Honda Pilot Owners: Problems & Solutions

Honda Pilot Owners: Problems & Solutions

There are 1998 comments on the story from Jan 27, 2006, titled Honda Pilot Owners: Problems & Solutions. In it, reports that:

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Toronto, Canada

#684 Nov 17, 2007
THE DREADED "D" warning/flashing light on our dashboard. Honda Pilot 2005.

It can be two things, pressure sensor which is about $130 cdn. or temperature sensor.($235+$56 to replace the trans fluid, sensor is at the bottom of the pan). But, if you are within the powertrain warranty....$0.00.

Now solved. ENJOY.:-)

btw it is important to fix and replace. It affects the workings of the transmission. Failure to replace will result in poor performance and other possible expenses.
Karen -Oregon

Springfield, OR

#685 Nov 19, 2007
In the past 3 weeks, my 2005 Honda Pilot has left me stranded by not starting. The dealership did a diagnostic check and could find nothing wrong. Today, it wouldn't start again and they finally replaced my battery even though the battery still had some charge. I'm hoping this will solve the problem.

Okatie, SC

#686 Nov 21, 2007
The "D" flashes after a few miles and continues to flash regardless of the gear it's in. Transmission fluid is ok, had the battery replaced, ran a scan; nothing.
Any suggestions?

Scottsdale, AZ

#687 Nov 25, 2007
2004 honda pilot. both driver and passenger side door locks will not lock with wireless remote or by using the lock button on either door. any ideas

Saint Petersburg, FL

#688 Nov 25, 2007
Ronspilot wrote:
I have the same vibration problem with my 06 Pilot. I don't believe open windows have anything to do with this problem. I have been able to replicate this deep resonant vibration when throttling up, or down especially, when there is weight in the back of the vehicle, 2 adults in 2nd row, 1 in third and windows closed. It seems to be some sort of harmonic vibration from the exhaust system and only occurs at engine speeds of 1500 to 2000 rpms. When driving alone or with one front row passenger I haven't noticed the sound. I will be visiting the dealer soon to get there response. Otherwise I have been satisfied with my Pilot.
<quoted text>
I had the same issue, it is caused by the active noise cancelling system, the noise is actually coming from your subwoofer. The dealer tech should be able to get some assistance from Honda tech line to walk him through it, they had to replace the sub, and the anc module on mine, but it is finally corrected. Has not reoccurred in 2 weeks and it was happening on a daily basis.
Mike Woodward

Salem, OR

#689 Nov 26, 2007
We have a 2007 Pilot EX with approx. 27,500 miles on it. Today, the Low Tire Pressure light came on and the Tire Pressure Monitor display showed the left front tire was culptir.

I checked the pressure and it had gone down to 21 - the other front tire had 27 lbs. So, I pumped it back up - have no idea why it was low - we drove about 400 miles on Saturday and then made a 100 mile trip on Sunday - no lights were on.

I started and stopped the engine a few times and backed the car up and the Low Tire Pressure Indicator is still on. Can't find anything in the owners manual that tells how to reset it. The book says to take it to a dealer if the TPMS indicator is on - but, mine is not on?

I don't know where the tire pressure sensors are or how the heck they work, Never had them before and don't like them now.

Anyone know anything about this problem??

Bronx, NY

#690 Nov 27, 2007
I have a 04' pilot and when I turn to the left I hear grinding noise or moaning noise. I was told could be transmission 1st and 2nd gear. They tried additives, did not work. Have anybody have that. I love this pilot, this is the first mechanical problem at 75,000 miles.
sue a

Bensalem, PA

#691 Dec 1, 2007
when my kids are watching a dvd in my '93 honda pilot, they hear a high pitched whine coming through the headphones. when you shut the engine off, it will be ok for about 5 minutes and then it starts all over again. frustrating!!
John Doe

Tulare, CA

#692 Dec 1, 2007
Judging from the way Passports were designed, I would say the high revving would help the engine warm up, and after it has warmed up the high revving goes away.
Kurt C wrote:
We have an 2006 Pilot EXL AWD and have noticed that the engine rpms goes up to 3500 before the auto transmission shifts. The engine is pretty noisy at that level. The dealer tells us that this is normal, "it is a heavy vehicle". Everyone who rides in it says it shouldn't be like that.
I need some input from other Honda Pilot owners.

Morton, WA

#693 Dec 1, 2007
Richard wrote:
The "D" flashes after a few miles and continues to flash regardless of the gear it's in. Transmission fluid is ok, had the battery replaced, ran a scan; nothing.
Any suggestions?
I have a 2004 Pilot with the flashing D. It seemed a little low, though the stick is hard to read, so I added about a quart of fluid. It flashed far less often. Only one time, I think. We just bought this car with 46K miles on it, so I drained and replaced the tranny fluid twice. I'm on a trip, but the wife says the D is flashing more often now. I have a feeling I didn't add enough fluid. Again, it smears all over the dipstick and is hard to read when you are in a hurry. My wife took it to Schuck's but they couldn't get a code with their reader. I guess a trip to the stealer is next, but they told me it would be $90 to diagnose. First I'm going to fill the fluid to the high side of the stick and see what happens. Let's keep each other updated on this one.

Nashville, TN

#694 Dec 3, 2007
I have a 2005 Honda Pilot with almost 80,000 miles. As I was driving down the interstate the car just quit as if it was out of gas. I had it towed and noticed there was anti-freeze leaking. A local car repair shop says because of the hole in the coolant hose the engine has been damaged beyond repair! I never had the first indicator light of any sort come on to let me know of any problem. Now it looks like a new engine will need to be installed. Not covered under warranty because the problem was not caused by any type of defect. Any had this problem? Any ideas?

Nashville, TN

#695 Dec 3, 2007
I have a 2005 Honda Pilot and on numerous times had to have someone jump the car off as well. Very frustrating. I had it checked out at a delearship twice where they told me they could not find anything wrong with it. Finally after being stranded waiting on jumper cables I took it to a different dealership where they replaced the battery at no charge and I have had no problems since.

United States

#696 Dec 4, 2007
I am having a problem with a flashing D light. It does not always flash, but seems to be more frequent. Any ideas or solutions anyone has found would be appreciated.
John C

United States

#697 Dec 5, 2007
My credit card was sitting on the center console and it slid inside where the little sliding door goes when you open it to reveal the cup holders. Any way possible to get to that area of the console to retrieve paper or cards that have slid back there?
John C

United States

#698 Dec 5, 2007
P.S. I have a 2003 Honda Pilot...
John C

United States

#699 Dec 5, 2007
Never mind, found the perfect website that told me how to do it...

When you take the panel off, look at the floor first, that's where it falls. I was thinking it would be in some compartment and was looking up.

Good luck.

Eatonville, WA

#700 Dec 5, 2007
I finally took my 2004 Pilot with 46K to the dealer for the flashing D. They said it would be $90 to diagnose. 1 hour later, they said it was a bad #4 pressure switch.$65 part, in stock, and .75 hours of labor. They fixed it, washed the car, and we were out the door for about $220. I was quite thrilled, thinking I could have been in for a lot worse. Then on the way home, the D light started flashing again :(
I called them back, they were exremely apologetic and want to make it right. I won't be able to get it back there until Friday.
I'll let you know what happens.

Emmaus, PA

#701 Dec 7, 2007
I have a 2006 Pilot with over 60k miles. I have only 6 complaints -

1. Wind noise, when I am stopped, the Pilot is quiet and my radio volume is set under 10, but once I start driving I must adjust the volume closer to 20. And do the opposite before I stop otherwise the radio is very loud.

2. Sometimes, when I make sharp right turns at varying speeds, I lose all engine power amd seem to coast through the turn before power returns and I can drive again. From the safety standpoint, this is scary. Honda claims it is that anti-rollover thing kicking in but I have never been able to duplicate the problem so I don't trust that explanation.

3. No blu-tooth connection for my cell phone.

4. I don't use the 3rd row of seats and can't remove them - possible storage space unused.

5. No customizations - my Toyota dealer has a custom shop that will provide just about anything you want beyond what Toyota provides - better CD player, more speakers, remote starting (which i love), etc. My Honda dealer is a vanilla Honda dealer.

6. As a former Toyota owner, Honda has fewer dealers and therefore, when I travel, less places to stop for an oil change or possibly repair etc.

Honda makes a good product and one of the primary reasons I bought it was because I could get all 6 airbags in it without getting a sunroof - I bought the base model. My 16 year old son is 6'4" - he needs the headspace. Toyota 4runner, which I love, couldn't provide that. And I couldn't justify $5+k more for a Sequoia.

I am a tough driver and it has done very well. With Toyota suffering recent quality problems - Honda may be the better choice.

I am still waiting to test it driving in some good snow.

Eatonville, WA

#702 Dec 7, 2007
I took my 2004 EX to the dealer the other day to have the flashing D diagnosed for $90. After about an hour, they said the number 4 pressure switch was bad as indicated by testing and the code. They said the part was about $60 and labor was .75 hours. So, for a total of about $220 i was out the door and psyched to have the problem fixed.
Unfortunately, the light started flashing again on the way home. The dealer was very apologetic and wanted the car back as soon as possible. I took it in this morning and it took them about an hour and a half this time. The code was for the number 4 pressure switch again, so at first they wondered if the switch they put in was bad. After repeatedly troubleshooting it, they discovered that the service manual had an error in it. On the task for replacing the #4 pressure switch, it leads you to the #3 switch. So they changed out my #3 switch, thinking it was the number 4. They contacted Honda and pointed out the error in the manual. Apparently the switches are identified by the color of the wiring harness, which mentioned the incorrect color.
I'm not sure what years that service manual covers, but if others are having problems with getting the flashing D to stop, maybe your dealer is changing out the wrong switch too.

Since: Aug 07

Canton, OH

#704 Dec 12, 2007
"Have had exact same problem, dealer had no diagnosis/options but to replace entire stereo head at over $800 plus labor. Please update if you find other options/causes!!"

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