, my tires were bald and I replaced the front two. There is also a recall regarding undersized tires (mine were fit for a small car Honda). I paid for new tires but when and IF I do get my car back from the dealer I need to see if my car was one of them affected.<quoted text>
We own a 2006 Uplander and I've hated it since day 1. It has auto doors on both sides; well, I'd lock the car and go into a store/doc's office, etc., and when I'd come out, one of the sliding doors would be open. Or, I'd shut the car off, take the key out of the ignition, and the rear door would NOT open; kept getting the "chime" that indicated the car wasn't in park. I'd have to manually open the door in order to get my son out of the car. Went to the dealer more times than I care to count, never could find a problem. Had to have brake rotors TURNED within first 2 months of owning car; have since had to pay to replace brakes. Went through "lemon law" lawyer but was told that "electrical problems are not safety issues" so car was not determined to be a "lemon." Now, at 36,100 miles, the ABS light keeps coming on and staying lit; am also getting a message to "service ABS system" in the driver info center. Great, 100 miles out of warranty and now THIS. Of course, the monthly "updates" that I get from Onstar have not detailed any problems with the braking system and when I contacted Onstar, the tech did a remote diagnostic and still didn't come up with any codes. Off to the dealer AGAIN this morning about this blankety blank vehicle; don't know how much they'll charge to try and find the source of the problem. I HATE this car!!!!!! And since we had already tried the "lemon law" route, it's now not an option to go back and revisit it.:(

Westport, CT

#63 Apr 22, 2009
Rogers wrote:
A few days ago, I replaced both of the sliding door contact pads; one in both forward door jambs.... took about 15 minutes to do and about $40. So far, my doors are working fine and no more erratic chiming! The old contact pads had some spring pin wear on them and were evidently not making good contact.
where did you buy the pin contact pads?

Ellicott City, MD

#64 Apr 22, 2009
update on the "car from hell" all of us seem to be in the same boat with this crummy vehicle, let me tell you, I feel your pain. Just had to take the stupid thing back to the dealer because of a "clunk" I heard coming from the engine. They had to replace the stabilizer rings on both sides of the engine because the bolts had "slipped" and this was causing the "clunk". THANK GOD we bought the extended warranty!
Julia 05 Uplander

Saint Louis, MO

#65 May 12, 2009
Okay I bought an 05 Uplander back in February and now the passenger sliding door is messed up. It is pretty much doing what everybody elses is doing, you know automatically opening, and when I try to close it it will go halfway and then open again. I heard if you take out the fuse you can open it manually, is this true?? I thought when I first got this van it was wonderful, now my husband is fed up. With what we paid in full for this it is very discouraging to now know that we own a piece of crap. We are not rich and can't afford to get this fixed by a shop so for now the kids are climbing out of the drivers side. Can anyone tell me how I could possibly fix this without having to pay an arm and a leg??
steve Petersen

United States

#66 May 14, 2009
I wish I would have read your comments before I bought the Uplander I wanted. Two nights ago we started having problems and tonight while bringing a van load of children (2 of them are mine), my door also came open and scared all of them and I'm sure their parents won't want to ride in it again. Now I'm mad, I just traded of a Dodge that was junk and now I bought this. Somebody save me!!!!!!!!
06 Uplander

Reynolds, GA

#67 Jun 21, 2009
OK everybody. Here is a disable fix. If you are like me then your warranty is out and you don't have the extra money to take your van to the dealer to get the sliding doors fixed right. So I figured out how to disable the motors for the doors. It will stop all the dinging but will also make your sliding doors work only by hand. You will have to grab the handle on the door and open the door and close it manually.
On ether side of the van inside by the third seats section. The plastic trim just under the back side windows with a shallow cup holder in it. Pull up those trim pieces starting with the one at the front by the sliding door. Then take the one off by the back hatch door. Finally remover the longer piece that was between them. Look down in that conpartment and locate the electric door motor by following the black wire cable guide that comes from the back of the sliding door. Find the control modual that is attached to the side of the motor. There are two electrical plugs on that box. Disconnect them. Put all the covers back on and that is it. Do the other door the same and you are fixed up. I did that about a year ago and no problems. I do miss walking up to the van with a handfull of stuff and pushing the buttom on my remote to open the doors but I don't miss the never ending dinging noise or fighting the door to make it close. I hope this helps.
Mother of 2 small girls

Morton Grove, IL

#68 Jun 30, 2009
I have a 2006 Chevy Uplander. At 35k miles, I have had to replace both sway bars (dealer fixed under warranty), all 4 rotors and pads had to be replaced (out of pocket), a cluster due to the lights of the dashboard going out had to be replaced(under warranty). At the time I had the sway bars and cluster replaced, I mentioned all ofthe complaints of the doors. It was a huge concern to me since I have a 4 and 2 year old that sit by those doors. And of course I got the response, we have never heard of that. Nothing we can do unless it happens to you. No concern for my child's safety at all. Well now it seems every time there is a thunderstorm my doors are opening on their own and my car is getting soaked inside. I guess I should feel lucky at least my AC is working. They claim that GM knows nothing about the sliding door problem. If anyone has a name of a person they spoke to at GM, I would appreciate it. Thank you
kim 206 chev uplander

Edmonton, Canada

#69 Jul 23, 2009
I also have a 2006 uplander and have had problems with ABS & Traction Control, took it in numerous times to have this fixed and now that my warranty is up they won't fix this problem. I also have had problems with the lights going dim, now bearings, sway bar link, cv joint, tires wearing fast and also the sliding doors don't shut properly and had that fixed as well in the past. I'm so frustrated with this vehicle and have called GM several times and they won't do anything cause they tell me that my warranty is up, had i known all the problems i was going to have with this lemon I wouldn't of never gotten it. Also when my fuel light comes on I run out of gas immediately, don't even have time to make it to the gas station, I'm on a fixed income and don't even know how much it's going to cost me to fix all these problems. I wish GM would own up to these problems and recall these vans or at least help people fix these problems since there is alot of us that have the same issues with them.
Amy Mercer

Llano, TX

#70 Jul 25, 2009
Well my 2006 Chevy Uplander caught on fire today!!!! After the fire department came and put out the fire they said it looked like it came from an electrical problem in my automatic door motor on my passenger side. I have had problems with this door since I got the car - I have taken it to the dealership several times and the "fixed" it only to occur a few days later. Can't blame them but you can BLAME CHEVY/GM - why are these cars still on the road - why are they still making the doors automatic-I wouldn't have cared if they were manual.I emailed Chevy and attached pictures - We'll see what happens -
Chad Pendlay

Arlington Heights, IL

#71 Sep 24, 2009
Where do you get the pads?

Houston, TX

#72 Oct 10, 2009
We're in! We've had several of the same problems as the rest of you. If anyone does the class action we want to be a part. We've had to replace tires, brakes, ABS problems, door, quality of the general parts etc.

Ottawa, Canada

#73 Oct 26, 2009
2006 Uplander, piece of crap. Dealer could never "duplicate the problem" on various items. Rattle every time you go over a bump where the airbag is on the right passenger. Fixed once then could never fix it again. So I live with it. Rattle on every bump under the rear bumper some where, no one can fix it. Check traction control, check ABS, check Stability lights on constantly, out of warranty now and even the mechanic can't find out how to get them to stop. Was in about 6 times, thought it was fixed then they come back on. So I have to look at non stop flashing lights. Air conditioner cut out one time in Florida. Tranmission replaced at 30,000 km. Still driving it and love the van itself but too many problems. Going to Hyundai for my next vehicle, at least they have one of the best service record on there vehicles.

Souderton, PA

#74 Oct 27, 2009
Rogers wrote:
Am having issues with the chimes sounding when the doors are closed and the transmission is in drive. Am able to silence the chimes after going through a repeated sliding door(s) opening and closing ritual. Very frustrating! The chimes actually come through the radio speakers; is there any way to unplug a module somewhere or reprogram the BCM to turn off the chimes permanently?
I have the EXACT same issue with my 2006 Uplander - were you able to stop the chimes??

Ferdinand, IN

#75 Dec 22, 2009 all these reviews and feel sick... Spent a small fortune trying to have the door fixed, but mine has never opened while driving. I have been out several times and couldn't get the door to close. Have also come out of many stores to find the door open. The local GM dealership did tell me that the only thing that they could find was that the weather stipping was missing... guess that is the only way that the previous owners could keep the door shut. We actally had no issues for the first year. I hate my van. I know that we will take a huge loss if we move it. Getting to the point that I don't care since we cannot use the door in fear that it will not shut. Once drove a van full of teenages 30 minutes with the alarm dinging... they all know now not to touch the "ghost door"....

Ferdinand, IN

#76 Dec 22, 2009
I called GM... the more comments I read, the madder I got... Talked to Henry, got a claim number. Was told that he would try to find any other claims and IF he could find anything similar, they would pursue it... "IF"... The more questions he asked, the more I felt like he was trying to blame the dealership... GM needs to admitt that they have a performance/quality issue and resolve it... everyone needs to call GM and voice their opinion--once again. No wonder they no longer make a van...

Glen Burnie, MD

#77 Dec 22, 2009
We HAVE called GM about the issues with our 06 Uplander, but you might as well talk to a wall. I absolutely HATE this car. I keep hoping someone will steal it, although with my luck once they drive it, they'll bring it back! The one rear door has been having the "I don't feel like closing" issue again and when I took it to the dealership, they blamed my 8 yo for "moving the weather stripping" when he got in/out of the van. duh. Maybe there needs to be a news story on this vehicle and how many people in how many different areas have been affected by the same problems with this van. Maybe then GM will do something about it.

Lansing, IL

#78 Dec 31, 2009
I have a 05 Chevy Uplander same problem on and off with sliding doors not working opening by themselves. The other day the vehicle locked me in could not get out with the remote for a few minutes. Now I have trouble with shifting into gear, the radio changes stations by itself. I could go on and on to many problems to list. Can not trade in can't afford to. I bought car with intentions of keeping for a long while. Now I am afraid of what might happen when the warranty runs out. I
think with bailing out GM with our tax dollars they owe all of us a new vehicle at no extra cost. They should owe me money for my valuable time spent there trying to get this thing fixed. My dealership has been great but now they are to the point they don't even want to work on it. This is an unacceptable problemed vehicle that GM needs to take responsibility for and take care of any one who has had issues with these vehicles. I am ready for a class action lawsuit.
Paul Elliot

San Jose, CA

#79 Jan 11, 2010
I have a 2005 Saturn Relay, which is basically the same car as the Uplander and I am having the same sliding door issue with it. I am going to follow the instructions given earlier and completely disconnect the system and just use the doors manually. It appears to be a serious safety issue with doors opening while driving and at least one vehicle catching fire. I am very interested in being a part of any class action suit against GM.

United States

#80 Mar 3, 2010
Get rid of it. I had the passenger door go bad. Chiming while driving (will drive you nuts after about 5 minutes), won't close, etc. all the same as all the posts I have read. Took it to a local dealer, $1300 later all apparently good. 6 months later (today), my door is stuck in the open position. My wife looks like the UPS lady going to work. Fighting another battle to get the work warrenteed, as I had it repaired at a Chevy dealer. When the door shuts and does not chime, I am buying something else. A shame that a person is willing to spend 20-30,000 to get away from GM. Wake up GM

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