venture temperature gauge and cooling...

Grants Pass, OR

#21 Feb 9, 2010
I don't know if this will help but my fans only seem to come on intermidiate if i have the heater on number one then they kick on at the right time . I seriously think they screwed up the wiring .

Holualoa, HI

#23 Mar 28, 2010
Chevy designed the system to not need cooling fans until the temperature reaches 110 C or 230 F. Thatis pretty hot and is about 7/8 on the gauge or just before the temp light comes on. At idle and in traffic you will get the highest readings. If it never goes over the red line on the gauge you are cooling just fine.

Westlake, LA

#24 Mar 29, 2010
I have a 2004 Venture and many of these problems sound like mine. The instrument cluster goes bad in these vehicles. The post about the gauge going to different positions sounds like a cluster problem. How does the gas gauge act. If it is crazy also, I would bet it is your problem. Mine showed hot in stalled traffic on the InterState. I had to turn the engine on and off as I inched forward. When I got off, the engine wasn't hot.
When I got home I suspected the fans were off but they were working. If it says Hot raise the hood and see if it is hot. I just had to replace the thermostate and the sensor but the Check Engine came on and the code checker said eng coolant was cooler than specified. Not Hot.
tito sanz

Albuquerque, NM

#25 Apr 19, 2010
i had check the 2 big fuses and the three relays everything looks ok!!!! i changed two times the temperature sensor, and nothing the cooling fans still not working.did some one know how to fix it????

United States

#26 Apr 29, 2010
Simon wrote:
Just bought a 2002 venture have a week and I note the temp gauge moves up as soon as I start the car and goes to half then falls back below that. I did notice that with the a/c on it stay below half.
Hey, I have the same problem with my 2002 chevy venture van and I don't know what to do. Did you ever solve the problem? I just want the temperature to stay still.

United States

#27 Apr 29, 2010
I want to knwo why the temperature gauge on my 2002 chevy van goes up and down alot and won't stay still. I've replace everything and nothing seems to work. HELP plis!!!

Winnipeg, Canada

#28 Jun 11, 2010
i have a chevy venture 03, the audio doesn't sound out until the passenger door is opened and closed. Can you advice on the possible area to look at.

Warren, MI

#30 Sep 24, 2010
I own my own shop for years I have all dealership diagnostic equipment for all makes and models, I experienced alot of these problems first thing to check for is what the coolant temp sensor is reading if it is damaged or not then check for power and grounds the most common failure with these fan problems is the pcm the unit for the fan relay control which is a resistor that limits current to the fan relays to control low or high speed depending on the command of the motor, Most common failure with the coolant fans not comming on the chevy venture is the pcm or known as the power train control module located inside of the air box to the left side of the engine by the air cleaner. Hope this helps you out. Just remember to check your coolant temp sesnor for faulty readings which would cause your fans not operate also.

United States

#31 Dec 13, 2010
I am buying 2000 venture for 200 bucks. With 119067 miles Temp goes to hot then. Back cold what would cause this. Text me the answer. Please my name is David 6186140665 is it minor
Bill Surrey

Langley, Canada

#32 Dec 18, 2010
willieB wrote:
We bought a 2001 venture with 55,000 mi about a month ago and like it very much. Our van seems to operate under "normal" driving conditions at about 1/4 of the way up the scale on the temp gauge. However when left to idle for an extended period on a warm day,(70F), the gauge will creep up to about 5/8 or slightly higher, then when we start to move again, it slowly recedes to the 1/4 mark. Is this normal? When should I expect the cooling fans to come on? I'm worried about overheating while sitting in traffic as the weather gets warmer. Thanks
Guage can rise to a bit past half way. If it rises beyond, then the electric fan must kick in. You will hear it during idle when it is hot, and the guage will drop within a minute or 2. No fan? Thermal switch or fan replacement. Fan works? Bad news for head gasket leak.

United States

#33 Feb 27, 2011
Take the radiatior cap off if bubbles coming out may be blown head gasket thats what my problem was

Sammamish, WA

#34 Mar 30, 2011
I have a 2001 Chevrolet Venture that had cooling fan problems. Seems like GM has no answers to solve it. I hard wired the fans directly into the harness so that when the key is on the fans work and turn the key off the fans are off also. So by doing this the fans work all the time as long as the key nis on.
Hope this helps everyone.
james lawson

Plano, TX

#35 Apr 12, 2011
chevrolet ventures all have this problem.i had 3 of them.the only thing you can do is straight wire the fans.

Plainfield, IN

#36 May 4, 2011
have 02 venture cooling fans just stopped today replaced both relays and main fues NO HELP
any help would be appreciated thanks

Arlington, TX

#37 May 28, 2011
i bought a 2002 buick century custom used and my temp gauge seems to be moving forward and then moving back toward cold, at first i thought my car was running hot but, paying more attention i notice the gauge moving back and forth what could be causing this problem?

Saint Paul, MN

#38 Jun 4, 2011
same problem here fans and compressor wont come on any ideas than you
alicea derry nh

Salem, NH

#39 Jun 9, 2011
I have a 2000 chevy venture with same ploblem. cooling fan not working any sugestings please help.
Jason Lang

Toronto, Canada

#40 Jul 1, 2011
Joe G wrote:
I have the same problem. I have so far figure out that the fans are not kicking on until it is above 3/4 for a minute or so. As soon as the fans kick on the temperature will return to normal. What or where is the controller for the cooling fans? It is a 2001 Chevy Venture LT.
Have you ever found out what it was I have the same thing going on

Hyattsville, MD

#41 Jul 13, 2011
I replaced about 10 small fuses, none of the bigger ones had to be replaced, like the 2 30s for the Fans. I did not replace the Fan/ AC relays yet, but from above they might not be bad.

I did replace one small AC fuse.(along with 9 other ones more or less to various stuff) There is a good box of fuses and the little tester that made that easy to do at the cheap auto parts store.

I also do not have AC or Fan coming on. The compressor does not kick on after filling the system with Freon. In the same boat as you all.

But my Check Engine Light has been on for ever, and I think this is the reason that none of our compressors or fans work. Is this the same with you all, all have Check Engine Light on?

I now the air sensor needs to be replaced and Sear's does this for about 150. 45 for the machine to test what is wrong and 100 to replace the air sensor.

I know from reading about the sensors that they kick things on, like they make the engine run hotter or colder because they say to the computer brain, give more or less air to mixture, based on the emission sensor as well. So these sensors all of the car have a lot to do with how the car is programmed to run.

It is not mechanical but computer related and computer runs according to sensor reading.

I will test this theory and have sears replace the air sensor to see if that fixes the compressor and the fan. Perhaps the AC won't work because the fan doesn't work? I know the compressor is getting joltz from the battery because someone said they hot wired it. I wanted to hot wire my fan but I think I will ask the service guy at Sears to see if he will do it for me.

Will come back and give up date later.
BTW- Sears can diagnose and fix cheaper than dealer because they do not charge by the hour but by the part they replace ( usually batteries, tires, etc.. so if you get that stuff from them and then ask them while it is in there about other stuff they can diagnose and charge to hook it up to machine, then replace part for less than any dealer. Some stuff (like the AC) though they will not fix because it keeps them from doing their job replacing tires.(the job takes too long and is too involved.)

Hope this helps. Going to Sears to see about getting that air sensor replaced.

Hyattsville, MD

#42 Jul 13, 2011
look what I found

"Most modern cooling fans are controlled by the onboard computer in the vehicle. There is a temperature sensor in the system that monitors the temperature of the engine and sends the information to the computer. The onboard computer, then, resolves whether the fan or fans should be turned on. This computer also decides whether the fan relay should also be actuated in case there’s a need for additional air flow through the radiator. If the fuse is good, the next step is to connect an OBDII scanner to the vehicle and see what codes you get. It may simply be a defective fan relay."

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