98 S10 Wont Start HELP!!!
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Peoria, IL

#1 Feb 24, 2009
Ok about a month ago my truck started up and I drove and it was hesitant to go and I drove it on to work cause it started running fine. The next day I got up and started my truck it started fine drove it and got halfway to work and it died. Battery plenty of juice, truck would crank and crank but would not start. Its a 1998 S10 4.3L Vortec V6 Extended Cab 2WD with the X Code engine. What could be possible sources of my problem and would a scanner or code reader be of any help???

United States

#2 Feb 27, 2009
Was the "service engine soon" warning light "on" at any time during these problems? If so, a "trouble code" may still be stored in the OBD memory.

Scanners can be a big help in reading trouble codes, but you can also (in most cases) "pull" (i.e. read) these codes by carefully following the OBD test procedure (as found in the service manual or online).

The various trouble codes can indicate (among many other things) improper fuel ratios caused by worn or lose spark plugs, vacuum and or exhaust manifold leaks, weak ignition/spark, bad ignition wires, etc.

I'd suspect either the fuel, fuel filter, ignition module, or fuel pump if no codes and or other problems are found.

Highland Park, IL

#3 Mar 1, 2009
same problem with 99 s10, narrowed down to fuel problem, does fuel pump kick on with ignition. if so check fuel pressure with a guage, autozone has this as loan a tool, just screw on fuel rail and turn on ignition. no cost and it will tell you if yuo have adequate fuel pressure. if not look at fuel pump, fliter or pump relay.

Warwick, MA

#4 Jul 21, 2009
I have the same problem with my 1998 gmc sonoma. did anyone find what the problem was with brian's?

Brooklyn, NY

#5 May 24, 2010
im having the same problem on my 98 s10 4.3l v6 4x4 and i have fuel pressure spark just not starting if anyone has any other ideas ill be glad to hear them and try it thnx

United States

#6 Jun 5, 2010
I have a 98 s10 4.3lt 4x4 and has started acting up.. hesitate to go. When I gave it gas it wanted to turn off.. I can't figure out y this truck is doing this. I do not use regular gas. Replaced fuel filter and oxg sensor..still running bad. It will run at good start up. Then just run terrible..idles at 1000.. someone please help...is redickulas

Brooks, Canada

#7 Jun 8, 2010
Check your fuel pressure with proper test equiptment, just pressing the test port and seeing fuel doesn't mean that it's is enough to run properly. Vortec engines need approx 65 psi to fire their injectors. Don,t quote me on the exact psi but I think that's close.

Missouri City, TX

#8 Jan 8, 2011
My 98 s10 4 cylinder turns over but wont start,,its gettin fire an fuel would a crankshaft sensor do this




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Arlington, TX

#9 Apr 14, 2011
I have a 98 jimmy with a 4.3 rebuilt engine and it that wont start. The scan tool reads crank shaft position sensor. I've switched it out with my 99 same problem. I got a new one from Autozone same problem. I've checked the pigtail for connection, traced the wires and check for damaged wires , no problems there. I've also made sure that the reluctor is there behind the timing chain cover. The engine turns over, but does not fire. Engine has spark and fuel. Can someone please help me?

Arlington, TX

#10 Apr 25, 2011
My previous thread said I had spark. It only has initial spark, then one. The volts on the crank sensor: A= pink wire key on 11.92 cranking 9.2, B=purple wire key on 29.2, cranking 13.4 C=yellow wire key on 30.2, cranking 14.5 I also checked yellow to purple while cranking 8.66, yellow to pink while cranking 8.68, and pink to purple 8.53

Ballwin, MO

#11 Jun 8, 2011
I had problems with a 96 v6 vortec. Many of the same problems. I changed fuel pump, fuel injection system, sensors, wires, plugs, even the distributer.

The first thing to try is get a differant distributer cap make absolutly sure it is good. I have had low mileage caps go bad that threw me for a fit. I was convinced in my mind that there was nothing wrong with them only to find that they were shorting inside. The high voltage in these systems will find places that you will never detect with a meter or with the eye.

Bluefield, WV

#12 Jun 12, 2011
i am having kinda the same problem out of a 89 s-10 and i was finally told by this old man to change the starter and it would fix the problem. I dont understand y the starter would have anything to do with the fuel but I will let you know tomorrow if it works I started to change it and there was a yellow-jackets nest and they got upset so i will let everybody know tomorrow if that works
steve 57

Aberdeen, NC

#13 Jul 3, 2011
i have 1998 s10 2,2 auto 93000miles on it...
i can put the truck into 3rd gear,,starter turns on.
sounds like,trying to start a car already running..
i hope somebody knows what this problem is...thanks

United States

#14 Jul 3, 2011
steve 57 wrote:
i have 1998 s10 2,2 auto 93000miles on it...
i can put the truck into 3rd gear,,starter turns on.
sounds like,trying to start a car already running..
i hope somebody knows what this problem is...thanks
If you truck is auto how have you got 3rd gear?
steve 57

Aberdeen, NC

#15 Jul 4, 2011
its an automatic trans,,i have all gears.it acted like a short in the stearing column..i changed the complete column.. no change....
Jeff 22

United States

#16 Aug 2, 2011
I have a 98 s10 2.2 that throw a code camshaft position ciruit low input. I changed the sensor. Still dose not run or want to start just turns over and over. Got air,fuel,fire.
steve 57

Fayetteville, NC

#17 Aug 3, 2011
wondering wrote:
<quoted text>
If you truck is auto how have you got 3rd gear?
an automatic transmission has 1st gear,2nd gear,3rd gear,and drive,on the selector.i have fixed the problem...
steve 57

Fayetteville, NC

#18 Aug 3, 2011
the problem with my automatic trans.was the gear selector switch,on the side of the transmission.(the one that has the cable bolted to it)(driver side)$35.00 fix.

United States

#19 Aug 26, 2011
I have a 98 sonoma changed fuel a few months ago. I came up to a red light and it died went to start it and the pump wasn't turning on. Two days later the pump worked ran for 15 minutes then shut what could it be

Clarksville, TN

#20 Sep 10, 2011
Fuel does not run at any time, even when you fiest turn the key on. I replaced the complet fuel pump assembly and still nothing. The pump is good. I jumpered a hot wire to it for a fuel seconds and the pump runs fine. Any ideas? Any help will be very much Appreciated.

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