2008 Silverado Battery Goes Dead

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#41 Feb 9, 2011
TPeters wrote:
My battery went dead suddenly on my 2008 Silverado with only 12,000, and at 11:45 pm in the Walmart parking lot.
While driving the truck the dash lights suddenly started blinking and the door locks were clicking off and on. I pulled over and then the truck wouldn't start, as the battery was dead. When I tried to start there was more door lock clicking noises and the dash message said Tracking Control off, then on, off, on, off, so maybe that's a clue but I never had it set to off.
A police officer came over and looked at the battery with his flashlight. We saw stuff oozing out from the positive terminal. At first it looked like major corrosion buildup, but it was leaking from the positive terminal. The battery cable was warm too.
I've never had anything plugged into the truck. No garmin or towing stuff. The radio, heater, air conditioner were not on before or when this happened.
The truck was towed and is in the shop today. Will update latter if they find anything...
also having this problem. Has anyone been able to gm to find the real solution to the problem instead of guessing like they do?

Hudson, NH

#42 Mar 10, 2011
I too need to join the group...2008 Sliverado with just 15,000 miles on it. I don't drive it everyday and when I leave it for a couple of days the battery is dead. JUst started to have the issue in January.
Does anyone have a solution yet. I am calling the dealer today but by the sounds of it that is not going to get it fixed.
Limp mode

Chesapeake, VA

#43 Apr 26, 2011
HBrown wrote:
I am having the same problem with the locks clicking and dash cycling through and stuff. My dealer is saying it is a problem with my battery cables. Wouldn't start then jumped it and it started. Any ideas?
2009 Silverado LT
Have any of you looked at the connection where the neg bat cable bolts to the engine block? I found that to be the cause of my flickering dash and dead batteries.
Now, If I could only find out why truck goes into limp mode!!!

Raleigh, NC

#44 Apr 27, 2011
NHbassman wrote:
I too need to join the group...2008 Sliverado with just 15,000 miles on it. I don't drive it everyday and when I leave it for a couple of days the battery is dead. JUst started to have the issue in January.
Does anyone have a solution yet. I am calling the dealer today but by the sounds of it that is not going to get it fixed.
Yes mine was solved by my dealer, read my posts for how, I started this thread because of a prob like yours. Note others have posted with somewhat diff symptoms than mine.

Spokane, WA

#45 May 23, 2011
My battery died on my 07 Silverado about a year ago. I took it to my local Buick/GMC dealer. They have a master tech that hooked a laptop up under the dash, and connected with GM and it needed a software update! I have let it set for up to three days now, and have not had a problem since. It only has about 23K miles on it. He also checked a connection on the firewall in the engine compartment before he did the laptop, but it was ok.

Addison, IL

#46 Jun 7, 2011
Has rodger norden fix helped anyone?? I'm having the same problem.

Thanks, John
Mark Hawaii

Honolulu, HI

#47 Jun 27, 2011
I played my radio while cleaning my 08 1500 maybe an hour it barely cranked over from then on even after 30 min of freeway driving then power door locks in the rear doors won't unlock right then left don't know if related but now dead battery and when I drove it to charge it sulfur smell read some blogs I think it's the voltage reg gone haywire then frying the battery why the rotten egg smell . I'm a carpenter not a mechanic
American and proud of it

Rogers, AR

#48 Jul 18, 2011
I am one of the "Dumb Americans" you speak of. It seems that stupidity however lies with you. BMW doesn't build a truck you ignoramous and also the average repair cost on the BMW is more than triple vs the Chevrolet truck. So I guess I understand the expression "It takes one to know one"

Kittanning, PA

#49 Aug 6, 2011
I had a the same problem with the battery going dead on 1997 K1500. After some searching (and my battery going dead several times), I found that the relay that controls the air conditioner compressor clutch had an intermittent short. The coil on the clutch would remain energized, after the truck was switched off, and kill the battery. After replacing the relay, I had no more trouble with it. You may have a similar problem.

North Fort Myers, FL

#50 Aug 19, 2011
I have a 2007 Silverado that was "eating batteries" shortly aftr I purchased it new. The dealer replaced 3 batteries and then on the fourth time, told me that the radio was defective. They replaced the radio and the probem never re-occurred. I have 105,000 mi. on truck now.

Austin, TX

#51 Sep 1, 2011
After truck spent the whole day at the mechanic for the dead battery problem that everyone is experiencing I found out that it's not the radio. The mechanic thinks there's a problem with the battery cables but he's not sure. I called GM customer service and complained. I'm off to the dealer now. Customer service promised to fix it even though it's got 40K miles on it. I'm printing out all of these suggestions to take with me. If it's not fixed I'm trading it in. First problem was with the radiator temp gage that was faulty, now this.

Apo, AE

#52 Sep 19, 2011
2008 chevy silverado will be completely dead, and when i hook up jumber cables, it just clicks when i try to start it. As soon as i take the cables off, the whole truck goes dead. Is this a battery problem?? and what should the truck be charging at??

Port Saint Lucie, FL

#53 Oct 6, 2011
I have a 2007 silverado and had a similar problem mine started with the speakers going dead so we replaced 1 and truck would not start so i called the dealer and they said to replace the battery did that and same thing would not start no lights windows and locks quit working along with other things. Had a freind who hooked me up with a mech. at the dealer who explained that the neg. cable was faulty and theres a service bulletin out for them and it was causing many problems, he said they would replace them under warranty. Had truck towed to the to dealer and later got a call that the BCM (body control module) was bad and it was going to cost $650.00 to replace, thanks to the mech i found out this was caused by the faulty cable and GM covered it. The truck has 55,000 miles and is no longer under warranty. If you have any of these problems please have your cables changed before it gets to expensive and if you do have this problem call GM at 800-222-1020 and complain.

Raleigh, NC

#54 Oct 6, 2011
Richard, does it apply to 2008's ?

Charlotte, NC

#55 Oct 22, 2011
2008 Silverado LT 5.3L 29k-

I have been having similar problems as some of those listed here. Random loss of all power after stopping and shutting down- as if the battery wasnt there at all. I have found that if you disconnect/reconnect neg cable at battery it resets the system and all is fine. Not a permanent soln but will keep you from getting stranded. Make sure and carry a 10mm wrench in the truck with you!

United States

#56 Nov 6, 2011
I have a 2007 Silverado !500 with very similar problems as those cited by several people above.
1) the truck intermittently loses all electrical power WHILE PARKED, even after being driven for many miles and then stopped for only a few minutes, and
2) WHILE DRIVING, periodically the engine cuts in and out, the door locks slam up and down, the interior and exterior lights flash on and off, etc.

The truck has had three batteries in the two years I've owned it as well as replacement OEM Delco battery cables and clamp bolts.

Generally, I've been able to get the truck going and to TEMPORARILY stop the problems by shaking and re-tightening the positive battery cable, but after many dealer visits the problems continue to occur.

Very long story short: The Delco positive cable clamp on my 2007 vehicle is both absurdly designed and extremely cheaply made. The small diameter vertical clamp bolt with the little ears designed to force the clamp around the post is made of cheap, soft metal and seems to lose proper contact with the battery post, even on a brand new battery, as a result of heat expansion / contraction and/or vibration.
Compare this style clamp to a traditional, simple clamp with a larger diameter horizontal bolt that directly and very strongly closes the clamp on the battery post.

I'd be very interested to know whether those of you with 2008-2011 Silverados have positive battery cable clamps with the same design, or if at some point the positive cable clamp has been changed to something different.

Tomorrow I'm going to try to find a cable or at least a traditional style proper clamp (for the dual cable) to replace the Delco junk.

I hope a non-OEM traditional cable/clamp will finally solve this problem that has made my Chevy both unreliable and unsafe to drive for as long as I've owned it. We'll see...

I can't imagine why Chevy / GM would accept such a ridiculous design in the first place, and I can't believe GM isn't fully aware of this problem by now.
In any event, I seriously doubt that I'll ever again buy a GM product, given my nightmare of the last two years with this pickup.

Raleigh, NC

#57 Nov 7, 2011
My 2008 does not have the regular heavy bolt you describe and has a vertical bolt but it has not been a problem. Maybe they have beefed up this design.
Richard J

Pomerene, AZ

#58 Nov 7, 2011
Bought my 2008 Silverado WT ( work truck ) in June with 16K miles. Within a month I started to have problems restarting it after shuting it down. All elect. power was just GONE -- no lights, nothing. Clock went to 12:00 when I got it started. I was stranded in a parking lot and the only thing that I could think to do was the "old school" of "jiggling" the battery cables. Much to my surprise it worked.
Got it home and cleaned the clamps and terminals. Two weeks later it stranded me again and after more "jiggles" I got it going again and drove it to the nearest "shop" ( not Chevy dealer ). They determined that the ground at the body was loose and corroded. Fixed it and I had no problems UNTIL today and it has doing it again.
I spent the day looking into it and as best I can tell from all the forums that I have read, it "appears" to be bad battery cables. One or both ( actually there are three - 1 neg and 2 pos ) My local Chevy dealer wants $308.00 for the set. I had to sit down -- I am 67 years old and THAT just about ended it for me :--)) If they want THAT much for the cables it will be "thousands" to replace them :--))
Not only are the cables strangely placed ( as well as the battery ) the clamps seem to be VERY poorly designed and "made to fail". Can not see how a vertical bolt works in a horz. clamp. I sure miss my 67 Mustang !!!
I bought a bottom of the line truck to keep things "simple" --- WRONG !! They got me anyway !!

Atlanta, GA

#59 Nov 9, 2011
In researching this I've found many, many, people with similar and even more bizarre electrical problems on GM vehicles. Of course, all brands of vehicles have problems, but there is definitely a pattern indicating some very poor quality control, if not design, at GM and especially AC Delco. The only other person I know well who has a GM vehicle (Avalanche) has also had a long and infuriating history with electrical / electronic problems.

This was my first GM vehicle in over 20 years and it will probably be the last in my lifetime. My truck developed some additional, probably unrelated, problems yesterday. I just hope I can get the various problems solved to the extent that I won't feel like a heel when I trade this truck for a non-GM product. That will be a happy day!

Btw, I started a thread on the forum at gminsidenews.com where I've received some helpful replies, and another in the discussion section at cartalk.com . Both threads are called "Silverado Electrical Nightmare." You might possibly find something helpful for your issues on one of those sites or maybe in the threads I started.

In any event, good luck to us both.

Atlanta, GA

#60 Nov 9, 2011
Rogerdn - thanks for the info.

I got too busy to follow up on the clamp design - yet - but whether it was beefed up or not it's helpful to hear from an owner with a similarly designed clamp who has NOT had problems.

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