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Greeley, CO

#21 Feb 9, 2009
Rich wrote:
I have a 2003 Chevy silverado HD. I am having idle problems. the truck runs great except for when I come to a stop. When I press the brakes to stop the truck wants to die out. Any suggestions?
Hi i have a 2001 chevy Silverado V8 and i had a similar prob. you should check your spark plugs or cables if i were you replace both

Maineville, OH

#22 Feb 10, 2009
I've already read about this problem before. All you have to do is remove the air intake assembly, get some throttle body cleaner, spray it in the throttle body and then wipe it out the best you can with some paper towels. I did this before when the idle would jump from about 500 RPM to 1200RPM and almost stall out when I would put it in gear. The problem is because we run our engines too hard. When we step on the gas hard, exhaust and dirt kicks back into the throttle body, thus in turn not mixing the oxygen properly with the gas, in turn causing the engine to almost stall out. I had the same problem today, but I think my problem is that my battery is going out. Its the original battery that came with the truck. Mine is a 2003 Silverado 1500.

Olds, Canada

#23 Feb 26, 2009
kristy wrote:
Hello, my name Is Kristy, and I am curious to see how you were able to resolve this problem with your truck. My father has a 2500 HD Silverado, 2003 model. He is experiencing the same thing with his "reduce engine power" light coming on. If you would, please help us out with this delima we are having. Thank you so much!!!
If he is haveing problems accelerating or just plain old trouble with throttle response try replaceing the throttle postion sensor. Its simple to do its right on the accelorator peddle.

Cambridge, Canada

#24 Mar 29, 2009
throttle body wrote:
i had same problem reduced engine problem, tps code on computer. took to dealer ship they cleaned the throttle body, reprogramed. truck works great now with even better gas milage.
Had the same problem and work done 2 weeks ago; put around another 1000 miles on and had the same problem again this weekend, it has only happened on start-up of my 2003 1500HD. Time to see the dealer agin tomorrow.

Cambridge, Canada

#25 Mar 29, 2009
Had the same problem and work done 2 weeks ago; put around another 1000 miles on and had the same problem again this weekend, it has only happened on start-up of my 2003 1500HD. Time to see the dealer agin tomorrow.
reduced eng pwr

Glendora, CA

#26 May 22, 2009
I have a'04 chevy silv 1500 4wd, and I've been having this problem on and off for a year I replaced the tps three times, the wire harness that connects to it, the gas pedal w/ sensor, and it's all temporary until you're on the freeway and you lose power.....I don't know what to do neither do the so called mechanics, they've tried everything, nothing seems to work, maybe wwe should take our pos trucks back to gm and get our money back before they go bankrupt(p.s. my gauge cluster is all messed up as well,)





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Minneapolis, MN

#28 Jun 23, 2009
Just bought a 03 Silverdao 1500 Reduce engine power light just came on truck was slow taking off for about a mile or two but then i pulled over turned it off and then turned it back on and the truck took off fine but the light is still on anyone have any suggestions???
Tony B

Warner Robins, GA

#29 Jun 30, 2009
I had the same problem last week. I came here to read if anyone else had. I see alot of people do. My Suburban was hard to crank and I got the "Reduced Engine Power" words on my DIC. By the way it is a 2003. When I read all the stuff people tried to no avail. I thought "oh crap". I checked several things and it didn`t work. But I kept going back to the battery, Finally I got a new one and its been running like a champ ever since. The man at O`Reillys said the computer when you first switch the vehicle on notices that the power is low and it goes into a reserve mode to save power. Check your battery!
suzy m

Memphis, TN

#30 Jul 6, 2009
i have a 03 chevy silverado i got the REDUCED ENGINE POWER on the dic replaced the tps with a new one and also replace the pedel accerlator sensor the light still comes on the mechanics can not find what is wrong is there anyone that can help

Morristown, NJ

#31 Aug 3, 2009
I have a 2003 Winnie Bago Brave Motorhome with an 8.1L Chevy motor. I had a ODB scanner hooked up when the same "Reduce Engine power" came across my gauge cluster. Engine would run rough and stall. No power with accelerator. Tried to start 5 times in a row and still no power. I reset the computer code that triped and the engine ran like new again. I know if you pull the battery for an unknown time (max 30 minutes???) you get the same reset of the computer. Hope this helps. Only seen this code set once. Hope it never happens again.

Los Angeles, CA

#32 Aug 12, 2009
My 04 2500 HD is having the same problem. A couple of codes came up after I used the OBD-II reader but the main problem was the gas pedal line to the throttle snapped some how which caused an onslaught of other problems. Its on its way to get fixed on a flat bed since it can't accelerate at all.

Hazelwood, MO

#33 Aug 12, 2009
My manual says that the engine will go to reduced power to save it from being destroyed. But it was a false positive in my case because I had just jumped the battery, restarted and got the reduced power light and underpowered engine.

A little known fix for this is to disconnect the negative cable (ie ground) from the battery and let sit for a few minutes. Reconnect and the computer will be reset. The car worked great after this. A dealer and a shop both told me this fix works.

Glencoe, IL

#34 Aug 15, 2009
I have a 2003 Silverado with the 5.3L engine. I have no A/C, radio does not work (clock work so I have power to radio) and heater seats works for 30 seconds then goes out. These problems started all at once. can anyone help me?

Craigsville, VA

#35 Aug 25, 2009
I have a 2003 chevy 2500 HD 6.0. Have no power at 50-60. Check engine light flashes. What do i got to do?

Edmonton, Canada

#36 Aug 28, 2009
I also have a 2003 chev silverado gas
i have had the same problem and replacedthe throttle body (new)position censor (new) wire harness (new) and it has been back to the dealer ship 6-or 7 times and they still can not find the problem, and still the reduced engine power still comes on thanks in advanance for any advice stan

Auburn, AL

#37 Aug 30, 2009
i have a 2003 silverado that has left me on the side of the road several times. you can un-hook the battery to clear the computer when it says reduced engine power but when you do this a mechanic is unable to hook a computer up to the truck to determine the problem. the chevrolet dealership here has sold me a battery to fix it ($70), told me it was some sort of modular on the engine($540), the throttle body ($500), and the throttle body spacer ($550). they have gotten over $1500 from me and have not fixed the problem. it continues to break down and i hate this truck. it is probably the last chevrolet i will ever own. they did not find any problems until the warranty ran out too

United States

#38 Sep 9, 2009
I'm have'n the lower intake gasket replaced on my 2003 2500hd. If that works i'll let every one know. Replaced all the other things hope this works..

Calgary, Canada

#40 Sep 16, 2009
The company I work for has a 2004 Chevy 2500HD 4X4 104000 miles, bought truck used ran fine at first but then REDUCED ENGINE POWER comes on and truck runs realy rough sounds like running on 4 or 6 cylinders only shut truck off and wait 5 minutes truck runs fine, had truck at 2 different GM dealers but can not find the problem, we have replaced throttle body, TAC module, gas pedal, and last we had gotten intake gaskets replaced, but still no luck.

Brooklyn, NY

#41 Sep 18, 2009
Intake was bad bit did'nt work. Tested catalatic converter, it's pluged!! Have'n it changed today.. See if its fixed. 2003 chevy 2500 4x4 ext cab.

Brooklyn, NY

#42 Sep 20, 2009
Cataylatic coverter was it. Got my power back. It was the right side converter.

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