2002 Chevy Suburban Air conditioner p...

Monticello, NY

#123 May 23, 2010
I have a 2003 and when I turn on the ac it makes a clicking noise under the hood. the noise started after I put a can of freon in it because it was not blowing cold! anyone know what the noise is? still not blowing cold air, maybe a little colder!

Warsaw, IN

#124 May 23, 2010
2004 Chevy Suburban blows cold air to the back and hot air to the front. Any suggestions...

Bay City, MI

#125 May 25, 2010
I have a 2000 suburban, the air for the front compartment only gets somewhat cool at most but at times when on low it seems to get cold, but the rear compartment gets nice and cold all the time, any suggestion, Thanks
Gibson dc

Lawrenceburg, IN

#126 May 31, 2010
when ac is turned on it makes noise when i take off from a stand still and blow warm air until i start driving for a while
Ricky Kingwood TX

Murchison, TX

#127 May 31, 2010
well I purchased a 2002 suburban squeeking clicking noise when the a/c is on. after you got moving the a'c would blow cold . Being around cars all my life I found the problem and Im sad to say alot of you got screwed. The problem is there is not enough air movement to cool the a/c condensor which causes high head pressure on a/c system. Which gives you hot air when sitting causes stress on the tensioner makes it go max open the belt squeek and the tensioner hits the transmission lines and the harmonic balancer. The fix install an electric fan that comes on with either key on power or a/c on power. and Voila all problems are fixed cost me about $100 and couple hours of my time.
keith mass

Springfield, MA

#128 May 31, 2010
1999 suburban has nice a/c air out both rear overhead vents but warm air out the front dash vents
gabe O

Fremont, CA

#129 Jun 4, 2010
HuskerBill wrote:
<quoted text>
I have the same issue with my '02 Suburban. What is the best way to check if it is in face the pulley? What else could I do myself to figure what the noise is. The A/C works fine, but makes that loud flapping noise.
I too had the same problem, it was the clutch in the AC compressor I was told the whole unit, the compressor, was cheaper to replace than just the clutch in the compressor itself, compressor was about 230 bucks. This buy the way trashed my tensioner at the same time and had to replace it as well.
gabe O

Fremont, CA

#130 Jun 4, 2010
I too had the same problem, it was the clutch in the AC compressor I was told the whole unit, the compressor, was cheaper to replace than just the clutch in the compressor itself, compressor was about 230 bucks. This buy the way trashed my tensioner at the same time and had to replace it as well.

United States

#131 Jun 14, 2010
I have a 2005 Chevy Silverado, 1500. The air conditioner blows cold, but does not blow to full capacity. Someone said it might be the actuator, but which one? Can we fix it ourselves, or does it have to be done at a mechanics shop?

Sarasota, FL

#132 Jun 15, 2010
Mike wrote:
<quoted text>Ihave on 05 that is doing just the opposite, cold to driver, hot to passenger. Did yours get fixed?
Mine is in repair right now as well.....2004 Suburban 4x4 z71. Blowing hot on the driver side and cool on the passengers. If I would take the key out and turn the truck off, then restart it...it would then blow cool! They told me the same thing, that my actuators were shot. It is costing me a cool $1200, so here is praying it works! Good luck to you guys! This is the first problem I have had with my truck and it has 80 rpm on it.

Dallas, TX

#133 Jun 18, 2010
joe wrote:
My '02 "burb" started making a terrible sound upon acceleration then stopped when at road speed...did this for about a month - we had several out of town trips and too busy to leave it at the dealership - now the AC is not cooling in front or in rear? What could be the problem? Is it a fix at home cure or haul it in to the chev dealer?
The noise you heard was the compressor hammering at 2,000 rpm due to your compressor seizing up. Now i bet it broke the A/C belt-(not the main belt but the one down below) take it to a pro-)

Dallas, TX

#134 Jun 18, 2010
If the compressor is not seizing up- then it will be shutting off due to hig head pressure. A resuritcted orfas could be the problem. Still- take it to a pro.\
roger Lewis

Tempe, AZ

#135 Jun 18, 2010
Tommy wrote:
Mine is now working (at least for 3 weeks) They repalced the actuators again, changed out the front switching panel and also replaced part of the computer system. Also they had to reprogram. It also now blows colder than ever. Still has the same coolant in it so I feel pretty comfortable that the combination fix has taken care of the problem.
Tommy, how much did it cost to have the actuators, front switching paney and part of the computer system replaced? I have the same year and same problem as you have. thx

Madison, NJ

#136 Jun 28, 2010
Rick wrote:
I have a 2002 Suburban that is leaking water from the AC condensate into the middle seat floorboard. Does anyone know where the drain line runs so that I could try to unclog it. Also on this same vehicle the rear air puts out much colder air than the front air does, any ideas on that?
yes your drains is under the right rear panel over the exhuast,look up and you will see it. check your evap filter.

Mariposa, CA

#137 Jul 6, 2010
I've been having intermittent problems with my 2004 suburban airconditioner (among other things). AC will work fine and then all of a sudden blow hot air on passenger side. Turn the car off and back on again and it works fine. You can almost hear a quiet "thud" when it switches off. I couldn't get the air to come on at all yesterday and wondering if it's completely gone. Any ideas?

Greensboro, NC

#138 Jul 8, 2010
My 1999 Suburban (240,000+,miles) has never had an A/C problem. My wife told me it quit blowing out "cool" air about two weeks ago. The blower works as it's blowing air but the air doesn't seem to be conditioned. Any thoughts before I take it somewhere and have someone tell me I need a whole new A/C system?

Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

#139 Jul 11, 2010
Steve wrote:
I have a 2004 Suburban - the A/c blows fine in the rear - but only blows faintly in the front -- it's is cooling -- but not blowing in the front - even when it's at the highest level...any ideas?
Replace the filter (in the box above the front seat passengers feet)

United States

#140 Jul 14, 2010
2001 suburban loud flapping noise under the right front, read a lot with the same preblem but couldn't find a solution

Augusta, GA

#141 Jul 16, 2010
I too have the same problem w/ the a/c blowing hot (randomly) on the driver's side, while the passenger side & rear air are cool. Looking to fix by replacing the acutator. Is it the Air Flap Actuator that I need?
rc diaz

Whittier, CA

#142 Jul 17, 2010
I have a 2003 chevy suburban when I changed out the battery the a/c will not work properly. The air only blows from the dash and not the floor or front vents. Is there a reset switch ? This is the second time this happens.. The dealer was able to fix the first time. It was not cheap. So looking to see if anyone has a solution.

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