2005 Trailblazer - issue with fuel (g...

Amherst, OH

#41 Apr 29, 2010
I have an 02 with 133K on it, replaced fuel cap once with parts store version got 1 year, and there was no tether keep cap around, went to OEM and have not had any problem. As I recall pressing down on the cap while turning does no good, try to almost pull up on it after latched and turn, will get a tighter feel !! Vic
Doug S

Hollywood, FL

#42 Jun 17, 2010
I have an 06 Trailblazer with 57,000 miles. I have also had the "check engine" problem, associated with the fuel cap. I bought two caps from Autozone, and the problem would not go away. I bought a factory cap from the dealer and the problem had now stopped!!! Hopefully, it stays that way.

Clinton, NC

#43 Jun 19, 2010
I have 06 Trailblazer. I love my truck but getting frustrated with the my gas gauge fluctuating after I full up. At times, it seems it would be fine, but then starts to fluctuate again. I stopped and tighten the gas cap, it seemed to have done the trick. However, it is happening everytime I refuel. This time the gas needle was on E (empty) which caused the Check Engine Light to come on. After I tighten it. and drove for a good while the light went away. What the heck!!!:(

Miami, FL

#44 Jul 29, 2010
I think I am having this same problem on my 06 Trailblazer bought in Nov 2005. One day I was running on the reserve gas and pulled into a gas station and filled up the tank. After I did that, for the first time the gauge stated I was still on an empty tank on reserve... It took almost the entire day for the gauge to go up to the top. It hasn't happened again, but my check engine light is turning on and sometimes its off. I'm going to try and see if the gas cap feels loose, but honestly it feels the same as it did when I bought it. I also have a weird problem with my radio and all the sounds in the car, where it sounds really low and randomly comes back and the speakers start to work right. Another problem is that my car is starting to shake sometimes, and u can see the rpms going up and down and the battery gauge going left and back to the middle while it's doing that... any one else having any of these same issues?

Cincinnati, OH

#45 Sep 23, 2010
I have a 2005 TB and have the problem with the helicoper looking light coming off and on. Today, after 3 months of this light coming and going, I do have the message to tighten gas cap and my gas cap has become very loose. There is no tightening the cap with each click. I will be calling the dealer for a new cap.

Huntington Beach, CA

#46 Oct 30, 2010
'05 TB! Engine light just turned on at 54,000. Took it to a shop and they diagnosed it and it ended up being the thermostat in the engine block. It's going to cost me $245 for the repair. It wasn't the fuel cap nor anything associated with the fuel. I haven't picked it up from the shop yet but as soon as I do I'll repost another comment. Remember that the engine light doesn't always mean gas related issues!

Huntington Beach, CA

#47 Oct 30, 2010
Picked up my '05 TB from the shop. It needed a new thermostat and engine block sensor. All that made my service engine light turn on.

Champaign, IL

#48 Nov 1, 2010
Debbie wrote:
I have a 2005 TB and have the problem with the helicoper looking light coming off and on. Today, after 3 months of this light coming and going, I do have the message to tighten gas cap and my gas cap has become very loose. There is no tightening the cap with each click. I will be calling the dealer for a new cap.
I have had THREE new gas caps on my 2005 TB since I got it. The one I have had for over 3 years now is good, but I have a non-working gas gauge and my check engine light is on continuously. There's another thread in these forums about everyone's gas gauge not working. Good luck, Debbie!

Champaign, IL

#49 Nov 1, 2010

Champaign, IL

#50 Nov 1, 2010
Gerry Calgary Canada

Calgary, Canada

#51 Jan 6, 2011
I had a 1998 Sunfire, my wife has a 2002 Aztekand I have a 2005 Trailblazer all with the Engine Light On problem. GM has had this problem for years and doesn't seem to want to address it. I have replaced sensors and gas caps and the problem persists. I just put up with it like an idiot I keep buying GM

Dallas, GA

#52 Jan 23, 2011
Our 05 TB has the trifecta going. Gas cap won't tighten, gas gauge doesn't work, and now the speedometer isn't working properly. We were using the milage to judge when to refill, but now with the speedometer problem, I don't know......thankfully our GPS tells our speed!!! I love the truck but this is probably going to cost A LOT to fix....if it can be fixed.
Sad that this problem is known and not rectified!
Chuck KY

Dayton, OH

#53 Aug 10, 2011
2006 Trailblazer LS
Aftermarket gas caps will not properly lock below the gas filler neck rim. You can try filing the plastic locking shim on the cap neck and it may work for a while but will wear and slip off again. I am going to try ACDelco's GT264 and see how it fits but they are about 22-35 plus shipping. So far all my issues have stopped with the non-locking cap on.
The tank sending unit is a known defect in many trailblazers and GM has an upgraded sending unit with a better sending resisitor. I have already replaced and so far so good. the defective one will cause the gauge meter to read empty and give intermittent readings as you drive down the road etc.

Also all TB owners should check the dashboard control harness just behind you battery on the fenderwell to make sure the harnes clip is in locked position as this will cause all kinds of
dashboard enging lights etc... Used a wire tie to keep it from slipping loose after a local former GM dealer left it loose and waited for my return!!!! I say former GM Dealer Service center. LOL
Good Luck

Makawao, HI

#54 Sep 2, 2011
i used to have the same problem with fuel on my trailblazer 07, i changed the fuel pompe and it works great now

Huntington Beach, CA

#55 Oct 21, 2011
Melissa wrote:
I have an 04 and I am glad to see that I am not the only one with this frustrating problem. My boyfriend thinks I'm nuts, he can get the gas cap on with no problem, but every time I get gas about a day later tighten fuel cap and service engine light come on. It Should not be this difficult to tighten a fuel cap!!!!!
I also have an 04 TB and my "Service enging soon" light comes on when I have either a loose gas cap or have gotten bad gas, especially a too low octane fuel. Try using a higher octane and see if that doesn't make it go off. Cheers!

Oxnard, CA

#56 Feb 7, 2012
Wow I have the same issue with my 07 TB so I am not crazy thats good to know...

Powell, OH

#57 Mar 30, 2012
Yes this gas cap crap is getting on my nerves grrr
janine ramos

Boca Raton, FL

#58 Apr 29, 2012
2005 trailblazer ls nothing but a big lemon.gas gauge,tranmission,door latches really rusted, door rust,2xwarped rotors.bad pulley,serve carpet stains from floor.odometer,flickeing head lights,rubber melting back hatch.to much paly i drivrdoor,rubbing in the steering,levers on bottom of seats comming off.i think my suv had flood damaefrom hurricane kitrina. me and my daughter have ungodly stains comming fromevery on the floor board i haverust stains door latshes.thisis a big fat no good lemon.engine light stays on.
janine ramos

Boca Raton, FL

#59 Apr 29, 2012
if chevy had big issues with the 2005 trailblazers why dont they fix the problems.i have been to the car dealer so many times for me and my daugthers car. they got sick of me and my mouth.i was so upset how they can sell such garbage to anyone.i went to the dealer with signs on my windows saying trailblazers are big lemons.and that is a fact.2005 chevy trailblazers ls
Goat Roper

Shawnee, OK

#60 May 20, 2012
You need to buy a new Chevy - Obama will fly out and fix it for You

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