1994 Silverado 5.7L TBI Engine Missin...

Milwaukee, WI

#142 Nov 24, 2011
I have that exact truck and the same thing happening to me. I've had it for 2 years and it ran great. From 152,000 to about 173,000. Then I replace a bunch of things on it like Spark Plugs, Spark Plug Wires, Distributor Cap, Oil Change with Oil Treatment added, Filters...ect. I think it's the Catalytic Converter getting plugged up from all the new shit buring the engine clean. I'm gona cut it out and see if works.




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Grass Valley, CA

#143 Nov 24, 2011
I have a 93 Chevy suburban with a 5.7
When the truck is in park the engine sounds better then ever however when it is in gear accelerating it sounds like the engine is missing or no firing the truck is sucking gas down like there is no tomorrow. I checked and cleaned all the plugs and they are good wires are good and distributer cap is in good shape any ideas





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United States

#145 Nov 28, 2011
I have a 1995 chevy Cheyenne 3/4 ton, it's a 5.7 or 5.0 but bout 3 weeks ago it's started sputtering wen I got around 55-60 mph, I had to step on it to get any real power (but wen I let off gas at 60 it would idle fine) since then it has gradually got worse. Now wen I give it any gas it's sputtering or stalling, n wen I go to step on it I can get a little more power but it's sputtering so bad n won't just get up n go. And wen it's idling it'll shake every few seconds. Any idea wat this could be???





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Winnipeg, Canada

#146 Nov 30, 2011
Alright guys I REALLY need help here. ALSO Is there ANY other good forms o could visit for chevy 5.7L tbi? OK I have a 95 chevy tahoe 2 door, 5.7L tbi with 249000 kms. It studders, has no power when you step on the gas it will just surge sometimes it has a hard time trying to get over 60 kms, the idle bounces up and down etc. Seems like it runs alot better when it is cold but once it warms up it runs like shit. So far I have changed the fuel filter, coil, plugs, tps, cap and rotor and i have no idea what it could be. what do you guys think?




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Milford, IN

#147 Dec 12, 2011
had same problem with my 94 replaced spark plugs and it fixed it for a month, now its back, im going with the iac,ok... that did not do anything.
im lost now. whats next. lol

Straughn, IN

#148 Dec 24, 2011
I have a 94 GMC 1500 sierra 4x4 with a tbi 350 auto trans. When i first start it it runs rough and backfires out the exhaust for about a min and clears up and runs fine. the check engine light is on for the esc (electronic spark control) so changed the ecm ignition module and complete tune up. anyone know why its doing this im tired of putting money into things that dont fix it.

Baltimore, MD

#149 Dec 28, 2011
I have a 1994 silverado and i have put a 1987 305 in it cuz thats all i cud find to put in it at the time.. I am having fuel issues.. I start it up and it sounds real good and strong for about a minute or two and then the fuel is completely cut off for some reason.. Is it the IAC, the fuel pump relay, the ICM, or the fuel pump thats bad? Can anyone help please???

Baltimore, MD

#150 Dec 28, 2011
cha wrote:
I have a 94 chevy with a 5.7 it wont heat and tried three thermostats and the engine isnt warming up i put the scanner on it and it reads 190 and the temp jumps around.
Try replacing the temperature sensor..
Mr Q

Cumming, GA

#151 Dec 30, 2011
Big E wrote:
Problems at idle on my 1989 k5 5.7 tbi . having the idle go up and down, not a steady idle. I have just done replacing the iac , tps, and the map sensor still having the same problems. Can't some tell me if I am replacing wrong parts?
Souds like the Idle Control Sensor. That was my problem....$35 to $40 at autozone





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Corinth, MS

#152 Jan 2, 2012
i have a 95 k1500 2wd an i can go down the road an it will start putterin then jus shut off, iv changed sensors an all kinds of stuff an cant seem to figure out wat the problem is, i can be goin down the higway an it jus die does anyone have any ideas??

Clackamas, OR

#153 Jan 2, 2012
I got a 95 gmc 4x4 with 320000 on it. 5.7 it runs a lil rough but when I'm going up a slight incline it back fires through the tbi and when I just floor it it backfires big time through the carb and takes off coughing and sputtering any ideas.

Chester, VA

#154 Jan 12, 2012
oil licking near oil filter

Phoenix, AZ

#155 Jan 14, 2012
Musicman wrote:
<quoted text>
Randy It wound up to be my fuel pump, that explained the lack of power when I stepped on it and a simple test was disconnecting the fuel line and testing pressure. If it's below the 12 - 15 psi it's time for a new one. As for the surging my Air Idle Control valve on the throttle body was toast. The simple way to test that is to remove it, get a 9 volt battery and tape two leads on it. Once taped put the wires into one set of the four holes and then the other one. If the little plunger goes in and out it's okay, but if it doesn't move it toast.
If it's the pump save yourself the money and remove the box, once lifted and pulled back about 2 feet you can see the pump and access it easily.The pump alone is $94.00 and easy to change.
Joe M

Walden, NY

#156 Jan 17, 2012
i have a 94 2500 ext, long bed 5sp with a 350 115k i bought the truck after it sat a while it felt like it didnt have its full power hell i know it didnt have full power. when i started it up in the morning it ranlike new it idled a little high, it spun tires like it was its job but once it warmed up it ran like shit and idled extremely low pretty much chugged to stay alive. soo i put some money into it, a new computer, o2 sensor, tbi spacer, swapped out tbi, map sensor, cut out cat,put a super44 on it, fuel pump, fuel filter im sure other parts as well. it ran the same but did back fire. i only rann it like 2k since i bought it.it finally gave up on me and would only run with my foot barely on the gas and when i stepped on it, it would cut out. idk where else to go with it please comment. ill even leave my # if you have some help, text. 845800seven12five
thanks, joe bullville ny
ian poteet

Valparaiso, IN

#157 Jan 18, 2012
Fixed my problem from my previous messag as I was changing my fuel screen I saw that the was a crack in the rubber fuel line that connects the fuel pump to the fuel lines runs like a champ
Ty B

United States

#158 Jan 19, 2012
try looking for timing advance wire undr dash just to the left of the blower motor, supposed to only be under dash in 95 but have run into this many times in a 94 where it is in fact under the glove box, not on the firewall. tan wire black stripe all alone outside a budle of wires

United States

#159 Jan 22, 2012
I have s 1990 Chevy Silverado Ext. Cab and I'm having problems with my carberator. Got home from work and my truck shut off on it's own. I took the lines loose from the back of the carberator and turned the switch and got gas flow through the lines...Connected the lines back to the carberator and turned the switch and wasn't getting gas through the fuel injectors
on top of the carberator.. How do I fix the problem...
Mr pete

Detroit, MI

#160 Jan 22, 2012
Hi every one, I have a 1994 chevy 1500 z71 auto 4x4 5.7, ok when I start the truck when is cold it's start to sputters a lot some times cuts off some times it done, ones it's on one for about a min it's find I did a full tune up, check and replace crack vacuum lines, EGR valve, PVC valve, still doing the same thing, I'm in jersey and fail emission test,#s to high any ideas? Thanks in advance. Pete

Myrtle Beach, SC

#161 Jan 28, 2012
Doug wrote:
Hi I have a 94 GMC Silverado with a 5.7 Litre in it. I was driving it last week and when I went up a hill I lost power. I pulled over and it was surging even at idle, my dreaded check engine light was on. I have a code reader and when I got it home found a 44 o2 sensor. I have since replaced the sensor and changed a fuel filter for good measure. Started it up and it ran at idle but when I put it in gear it dies and is surging again. I took my air cleaner and clearance ring off the throttle body and both injectors are spraying evenly even when it dies out. Now the o2 sensor code is back, I checked it over and it only has one o2 sensor in it. Any help would be appreciated

The O2 code is setting because the ar/fuel mixture is beyound the O2's read limits. O2 codes are usaully set from some other problem and not a bad O2 sensor. If the vehicle idle goes up and down at idle then its usually a fault with the IAC motor (Idle air control). Sometimes removing it and cleaning the plunger and the setting surface can help. Do not push or pull on the plunger. If not replacement is easy. Hope this helps.

Myrtle Beach, SC

#162 Jan 28, 2012
The O2 code is setting because the ar/fuel mixture is beyound the O2's read limits. O2 codes are usaully set from some other problem and not a bad O2 sensor. If the vehicle idle goes up and down at idle then its usually a fault with the IAC motor (Idle air control). Sometimes removing it and cleaning the plunger and the setting surface can help. Do not push or pull on the plunger. If not replacement is easy. Hope this helps.

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