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#164 Apr 22, 2011
I just installed intake manifold gaskets due to having to replace knock sensors and wiring.2003 chevy silverado 4.3 Now I have low idle problem no check engine or low power light runs fine otherwise! Now what.
Limp mode

Chesapeake, VA

#165 Apr 22, 2011
I'm thinking it is the sending unit at the pedal.

Brooklyn, NY

#166 Apr 26, 2011
Scott wrote:
I have the same year truck and am having the very same problem -- coolant level is fine --- any other suggestions?
I had the similar issue and it was loose battery connections twice but now its doing it again

Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

#167 Apr 27, 2011
how do you reset the light reduced engine power

Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

#168 Apr 27, 2011
i need to reset the light reduced engine power please/for chevrolet silverado 2003 6.0l 2500hd

Nipomo, CA

#169 May 3, 2011
Keith wrote:
I have a friend and he has had the same problem. I told him to clean the throttle body, and gut his cats. He wont gut them, so I said then pop for a new throttle body. He went to a local parts place here, and got a genuine AC Delco new throttle body for 259.00. He says the best money he has spent on his truck. He said the local Dealer wanted over 1,000.00 for the exact same part. Gues thats why they call the dealers, "STEALERS"
I just bought a throttle body from the dealer for 300.00 and installed it myself. The reduced engine power light came back on two days later. I'm goin today to have my friend hook it up to his high tech computer. If that doesn't find it be looking for my truck to wash up on the beach. Not Really, but I'm starting to get mad. This problem has been going on for over a year and has cost me 400.00 and counting.

Nipomo, CA

#170 May 3, 2011
wil wrote:
i need to reset the light reduced engine power please/for chevrolet silverado 2003 6.0l 2500hd
You can reset it using a scan tool from the local auto parts store or from harbor freight, which is where I got mine. I think disconnecting the battery should do the trick as well. Sometimes my truck resets itself without doing anything. Gotta love computerized cars. Might be trading mine for a carbureted pre-1974 vehicle.
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Chesapeake, VA

#171 May 3, 2011
Has anyone replaced the accelerator pedal switch with any good results?
Big Murph

Nipomo, CA

#172 May 5, 2011
Limp mode wrote:
Has anyone replaced the accelerator pedal switch with any good results?
I replaced the accelerator pedal position sensor which is what I think you're talking about. I bought an aftermarket one online, but ended up having the same problem. If you're going to replace it, I would buy the whole gas pedal assembly from the dealership. Not because I am supporting G.M., but because I believe it if you buy cheap you buy twice. But beware it might not be the solution at all or it is the solution. As far as I'm concerned G.M. can GO TO HELL! This problem has cost me $ 600.00 and counting. As soon as my truck is fixed and sellable I am unloading it.:)
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Chesapeake, VA

#173 May 5, 2011
Thanks Big Murph,
Today I removed the Throttle body and thoroughly cleaned it with spray TB cleaner and toothbrush.
Preliminarily (I say that with apprehension!), it seems to run better. I hope that was it!
Timmy hunt

Lawton, OK

#174 May 11, 2011
donald in indiana wrote:
i have a 2003 silverado 2500hd with 6 litre gas motor and 2 or 3 times a week when driving interstate it faults out reduced engine power, does any body know what this could be, pull over, turn off ignition and it will be fine for awhile and it will do it again, thanks to anybody that can help.
I have a 2003 chevy silverado 1500 5.3 lt and i had to replace the tac moduel and it still does it sometimes but when it happens i cant get over 20mph and i have to pull over and kill the truck and wait for a bit but i still havent found out the equation hasnt done it in a while tho.

Dearborn, MI

#175 May 26, 2011
Chevys suck, what a joke. This will be my last

United States

#176 May 27, 2011
My 2003 Silverado did the same thing. Barley go 15mph and got the reduced engine power message as well as the check engine light on. Mine turned out to be a gas cap not tightened all the way till it clicked. Tightened cap, removed neg bat cable for a min or so. Message and light went off and has worked fine for nearly a year.

Birch Run, MI

#177 Jul 7, 2011
our 2003 chevy silverado has a rubbing/vibrating sound when the steering wheel/tires are turned to the left only. The noise can be heard over the radio and the vibration can be felt in the gas pedal and along the floor to the passenger side. Any ideas?
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Chesapeake, VA

#178 Jul 7, 2011
Oh ya, I had to have my steering column replaced too-thousand bucks!
The :cleaning of the throttle body did nothing to stop truck from going into "Reduced power mode" (I call limp mode)
Frustrated Owner

Snellville, GA

#179 Jul 7, 2011
The Reduced Engine Power has just about got me ready to find a steep cliff. And I might be the one jumping! I've been thru just about everything all the others on here have been thru. Dealt with it happening a couple of times per year for several years. Also went thru times when it went to REP eight times in a ten mile trip. Replaced the pedal position sensor and the trottle body control TWICE. Once with non-dealer parts and now with dealer parts. Replacing these two parts is really easy, even for someone that is NOT car repair savey like myself. I thank the posters in this forum for getting me this far! Four times I have replaced one of those two parts and the 2003 2500 would run good for a while. The longest time was about three months. Five days now the truck has done great, since the final dealer part TB swap. I just KNOW it's gonna do again, just a matter of time. I guess when it does, the next target will be the Throttle control wiring harness. Just glancing at it, this looks like a bit of a challenge. I've looked at the ends of the wires going into the throttle body control...as many suggest, but nothing stands out. But who knows....maybe it won't happen again after my last repair! But I know it will....This is a disgrace to Chevy that this problem exists without a sure cure. Toyota gets called out (and rightfully so), but I feel like I am at a major risk when the REP comes on and the truck "goes to limp" while I am zipping down the freeway in heavy Atlanta traffic. The one thing I have not read in this forum is Class Action Lawsuit! I'll be back to update when the inevitable happens! In the meanwhile, I'll take any new tips on the harness with appreciation!

Arlington, TX

#180 Jul 13, 2011
Setting at dealership now for third time. Reduced engine power issue. They've changed throttle body fist visit and a module on second. 4 hour wait both times. Say there getting lots of codes and I don't really think they know for sure and are kind of guessing.$900 in the hole so far. At what point should their guess not working get me a refund!!!!

Whitney, TX

#181 Jul 13, 2011
why has chevy not recalled this problem if its so common.

Whitney, TX

#182 Jul 13, 2011
in responce to Drained, spen over 3000.00 on mine. Still not running right.

Estevan, Canada

#183 Jul 22, 2011
I read all this and been thru same as most of you. Alot are saying GM should be recalling the trucks. Now if they did, what would they do to them? You take your truck to your local GM dealership and they dont know how to fix it, they try the throttle body, then maybe the foot peddle, or evan the tach module, but seems like the truck will do it again down the road. Until GM can find a 100% fix how do you expect them to recall the trucks? I know I will never buy another GM product again, as my truck is the worst truck i have ever owned.

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