2000 Impala - Security Light

2000 Impala - Security Light

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United States

#1 Oct 26, 2006
For the past couple of weeks my security light has intermetently been turning on. When I turn off the vehicle it may or may not start again. Is there something I can do to fix this issue or will I have to take it to the dealership.
Paul and Chris

United States

#2 Nov 10, 2006
We are having the same exact problem with our 2002. I would greatly appreciate knowing what causes this as it happens at the wort possible times!!!

Is there a sensor that we can just disconnect to prevent this from happening? The only thing that seems to help us is going through the settings program (put key in turn to "on" position, turn the radio off, then hit the tuner button till settings comes up, go to autolock and change the setting, save, exit then get out of the car, lock it, open and try to start it.) we might do this a couple of time before it will start. Either it's resetting itself and will start (or I'm just going through useless motions).

Anyone with advice?

Paul and Chris

United States

#3 Nov 10, 2006
Bob was reading through the different threads and found this from a Dandenton, it sounds like the same problem we are having.
quote from dandenton...
"f your security light is flashing, wait 10 minutes..till it stays on solid, then turn off and restart engine. Your tamper security feature was armed. I have the same problem and they say,currently, it'll cost $300. Not my answer to this."
Deb and Don

Phoenix, AZ

#4 Dec 17, 2006
Our 2001 is doing the same thing. We wait until it stops flashing and then resart the engine. The only difference is the dealer isn't sure what it is so he replaced the computer chip for $400, and if that doesn't work, they may have to replace the ignition. The light has come on twice since the chip was replaced. I think Chevy needs to know about the problem that is plagueing their number one seller and fix it!
DW- Bronx-NY

New Rochelle, NY

#5 Dec 17, 2006
Hello, I have a 2000 Impala LS 3.8 VL. It was brought from a private owner at 40,000 miles. It was having problems accelerating by 60,000 miles. Got it checked out and got multiple tranny codes, p1811, p1860. Wanted $1600 to fix, No way!. Ended up buying a tranny from a junkyard, taking a chance, got it checked out afterwards and got the same codes along with engine misfiring code p0300, p0730 for problems shifting.. The vehicle is currently shaking as result of misfire and i don't even know if my tranny is good. Is it possible the computer codes have to be reset as far as the transmission? And how can i stop an engine misfire at low cost to me. Somebody, please provide some insight on a possible solution. This car has other problems, but I'll be here all day. Help!


#6 Dec 29, 2006
My 2001 IMPALA security light is coming on once and awhile, and when it does my head lights, dash board lights and my light inside the car would blink repeately on and off. Sometimes the lights blink fast and sometimes slow. It normally does it at night, once my automatic sensor turns on my head lights. SOME ONE PLEASE HELP ME! Is there a way you can just disconnect the SECURITY LIGHT


#7 Dec 31, 2006
I have a '00 Impala LS and am having the same security light, clicking/flashing problem. Has anyone elses car possibly been broken into right before the problem started?

My car was broken into and stolen but I got it back right away in okay condition. Ever since, I get the fast clicking, etc. Usually if you pump the gas when you crank it will start because the initial feauture shots of fuel which is why it won't start as a security feauture.

I do not know if a permanent fix is to reset the computer or do something with the ignition?

Tucson, AZ

#8 Jan 4, 2007
Hey Guys,

Same problem here. If you disconnect the battery and then reconnect it it will reset temporarily. Sometimes it even prevents me from starting the car.


I will mail you $20 if it works !
David B

Birmingham, AL

#9 Jan 5, 2007
Check out the chevy technical reference. I bought a new battery and it didn't fix the problem. I am going to try this now.
The Body Control Module (interior components computer), or BCM, is reletively easy to get to. The BCM is located above the brake pedal. It is a plastic box with three plugs (one pink and two gray plugs) that face the firewall.
alana g

United States

#10 Jan 9, 2007
i have a 2000 impala ls. i have replaced the bcm, ignition, the 2 ignition relay switches, had the computer reset, had the computer diagonigists proformed several times. my security light stays on and my car still will not start on frequent occasions.... i am tired of spending money on this car and still have the same annoying issue.. no one seems to be able to find the problem and fix it.. so far i have spent $ 2500 dollars, and i am still annoyed, and still my car will not start. if you wait 10 minutes, it will start........most of the time.......someone needs to help me.....

Myrtle Beach, SC

#11 Jan 9, 2007
Do a google search for "Passlock disablement for remote start capability". You will not need to actually install a remote starter. The toggle switch will turn your passlock off. Just leave it off so there are no more headaches and waste of money.
James K

Shepherdsville, KY

#12 Jan 16, 2007
My 2000 Impala 3.8 engine gives a 1811 code. What exactley is this?

Milford, MA

#13 Jan 23, 2007
James K wrote:
My 2000 Impala 3.8 engine gives a 1811 code. What exactly is this?
My 2000 Impala has just given me the same code after sitting in an airport parking garage for a week (it wasn't on when I parked it before my trip). According to the mechanic, it means that at some point the transmission took too long to shift gears. He tried to reset it, but it came back on right away. I'm looking for answers as well.

Lewisville, TX

#14 Jan 25, 2007
Here is what GM has to say about the problem:
BTW, I have the updated module GMAN170, no help!
(The BCM lives under dash, above left foot, has 3 big connectors)

BCM - Security Lamp ON/No Crank/DTC's Set
Bulletin No.: 04-08-47-003
Date: August 31, 2004
Security Light On, Engine Will Not Crank, Diagnostic Trouble Codes B2958 and/or B2960 (Repair Poor
Terminal Connections at Body Control Module)
2000-2005 Chevrolet Impala, Monte Carlo
Some customers may comment on an engine that will not crank. Others may comment on the security light
being on.
Technicians may find DTCs (diagnostic trouble codes) B2958 and/or B2960.
These conditions may have several different causes. In each case, however, testing of the BCMs (Body
Control Modules) replaced for these conditions are frequently found to be operating to specifications and are
believed to have been replaced needlessly. A change was made to the BCM hardware in February of 2003. An
updated BCM can be identified by a GMAN169 or higher number found on the BCM part label. This
hardware change was made to prevent the remote possibility that a BCM, built after the GMAN169 number,
could be the cause of these conditions.
The following are the likely causes of these conditions:
1. Damaged or loose/unseated terminals in these BCM connectors may cause a security light or no start
^ BCM connector C1 (24-way, pink in color), terminal B9 (white wire, circuit 1459)
^ BCM connector C1 (24-way, pink in color), terminal B12 (black wire, circuit 1835)
^ BCM connector C2 (24-way, grey in color), terminal A3 (yellow wire, circuit 1836)
Important: Use only approved tools for removal and testing of terminals. Do not use unapproved tools to
probe a terminal as this could cause damage. Use Probe Tool J 35616-6, from the J 35616-B terminal test
kit, to test the terminals in the BCM connector.
2. Check all the terminals in both BCM connectors, focusing on the three terminals listed above, for damage
and proper seating of the terminal in the connector. If no damage is noted, follow the normal SI diagnostic
procedures including clearing codes and attempting to duplicate the concern.
3. Always check for and clear all DTCs after recharging or disconnecting the battery. Attempt to restart the
vehicle only after all DTCs have been cleared. This will help prevent an unnecessary BCM replacement
due to false DTCs being set while servicing the battery.
4. A BCM should not be replaced when DTCs U1016 and/or U1064 have been set, even though the BCM is
turning on the security light. Diagnose and repair or replace components as directed by the diagnostic
procedures for these diagnostic trouble codes.
5. A current or history diagnostic trouble code B2958 in the BCM and a loss of battery voltage due to a
battery going dead or a battery disconnect may cause a no start condition upon recharging or reconnecting
the battery. Clearing the diagnostic trouble code will allow the vehicle to start.
6. The security light may turn on when the IPC (Instrument Panel Cluster) or PCM (Powertrain Control
Module) does not receive a state of health message from the BCM within a specified window of time.
DTCs U1016 or U1064 may set. Upon receiving the state of health message again, the security light will
go out and diagnostic trouble codes will go to history. If this happens frequently, the vehicle may exhibit
an intermittent or random flash of the security light.

Lewisville, TX

#15 Jan 25, 2007


But the bulletin says it applies to GM Trucks 1998-99
I'll go check my 2002 Impala to see if this YELLOW wire exists in D3 of the column connector...BRB

Myrtle Beach, SC

#16 Jan 27, 2007
Russell wrote:
But the bulletin says it applies to GM Trucks 1998-99
I'll go check my 2002 Impala to see if this YELLOW wire exists in D3 of the column connector...BRB
Sorry I put too much info for the search. Just google "Passlock I or II Disablement". I re-wrote the procedure so you will be able to access your passlock wires (Yellow, Black, and White)at or near your Ignition Lock Cylinder. Hope this helps. Use the "diagrams" link to see high resolution photos of the wiring for your particular Model and Year.

Council Bluffs, IA

#17 Mar 10, 2007
I've been working this same problem on a 2003 Monte Carlo. When it first started for us the security light would come on occationally, then it started blinking the headlights and the radio sometimes displays "locked". I bought a scanner off ebay (a bit more nuts and bolts than a normal one) based on an ELM 322 processor. Took a bunch of perusing arround the internet but I have been able to use it to get trouble codes from all of the modules in the car. The only bonafide codes (I have a bunch of immature codes) are a u1064 IPC History loss comms with BCM in the IPC (instument Panel Center, where the security display is) and B1780 Radio History Current which means it's locked. I have already removed the BCM (under dash by the parking brake) and resoldered the terminals on it, and looked over the PCM (under the Air Filter, have to pull it all the way out) but nothing looked out of the ordinary there. The current codes have me thinking of pulling and checking the connections on the IPC. If any of you wanna try too, try this sight http://fasnorkis.kicks-ass.org :9001/servlets/Home
will try to keep you posted

Council Bluffs, IA

#18 Mar 10, 2007
um be sure to copy and paste the whole link the :9000/servlets/home is needed too, this has a bunch of gm service tips, schematics and dissasembly instructions. BTW I am an electronic tech by trade

Council Bluffs, IA

#19 Mar 15, 2007
Well quick update, the codes had changed again, it was again almost exclusivly immature codes, but security light still on and radio still flaky (especially when engine compartment warm). I started tearing in to the car today, figuring I would start under the hood since that seemed to be where the heat problem was. Went right to the Underhood main fuse block and started pulling it out. I got to the part where I pull the fuses and noticed the apearance of lots of corrosion on the fuse. I hooked up an ohm meter accross it and found that lightly moving the red lead accross the other blade of the fuse it would change up to 2 ohms and more. Now quick electronic lesson, E=IR, that is to say Volts = Current times Resistance. Now these fuses are rated at 60 Amps and a normal draw of 40 amps would not be out of the norm. So at 40 amps it requires only 0.05 ohms to make a voltage drop of 2 volts. This could easily come from the corrosion I found. Ill keep you up to date when I put it back together.
Al Elko NV

Spring Creek, NV

#20 Mar 17, 2007
My 2002 Chevy Impala has 91,000 miles. The battery light flashes then the security light comes on and the radio has red locked sign. Then it says take to service soon. We put in a new battery and the car is servied regulary. What's the problem and how much will it cost to fix?

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