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#41 Oct 22, 2008
The Chevy V-8's have a defect in the intake manifold gasket. The gasket blows out allowing air and coolant to leak into the cylinders. this fouls the plug and the cylinder. A small leak may cause the check engine light to come on or may not. It may cause hard start until the coolant evaporates from the cylinder and starts again. There is a gasket set from fel-pro made of metal to correct the defect. There is also a dexcool lawsuit that addresses this issue.
Tina wrote:
<quoted text> I purchased a 99 Suburban in 2007 and it has been doing this since the week after I purchased it. The dealer (small independant lot) said they could not duplicate the problem. I have spent over 2k on the issue and cannot seem to get it fixed. It runs great otherwise but I don't know what else to do about this issue....HELP!!

Florence, KY

#42 Nov 15, 2008
ray wrote:
have a 1999 4x4 suburban.
it has begun to stall with no warning, had main board,fuel pump,and crank shaft sensor replaced and still have same issue.
Little help please!
I have a 99 4wd and I was towing a boat about 70 mph hit a slight dip in xpway and it shut down like I turned off key.Pulled over did the banging on fuel tank check battery wire,Got it started and found that I could not step on the brake or turn on parking or headlights.Put it in neutral and proceeded in the dark with no lights and afraid to touch brake pedal.Dodged a deer had a couple of more stalls and made it home only to pull up to house and have it work just fine.2 weeks later had boat hooked up and was sitting with lights ,radio on and door open maybe 15 min and it would not crank over.Charged for an hour started right up and touched brake and it shut down.Same with lights.Finally moved it to park it and after a couple more tries with brakes and lights it cleared up.Now afraid to drive anywhere.Do you have any thing similar as far as being intermittent?

Charlotte, NC

#43 Dec 29, 2008
I have a 88 chevy, Suburban that has resently developed a no start in the rain problem, turns over and is geting gas but no spark, nothing looking obviously wet under hood. Any thoughts?
Jeff in CO

Houston, TX

#44 Dec 29, 2008
Check the cap and rotor. Perhaps there is a hairline crack in the dist. cap.
Jamie Shupe

Reno, NV

#45 Mar 3, 2009
REG wrote:
<quoted text>
I Have been having the same problem especially when I stay over night at a higher altitude exept I have to wait two hours until it will start, then it runs great until I go back into the mountains again. It is very frustrating, and has been happening ever since I bought it new 7 years ago. I wish someone had the answer, because gm certainly does not.
Mine too, I have a 1999 as well and after a heavy rain it starts then shuts itself off. The security light comes on when I turn it over and will not shut off. What can I do????

Westbourne Park, Australia

#46 May 11, 2009
Jim wrote:
I have a 88 chevy, Suburban that has resently developed a no start in the rain problem, turns over and is geting gas but no spark, nothing looking obviously wet under hood. Any thoughts?
Jim I have an 82 Suburban that did exactly the same thing here in South Aus-we used to put my wifes hairdryer under the bonnet for 1/2 hour and that got it going-took over a year and a lot of head scratching before it was pinpointed to the pickup at the bottom of the coil-hasn't done it since-hope thats not too late to be of any help as only found this by accident when trying to find a source for some tailgate parts

Laurens, SC

#47 May 11, 2009
ray wrote:
found issue. diconnected the security system, and it has not died since
How did you disconnect the security system?

Hurleyville, NY

#48 May 22, 2009
help my 95 is sputtering if you apply gas and having a mind of its own, new fuel filter and new throttle position sensor...

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

#49 May 27, 2009
i need help..... i have 1997 gmc suburban,,the problem is misfiring.. i do the complete tune up but the problem is same i also replace the PCM and the distributor but same problem...anyone can help me for this issue....plsssss
big d

Mesa, AZ

#50 May 27, 2009
Pigman wrote:
I have a 99 Suburban and going down a hiway it just died after a small bump. Lost everything. Electrical power seems okay as I have full battery power. It cranks over but that is it. Nothing like being 300 miles from home on a family vacation. I think fuel pump might be it but not sure. No one in this state works on Saturday or Sunday.
hey pigman,
im having the same issues as you!!!! did you ever figure the prblem out? im pulling my hair out, it will run for a few hunderd miles then just die over a small bump the ecm -1 fuse takes a dump!can you help me? i don't have much hair left!!!
big d

Mesa, AZ

#51 May 27, 2009
i have a 1992 chevy suburban its one of the best trucks i have ever had, but i just had a issue with the ecm-1 fuse blowing after i go over a small bump in the road,i can take it off road and it will run just fine!when the fuse blowes i can put a fuse in and turn the key and it will keep blowing , but if i let it sit and put a new fuse in it will run for a few months then it will blow again.i have taken all fuses out and left the ecm-1 fuse in the fuse still blows.i have also removed the ecu and that doesnt help! i have had people tell me fuel punp.any clue?

Salt Lake City, UT

#52 Jul 20, 2009
I have a 1999 Chev Suburban that is driving me nuts. 6 month old fuel pump, new fuel filter. Runs for days with no problems then dies out of the clear blue no warning, I have to leave it for several hours go back and starts right up. Seems to be heat related but lately that is not proven. Seems to be getting worse. Fuel pump getting fuel to rail, but can't see fuel being pumped into the carb through the injectors. Logically seems electrical but no code showing up that would lead me to believe this.


[email protected]


#53 Jul 27, 2009
JosephMac wrote:
I have a 1997 suburban and my front end is acting like it is in four wheel drive although my transfer case is not ingaged. If you have any suggestions I would appreciate them. Thanks.
Don't know if this is the same problem, but on my 96, I find if I drive a few feet in reverse and then jam on the brakes, it shakes everything loose and lets me get back into rear wheel drive. Good luck!
stuck in Canada


#54 Aug 16, 2009
I have a 2003 Suburban that wont start. Fully charged battery, radio and lights come on, but doesn't turn over at all. Some say anti theft security is responsible, we don't have manual with us as we are on vacation. Does any body know what number fuse it is so we can try to disconnect. This has happened 3 times now, the last time was 3 years ago and Chevy said nothing was wrong.

United States

#55 Aug 17, 2009
My 1999 Chevy Suburban 4X4 will not come out of 2WD. Checked 4X4 fuse, changed solenoid on the differential and changed the 4X4 control switch on the dash and still will not work. The position indicator light is not illuminated either, HELP....

Miami, FL

#56 Sep 7, 2009
chris spruill wrote:
I have a 1999 chevy suburban that has failed to start on four occasions during the last year after a rain. Each time it turned over and just dies after I disengaged the ignition. After letting it sit for 15-30 minutes it started each time and ran well. Each time we had spark and fuel. It only has done this after a rain.
My 99 suburban was doing the same thing. We thought it was due to rain as well. After the sun came out and things dried up, the car would start. However, it eventually started happening more often, and no rain. No one could figure it out. It was intermitting. Never new when it would happen. I finally gave up and told the dealer to keep the car until they find the issue. After 10 days of starting perfectly, the 11th morning, it happened and they diagnosed the issue to be the passlock module. It has been perfect ever since.

Oceanside, NY

#57 Sep 24, 2009
Have had 4 Cadillacs since 1989 and now a 2004 Suburban with 88k miles-Has been good except the kock in the steering coupling- Fixed with kit at 50 k and need to do it again.It is not the car but the horrible designs. just had to buy a tool to get off the fuel filter.Garage wanted $100.00 to change. The wiper and rear washer pumps cracked apart-was a factory problem and they dipped in rubber-and now the instrument cluster-bought the stepper motors-next week.Glad I did not pay $43k for this car-Still love it but the GM design and quality of design is poor.

Grand Prairie, TX

#58 Oct 24, 2009
My 2003 Suburban shows "battery not charging" with the battery icon flashing. Husband took the alternator to be checked and it fine. battery shows to be fine. Any ideas? Help!

Salfordville, PA

#59 Nov 18, 2009
I have a 97 chevy suburban and it runs pretty well for the most part. about 2 months ago after a long hard rain the truck would not kick over it cranks but will not start. I have to let it completely dri for a few good days and then it starts up like nothing ever happened. It has been happening after it rains ever since. Any advice would be appreciated.

Morphett Vale, Australia

#60 Nov 19, 2009
Chrism, see my post on May 9. Same problem exactly or after a cold night. Had a crack at the base of the coil pickup and has never done it since after we had it replaced. Not sure how much electronic starting equip on a 97 as I only have a chip in top of distributor and rest all old system-this on a 454 but it may be worth starting there and see how you go

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