Dash lights go off when sensor turns ...

Bolton, Canada

#22 Jul 5, 2007
I have a 2001 and when the lights come on in the dark the deck lights flicker bright then dark if you play with dimmer and turn it bright the deck face goes out if you turn it down it flickers on any one have any ideas...btw the dash lights dim properly

Ozark, AR

#23 Feb 18, 2009
i have the same issue with my 2002 Impala sensor switches headlights on and no dash or tail lights please help cant drive at night.

Cedar Springs, MI

#24 Jul 1, 2009
i have same problem with 01 impala cant figure out why at night have no dash lights checked all fuses and pulled the switch and swaped it with an 03 monte carlo switch still does same thing but old switch works in the monte.... wierd idk what else it would be

Las Vegas, NM

#25 Oct 2, 2009
We are having a similar problem that showed up right after I replaced the headlight assemblies because they were cloudy. Oh yeah, this 02 Impala is a retired under cover police car.
juan garcia

Berkeley, CA

#26 Oct 13, 2009
i have signal ligths of and dimer go dark

Las Vegas, NM

#27 Oct 19, 2009
The back light for the Gear Selector readout screen above the steering column come on when the key is turned on and stays lit for about 3 seconds then goes out. Any idea what causes this?

Houston, TX

#28 Oct 29, 2009
The dash and tail lights share a common fuse. If there has been an upgraded stereo, amp, etc installed there is a good chance that the problem lies therein. Many of the newer stereo systems and aftermarket upgrades do not have a place to mount the stock ground wire and are alot of times just folded back into the dash causing them to short out the fuse when the headlights are turned on. you could remove this system and cut the wire and put a wire nut or electrical tape so there is no copper exposed. then replace the fuse that operates the dash lights and try your headlights. many times this will solve the problem.

United States

#29 Nov 8, 2009
Larry Carr wrote:
2003 Impala - Chevy, I am having a problem in getting my head lights to shut-off. I have to keep playing with the switch for over an half and hour before the lights shut off. My head lights stay on all the time. I looked inside the fuse box and gigle the wires and sometimes it will go off after doing that. How can I correct this problem.
did you try resetting it to factory defaults?

Glace Bay, Canada

#30 Dec 29, 2009

I didn't know there was another fuse box in the crevice of opening the passenger door. It helped when I found that out in the owners manual.

Narrowed things down by checking to see if I had rear parking/running lights since I heard this was also the dash light fuse.
*I did not have these rear parking lights coming on, just when I would apply the brake*

Sure enought that 15A fuse was blown, its in the passenger side box. I heard in my searching for a fix that this fuse also controlled dash lights. Sure enough it does!( I have 2000 base model 3.4 impala)

SO, Things worked after that, UNTIL I MOVED MY ASH TRAY IN AND OUT A FEW TIMES!!

The dash lights flickered a bit when I moved the ashtray in and out and after a few times I heard a POP! and no more dash lights just like before. Fuse was blown, and I didn't have another 15A that wasnt plugged in making something work. My ashtray light had not been working for the last while by the way.

SO, I pulled out a 15A fuse from the the slot that said CIG on the passenger side, I never use the 12v ports anyway.(used it for the rear parking light/dash light slot to get the dash lights working again.)

*But, the dash lights looked a little lazy, meaning I could see a bit of a powerup happening over 1-2 seconds to full illumination*

SO. then I went in the book and found out what fuses that had anything to do with the ash/aux outlet sliding tray which was good at popping the fuse that lit up the dash. I wanted to disable the ashtray light and 12V ports in the tray to be safe.

I already pulled the appropriate 15A fuse on the passenger side which I used to bring the dash and rear parking lights back. But also, I decided to remove the 10A fuse on the drivers side that was for the accessory outlet.( it might have been labelled CIG?)

Dash lights come on fast and solid now, sliding the tray does not have an influence or cause flickering.

My car is old enough that I don't care about having to rearrange fuses to make things work, If end up needing the 12v ports I can put the 10A fuse back in since the tray needs to be held open anyway.

I hope this helps.

White Plains, KY

#31 Jan 1, 2010
My 02 impala headlights go off when driving with them on high beam. I have changed the relay and from research on the problem I think the dimmer switch (multifunction switch ) is bad.

Phoenix, AZ

#32 Jan 25, 2010
2002 Impala Dash works during the day time its on and night time it is off....what should I do?

Falls Church, VA

#33 Apr 5, 2010
2004 Impala:
Dashboard (IP & HVAC) lighting does not illuminate at night, only in day. Fuses OK. Problem follows light sensor on dash. Cover the bubble-shape light sensor during the day, dashboard lighting disables after a time out period. Remove cover, the dashboard lighting enables after a time out period.
How hard is it to replace the light sensor? Or, since the car is on a vehicle bus system (I believe CAN), could it be something else?

Phoenix, AZ

#34 May 28, 2010
Tony wrote:
Dash lights go off when sensor turns on head lights at night. The back tail lights won't come on either, but the brake lights work. I have changed the Headlight switch and accy relay but that didn't help. any suggestions
needs headlight switch and plug for it. est $500.00

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#35 Jun 7, 2010
my dashbord turns on but then fades away why is that how can i fix it?
isaiah jordan

New Haven, MI

#36 Sep 23, 2010
2002 impala interior dimming circuit concerns may be due to headlamp switch harness, terminals being burned open due to excessive resistance at the business ends of he terminals. the dimmer board on the switch will also burn open.look at the gray colored wires for burned insulaton.

Hubert, NC

#37 Sep 24, 2010
cameron wrote:
not a single person out there has ever experienced this issue. come on folks i cant drive at night
mail me at [email protected] i now have lights but its not fixed just went around it still need to fix it

Waterloo, Canada

#38 Jan 17, 2011
I have the same problem with my 03 impala and I just found the problem it is a bare wire from the license plate lamp that is shorting out .

Sandviken, Sweden

#39 Mar 7, 2011
I have a 2002 Impala. The interior lights started to dim very low and pop back on. Thank you to this sight. Over the weekend the dimmer switch was changed and now everything works just fine. When the old one was removed, we could see that it was fried. Thank you for all the people who post their problems. This fix saved us hundreds in going to a mechanic.
taylor j of sc

Ramseur, NC

#40 Mar 15, 2011
i have a 98 elipse rs that the dashlighs are on when the headlights are off and the dashlights go off when my headlights are on any responses email me at [email protected] m

Fayetteville, NC

#41 May 27, 2011
i have a problem with my 2002 ford explorer my dash and tail lights both went out anyone know what could have caused this

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