Vancouver, WA

#376 Apr 8, 2009
Chevy Silverado -- Instrument Panel Cluster replacement...

Murrieta, CA

#377 Apr 14, 2009
Good information. I like to be proactive. go to and file a complaint. if enough of us make an issue of the Speedometer issue hopefully we can spur a recall...

Murrieta, CA

#378 Apr 14, 2009
Jessica Lighthill wrote:
Well, Selby Lighthill is a piece of shit. I wouldn't believe a word he says if he payed me.
Time to make some noise... go online and file a enough of us have to push the issue. I'll probally be out of money on this one but I've already submitted my complaint.
Ron Henderson

Grand Rapids, MI

#379 Apr 16, 2009
My 2005 Silverado speedo quit working a couple monthes ago. It does whatever it wants pegs, zero, or 50mph off. My father inlaws 06 did the same thing, but he had warrenty. Mine has 98,000, so I am screwed. I have always been a bowtie man, but I rebuilt tranny at 74,000. It had never towed anything or been overloaded. Mostly highway miles. Never wheeled, except in Michigan winter. I think my next one may be a Toyota, but this one is paid for.

Houston, TX

#380 Apr 19, 2009
i have a chevy silverado 2006 it cuts of 90 mph anybody knows how to make make it go all the way with out cutting off

Tucson, AZ

#381 May 15, 2009
well even though chevy don't announce it your speedo is guaranteed to 70,000 miles.take it into any chevy dealer for a free swap as it's a defect

Tucson, AZ

#382 May 15, 2009
this applaies to all 2000 up chevy's,if you're over 70k they will not entertain you.most chevy trucks speedos are defective


#384 May 26, 2009
ddavis- Arizona wrote:
<quoted text>
The speedometer cable gets worn due to the way that the vehicle sits. It is recommended that the front end be lifted but it can only be lifted with a special bracket that will make the truck be level. The speedometer get worn due to the way it sits. You can get a speedometer cable valued fom 35 to 75 dollars and replace it yourself. Youhave to take the dash board off that covers the speedometer, then removed the clear plat that covers the speedometer, the reomve the screws that hold the speedometer into the wall as you pull it forwar you can disengage the connect behind it. You will have to open the hood and pull the cable out of the wall, you may need to remove the rubber circle that keeps it in and disengage the cable from the transmission or engine depending on the model and year. Once this is done you cn unscrew the cable and remove it and then follow the same actions in reverse to install the new cable or you can also get a used one at a used parts store. It will work the same. This will correct your problem.
Is this a wild guess?
Mine works most of the time but then Ill be doing 50 and the speedo will be hanging around 20mph. I Called Dicks Speedo and Tach and they want $300 to go in and replace all the servos and they said its a common problem with the Silverados.
I just wish they would only replace the Speedo servo but they said that usually another guage dies shortly after so they just do all of them in the entire cluster..

York, NE

#385 Jun 1, 2009
I need to replace 2nd cig lighter fuse. Where is it?
2003 chevy ME

Charlotte, NC

#386 Jun 4, 2009
Wade wrote:
I need to replace 2nd cig lighter fuse. Where is it?
In the under the hood fuse box, lower right hand corner if your standing by the drivers side fender...I don't remember the exact location but its in the manual if you have one.

Sterling, VA

#387 Jun 17, 2009
I too have an 04 silverado. My guaged work well most of the time but the speedometer is jacked..sometimes its 120 other times its 0. Sometimes none of my dash lights or guages work when I first crank it up till after a few minutes. I think there should be a recall on this look how many people have the same problem. I only have 60k miles on my truck.

Saint Paul, Canada

#388 Jul 9, 2009
there is no recall on the speedo not working but there is a special warranty policy in place that will replace the entire cluster if there is a problem with any of the gauges. bring it to a gm dealer and they should replace it.

Mountain View, CA

#389 Jul 23, 2009
I also had a speedometer problem in my 2004 Chevrolet Silverado
the speedometer was not working at all and I found a website where I had it fixed for $140. That was a lot cheaper than the $700 that the dealer wanted to replace the instrument panel.
Here is the website
in case you want to check it out:

Boise, ID

#390 Jul 27, 2009
wont change gears wrote:
My dad's chevy 1500 has had some problems latley. First off, one of the leaf springs broke so he had both replaced....then the heater stoped working which is not really a big deal because it's almost summer. Now the speedo is dead and the truck won't shift to 2nd.(auto) He replace the sensor thing on the transmition that tells it to shift but still it won't shift to second gear. The transmition was replace two years ago so i don't think it's the tansmition that is the problem. Any ideas on why the speedo is dead and the truck won't shift to second gear? The truck has 197,000 miles and other than that it runs good. Thanks
The speedometer on my car went dead once and I only had one gear. It turns out that my car had an electronic speedometer and an electronic automatic transmission. The car's computer calculates your speed based on two speed sensors (inboard and outboard) on the transmission. It also uses inputs from these two sensors to determine if it is safe to shift into the gear you select (for example I could select L while going down the interstate at 70mph and it won't shift down till it is able to do so without exceeding the engine's RPM redline). When the computer loses a signal from one or both of these speed sensors, then you lose your speedometer and my car would only give me 2nd gear (enough torque to get you moving and give you decent speed) as a sort of limp home mode because it wouldn't know if it was safe to shift. For my car it was a $25 sensor and one hour of labor at the dealership to fix it. I would replace both sensors and if that doesn't fix it, then it could be a broken wire to the computer. Hope this helps

Dallas, TX

#391 Sep 1, 2009
I am livid right now! I took my 2003 Chevy Silverado 1500 into the dealer because my Speedometer went out and also to have my steering column lubed. I paid $1300 for extended warranty and they won't cover the speedometer. The svc mgr told me that they will have to take it out and send it to Detoit to calibrate it blah blah. And charge me $505 to do this. When I called warranty dept they said that there is a component behind the speedo that is not covered. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. If there was a recall to begin with they should just fix it no matter what.

Felton, DE

#392 Oct 2, 2009
shawn wrote:
There is a person on ebay that fixes this problem and shows diagram on how to remove it to send to him. I have not used him yet but am seriously considering, due to the price that GM wants to charge to replace or repair.
who is this person I need mine fixed

Felton, DE

#393 Oct 2, 2009
2004 GMC sierra my speedodmeter will top off and my dealer said tha it would cost $500.00 to fix it. GM said that if I had called before it hit 80,000 miles they would have fixed it but since it had 95,000 I am up shit creek

United States

#396 Oct 24, 2009
my 2004 chevy silverado 1500 speedometer starts at 80 and wont go back.what do i do?
mike from georgia

Cumming, GA

#397 Nov 2, 2009
2004 z-71 1500 4x4 silverado 100-thousand miles speedometer went haywire in a second.
noticed doing approx. 35 miles per-hour speedometer registered 70-miles per hour and v ery quickley started acting crazy all withen i-hour of driving and got worse -until stays pegged at full speedometer capabillities.
mechanic friend said 400.oo dollars will fix it but said he thought recall on that problem. any-body know?

Cordova, TN

#398 Nov 26, 2009
I have a 97 Chevy 1500 with a standard transmission. A couple months ago, i started noticing that in first gear the speedometer wouldn't work and would kick in when i shifted into second gear. Now it doesn't work at all until I hit third. Any help?

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