Chevrolet Malibu Owners: Problems & S...

Chevrolet Malibu Owners: Problems & Solutions

There are 2869 comments on the story from Feb 20, 2006, titled Chevrolet Malibu Owners: Problems & Solutions. In it, reports that:

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Washington, DC

#2026 Jul 15, 2010
Is the battery old or new ? My battery lost the acid in the chambers and it caused my gauges to do the same things for like a week until i got a new battery.
I have a 2002 Malibu and today my remote door opener, gas guage and temp guage and Air conditioning alls stopped working. Now yester the THEFT SYSTEM light came on the went out after I restarted the car but from that point the above mentioned stopped. Is this a fuse? a relay.? Can someone please help me. Thanks in advance.

Rancho Santa Fe, CA

#2027 Jul 27, 2010
how do i change radiator cooling fan on a
2005 malibu ls

Knoxville, TN

#2028 Jul 29, 2010
put subs in 2004 malibuu today it was a task why would chevy think it is a good idea to creat a radio wiring system that the harness cost 140.00 dollars to put an after marked radio in??? was this a conspiricy to off set thier cost of all the other things wrong with this car.. anyhow i ran the fused cable from the battery and used the negative terminal out of the cigarette lighter to power the amp it seems to be working just fine. im still a bit sketchy about it though keep it unpluged and fuse out of the + cable when not in the car.
Tyler L

Winston Salem, NC

#2030 Aug 1, 2010
I've been having problems with the alarm on my 04 malibu maxx , it tends to set itself off whenever it feels necessary, normally 10-20 minutes after activating it. Is there any way I can unhook the alarm?

United States

#2033 Aug 4, 2010
2005 Malibu. Would NEVER consider buying another Chevrolet product again. Car has twice decided to just not start, for no reason. Suspect it is the anti-theft sensor, but the dealership is unable to diagnos problem and fix, despite 3 trips to the shop. Well documented on the net, but Chevrolet refuses to get involved.
DO NOT buy a Malibu.
star prosser

Ellensburg, WA

#2034 Aug 4, 2010
i have a 97 chevy malibu that as soon as the weather got hot, it appears my car started vapor locking ? only when its over 90 degrees outside, even if the temp of the car is not overheating, there is something that clips on the top of the fuel injection, that when i unplug it seems to help, possibly the oxygen sensor? a police man told me that they bought all new chevy cars for their police force and that all their cars did the same thing, as soon as the suummer hit, he said their mechanic is stumpped and so is the chevrolet mechanic, any idea what is going on and what i need to fix or replace?
John K

Wichita, KS

#2035 Aug 6, 2010
We have a 2008 Malibu and have been experiencing steering wheel shake very much the same as the multitude of compliants that have been posted on the web. We took the car to our dealer today and very much to our surprise, they replaced the power steering motor/module under a special extended Warranty from Chevrolet.

We only mentioned that we thought it had to be covered under a service bulletin or somethhing because we had seen so many issues on the internet. Take you car to your dealer and request the following (this is what is written on the work order from the delearship)

53352 Special Coverage 9090 T5781
0.60 replace power steering motor/module assembly per policy 10183.

We just brought the car home today, so not sure yet if it has fixed the problem but I didn't have any steering wheel shake on my way home. I'm very pleased with the response and cooperation we received from our Dealership.......after reading all the things I had I was ready for a fight!

Blossvale, NY

#2036 Aug 6, 2010
I have a 2005 Malibu Maxx Ls the signal lightss in the front keep blowing out melting the socket and the orange part. This is the third one. What can I do. I have read so many of the same problems I don't understand why there is not a recall.

Washington, DC

#2037 Aug 10, 2010
i have a 2003 malibu and ii had a bad blower motro resister it only blow on 4 or 5. now i have replaced it and it only works on 3 or 5 . what else could be stopping it from blowing on the rest of the setting .

Yarmouth, Canada

#2038 Aug 15, 2010
Own A 2004 Malibu LS 3.5 litre V6. Been having an intermittent problem; while driving the RPM's will spike up and down usually between 1200-2500 range, car almost feels like its sputtering from either lack of gas or trans shifting back and forth between 2 gears, anyone had a similar experience, or suggestions on whats going on??

Minneapolis, MN

#2039 Aug 20, 2010
Michael wrote:
My 2002 Chevy Malibu's turn signals are working intermintantly. The fuse is fine. Any other suggestions?
Did you happen to read the very first post in the forum?
gabriel gaitan

Aurora, IL

#2040 Aug 20, 2010
I have had many problems with these car. From getting it to turn on to my turn signals not working. so far i have figured out how they work. But i do have a question. What do i have to do to fix these problem. I turn on my car but the gas needle does not move, i cannot put my windows down, and my ac or heater will not kick in till later. Sometimes when i have my windows down its take me a while to get them to go up. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you,
Albert R

Edison, NJ

#2041 Aug 22, 2010
I am having similar problems. I get a beeping from the drivers side door speaker. I found the solution at:


Natural Bridge, VA

#2042 Aug 27, 2010
Ryan wrote:
I have a 98 malibu and have been experiencing a thumping noise when turning corners. There is no play in the wheel when this occurs. I've changed out the half axles, but no joy. I took it into the les schwab guys and had them look for a loose wheel bearing or ball bearing or weak strut and they couldn't find anything. My next step is to look again at the half axles. Any ideas anybody?
try rolling down the window on one side and shaking the car from side to side. If you hear the noise get someone to shake it and you lay on the ground and try to find the noise. I have found that on most gm cars the sway bar links will make the noise you are talking about. I you cant seem to find where the noise is coming from grab the sway bar and see if you can feel the noise.

Schoharie, NY

#2043 Aug 31, 2010
Kevin wrote:
the dashboard lights will not come on and will not tell me how much gas or the temp on the vehicle. Is this a fuse and which one, I have checked most of them. on a 2002 malibu ls v6.
I am having the same problem with my 2002 Malibu. I've removed the instrument cluster and checked to see if perhaps it was a bulb that had blown. Come to find out, there are FIVE bulbs that light up your guages (tachometer, speedometer, gas guage, oil and temp) and they've all blown - suspicious, right? I believe I need a new instrument cluster because changing the fuse (which by the way is on the passenger-side if you open the door is on the side of the dash and it should say "INST LIGHTS" or something like that) didn't work. Oh, and the intermittent starting thing happened with this vehicle as well - I could only get it to start if it was cooler than 100 degrees and to fix the problem completely my crankshaft sensor and another sensor (forget the name of it) had to be replaced (there's one on the side of the block i think that's the crankshaft, and one right near the starter).

Manchester, CT

#2044 Sep 8, 2010
cpknscw9288 wrote:
are they good cars cause my boyfriend has one and i refuse to ride in it until i find out if its a good car

Barrie, Canada

#2045 Sep 9, 2010
MalibuInRI wrote:
<quoted text>
Also depends on whether the `nut' holding the steering wheel is `tight'!!

United States

#2046 Sep 15, 2010
Hi I have a 2003 malibu and on my way home I hear some noice from my car and when I stoped at a red light my car wasn't ideling right it would go from 1 rpm to 2 up and down just wouldn't stay in one spot but when I put it in nutral or park it would idel just fine. Then when I started to drive home it would shift like I had to lef off the gas for it to shift and my check engine light was flashing. If you know what's wrong please email me at [email protected] thank you

Cabot, AR

#2047 Oct 2, 2010
Have anyone had this problem with the 02 Malibu
Let's say I switched it off. When I come back to start it would not start. The engine light is on
and the theft light for the alarm.
I have to leave it switched on for about
forty five minutes before it starts. Then the lights go out. It would run until it stops again.
I have changed everything don't know what to change next.
Pete T

United States

#2048 Oct 2, 2010
Michael wrote:
My 2004 Maxx has the turn signal issue on the left front. While getting that repaired, I found out the back disk brakes had 10% left on them, the fronts are hardly worn - estimated cost by the dealer $480. Current milage is 23,800 miles, no towing or heavy hauling. Is anybody else having brake issues? Any comments or solutions?
My 05 Malibu Maxx had a very similar brake problem. After 38K miles, while the front barkes still have 80% left, the rear brake on the driver side is down to nothing and chewed up the back of the rotor.

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