2002 Chevrolet Venture

Marietta, GA

#141 Apr 14, 2009
Mark wrote:
I have a 2002 chevy venture van, I pulled the heads and it has a blown head gasket so I pulled the rest of the engine out. I have purchased an engine that has 40,000 miles, I am ready to put it in but it looks like it will not fit until I remove the exhaust manifolds. Is there a better way to install the engine?
I did not have any trouble replacing my engine in my 2002. I dropped it out the bottom as per the service manual. I am assuming that you are using a venture motor with it's manifolds and accessories? If you get one out of a car, it may be different on anything except the basic block.

Marietta, GA

#142 Apr 14, 2009
digger wrote:
I have a 2002 chev. venture van, and the problem i am having is: It will run all day with no problems at all. Then, when I shut it off, and it is off for 15 mins to 45 mins it most of the time will not kick over. sometimes if it does kick over it might just shut off after a few mins. When it is totally cold it will start with no problem at all. My mechanic on one occasion has put in a fuel pump. That was not the problem. On another occasion he put in a new computer. That was not it either. Still having the same problem, any ideas????
Have you changed the coil pack yet? It is the electronic device that all the spark plug wires go to. Next time it dies, see if you have spark to the front plugs. Another trick is to spray starting fluid in the intake --- if it starts, then it is not getting fuel to the engine when it gets hot. That could be anything from a bad ground wire to the computer not firing the injectors.

Stittsville, Canada

#143 Apr 26, 2009
I have a 2002 AWD Venture- it has an accessory, a compressor in the trunk that you can use to inflate recreational things such as a boat etc...thing is that its now making a noise on and if when I drive, where as before it would only make a noise on start up and when I switched the engine off. What is its problems please?
2ndly, because I have an AWD, I am hoping that the noise is the compressor and not the AWD system? Where so I put the lube please to make sure its all ok>I had it filled up with lube about 2 years ago.

3rdly, my ABS light keeps coming on, then when I turn the engine off and on again its gone, seems to happen when I go over a bump.

THanks and I would appreciate any help!!

San Antonio, TX

#144 May 16, 2009
We have a Chevy Venture 2002 WB Edition. We have a 'groaning' noise in the back. Have just taken it for a flush today of the Versatrak fluid, but have been told if this does not cure it then the rear end needs replacing? OR someone has suggested simply 'turning off' the versatrak to make it a 2 wheel drive and that we don't need the 4 wheel part of it?

The last few days I have also noticed a wierd sound, kind of sounds like a quiet horn from a truck when we turn corners (husband didn't notice first time and said it was a truck beeping) but its happened again twice in the last week. Any ideas what this is or is it related to the groaning noise in the back?

We also have a fuel gague that goes all over the place!
chevy venture 2002


#145 May 30, 2009
I have been having simular problems as stated. Just bought a used 2002 chevy venture. It was running great when I bought it..checked out by mechanic. The next day it would not start, mechanic tried messing with it, could not figure it out 3 days later it started.. I have had this happen 4 time since. It starts only when it wants to makes no difference if its hot or cold... any ideas.... gets fuel, spark and compression.. Sensors, fuses, etc are fine..

Bradenton, FL

#146 May 31, 2009
Michele wrote:
I have a 2002 AWD Venture- it has an accessory, a compressor in the trunk that you can use to inflate recreational things such as a boat etc...thing is that its now making a noise on and if when I drive, where as before it would only make a noise on start up and when I switched the engine off. What is its problems please?
Most likely you have the automatic load leveling suspension in the rear. It has air shocks that the compressor fills to keep the vehicle level. I had this problem also and it was the result of a bad shock. The shocks have an air chamber that will start to leak. I replaced the shocks with a set of Monroes I bought off of Ebay, and it solved the problem.
Donny R

Chantilly, VA

#147 Jun 8, 2009
gary staudachel wrote:
I've got a 2002 Venture van, about 10 months ago it suddenly would not start, finally got it to kick over by trying and trying, no sound coming out of engine when it was dead, battery strong, happened again a few days later, garage put in new starter, happened two weeks later, then they put in new kill switch, happened again, took to new garage, started right away, couldn't find problem, five months go by with frequent use, won't start again on an almost daily basis, sometimes takes 20 seconds to start, sometimes 20 minutes, my job is that of a private investigator, I need it to work, any ideas are appreciated.
I have the same issue, but not as severe. Did you ever find a solution?
Donny R

Chantilly, VA

#148 Jun 8, 2009
I have the same issue, but not as severe. Did you ever find a solution?


#149 Jun 10, 2009
Julie wrote:
I have a 2000 Chevy Venture and I love it! I do have some problems with it, thou. I, too, have problems with the coolant leaking, the crusie control, the handle breaking off in the rear hatch (Because my monkeyes, excuse me, children hang from it when I was not looking), the gas filter stopping up (Which is normal for a vehicle of 135,000 miles), and the back tail light housing that died. I have to say that for a used vehicle, inwhich I am the third owner, it is normal wear and tear.
But, I need to know, what could be making the coolant leak? We have changed the water pump out twice in one year and it is still leaking. Not only is it leaking, but the thermostat likes to start out cool and then jump to middle to high and shifts back and forth. The other problem that we are having is the air force thru the air vents. We hardly get anything thru the vents unless it is on 4-5 that feels like it is on 1. Please help a fireman and his better half find out what is wrong with their family van! God Bless!
If you haven't had the head gaskets changed, it's probably the cause.
David Gillette

United States

#150 Jun 19, 2009
Eric jones wrote:
I have a 2002 chevy venture. Yesterday my wife was driving the van and it suddenly would not start. Ran all day upto about 3:00pm then it wouldn't start. Makes no noise, when you turn the key off the gauges start to bounce, and the cd player spins like it is trying to play. The power lokes even sound like they are trying to lock. any ideas or help anyone has would be greatly appreciated.
my 2002 did the exact same thing. Apparently it is from having NO POWER. It turned out to just be the battery was the original and the node going into the battery broke loose. Other than replacing the AC condenser and a bit of overheating this has been a really reliable vehicle for us. Though after reading the rest of this forum it has made me think twice about another GM car.

Houston, TX

#151 Jul 2, 2009
Chevy ventures suck, get a saturn u won't have any problems [email protected]@[email protected]......

Honolulu, HI

#152 Jul 11, 2009
I bought a used 02' venture 7600 miles and fuel gauge is erratic ,ran out of gas a few times already,

Tempe, AZ

#153 Jul 19, 2009
Don Fisher wrote:
<quoted text>
My step-daughter has same problem. I found what I beleive to be a temporary fix. Check for voltage at the red terminal going into the underhood fuse-circuit breaker box. If there is no volts, run a jumper wire from the positive (red) terminal on the battery to the red cable on the underhood fuse box. Everything works and drives. I am looking for a electrical system diagram for the vehicle to see what I by-passed, but it works and drives. If anyone knows where I can get a book or diagram please let me know
The problem is a crankshaft position sensor (the 24X sensor which is located behind the crankshaft pulley)

Tempe, AZ

#154 Jul 19, 2009
I have a Chevy Venture 2002 that won't start when the machine is hot (no crank, nothing happens under the hood).
I have read other comments about this same problem and they fixed it replacing the 24X sensor which is located behind the crankshaft pulley.

I will try this too and will let you know.

Wyocena, WI

#155 Jul 24, 2009
My 2002 Venture left me stranded in the Black Hills of South Dakota last week. Turns out the AC compressor on my 133,000 mile Venture had SIEZED UP, and would barely move at all, then froze completely. There was some clattering noise and a burning belt prior to the AC compressor siezing, however a mechanic told us that the clatter was probably nothing to worry about... WRONG. If there is any clattering noise coming from your AC compressor get it replaced immediately. Also, when pricing an AC compressor find out if you need the "rear air" or "no rear air" unit. We found out the hard way (after a 7 hour round trip to Scott's Bluff, NB for a used part, that if your rear seat passengers have rear ac/heat controls of any kind, then yes, you have rear air. The compressors for rear air / non-rear-air cars are NOT interchangeble. Sears auto, who fixed our car, and the Chevy dealer BOTH wanted about $600 for a rebuilt AC compressor. Instead I found a 78K used one at a local salvage yard (after getting the wrong part - due to wrong info from Sears) for just $105 (works great now). eBay pricing ran $50 for used to about $300 for rebuilt or new. Local parts stores wanted $315 to $479 for rebuilt units. I'll probably have the used one replaced with a rebuilt off of eBay so this problem won't occur again for a long time. Overall I like my Venture van, but I've only owned it 1 1/2 years and about 19,000 miles of driving. We've had the head gasket replaced, but no other expensive repairs until this AC Compressor replacement (about $430 with the parts I bought, plus freon and labor at Sears). After my AC trouble and the problems I've read on this thread I will certainly be doing preventative maintenance and pre-emptive replacement of parts to avoid being stranded again. I've owned many GM, Ford and Chrysler cars and I do NOT agree that any of those manufacturers make "Junk". I've owned US-made cars manufacturered back to 1966 and as new as my 2002 Venture. Note a one has been "junk", but I don't doubt that some of the foreign makes are more reliable than my Venture. The problem with most foreign makes is that the cost-to-buy one used, and the cost of parts, make those cars a lot more expensive to own than a US made car bought used - at least as the perception still exists that it used foreign cars are worth so much more money, and the parts for those cars remain so expensive.

New Egypt, NJ

#156 Aug 13, 2009
I have a 2002 Venture which I really like. I've posted already about the Dexcool problem that these GM mininvans have and I can't remember who replied but thank you for your help. What I did was tighten one of the intake bolts which helped stop most of the leak. I just don't know how long the rest will hold and I can't get it fixed due to financial constraints right now.
Anyway, NOW my van failed emissions because it came up with a CODE P0135, which I believe is one of the O2 sensors. Question is...which one? The one in the exhaust manifold or the one after the cat converter? Anyone know about this code and what needs to be done?

Wyocena, WI

#157 Aug 13, 2009
Hi Vince,

Try the Yahoo group for our vans. There are a lot of knowledgable people there who can help. Yahoo groups are entirely free and easy to join:



Saint Thomas, Canada

#158 Aug 21, 2009
Our 02 Venture Ext won't start - not even a click from the solenoid. The engine light comes on with the key, nothing else. I tried to jump start it, nothing. Put a battery charger on it and the charger gauge says the battery is fully charged. checked the voltage at both the battery terminal and fuse box terminal and it varies 3V to 8V?! The readout isn't steady?! The van was just etested, has around 85KM on it, it does have the gas gauge problem and I've checked the connectors under the drivers seat - all clean and corrosion free?! Has anyone found a fix?

United States

#159 Aug 30, 2009
2002 Venture
a/c condensor
intake and head replacement
roof paint peeling from underneath (fixed twice under warranty but never took)
rest of vehicle rusting (dealer said it was normal)

Water leak by parking brake and same area on passenger side (can't find where)

Can't afford to junk it.....

Wyocena, WI

#160 Aug 30, 2009
PLEASE JOIN THE YAHOO GROUP FOR OUR VANS: Venture, Silhouette, and Montana. You'll find expert help available and a group of friendly GM minivan owners who help each other. Here's the link:


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