Chevy impala wipers not working

Midlothian, VA

#182 Apr 11, 2010
Must be a lot of happy mechanics out there. About 1000 mi out of the waranty, my blades stuck in the upright position.(yes, it was after a snow, and I hadn't realized I;d left them on, but this was my 1st Chevy...) I took it to my mechanic - he quoted $500 and suggested I try the dealer since it was so close to the waranty. Guess what? The blades were fixed with an "adjustment" which cost $30 (it would have been $60 but because of the warranty thing...). Big difference.

Again snow on the windshield this year. My current mechanic found the repair in the manual, again around $500. So my wipers are up again... I did some checking on my own. Apparently the "adjustment" that had been done is just resetting a tab on the wiper motor that gets bent out of place.

It's a shame Chevy doesn't include both optiond in their manual...

Lubbock, TX

#183 May 27, 2010
I have an 02 with the same problem. So fustrating!!

Coraopolis, PA

#184 Jun 6, 2010
The passenger side wiper quit working entirely on my 2000 Impala. I heard that the aluminum threads on the wiper arm get worn and they just stand still even though the motor and transmission are still good since the driver side was working fine. So like Carlo (Nov. 2008 posting) I took off the plastic nut cover at the base of the wiper arm and tightened it yesterday and now both blades work. Just be sure to line up the "bad" side with the good side so they are synchronized.

By the way...if this does not work and you have to pull off the arm off of the top of wiper I wish you good luck. The hood blocks you from pulling it off the bolt to check the threads on the inside of the wiper arm base and I had no luck at all. So that is why I tried tightening the nut. Let's see how long the quick fix works.

Princeton, MA

#185 Jun 20, 2010
2005 Impala
Have mine apart right now. I don't see this tab but on another BB I understand
GM has come out with heavy duty tab. I did post to Govt site for a recall many months ago but need more people to post there again.
This is a safety issue plain and simple.

Princeton, MA

#186 Jun 20, 2010
Ok I just fixed at least temp. There is a yellow spring loaded arm that fits in the tab. I had to have my wife turn it on and off several times till i could understand it.
I put a piece of tape on wiper stub arm where wiper blade goes and made it point, then i had her put it on lower so i have a good idea where it should point and adjusted that tape. Next I pulled the yellow arm a few times and put on a wax lube ( teflon oil) I adjusted the tab a little and made sure yellow arm was free. Spray it several times and each time it worked. Put it together, WOW quiet.

BTW this is on the drivers side only and there is a cap on wiper transmission you pull off, then lube and work with it. To take apart On the cowl is a heavy rubber lip,then take off washer tubes, then take out plastic snaps holding down other big plastic and it is all right their to see.

Westport, CT

#187 Jun 30, 2010
Just fixed my 2001 Imapla that had wipers staying up (I hope). My best guess is that the wiper connection to the wiper motor gets repositioned when the snow builds up. I got access to the wiper motor by removing the cowling (plastic) that concels the motor. On top of the moter is a screw that holds down the mechanizm that rotates to operate the wipers. Remove the screw seperate from the motor reposition the wiper to the set postion and reconnect the wiper motor at the new position. This worked for me but the mechanizm has a spline inside that my guess is subject to striping that may require the replacement of either the motor or other part. Only thing is now the wipers stop half way when on intermitten mode (works fine in high and low) but ok with me as long as it gets through inspection.

Tallahassee, FL

#188 Jul 4, 2010
I have a 2003 impala and recently just had this problem.
Susie Robinson

Montgomery, AL

#189 Jul 9, 2010
Add another 2002 to the list.Never snows here but when it did my wipers started sticking straight up in the off position.RECALL

Weaverville, NC

#190 Aug 12, 2010
I have an 04 Impala. My problem is the system only works when it wants to so to speak. the multifunction switch that runs it was replaced with no change on activity. The wipers will randomly come on and off going down the road even with the wiper switch off. Does the wiper motor itself have one of those cards in it like the older trucks have?

Meadow Lake, Canada

#191 Aug 15, 2010
2001 impala to add with the same problem
Wayne Ralph Nfld Canada

Saint John, Canada

#192 Aug 17, 2010
To general motors GARBAGE IN GARBAGE OUT they snould have more respect for their customers you wouldn't find this garbage on a toyota i spent the full day working on this and the only answer is replace part at cost 150 bucks

Beecher City, IL

#193 Aug 30, 2010
I have had the same problem on my 2002 Impala for a few years now. I paid the dealership around $30 to get it repaired once, and within a few weeks it happened again. So I have been driving around looking ignorant with my wipers sticking straight up when in the "off" position for a while now. But they do work so I'm not going to pay another $30 to get it repaired again, and I'm sure as heck not paying $150 for an entirely new part. Complete BS. I have always but a Chevy fan, but this problem alone will keep me from buying another one. I also had this same problem on my old car, a 1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue. Shockingly I think GM and Oldsmobile are related companies aren't they?
Barbara Warren

Madison, MS

#194 Sep 1, 2010
My 2007 impala has an issue with the wipers. The mechanic said it is the motor and that it is not under warranty. It will cost around $300.00. There should be a recall on these cars.

Dallas, TX

#195 Sep 7, 2010
Johnny wrote:
have a 2002 Chevy Impala and its windshield wipers stay in the up position:
It happens when the ignition is turned on. When the ignition is cut off the wipers stay locked in the up position.
Any ideas why would be appreciated
Having the same problem out of my 2000 chevy impala its windshield wipers and eng fan on the driver side stop working

Louisville, KY

#196 Sep 25, 2010
I have a 2006 impala and the passenger windshield wiper doesn't work just the drivers side

United States

#197 Oct 25, 2010
add another 02 to the list...

Saskatoon, Canada

#198 Nov 1, 2010
Add another 2001 Impala to the list. Turned the wipers off and they went straight to the upright position. Now every time I use the wipers, as soon as I'm finished and turn them off they sit directly in front of my face, which is not only ridiculous-looking but a dangerous distraction. I think I'll hit a streetlight and sue Chevrolet. Piece of crap.

Lubbock, TX

#199 Nov 4, 2010
I found the problem to the wipers sticking straight up is the wiper motor mount gets bent and just needs to be rebend to work properly.
south txs

United States

#200 Nov 5, 2010
Ive got an 03 impala the driver side works normal at low speeds but the passenger side doesnt move at all ive tighened the bolts on top before they were loose and it worked for a couple months then once again the problem came back but the bolts were still tight so i tried taking the arms off but couldnt get it off so anyone know how to take of the wiper arm??

Rexburg, ID

#201 Nov 11, 2010
My 2002 Impala is driving me nuts. Ever since I bought it I have never used the wipers in delay mode. Just use the mist or make them go crazy fast. The other day my wife was driving it in snow, and the DRIVER'S wiper started wiping off of the windshield entirely and left her blind on the driver's side. She had to lean over to the passenger's side to see out of the window. Now the driver's wiper doesn't work. Maybe if one of us die from this, GM will finally fix this crap.

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