Steering shaft Problems, 2001 Tahoe

Round O, SC

#41 Mar 28, 2007
No sure if it makes a difference to keep piling on at this point, but:

2005 Silverado Crew Cab Z-71. Clunking steering shaft has been repaired twice already and has to go back to the dealership again, less than a year after previous repair. Bought the truck new and it has 52,000 miles.

Plainfield, IL

#42 Mar 28, 2007
My steering shaft was replaced by the dealer at 15000. They said they've had problems. Then again at 31000,43000,64000,and now they say there is no problem and is within specs. Well it feels like the front wheels are going to fall off. I'm a Harley Buy American kind of guy , and they just lost me to toyota.
Miami John

Miami, FL

#43 Mar 30, 2007
Greasing the shaft is easier than changing a tire. You don't even need the kit. Just force a bunch of wheel bearing grease in the end of the shaft, cover the end and the bolt holes with your fingers and work the shaft in and out a bunch of times. i did mine over 2000 miles ago and it's still fine.

Better than dealing with "MR. GOODWRENCH"


#44 Mar 31, 2007
same problem

United States

#45 Apr 3, 2007
I am currently at the dealership for the second time for this problem. The first time they said they replaced the lube in the stearing shaft. I am now out of warranty and am about to have to pay $100 to have this fixed. I will get my money back and they WILL fix this problem.

Arcadia, CA

#46 Apr 9, 2007
I have a 2001 Silverado, 65,000 miles, and have had the steering shaft lubed twice and replaced 4 times. I took it in today for the steering shaft again. They say they have a new shaft that they are using but still want me to pay for it (over $200) since I am over 60,000 miles. Had I known that, I would have taken it in at 59,999 miles! Have talked to GM and opened up a case to see what they can do. I'll keep you posted!
2005 Tahoe

Orangeburg, SC

#47 Apr 18, 2007

Kent, WA

#48 Apr 19, 2007
Same Problem On My 2002 Tahoe
2003 LT Tahoe 42000 mi

Lawrenceville, GA

#49 Apr 21, 2007
Hearing knocking and popping noise in front end as well. If this is the same problem, what is the cost for replacement?

Tacoma, WA

#50 Apr 23, 2007
Same issue on my 2002 Yukon. Had the shaft fixed twice. Now the transmission clunks win it shifts from 2nd to 3rd. GM says it is normal and told me to go pound sand and will not cover it with warranty, Watch Out...They will not fix a fricken thing
Herb Campbell

Paris, TX

#51 Apr 25, 2007
Anybody try Borgeson shafts?
Mary_ Az

Tucson, AZ

#52 Apr 28, 2007
I have a 2003 LT Tahoe with 48,000 miles on it and just got it out of the shop yesterday, in for the 3rd time with steering problems. Also a tie rod had to be tightened! This is a 4x4 but I have yet to take it off road. Cost too much money. Can you imagine if I would! The symptoms were also clunking and popping noises that were felt on the steering wheel. I also had a squeaking noise on the steering wheel which has also been resolved with the replacing of the steering shaft. I had no idea it was all related. I'm glad I purchased an extended warrantly on this vehicle. Also have had problems with noises coming from the "heat shield" of the catalytic converter. First 2 times I took it in I was told the heat shield was loose so it was secured with solder. The noise is back, upon examination from the auto dealer service personnel they said the caty might have to be replaced altogether but the noise has to be more consistent to justify replacement. So I have to deal with a rattling noise that comes and goes. It's not the noise that makes me insane, its the money I paid for this SUV!
Mary_ Az

Tucson, AZ

#53 Apr 28, 2007
2003 LT Tahoe 42000 mi wrote:
Hearing knocking and popping noise in front end as well. If this is the same problem, what is the cost for replacement?
My 2003 Tahoe had exact symptoms and it turns out the steering shaft had to be replaced. My extended warranty kicked in but they were billed $438.00.

Anadarko, OK

#54 May 2, 2007
Same problem here with the clunking noise.Also when turned all the way to the left the steering wheel won't correct , it just goes around in a circle. I am pissed. the truck cost me 24 thousand dollars and I have this to look forward to. This should fall under the lemon law. I am going to contact anyone and everyone I can to get a recall on this problem. I should of bought a ford abain. I was so happy with my ford. Damm I guess that the american way now,,,to get screwed over by big business

Anadarko, OK

#55 May 2, 2007
Hey guys we all need to start a complaint process about the problem. I am. The better business burea will help in making a complaint to GM call this number if you want to start a complint and maybe we can get a recall. I don;t know about you, but for what I payed for this tahoe I should'nt have to put up with a recurring front end problem. The number is 1-800-955-5100
2001 Chevy Tahoe

Puyallup, WA

#56 May 13, 2007
I just experienced a loss of power steering in my 2001 Tahoe (originally purchased in SF, CA). We have around 82K miles on it. Has anyone else experienced this? Car was towed to the shop over the weekend so I'm awaiting answers. I saw there was a recal on Oct. 4, 2005 for the 06 Tahoe regarding Steering: Hydraulic power assist: hose, piping, and connections. If anyone has any info, please submit.

Plano, TX

#57 May 14, 2007
03 Tahoe here. Replaced as well as lubed it at least 1/2 dozen question is how do we start a class action law it worth? Thoughts anyone??
RIGGS - London UK

Llandudno, UK

#58 May 22, 2007
I had total power steering loss in my 2001 Tahoe LT back in December, the same pump apparently powers the brakes aswell, so I had complete steering and brake failure at the same time! What a stupid invention! So you get steering AND brake failure aswell at the same time! Are GM trying to make sure that when we do wreak, we get killed so we cant sue them?? its bad enough to loose steering control while driving, but brakes aswell?Luckily I was turning into a parking space when it happened and not driving on a road! I had the power steering pump replaced but it has 'whined' since and my brakes have not been as strong, I have been told the new pump is faulty and have to replace that one also! I also have the famous clonking sound from my steering column,(sounds like its coming from inside the steering wheel area), it has got a lot worse in the last week and the steering wheel vibrates violently when you hit a bump, im here looking for answers so I can get it sorted, sounds like im in for another fun time with this truck, ive had it for one year,canadian import so dont know the history,its on 120,000 miles and since ive had it ive had the 'service ride control light on',its been reset several times but just comes back and I dont know why. My park brake has stopped working,my rear suspension is leaking air,and my ABS light and 'park brake' light flash on and off when they want.My whole family have had american cars here for as long as I can remember, and this Tahoe is the worst of the lot, and in the UK, a 2001 Tahoe will set you back the equivelent of $25-30,000 USD! I will post update for those interested when I repair the column problems.
RIGGS - London UK

Llandudno, UK

#59 May 22, 2007
PS, I forgot to mention (?) I also had to replace the catalysts,the front passenger window regulator the 'universal joint' snapped on the rear of the drive shaft whilst driving, causing the shaft to drop and bang along the highway,... and my transmission sometimes bangs into second gear when you pull away! Someone please tell me im just unlucky with this one and that they are not all the same???
RIGGS - London UK

Llandudno, UK

#60 May 22, 2007
Earlier I called my local GM dealer and the biggest importer of Chevy trucks in the UK and asked for that 'steering column intermediate shaft lube kit' mentioned on here by someone else,I quoted the GM part number, and they told me it is no longer available and that GM do not have an alternative.They phoned a main GM supplier for this in the US, who said he could only find 1 (one) kit left in the US on his database of GM suppliers? I dont know how accurate this is, but their service dept informed me, in the abscence of the GM lube kit, they now use a 'RED HIGH TEMPERATURE GREASE' as the alternative which works well with no repeat problems. Again I cant vouch for this, but I will be using this method on mine tomorrow,and will know well it works then. I will update in due course....

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