2002 Chevy Impala - Key ignition an...

Aurora, OH

#21 Sep 13, 2007
My key would not turn on my 2002 impala
I just happen to be near a service repair . He came over with a hammer and screw driver . He lighty tap on the key while it was in the ignition with a hammer . after a few taps it unlock the ignition . and was able to start my car. he told me this was a temperary fix . the ignition switch needs to be replace .
ex-cop car

Oakville, Canada

#22 Oct 3, 2007
The 2002 chevy is giving me too many problems it takes at least 7 tries before it starts and when it does it makes wierd noses. The steering is whining and the manifold is leaking.Took it to a reputable mechanic they could not figure out whats going on I cannot take it to Chevy I cannot afford it.It has high mileage is it time to send it it to recyclers and get $50.00??Its only 5yrs old come on now!!!!!!!

San Antonio, TX

#23 Oct 4, 2007
The same thing just happened to me in my Impala at a gas station. I had the dash apart and the switch out in about 10-15 mins. And all I had was my Leahterman Multi-tool.
Vince wrote:
Yesterday I had the same problem. Ignition key would not turn. Steering wheel did not lock. Car had to be towed to Chevrolet dealer repair. Today (feb 16), I picked the car and the bill $948. Labor $552, part (switch fits on palm)$244. Misc $15, tax $62, tow $75. I think this is high robbery. I have written a letter to the Kendall Chevrolet in Miami, FL and am waiting a reply. I asked why $552 for labor and was told it costs $95 and hour. I can't believe it took 6.4 hours to change a switch. You don't have to take the car apart.
Staphanie in PA

Plainsboro, NJ

#24 Oct 16, 2007
My car is a 2002 Chevy Impala. I had the same problem-car won't start-security light on-had to replace the entire ignition "box" and switch, to the tune of hundreds of dollars. Although the dealer seemed aware of the problem, it wasn't a recall. A couple of weeks later, the replacement failed and it had to be replaced AGAIN. These days I find that my turn signals only work some of the time, so there is yet another electrical problem. The disappointting thing is that I really liked this car, but these hugely expensive electrical problems, coupled with the fact that Chevrolet won't pay to correct their errors, makes me quite sure that I won't own a Chevy in the future.
Furious in New Orleans

New Orleans, LA

#25 Oct 19, 2007
My 2003 Impala started killing occassionally (while driving) three months ago. Chevy dealer kept it for one week in july, then two weeks in september, both times telling me that they couldn't find anything wrong. Yesterday the key simply would not turn in the ignition; steering wheel was not locked. I'm sure the two issues are related.

Tampa, FL

#26 Oct 28, 2007
ok my situation is a little different. I have a 1992 chevy caprice and someone tried to steal it. When i woke up one morning there was a paperclip shoved into the left side of my steering column where all the gears for the ignition is. I can put the car in neutral and every other gear but i cant turn my key. Can anyone help me out on what i should do with this?

Kendallville, IN

#27 Nov 3, 2007
RcdSonora wrote:
I own a Chevy Imapala 2002.
I too have a problem with the car not starting.
My problem is that the
PassLock Security System (factory installed) needs to be reset.
All you do is leave your ingnition key on for 10 minuets this will reset the Passlock system and your car will start. If you let this go with out fixing it which i did. It will sometimes need to be reset 2 times for a total of 20 minuets.
well what exactly does it mean leave your ignition key on for ten min is that just putting key in because i can not turn mine it is locked once again and now sittng in front of my house this is the most rediculous thing i ever seen in a vehicle i have 2003 impala and only 40,000 miles.

Kendallville, IN

#28 Nov 3, 2007
guess i didnt do this right the first time
i have a 2003 impala and the ignition is locked once again. it is the most rediculous thing ever to happen to me and my husband cusses everytime saying i never seen such a vehicle in my life. i cant wait to trade this car in. what does it mean to leave ignition key in for ten min specially if i cant turn it do i just put key in and leave it or what.
thanks in advance
Brian F

United States

#29 Nov 7, 2007
Today my 99 Nissan Altima's steering and Trans is locked, key will not turn. I remembered a similar incident with a previous car. It felt as the steering wheel needed another inch or so of movement to unlock. I do not remember why I tried this, but I opened the driver’s door, put one foot onto the ground and rocked the car back and forth as I turned the wheel hard and turned the key. Voila! It worked. I noticed an anomaly when trying this on my Altima. As my friends pushed the car back and forth, I noticed the key turned when one friend pressed down on the hood above the drivers front wheel, causing the car to bounce…the key then turned. This was verified again later the same day, as I was stuck at Whole Foods for an hour! I had my wife repeat the bouncing action and then I was able to turn the key and start the car. Crazy.

Indianapolis, IN

#30 Nov 19, 2007
There is a way to prevent the issue that several (not all) of you are having with the ignition/steering wheel locking up.

It's happened to my wife in a '94 Saturn,'03 Windstar,'07 Murano. I figured out that my wife often turns the car ignition off while there is still some turning pressure on the steering wheel.(we have a side-load garage)

After the car is turned off, the driver lets go of the steering wheel and it turns back to a point where there is no pressure. This creates a bind on the ignition.

If you let go of the wheel once you are stopped, but before you turn off the car, you won't have the problem.

If it does lock up, try turning the wheel (very hard) to see if it will take any pressure off the ignition switch. If that doesn't work, try jiggling the ignition switch while you force the wheel to turn. That works about 90% of the time.

Addison, IL

#31 Nov 27, 2007
well i seem to b having this problem now on my 02 impala w/ on 55k on the dash...i wake up 2 go get some breakfast get in the car and the key wont turn the steering column ISNT locked and I am pissed...this is some bulls***...im still paying for this car....somebody HELP
I hate my Impala

Glen Burnie, MD

#32 Dec 8, 2007
ok the same shit has been happening to my impala since July 4, 2007 I replaced the ignition and alson had it worked on. It is now acting up again and will not let me turn the key if anyone has a quick fix I am about to trade this bitch in and get a honda lol I had one before and never had any problems with it.

Troy, NY

#33 Dec 13, 2007
I have a 2002 Impala and have had the same ignition problem - the key won't turn, but after I play with it for awhile, it works.. until tonight. Tomorrow, I will try the hammer trick before I bring it in to be repaired.

Mesa, AZ

#34 Dec 13, 2007
Ok...same deal with my 2004 Impala!!! My car is stuck in front of Circle K and they are not all the pleased with it. I should just put a FOR SALE sign on the damn thing! Guess I'll have to walk up there and try the hammer and screw driver deal. There has got to be something out there for all of us stranded Impala owners. I know, I know, I should look on the bright side...at least I'm getting my exercise!!

Stockton, CA

#35 Dec 14, 2007
Ok now my 2005 chevy impala is doing the same. a couple of weeks earlier i was stunk in the parking lot for a good 15-20 minutes tring to get the ingnition key to turn. finally it did just the other day it locked up on me again but this time its been locked for two days someone help me please
Leonard Rogers

Spout Spring, VA

#36 Dec 18, 2007
Do you know how to reset a security system on a 1995 suziki Samurai
thank you

Newburyport, MA

#37 Dec 22, 2007
Okay, I am having the same problem with my 2004 Impala. I was on my way put and attempted to start the car and the key will not turn. The steering wheel is not locked, but I am getting nothing. What is really going on with these Impala's. I just did a search to see if any one else was having this issue apparently this is a HUGE problem...

Los Angeles, CA

#38 Dec 27, 2007
I am having the same problem with my 2000 Chevy Impala. On Christmas Eve, I went into the gas station to purchase two sodas when I went to start my car I got nothing. The key would not move. I thought the steering wheel was lock so I played with the steering wheel and the brake for awhile but nothing. Finally, after thirty minutes I decide to call the tow truck. After getting the car to the dealership, I was told that I needed to have the ignition column replaced. Now they're telling me that the ignition is jammed and they need to cut the column out and consequently replace the switch all for the lovely price of $950.00. I am tired of this piece of junk. I see that my options are few and I am going to have to take a lost on this bulls@*t of a car. Great.

Buffalo, NY

#39 Jan 2, 2008
i have a 2003 impala. steering column will NOT lock and key in ignition will NOT turn. this has happened twice. sounds like it is going to cost me lots of money to fix. great.

Anchorage, AK

#40 Jan 2, 2008
We had this problem a couple of years ago with our 01 impala. A friend suggested stomping on the brake pedal HARD. We did this for a while and finally the key worked fine and has ever since. Hope this helps

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