Low Tire Pressure Light
Technician R

Buckeye Lake, OH

#64 Sep 28, 2009
Sherrie wrote:
I have an 07 IMpala it has the tire monitor light staying on after new tires put on it. They said they checked it. My remote door lock is inconsistantly can unlock the trunk and door and sometimes it doesnt. I got new batteries for remotes and it is still inconsistant with that issue along with the tire monitor light staying on and tires show no pressure on any of them.
You will need the Tire Pressure Monitor System reset (if there are no failed components). Check your ownerís manual to see if you can do a reset on the system. Damage to one of the TPMS sensors may have occurred during the tire change. Each wheel has its own sensor there is a total of four. You may have to take the car to the Chevrolet dealer to see if there are any trouble codes in the system. You indicated that there is also trouble with the keyless remotes. The keyless remotes and tire pressure monitor system is controlled by the same control module assembly.

Detroit, MI

#65 Oct 10, 2009
Thanx Matt ur info really helped i was going crazy to see that light just not want to go off

Dunmor, KY

#66 Oct 11, 2009
What could the tire pressure module /key assembly cost for replacement if no warranty?

United States

#67 Nov 14, 2009
I have an 03 impala, and I switched out my radio with my tv, so obviously I can't do it through the radio, and pulling the interior/exterior light switch on/off 3 times isn't working either. Please help!

Taylorsville, KY

#68 Nov 25, 2009
how do you reset the tire pressure light if you have an aftermarket radio...some people do invest in that stuff

Johnstown, PA

#69 Jan 24, 2010
People read!

It has already been answered on here, but the way it's written and depending on how your comprehension is while reading, you have to follow the steps.

If you dint have an OEM Radio and installed an Aftermarket instead;

1. Turn your ignition to ON
2. Pull your head lamp switch out to the middle position (parking lamps on) Do Not pull it all the way to (headlamps on) the full out position, only halfway. Do this Three times
3. Turn key the rest of the way with the headlamp switch still off, and start the car.

If the Low Preasure light is still on, start with everything off and begin with step 1 again.
gary granite city il

Granite City, IL

#70 Feb 20, 2010
on the 02 impala try turning the key forward push your gas pedal up and down 3 times then shut the key off your oil change light should go off.
Dan in KY

Louisville, KY

#71 Feb 22, 2010
The low tire pressure light may come on due to a faulty front hub assembly. A common symptom of this is a slight rubbing sound as the tires rotate while driving. The sensor that triggers the low tire pressure light can be set off by having higher than normal RPM based on a particular speed (a flat tire has to rotate more times per minute than a fully inflated tire to reach the same speed.) When there are problems with the ball bearings in the front hub assembly, this throws the RPM out of wack, hence causing the low tire pressure light to come on with fully inflated tires. This happened with my '03 impala. After the replacement, my car rode a lot smoother and the light stopped coming on

Kansas City, MO

#72 May 26, 2010
03 impala low pressure ligt was on. I tried the light thing it didn't work for me, but, the radio thing did. thanks guys, I thought I was stuck with the light always being on

Mesa, AZ

#73 Jun 26, 2010
Thank you Matt. This worked for me. Was tired of seeing that annoying warning. BTW, I have a 2000 Impala.

Tampa, FL

#74 Jul 13, 2010
t -wisconsin wrote:
this is what worked for a 2000 chev impala...Key on accessories...radio off...press DISP button for about 10 seconds or until SETTINGS lights up on the radio screen...press SEEK button until TIRE MON lights up on the radio screen...press radio button "1" and this lights up the word RESET on the radio screen...then press DISP button. Turn key off. Congratulations!
Worked like a charm!!!!!


Beaumont, TX

#75 Oct 30, 2010
I have a 2002 impala and the low tire pressure won't go away.... I have an unoriginal stereo in it now .... I tried the interior lights thing three times and it did not work.... Any one know what the deal is?

United States

#76 Mar 28, 2011
U did the settings trick n me pressure lite is OFF THNKS SOOO MUCH NOW THE ABS LITE...???

Bangor, MI

#77 Mar 31, 2011
I had the same problem with my 2001 Impala, all you have to do is turn your original stero off and then hold the display button for 10sec, and then settings is going to show up on the stero, after tha you want to press the next button until youu found tire pressure and then one's you find the option press the button display and then is going to show the reset option, thats when you press the reset, after that exit all the way out and the shoud do it.
Marcus Vishous

Newark, NJ

#78 Apr 25, 2011
I just wanted to thank all u guys.. I have an impala and I had to patch the tire myself on the side of a major highway(good times).. I did everything I could think of to get that damn tire pressure light yo go off.. I Evan called the dealership and the guy told me I had to options, either my tire pressure was off or my sensors were bad.. After pulling my hair out I found u guys and same day fix.. I love every one of ucand thank u for the internet.. Also GM products are number 1 forget anyone who says other wise, they may number be the best quality but that's america baby.. Nd fuck gas prices.. America fuck yeah!!
Marcus, 2002 chevy impalaLS

Fresno, CA

#79 Jun 6, 2011
Stephanie wrote:
I have a 2001 Impala, just got all new tires and an alignment and the tires rotated, now i have this low tire pressure light on. I red the manual and i know its supose to be reset on the radio. well i dont have the original radio in there so i dont know what im supose to do to reset the light now. I tried the Light thing, of turning the dome lamp 3 times..but it didnt work, anymore ideas? thanks...
I had the same problem and the dealer told me to desconnect the battery for an hour and connect it back on and that will reset the computer! well I did it and it works!

Grass Valley, CA

#80 Aug 19, 2011
Omg I've had this car for 3 years with that problem I did what Matt said and wow it worked thanks Matt
Rick wrote:
<quoted text>
Matts suggestion seemed to work for me----
What??? Pull the interior light switch on and off!?!? WOW! If you want to turn it off turn the radio off and hold the DISP button for 10 seconds, this activates the setup menu. Scroll through until you see Tire Pressure and reset it. The car does not come with an active tire pressure management system, when it detects low pressure you will HAVE to reset the light.

Jackson, MS

#81 Sep 16, 2011
Trying to reset the TPMA light and your suggestion said to push the DISP button? Where is it?
Sephen P

Latonia, KY

#82 Sep 16, 2011
turn car to acc or on. Ive done it while drivng. hit the display button and hold it in. when it beeps or does anything scroll over and go to original settings and reset everything back to the factory presets or just go to oil change, reset that. once you get to whichever thing you want to reset pick it then hit the display button to reset it. if you have a after market radio it will not work the same as the factory one.

Chicago, IL

#83 Sep 17, 2011
Tried the light switch for fun....it worked! Couldn't believe it. Only turn on park lights, not all the way out.

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