2000 impala traction control

Anchorage, AK

#41 Jun 21, 2007
Now am also needing an ignition switch, as the heater (fan) works off the ignition switch and isn't working properly. Three front hubs and an ignition switch on 2001 Impala with 42,488 miles. Chevy needs to improve the workings of the Impala.
jorge garcia

Spring, TX

#42 Jun 28, 2007
I Have a chevy impala as well. the car turn the traction service system light. I have take the car to the different mechanic shops and the last time I took it to a chevrolet service shop, on which they found out that the hardness of the brakes, had corrocion and that need it to be change. I do not know if that is going to fix the problem for the service traction system light. Email jorgegarcia77043@yahoo.com

Vienna, VA

#43 Jun 28, 2007
O< man> everybody have the same problem as mine too. I am on Impala-02 ls,3.8. When I start the car> the track off . abs and service traction control lights comes on. When moved, after 2 min Service tracktion control light turn off. but track off and ABS lights remains on. Had traction when turn leaft from parking, now don't feel that, but lights remain on. Driving is ok< but it lights on make me nervious. because everybody want have car ok 100% lights off.
About reasons they say contacts in the speed sensor can be debrished, need flush the transmission fluid, left front bearings...
Please email me too, I am in VA Alexandria, close to Ellicot't Tim/
I know we can fix it themselves without spending $$ money.
had experienced 2 things i fixed bymyself, can advice:
1) Sparks replasing: 3 candles in the front side of motor, and 3-back side (inside). Front candles were easy to replace. My advice about the other 3 candles (sparks) are: use your wife's ... mirror! Extend this mirror 9rounded one) to a stick you can find and see sparks back side of motor (behind the plastic coverageof motor). So, you easy will find them and can wear on them your tool. Tool in order to skrew out the sparks does consist of 2 tools: head tool, and skrewing tool. Fix them both by the white sport tape (!) form the Sport Authority or other ones? they will not fall down under the car when working. It helps. The same way when you put sparks back: easy and quick with them. it took my just 1 hour for these 3 candles(sparks) to skrew out old ones and to put back new ones. I saved $100-00 if gave the car for the shop.

2) Had loss of power, even had new sparks everything. Reason usually is catalytic convertor. If you have less than 80,000 miles on yopur car, it is free in the dealershiop!(bUt could cost you about 300-00/ Again< saved 300-00 for the shop.

30 Before to fix the loss of power, I replased myself the fuel filter. Location is right under the passanger seat on the JEFT of the car (if you see ahead of the car, then - left). Took the parking lot hole (!). Can reach the underneath and left side. 2 tools skrew out and replaced by nes one (the part costs about 20-00 in the Auto xone store). 30 minutes and .. done! Now my car is very fast: just jamps out when push the accelerator! Even just toughch little bit and your car jamps like a horse!!! Happy!
But as i told, track off light and SERVICE TRACTION CONTROL light both make me angree and nervious each time I start my car, even they don't bother me during the driving! Man, someone knows how to fix them?
Please email me. thanks! Sorry for my gramma, never studied, write as I hear words!
paul beaudry


#44 Jun 29, 2007
My abs light is on at all times, but the brakes seem to work fine.I think it might be a short in the electical.
Does anyone have any ideas why the abs light stays on?

Vienna, VA

#45 Jun 29, 2007
They answered earlier in may. I am going to try to do it on this Weekend, including the Independance Day.. Ha-ha-ha:
Denver, CO Reply
|Flag |#26 May 5, 2007^

I was having this problem. I went to the dealer and they reset the computer and said it started doing that because I had a flat tire a week or so before and that would set it off, BULL. I knew it was going to start coming back on.
What I did was I raised the front of the car, took off the front wheels/tires, disconnected the wiring harness to the ABS at each front wheel, I used brake cleaner to clean the living heck out of everything, paying attention to the back shell of the connectors as alot of water brake dust and such gets in there. I used the straw that comes with the brake cleaner to reach in as far as I could to try and clean the toothed area on the ABS pickup and then I insected all the wiring I could see for breaks in the insulation, I found none. I put the harnesses back together and have had no problem since then. I was getting the light almost at every right and left turn. Now nothing at all. I think sometimes all the stuff just gets dirty and the signal gets weak sending false info to the Traction Conrol, which works with the ABS systen to apply breaking to the affected wheel.
Try it you may be surprised.
Kenny B

Oceanside, NY

#46 Jul 4, 2007
After reading the others I just resaeated the connections and it been fine for over a month. the way the connection is set up gravity will loosen it. They should have mounted it to the bottom part so gravity would push it in. But they are easily disconnected and reconnected and it seems that that did the trick, at least for a couple of months so far. Aside from that all I've needed was a new Catalitic converter replaced by GM. Overall I'm very pleased with the car.

United States

#47 Jul 7, 2007
I own a 2001 impala which I bought brand new. I had the traction control problem as well. I figured out that the problem was the hub. I found the wires coming out of the hub were getting pinched at the pigtail, because it had a steel clip that was inmobile. Chevy redesigned the pigtail in the later models with a plastic clip that swiveled. I did what any good hack would do, and clipped the pigtails and hardwired it. No more problems.

United States

#48 Jul 7, 2007
john c wrote:
My2000 impala traction control will automatically turn
itself off under hard left or right hand turn. The
dash light (TRAX OFF and BRAKE LIGHT) remain ON for some time and the traction control switch has no effect on the system.

United States

#49 Jul 8, 2007
My traction control would shut itself off, just turning out of the driveway, and would stay off until I restarted the car. I was stationed in England for three years with the car, and it basically set for six months waiting for parts. That is where the pigtail alteraion came in. I am pretty meticulous about my maintenance, and I didn't enjoy doing that, but I was at the end of my rope. I had to buy a british ford to make sure I had transportation to work. I like the styling and the room, but the quality saddens me.

United States

#50 Jul 8, 2007
By the way, the way I finally figured out that it was pinched at the clip, was to jack and support the car, take off the wheel, turn the key to accessory, and jiggle the wires until I set off the traction control light. Before that I thought that it was something internal in the hub that was wrong. That kinda got expensive.

United States

#51 Jul 19, 2007
MMC wrote:
<quoted text>
The dealer/mechanic just doesn't know, we all are having this same problem all the way up to the 2005 models. My trac and brake light have been on for awhile now and I just leave-never took it to the shop, personally it doesn't bother me at all cause the car still works. And from everyones posts on this site, I figure I'm not going to waste my money for a temp fix. It doesn't effect the vehicle at all. MY SUGGESTION IS TO UNPLUGG THE FUSE FOR THE TRAC AND BRAKE LIGHT AND ROLL-ON!
It sometimes makes it hard to pull out and the car makes awful groaning noises on hard turns.
jessica bham

Lincoln, NE

#52 Jul 20, 2007
i have a 2002 impala when i make a turn my traction control will come on no one can solve it

Orlando, FL

#53 Jul 21, 2007
i am having the same problem with my impala 2001. traction control and the abs light my brakes feel fine but my traction feels like somthing is rubbing under the car. could someone tell me if they have a idea of what this problem is and how i can fix it.

Orlando, FL

#54 Jul 21, 2007
i am having the same traction contol problem with my 20o1 impala also. service traction light willturn on as soon as i put the car in drive. then the abs light comes on the brakes feel fine but it feels like somthing is rubbing under the car when i drive it with the traction turned off. could someone please tell me how to fix the problem or some idea of what you may think it could be.

Orlando, FL

#55 Jul 21, 2007
i am having the same problem with my imapala 2001 does anyone have a idea of how i can fix the problem without having to go to the high priced dealer.

Pearland, TX

#56 Jul 25, 2007
to all the people posting on how to fix this problem, read the past 55 posts. they all cover the problem.

Huntsville, AL

#57 Jul 27, 2007
i have a 00 impala. is it me or are chevys crappy? my check engine light comes on daily, low coolant light, and the fuel indicator malfunctions. i have made several repairs with the driver side window switch and installed a brand new radiator, head gaskets replaced, manifold gaskets, and just about everything else you could imagine. i think chevy needs to stop throwing cars together so quickly and form better solutions for their cars. the automatic features are great but the electrical system used in powering everything needs improving.

Toronto, Canada

#59 Jul 28, 2007
I am experencing the same problem as many people here, my 2003 impala has the abs and traction lights locked on, the tech said the hubs we malfuntioning and plans to replace both front units monday. I hope this corrects the problem.
jc south carolina


#60 Jul 29, 2007
my husband changed the brake pads on the car. We kept hearing a grinding shoud we thought was coming from under the hood. Also the abs lights started coming on. We took it to a tree mechanic. On our recipt $89.95 abs activator, 40.00 tester $150.00 labor and $39.95 harness. Granding stopped but abs lights came back on after three weeks. We took it back a abs hub bearing assembly was put on $153.00 and another computer check done $35.00 plus labor. This time $250.00. Since then we have been told that after the brakes was changed the sensor justed needed to be reset. Or the harness just needed to be changed. I think that we got taken big time. Is the aculator something you change for about $89.00 and the abs hub bearing assembly just added work?
jc south carolina


#61 Jul 29, 2007
I forgot to mention that this is a 2001 chavy Impala. Also in the last few weeks going 70 mph on the interstate at nignt, I lost total power. No lights inside or out. The car stopped taking gas and it was almost impossible to stir. I cut it off and back on and it has not happened again but I am afraid it will. It has also ran hot and lost some fluid with no apparent leaks anywhere. That also has not happened again!

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