Honda Pilot Owners: Problems & Solutions

Honda Pilot Owners: Problems & Solutions

There are 1981 comments on the story from Jan 27, 2006, titled Honda Pilot Owners: Problems & Solutions. In it, reports that:

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Rosedale, MD

#564 Aug 24, 2007
Tracy wrote:
My 2003 Honda Pilot has a flashing "D"... it started off occasionally and has been happening more frequently. Its annoying, but is it dangerous? Does anyone know what causes this? Our local dealer in not so helpful. Thks.
try this, have your anti theft code card ready, vehicle full stop, engine not running...then at passenger's side under dash fuse box, locate the #13 fuse, theres a diagram on the fuse box itself, remove it for 10 seconds then return it from where you pulled it. afterwards, input code at radio then drive the vehicle the usual. if it still blinks, go to a trusted mech to have it scanned cause the powertrain control module senses some abnormality thats why it blinks... maybe temperature sensor or pressure switches of the transmission....
sometimes...again, sometimes a transmission fluid change does the trick. year today is 2007 your pilot model 2003, every 3yrs ,as per manual, change transmission fluid along w/ brake fluid.
keep us posted, goodluck and good day!

Rosedale, MD

#565 Aug 24, 2007
Bob Smith wrote:
I have a 2007 Honda Pilot LX and the car is electrically dead if left for a short period of time. I took it into the dealer to have them check the alternator, battery, starter solinoid and such. All came up OK according to the dealer. However,I've noticed that if I leave the 3 way switch that controls the interior lights in the on postition, the car is dead the next day. Checking, I find the battery dead and needing a charge. I'm sure the problem is the 3 way switch. Anyone else find the same?

Rosedale, MD

#566 Aug 24, 2007
Linda Bailey wrote:
My 06 pilot stinks bad when i turn on the A/C!!! smells like some kind of bad mold stink, is thire a filter somewere in the A/C flitewr? ANY body!!! I love my pilot.
yes there is, the mechs from the dealership can change it for you, for easy to remember than monitoring mileage, do this every 6mos-12mos or on or before your birhtday, along with your engine air filter element.

Rosedale, MD

#567 Aug 24, 2007
lisa wrote:
<quoted text>
I had same problem there is a filter the dealer can change it makes a huge difference but only lasts about 9 months. My smell is back I need to take it in for a change too.
a quick tip, still its up to you if you want to do it or not...
before change of filter the day itself, about 10-20seconds, spray some of your favorite disinfectant mold killing action in can at the intake port/vent of your A/C system w/c is located at the base of the windshield driver side (HOOD UP/OPEN), the one with those square little holes. do this while the engine is running and the A/C is ON and open the cargo door.
good day!

Kernersville, NC

#568 Aug 25, 2007
Pat wrote:
I just bought a 2006 Pilot 2WD EX. Everything is fine except I cannot shift down to D3 or second and first gear so when I am on a big downhill run I have to constantly step on the brakes. I have called the dealer and they said they will research it. Does anyone have a clue what is wrong with this car? Should I be very worried?
I had the same problem, but it is in the way the gear shift selector is made. Just push down on the shifter instead of pulling it toward you and pulling down.
2003 honda pilot

Paramount, CA

#569 Aug 25, 2007
I was wondering if anyone had any problem with their VTM-4? My car started ideling strange and then the VTM4 light came on, on the dash board and the engine light too? does anyone know whats up or had this problem and what they did to fix it. please let me know.

Los Angeles, CA

#570 Aug 27, 2007
Mybeligh wrote:
I work at the Honda plant here that produces Pilots for export to the US and I assure you these are first quality fully inspected vehicles. Generally problems with Honda products occur ONLY after significant abuse or operator ERROR. The pilot is not designed to be a racecar, and the transmission is designed to operate automatically. If you operated the Pilot correctly you will have no problems.
I respect your loyalty, but three recurring themes I see in this post are;
"D" light turning on, pointing to transmission issues.
Battery dying quickly if interior light is turned on, leading to jumps starts.
Loud revving noise when gear shifting and RPMs jumping high.
Recurring theme, are these issues with the earlier models?
T Yung

Flushing, MI

#571 Aug 28, 2007
Joe II wrote:
2003 Pilot EX w/DVD. Recently, use of rear headphones/rear earphone jack works fine for approx 10 minutes. After 10 min, only a high shrieking noise is herd on rear headphones/earphones.(DVD player and all cabin speakers work fine) Try next day, same scenario. Dealer unsure, says need to replace entire stereo unit to start. Anyone else with similar issue, resolutions?? Thx
Start small to large by replacing the headphones first, then phone jacks before the entire radio., don't know why the dealer would suggest vise versa.
Echo Brown

Pablo, MT

#572 Aug 29, 2007
I have a 04 pilot and I left the lights on and got a jump start from a buddy. Is this bad getting a jump start from my buddie, will it ruin the car?

El Paso, TX

#573 Aug 29, 2007
Linda Bailey wrote:
My 06 pilot stinks bad when i turn on the A/C!!! smells like some kind of bad mold stink, is thire a filter somewere in the A/C flitewr? ANY body!!! I love my pilot.
There is a filter in the compartment that houses the blower motor used by the air conditioning system.

Vancouver, Canada

#574 Aug 30, 2007
I had the same about a month ago with my 03 Pilot. Seems to be a common thing - a CA$425 resistor. Plus 1.5 hrs labour to dismantle & reassemble the centre console.

Turpin, OK

#575 Sep 1, 2007
Alan wrote:
We have a 2003 Pilot EXL, the interior is not very quiet. The windows make a slight rattling noise, and if we are going above 65mph, there is a wheezing sound coming through the windows. Has anybody else noticed this too?
i have the same problem over and over again and the dealer told me that it was just the plastic rubbing each other, what kind of a solution was that?? and they told me they cant fix it and if i want to have it check and add some foam, then i have to pay for it....the dealership was in amarillo southwest honda...and the guy was greg...he was not fact he was rude

Emmaus, PA

#576 Sep 2, 2007
I have a 2006 Pilot with 56,000 miles. Several times during the last 6 months, the Pilot loses engine power while making a right turn at speeds from 10 to 40 mph. As soon as the turn is complete the power returns to the engine and I am on my way. It is random. The Pilot doesn't stall, the engine loses all/most of the power and I coast through the turn. And the triangle light with a "!" blinks until the power returns. It has happened while traveling up hill and flat surfaces. I cannot recreate the problem - I have driven it at speeds up to 50 mph making very sharp right turns - no loss of power. One Honda dealer said it was the anti-rollover stuff kicking in to prevent a rollover - nice answer, but the vehicle wasn't near tipping most of the times the problem occurred. I could rationalize the anti-rollover if it occurred at higher speeds - but at 10 mph in a parking lot? While I find this annoying, my biggest concern is safety - turning right onto a high speed road makes me very nervous.

Emmaus, PA

#577 Sep 2, 2007
My 2006 Pilot is very insulated from engine noise but the street/wind noise is annoying. So, at a stop light, my radio is set below 10 for volume but once i start driving, I must adjust the volume well above 10. I am too lazy to constantly adjust the radio in metro areas.
Also, my Pilot sometimes whistles loudly when I am on the highway and it continues for many miles. THIS is really annoying. It occurs maybe once a month. Dealer wanted me to come back several times for them to modify the rubber/seal around the windshield.

Lee, MA

#578 Sep 2, 2007
Thank you! I will try that and let you know if it works. Crossing my fingers!

Milwaukee, WI

#579 Sep 2, 2007
I have a '03 Pilot. The engine light comes on, however, the dealer can fine anything wrong when they run the diagnostics. Mechanic friend indicated it may be a leak in the fuel line, but not sure. Anyone have this problem?

Hawthorne, FL

#580 Sep 3, 2007
We just purchased a 2004 Honda Pilot EX and have a noise coming from the dash like something is not seated properly. Vibrations occur at random but is most noticable at highway speeds and then gradually slowing down.

Somerville, TN

#581 Sep 3, 2007
I have a 2006 Honda Pilot EX. I am experiencing a loud humming, almost like a harmonic vibration when I am between 35 and 40 miles per hour. It is most prevelant when I am not accelerating or braking at this speed. Seems to be coming from the drive train. Anybody else had this problem ? Will be taking to dealer this week. Will publish results here.
Mike Garey

Tempe, AZ

#582 Sep 4, 2007
Have an 03 Pilot. The temp guage on dash is always 5-10 degrees different than outside actual temp. Does this have any affect on engine operation (via the computer) or the cabin air system?

Anthony Golden CO

Houston, TX

#583 Sep 4, 2007
I have a 2006 Pilot that has a bad rattle in the top vent grill to the right of the passenger side airbag on the top sie of the dashboard. If I press down on the vent the rattle stops. The vent grill seems to be tight. How can I remove the vent grille to see what is rattling below it?

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