02 trailblazer a/c problem

La Grange, KY

#21 Feb 19, 2008
thanks to this forum i started with the blower motor resistor and that seemed to be it until i heard what my wife described before it died the first time. A series of clicks coming from around the climate control panel. The wiring harness is slightly melted at one of the connections to the resistor which leads me to believe there is a short somewhere but not enough to blow a fuse, just get hot at the resistor and damage it. anyone have the same problem or any ideas? thank you in advance

Columbus, MS

#22 Apr 21, 2008
I own a 2002 Trailblazer, similar problems as posted on the forum above regarding a bad blower motor resistor. Settings 1,2,3 and 4, nothing. Full blast not a problem. How do I test the resistor to make sure that it is causing this problem? And also, does any one know about the power windows for the rear doors? I recently had to replace the motor and track/guide assembly and when I hooked the wiring harness back up after the work was complete, the motor started to over heat and the door switch failed to operate the window. Please advise.

Ozark, AR

#23 Apr 28, 2008
My central Texas friend has 2002 TB LTZ. Air blows cold on one side and hot on the other. Dealer experiments and charges for a non-fix.

I told her of this site so she can monitor for info.

thanx, Ron

Bowling Green, KY

#24 Apr 29, 2008
I have a 2006 trailblazer it is not the resistor but it is the 7 prong plug taht gose into it need a new plug where can i get one

Bowling Green, KY

#25 Apr 29, 2008
Tony wrote:
Ok, I think this is what is my problem but not sure. A while back the highest speed setting went out on my AC but 1-4 worked. Then, just the other day the rest quit working. It appears that the compressor is working as there is a trace of cold air coming from vents. However, the rear vent is not blowing either (are they separate?), and when I tested the voltage to the blower motor the voltage increased when I turned the fan from 0 to 1, 1 to 2, and stayed the same from 2 to 3, and 3 to 4, but decreased when I switched from 4 to 5. Does this sound like the resistor or the blower motor itself?
Thank you,
my o6 did the same and if you look at the plug going in to the resistor you will find that the 2nd prong in the plug is ben shorting out
i need a 7 prong to replace mine

Carmel, IN

#26 Jun 1, 2008
I have an 02 trailblazer. All the ac/heat functions work properly, with the exception of the ceiling vents. We have the LTZ package, leather, power everything, extended, and everything else is great, except the ceiling vents. Anyone know the cause of those not working????

Myrtle Beach, SC

#27 Jul 12, 2008
My 2002 Trailblazer has an a/c problem that is strang to say the least. When I start out the a/c will blow fine for a few minutes then goes out. Sometimes it will blow cold all the time and sometimes not. Also, when I am towing my boat, it will not blow cold at all!! Any ideas?? I have the digital climate control and I do know that my temperature sensor is going bad. Will this cause this??
Jim W1

Groton, CT

#28 Jul 20, 2008
My 2002 Trailblazer LTZ (loaded)starts just fine and the rpm gauge shows 800 to 1000 RPM, as soon as I switch on the AC the RPM's drop and the engine stalls. I then turn off the AC and the truck starts right back up
Jim W1

Groton, CT

#29 Jul 23, 2008
How do you program a PCM on 2002 Trailblazer with 6 cyl. motor.

New Rochelle, NY

#30 Jul 24, 2008
hi i have a 2002 trailblazer the Rear A/C dont work but the front ones works good perfec how can i fix the rear A/C Can someone help me thanx

Naples, FL

#31 Jul 26, 2008
I have a 2003 Trailblazer. The engine temp gauge show 260 as soon as the vehicle is started.

Tipp City, OH

#32 Jul 26, 2008
have a 2002 TRLB getting an ac pressure sensor code wont idle any help
to repair ac problem

Mascouche, Canada

#33 Aug 10, 2008
here that my experience
( please excuse my english )
the fan from the A/C stopped to turn
the light seems ok but blower don't
[img]http://www.hebergementima ges.com/images/1218352643_dash .jpg[/img]
I looked for the fuse........ it was ok
[url=http://www.hebergementima ges.com][img]http://www.heberg ementimages.com/images/1218352 712_fuse.jpg[/img][/url]
I removed the panel between the floor and the glove box , the resistor was there ( black box )
but before I removed the 3 screews 5.5 mm ( at the right top of the 3e picture ) and I get the fan's motor.
I tested the motor directly with the battery
I tested the resitor with a light tester if the power came ( moving the button on the control panel ( fig 1 ) and the light was on.
so the resistor was ok !
I bought a new fan's motor ( 140 $ can )
and it's ok now
[url=http://www.hebergementima ges.com][img]http://www.heberg ementimages.com/images/1218352 712_fuse.jpg[/img][/url]
here a picture of a other kind of resistor
same fonction but other design ( placed near of the fan motor too )
[img]http://www.hebergementima ges.com/images/1218352512_1218 058030plan003.jpg[/img]
I hope it's can help somebody to repair himself !
to repair ac problem

Mascouche, Canada

#34 Aug 10, 2008
excuse the bad topix before

the image can't be seen

Memphis, TN

#35 Aug 20, 2008
Here's a link to an auto electrician's blog where he's repaired similar problems.


Memphis, TN

#36 Aug 20, 2008
Here's a link to a resistor plug repair part.


Lawton, OK

#37 Aug 29, 2008
have a 2002 trailblazer just replaced battery but now when I engage the ac the cars dies out.
Black Stone Cherry Fan

Manchester, CT

#38 Dec 19, 2008
bsmooth ... when replacing a battery in these vehicles it is necessary to allow the PCM to relearn the ways of the vehicle. Disconnect the battery for about 5 - 10 minutes. After reconnecting it, start the truck and allow it to idle for about 5 - 10 minutes. You will notice the idle going up and down, and other things happening on their own. This is how the sensors and modules talk to each other to find the proper settings for the car. Also, when you start the vehicle, be sure to have the heater, AC, heated seats or anything else like that off until the reprogram is done.

United States

#39 Jan 8, 2009
I own a 2002 LT trailblazer and there are a couple of problems that may be related to each other.
When I first start the vehicle, there is a noise coming from the bottom of the console below the AC controls. Originally, it started doing it when I first turned the AC on and pressed the recirc button. Now, it does it with the AC off. After I drive the truck for a couple of minutes, the noise stops. It sounds like there is a gear mechaninsm trying to engage.
Also, the light on the recirc button does not lit and the AC is not blowing cold air although the system has enough freon.
Any idea what the problem is and how to solve it?

Jonesboro, AR

#40 Jan 20, 2009
I have a 02 TB. The fans blows but it dosen't come out of the vents. It only comes out of the defrost and the floor vent. I was told it was the on and off control switch. Anybody heard of this?

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