02 trailblazer a/c problem
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Houston, TX

#1 May 22, 2007
i got in my car today and the a/c would work fine on levels 1,3,4 but would not work at all on levels 2 and 5! What should I do?

Keene, CA

#2 May 24, 2007
Shutting off at a stop while a/c blasting away and transmission going out at 40,000 miles,just after my 3year/35,000 warranty ended.Costing me $3,500 out of my own pocket.I love my chevy trailblazer, but this breaks my heart.I don't think I'll buy a american automaker!!!!!

United States

#3 May 25, 2007
replace resistor

Houston, TX

#4 May 29, 2007
replaced the resistor and everything is working great!

Urbana, OH

#5 Jun 7, 2007
what resistor and where is it ?

2003 tb ext no 1,2,3,4 but 5 works

Oklahoma City, OK

#6 Jun 7, 2007
It's the blower motor resistor, and that's what controls the fan speed.

Directly under your glove box, there's a panel that's got 2 screws at the top. Remove the 2 screws and then the panel will hinge forward and come off. Remove it. The resistor is mounted behind that panel. Look for a module that's held on with 2 screws, one on each end. The module has an electrical connection to it. The connector is flat and wide, with 7 wires. A tan wire is on one end and a red one on the other.

United States

#7 Jun 20, 2007
Ok, I think this is what is my problem but not sure. A while back the highest speed setting went out on my AC but 1-4 worked. Then, just the other day the rest quit working. It appears that the compressor is working as there is a trace of cold air coming from vents. However, the rear vent is not blowing either (are they separate?), and when I tested the voltage to the blower motor the voltage increased when I turned the fan from 0 to 1, 1 to 2, and stayed the same from 2 to 3, and 3 to 4, but decreased when I switched from 4 to 5. Does this sound like the resistor or the blower motor itself?

Thank you,
Bob M

Rochester, MN

#8 Jun 25, 2007
My 2002 Trailblazer AC works on the passenger side dashboard vents but not on the drivers side. Blower works fine. Anybody seen this before?
John WV

Clarksburg, WV

#9 Jul 16, 2007
To change the resistor, do I need to disconnect the battery?

Also, can I purchase it a a local bulk parts store (Autozone), how much?

Since: Jul 07

Choctaw, OK

#10 Jul 16, 2007
You will only be unplugging a connector to the resistor, so no, you shouldn't need to disconnect the battery.

It will probably run about $25 at any major auto parts store. If you like autozone, then you can easily check the actual price and see if it's in stock at your store at www.autozone.com

Duvall, WA

#11 Aug 10, 2007
Bob M wrote:
My 2002 Trailblazer AC works on the passenger side dashboard vents but not on the drivers side. Blower works fine. Anybody seen this before?
I just recharged my a/c on my 2002 trailblazer and that same thing is happening, it's only blowing cold air out of passenger side what the hell is going on?
2002 TB Blues

New Port Richey, FL

#12 Aug 14, 2007
jason wrote:
<quoted text> I just recharged my a/c on my 2002 trailblazer and that same thing is happening, it's only blowing cold air out of passenger side what the hell is going on?
I've encountered a similar problem, with the driver side AC not cooling enough. Mr. Goodwrench has told me it could be a problem with the computer (app 3/06) replaced the Pressure recycling switch and the air inlet recirculation switch under the warranty in August 2006, our extended warranty expired in December 2006, the problem returned and they replaced the actuator motor temp blend door under a "mercy" warranty (3/07), the problem resumed after one month. Today Mr. Goodwrench told me that the problem stems from leaks in my AC Compressor and cycling switch...They are also telling me the receiver drier accumulator needs to be replaced.

For today's (8/07)services they only wanted over $1600. Put me on the list of those wanting to know the true origin of this problem.

Irving, TX

#13 Sep 6, 2007
I took my trailblazer in to a repair shop because the battery was dead. The battery was replaced under warranty by the repair shop (not a Chevrolet dealer). When I drove off I noticed that the fan would not blow cold air out of the upper A/C vents. It would blow cold air out of the floor vents. I am at $600 and still it is not working. When I purchased the car I had problem with it blowing cold air on the passenger side and hot air on the driver's side. The dealer "reprogrammed" it and it worked fine, except for one other problem. Since I purchased it, it does not blow cold air until you are well on your way. It blows hot air for 2-3 minutes after you start it up. What a mess, especially for someone living in Texas with our hot temperatures. I bet I am not the only one having these problems. After having Japanese cars for the last 17 years, I thought I would give an American brand another chance. Big mistake. And people wonder why the American car manufacturers are getting clobbered. It is because they still make an inferior product, year after year.

United States

#14 Sep 10, 2007
I'm having a "similar" problem with my '02 Trailblazer. This morning I started up and ran the AC, however upon switching the front defrost on, the engine shut off. Rear defrost is okay and the car runs fine until i switch to defrost. Dealer says it could be a short or something electrical, but I don't wanna dish out money for an educated guess. Any ideas?

Miami, FL

#15 Sep 11, 2007
I have a similiar problem with my 2002 trailblazer. All was working fine, I experienced a clicking noise and now the ac will only blow through the defrost and the feet area not the "face vents".
The auto mechanic says I need a new motor which supposedly only costs $50 but he'll need to pull out the entire dash whis is $500 in labor.
Any help from anyone would be appreciated
Jay Z


#16 Sep 12, 2007
I own a 2002 Trailblazer LS. I just replaced my water pump and serpentine belt. The engine runs fine when in idle. As soon as I turn on the A/C, the engine dies. If I am driving and I turn on the A/C, the car is fine. When I am at a stop light (or worse, traffic) my car dies. What could be wrong? Is my compressor showing signs of needing replaced?

Gainesville, FL

#17 Sep 26, 2007
I am having the same problem on my 2002 Trailblazer as well. Runs fine except when you turn on a/c then I stop and my engine dies. I have been told that the clutch on my a/c compessor is going but not sure how true this is. Anyone have any ideas?

Gainesville, FL

#18 Sep 26, 2007
I found this online thought this might help as well.. "the PCM needed to be reprogrammed after battery disconnection as it forgets how to idle properly. As I understand it, the PCM "learns" over time how to idle correctly for your vehicle and its environmental conditions. Once that memory is lost... "

Edmond, OK

#19 Nov 28, 2007
Numbers 1,2,3 on my blower motor quit working. Then 4 and 5 quit. I put a new resistor in but nothing. I also checked to see if my motor was good. Fuses fine. I have power going into the resistor but nothing coming out. I don't know if I should have power coming from the plug straight out of my control nob, but I don't.

United States

#20 Feb 11, 2008
I have an 02 Trailblazer that the window controls on the driver side are making a clicking noise. It happens randomly and will click wildly for a few minutes. At night the lights (for the window/lock contol panel) goes on and off with the clicks. I brought it in twice now and the dealer can't find any problems. Any thoughts?

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