2002 Impala turn signal went funky no...
Technician R

Mansfield, OH

#61 Nov 1, 2009
Sherri wrote:
<quoted text> I have had this problem since moving to Florida. I am from PA and had NO problems. Humidity?? maybe...Went to a repair shop. They suggested they may have to tear out the entire steering colum to find the problem $200-$500. I said I'd deal with it . My brother who is a certified mechanic in PA told me to try the hazard switch and see if the turn signal work. If they do it is in the hazard switch. I am going to try to do it myself. For crying out loud. I did find a page which told you how to do it in 20 minutes. I may be a women, but I know I can do this, hell.. I can change the oil in my car, thanks to my ex who was to lazy to do it...by the way,,, I am not manly nor do I attempt to be. I figure, anyone can do anything if they research and put thier minds to it. I was VERY surpised to see how many people have problems with this./ Good thing I moved to Florida where people think turn signals are optional...lol(uncomfortable when cops are around or someone is right on your ass , you cannot turn and have to keep going until it is safe to turn without a signal....thanks Chevy
If your symptom was no turn signals right or left it is very likely that your hazard switch is to blame. You can try pressing the hazard switch on and off multiple times to see if your turn signals start operating again. This is very common and if that was your symptom replacing the hazard switch should repair it. The cost of the switch is about $70.00 at the Chevrolet Dealer. Good Luck on your repair please post your repair results. General Motors wonders why they have lost all there customers and then want us to by their cars and trucks again after brutally screwing us over and over again!

Fairview, PA

#62 Nov 2, 2009
yeah i have a 2001 impala...if you're having turn signal issues to where they just STOP working for no apparent reason...press the hazards a couple times and they should be back to normal. its a lovely process really >.<

i'm having issues with my brake lights..i'll replace the bulb in my left light and within a day its out again..must be electrical so my whole car is screwed really. yay for impalas!

Gonzales, LA

#63 Nov 2, 2009
Ok.I had the same problem with the turning signal not working.So I took the advice of pressing and wiggling the hasards a few times.This worked but would not stay on for long.So I played with it somemore and realizded that if I pushed and held the hazard light switch on the upper right part of the button with just enought presurre the turn signal will work all the time.So i folded a piece of paper and used it as a wedge and stuck it into the crease of the button on the leftside.It sounds wierd but it works for me all the time now.
June July

Brooklyn, NY

#64 Dec 6, 2009
April May wrote:
my turn signals have been doing the same thing! I have to push the 4way hazard button to get the turn signals to work. it is very strange. but not strange enough for a recall!!!! "Dealerships words" My mechanic is charging me $100, because he said it's easy to fix- he's done a ton!! Nice~
Did your mechanic fix it? Did it stay fixed? I am having the same problem, and I though it may have something to do with the flasher becoming hot or shorting out.

Caro, MI

#65 Dec 30, 2009
I have a 2004 Impala that has had problems switching from brights to dims. Now the turns signals turn on front and back, but they stay on. I make it work by switching them on and off. I've read above, any comments on schematic to take apart and fix on own?
Thanks Brian
Can email at [email protected]

Brampton, Canada

#66 Jan 28, 2010
on my 2005 impala my sifnals work fine but markers dont work please help

Brampton, Canada

#67 Jan 28, 2010
i have a 2004 impala and my driving light are running as regular low not hi what can be the problems

Rockville, MD

#68 Feb 3, 2010
I have had this problem and finally fixed it. I know it's an old post. To fix the turn signal issue, replace the hazard switch in the center of the dash. Spraying it may only be temporary. I replaced the switch over a year ago (actually the mechanic replaced it), after purchasing the multifunction turn signal switch and having that not work. The hazard switch made it work and it hasn't failed in a year.
Matt P

Salt Lake City, UT

#69 Feb 8, 2010
My turning signals stopped working last week and I couldn't figure out how to fix them (asked the people at a couple of car-parts stores and they thought that I needed to replace a switch or fuse) but I tried the WARNING LIGHT switch trick that everyone else commented on -- the first couple of tries didn't work but I did it a few times while parked and also while driving and now they work perfectly again! I don't know why it would get "stuck" like that, but I'm pretty sure that replacing the warning light fuse like some of these other people did would be a waste of money unless the lights keep getting "stuck" on. Give the WARNING LIGHT trick a try because it worked for me and saved me a lot of time and money of going to a mechanic or buying new parts.--(My car is a 2004 Chevy Impala LS and only has 55,000 miles on it - so I don't know why it would have this electrical flaw, but it must have something to do with the initial construction of the vehicle)

Rochester, NY

#70 Feb 19, 2010
I have a 2001 Impala, the blinkers are screwed up.. the hazard lights will not come on when I press the switch and now the fan control- dash switch doesn't work on the proper settings. The outside air will blow in the car instead of recirculating. Any suggestions, other than sell the car. Thanks

Eddyville, KY

#71 Feb 20, 2010
Plaigh wrote:
<quoted text>
UPDATE: I received the Hazard Lights switch in the mail today and still NOTHING - I'm growing tired of trying to find out what is wrong with this car. She sits parked because without brake lights where can I go? Does someone have an answer?
So far I have tried the Turn signal switch that didn't work
Now I have tried the hazard light switch that didn't work
I don't know what else to do...
I live in Central KY and you can drive down here without any lights at all, LOL

Eddyville, KY

#72 Feb 20, 2010
I've read all of the comments and my problem is maybe a little different. 2002 Impala w/ 200K miles. The drivers front blinker doesn't work as a turn signal nor as a 4-way. All of the other lights will work. That is the 'normal' problem, although sometimes none of the turn signals will work. When the left turn signal is on, it flashes real fast on the dash and at the rear bulb. The dash lights flash normal when the 4-ways are on, but l/front still doesn't work. I tried turning on/off the hazard lights(the HAZARD LIGHT fix) without any success, although sometimes this caused the 4-ways not to work. We've had other problems w/ this stupid car...kinda makes me proud to 'buy american'.

Glenolden, PA

#73 Mar 16, 2010
chey wrote:
Had turn signals go funky as if bulb bad, but not, checked all bulbs contacts, GM says "multifuncion switch" bad and $405, Thank YOu!! Havent replaced this switch yet, but now no turn signals and no brake lights on except for trunk brake light. Any one had any similar problems and can lead me to a solution?
went to junkyard replaced 4way in dash now all turn singal works and 4 way before nothing

Charlotte, NC

#74 Mar 25, 2010
2001 impala, blinker problem like all you others. Kicked both tail lights several times (and one of them even broke), then started car. Same problem.
ed ohmnes

Regina, Canada

#75 Apr 14, 2010
i have the same problem with my 2002 impala. turn signal starts to crap out once in a while, more as its warming up. what i do is turn my signal light on one way. push the hazard flasher on for 3 or 4 seconds than turn the hazard lights off while leaving the signal light on and it usually starts working again. or always works again. how about putting a simple flasher back in gm.

Springport, MI

#76 May 2, 2010
DON'T replace the signal switch!!!! I have the same problem on my 01 Impala, we payed alot and went through torture changing it and it did NOT fix the problem. We are at a loss of what to do now.
Tyler N

Spokane, WA

#77 May 4, 2010
Heys Guys and Gals I have a 2003 Impala LS with 80000 on it. When the car is started the turn signal indicators on the dash stay lit but the blinkers and flashers are off. When you turn them on the front signals do not work and the back signals flash fast as if a bulb is out the front bulbs are fine and so are the back. Any suggestions i could use some advice I haven't seen anyone on here with similar problem.
Email me at [email protected]
Danny S

United States

#78 Jul 1, 2010
ive got an 05 impala 165,xxx and my wiper blades intermittently come on by themselves. sometimes just 2-4 inches and then it will do two full wipes then go back to resting point...i was told to change the motor and it should reset the resting point, and also have been told to change the turn signal/wiper switch... any suggestions will be GREATLY appreciated!!!!

Owings Mills, MD

#79 Jul 11, 2010
chey wrote:
Had turn signals go funky as if bulb bad, but not, checked all bulbs contacts, GM says "multifuncion switch" bad and $405, Thank YOu!! Havent replaced this switch yet, but now no turn signals and no brake lights on except for trunk brake light. Any one had any similar problems and can lead me to a solution?
yes I had the same issue only my wipers went crazy then smoke started coming from the switch had to replace the whole switch which idid myself i found a used one for 100.00

Owings Mills, MD

#80 Jul 11, 2010
i am having a problem with starting my car the key wont turn in the lock cylionder as if its locked if i play with it for sometime it may turn over.Any one have ant ideas on what i can do.

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