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#102 Oct 21, 2008
disconnecting the passlock wire will not bypass the system it only shuts it down and will not even let the engine turn over. some said that it was a $500 fix to have the passslock reset, i don't know where you live but here it only cost $77 to rest the passlock system. since the the car has been doing graet ,so from my work and knowledge resetting the system is the only safe and possitive way to the fix. just call a local dealership ask for a cost to reset the passlock system you will be surprized how cheap the fix is and me trying everything everyone has suggested did not work for me because i tried them all. dealer resetting the systemIS THE ONLY WAY.

San Antonio, TX

#103 Jan 2, 2009
this just happened to me the other day, you probably got a copy key made for you car and apparently you're are not supposed to do that cause it activates your security system preventing you from starting your car, i wish i would have known cost me 700 bucks to get the codes reset and ignition cylinder replaced

Parkville, MD

#104 Jan 9, 2009
I'm amazed at how many people are dealing with this horror. My life is totally ruled by this passlock nightmare. I am a mom with disabled children and I have very limited time to get things done. Now, I have to budget 10-20 increments into all errands and appointments and pray that I don't get stranded over and over with my kids. Is GM INSANE not fixing this problem? I am a third generation Chevy person and I will NEVER, EVER buy another Chevy product. They have done nothing to make this better. Tomorrow, my husband is going to try to solder the connections in some fix we found. It's our only car and I'm terrified but we can't shell out hundreds or even thousands to scamming dealers and their "we have to run a diagnostic" spiel they give you now.

Our next car is going to be a FOREIGN CAR. We give up! So much for buying American made. I tried to stick it out, but GM has stuck it to me so I'm out.

Every time I'm stuck in the car with my disabled children, alone in the car in a bad neighborhood leaving medical appointments, I shall curse GM for the thoughtless people they are. BOY would I love to join a class action lawsuit!





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Colorado Springs, CO

#105 Jan 10, 2009
I too have a 2003 Chevy Impala with 65,000 miles and a 3.8L engine. It often will not start then later on I am able to start it. I thought it might be related to the shifter, but now I'm not so sure. Very frustrating and I am afaid to turn the car off because I don't want to get stuck. Sometimes I take an exta key and lock the car with it running. I agree that Chevy needs to own up to this as it is the most common complaint and I seriously doubt I'd buy another one beause of this problem unless it gets resolved without costing me a fortune.

Port Orange, FL

#106 Jan 18, 2009
Finally got mine fixed!! I knew that people had tried many solutions without remedy so I wanted to make sure that we had the correct solution.

Thank God we have a friend that is a tech at a GM dealership. The no start problem had became so bad that the codes needed to diagnose showed .

We use that information with the information I found here about copies of keys that were not GM keys. We replaced the ignition cylinder and had a mechanic friend that works at the dealership my husband works at, not GM, install. We also have a friend that runs the parts dept at a dealership and we got a discount on the cylinder which does sell for $200 to everyone else. He also got us the codes to have a new key made to set the new cylinder correctly.

We ask about having the passlock reset. The mechanic told use that putting the key in ignition in the start position until the security light stops flashing, is how to reset the passlock. Of course ,that is what we had been doing to get it started. The reset works but if the key is not the correct key, it keeps messing up the ignition cylinder .

All of this would cost around $500 but thank God for friends and the internet ,we paid far less. You do have to have a mechanic or someone that knows what they are doing for sure putting in the ignition cylinder. Hope this helps anyone else going through this no start situation .

Karlstad, MN

#107 Jan 20, 2009
2000 Grand Prix GTP, Same problem, the damn passlock system gets to pick when it wants to work and when it doesnt. Im going to go with the manual bypasss of the system. figure out the correct resistance required and hardwire the resistors directly into the system and put a kabosh to the whole damn thing. I have alway been a fan of GM, but this Passlock problem really chapps my ass when the damn fuel system wont let the car start and its -40F outside....

Macon, GA

#109 Jan 23, 2009
David wrote:
Disconnect the battery. Harbor freit sells a quick disconnect for the battery if you get frustrated enough it will be worth it.
Disconnecting the battery dose not work on my '98 GM van.

Brookings, SD

#110 Jan 26, 2009
I had to put in an aftermarket astro start remote start. The car has started every single time for the last 2 1/2 years,(approx. 5,000 starts).
It cost about the same as having the switch replaced, but i know it will always start. Only
bad thing is the security light is on half the time, but i've learned to ignore it.

Brookings, SD

#111 Jan 26, 2009
Almost forgot. The remote starter has a built in passlock bypass system. That's the reason it is
guaranteed to start every time.

Montgomery, AL

#112 Feb 22, 2009
I had someone replace the ignition switch will the 10 minute trick work

Miamisburg, OH

#113 Feb 23, 2009
I was having the same problem with my 2000 Impala, then i came across a little secret on how to change the the computers pass word for the security pass lock. It only took about 30 mins.
you do basicly the 10 min thing with the security light goes this only works if your secuity light is on.....

put key in igintion dont start the car but you want to turn the key all the way on and release it back to the on position wait 10 mins or till the security light stops flashing repeat this the exact same way two more times( dont take key out) ending in about 30 mins total time. this should reset the code to the computer and you should have no more problems with it.
This worked for me and i hope it will help someone else out....good luck all


#114 Feb 24, 2009
well after have spending 500 on almost everything possible that could be the problem for it not starting, i finally gave in today and spent 300 to have a mechanic go in and bypass the security system, so far it has started everytime, but i will know more in the morning for that seems to be when i have the most problems. i would have kept trying that 10 minute trick but i have a newborn and it just doesnt work for me, my opinion the dealers should be psying for this and i was also told that the dealers do bypass your system they just do not tell the customers what they have actually done because we are supposed to think we have a good anti theft system.

Corner Brook, Canada

#115 Feb 25, 2009
I had the Passlock issue with my 2002 Impala, this is how I had it fixed.

I brought the car to my local mechanic, I told him to find the three 20ga wires which come down from the ignition tumbler (a yellow, a black, and a white), and while the engine was running-- he cut the yellow wire. This forced the Passlock system to go into "fail" mode, which means as far as Passlock is concerned the anti-theft isn't working correctly, and will always let you start your car. I then had the mechanic wire in a switch under the dash which can be used to turn my Passlock system on/off as needed.(if Passlock loses power due to replacing a battery, etc it will reset and forget it was forced to go into fail mode, so then you just need to enable passlock, start the car, and flip the switch to cut the circuit again, forcing it to fail again). This method works quite well, the only annoying thing is the security light will always be on indicating a "problem" with Passlock. But personally, I'd rather the light always be on then having a vehicle than won't start on a whim.

Naperville, IL

#116 Mar 11, 2009
BIG CHRIS wrote:
I copied the link and it took me to a camera site. Help - I want to fix this.
jack vukasin

Las Vegas, NV

#117 Mar 26, 2009
albert wrote:
i have a chevy 2002 impala.i have replaced the ignition switch.but now the car wont start what do i do to reset the sercurity system to get the car to start immediate response requested.thank you
/dis cinnect the battery cable on the negative pole. let sit fifteen minutes then reconnect. That should reset your entire computer system.
jack vukasin

Las Vegas, NV

#118 Mar 26, 2009
Disconnect the negative battery connection. Let sit for fifteen minutes. reconnect cable. Your entire computer system shoud be established


#119 Apr 6, 2009
I just had an aftermarket PassLock bypass module installed and it works great. It's part of a remote start kit but I didn't opt for the remote starter, just the bypass module.

However, you need a functioning passlock sensor to program the bypass module. After wiring in the module, you start the car, push button on bypass module until the light blinks, then attach a specific wire to chassis.

Now the bypass module emulates the key's proper resistivity forever...(bad news is a screwdriver will probably start the car)

Lansing, MI

#120 Apr 16, 2009
so jerry did you ever vigure out what was causing the problem. i have a 2001 an for over a year now i have had this problem have a new battery,new switch,and a new bcm and it is still do it. sometimes it quits and wait 15-30 min and it will start just do not know when it is going to do it.
Jerry wrote:
I have a 2002 impala that wont start. when I turn the key the radio reads that it is locked. I pulled the 10 amp fuse for the bcm module located on the drivers side and re-installed it until the radio is unlocked, then turn key to off position, and then start the car. Im still working on trying to figure what causes this if I figure it out I will post it.

Warsaw, IN

#121 Apr 21, 2009
My problems just started, Security displayed on message center of my 2003 Monte Carlo SS. Lights flash on and off intermitantly, cannot unlock doors or open trunk with remote or inside controls. Reported issue on GM website, they contacted me. I took car to Chevy garage for diagnostic test. They told me to replace BCM before we could go any futher, but they also told me I needed a new fuel and air filter. My regular mechanic had just replaced the filters 3 weeks earlier. Who do you trust? I suggest we just keep complaining to GM untill they recall their P.O.S security systems.
Bradley Dixon

Cottage Grove, MN

#122 Apr 24, 2009
Same Problem with my 2001 Impala
- None of the tricks (on/off) work

- Will Never-Ever Purchase another GM Product

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