Clunk noise in the front end

Lloydminster, Canada

#121 Oct 5, 2007
its the intermediate shaft on steering column you can take it out and grease it but better to just replace it. 327.50 canadian dollar
jim plaster

Elizabethtown, NC

#122 Oct 8, 2007
Yes,add me to the noisy front end list.Mine is a 2003 z71 4x4.what a pain for such a nice truck.It's a shame that the engineers couldn't see this one coming!They've been making trucks for how long????

Roy, UT

#123 Oct 9, 2007
I have/had? a little banging noise on a 05' GMC 2500HD with a 6" lift and 35" tires. The pitman arm tapered shaft broke where it connects onto the center drop link and left me driving without any steering control. A new pitman arm is being installed. I was told the old one was not probably not seated all the way into the drop link, who know if it was or not, I bought the truck already lifted. I have found quite a bit of support that states that late model chevy/gmc trucks have pitman arm / idler arm issues.

New York, NY

#124 Oct 10, 2007
Im taking my '06 Uplander in to the dealer tomorrow. It has several clunks in the front end. Going over bumps it rattles. Turning left or right it clunks and sounds like someting is rubbing. once while I was stopped and applied gas it shutered and did not go anywhere. i let off and gave it gas again then it went fine. That only happened once. 15000 miles tires are worn bad and brakes squeek. Ill get back with what they do..

Brooklyn, NY

#125 Oct 12, 2007
prior to replacing the intermediate shaft (IS), is there trouble shooting that can be done to determine we have a bad IS. For example, should I be able to rotate the IS by hand with the truck off? Also,when stopped and truck on, rotate wheels fully left and then right, cant get the pop, does that rule out the IS?
chevy guy

Washington, CA

#126 Oct 20, 2007
my truck was doing the same thing.your dealer has tech. bullitins on this problem and should replace your body mounts if that doesn't work then have them unbolt and rebolt your crossmember and tierods that's what fixed mine and i love my chevy again
Jonathan Springer wrote:
I have this damn clunking sound when I turn on the highway left or right. This is a brand new 2007 GMC Sierra and I have no idea what to do. The sound sounds liike its right under my driverside floorboard. Anyone have any suggestions?
Also, with the wheels turned all the way to the right and drive in reverse, I hear a click in my front wheels. I'm very dissapointed and was told by a GM dealer that some of these new trucks have this problem. Thanks GM for the excellent quality rede!
Anyone got any help for me?

Minneapolis, MN

#127 Oct 24, 2007
Just bought a 2004 Silverado Z71 Crew Cab with 35.8K miles. Test drive was fine. Dealer showed warranty sheet which included replacing the rack & pinion and front shocks at 20K miles. I thought this odd. Now after 4K miles, the truck has the clunk and steering shaft pulsations when turning on inclines, on bumpy roads, etc that many Chevy truck owners also enjoy. What a disappointment for a truck that is otherwise perfect!

South Bend, IN

#128 Oct 24, 2007
commented on here months ago. Just got my truck back from dealer for the third time 2005 chevy 2500hd 30,000 miles. had intermediate steering shaft lubed with heavier greese, then exercised shaft to work in greese, now they said they have a new shaft to solve problem just installed today we'll see I'll post later

United States

#129 Oct 26, 2007
All the same bs from gm shaft replaced 3 times just came back from there 04 2500hd someone else told me about the bearing in the column my also be the problem
Adam Fast

Clackamas, OR

#130 Nov 1, 2007
I have a 2005 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Z71. I started having a loose feeling coming throught the steering wheel along with a slight bit of clunkiness. It became worse, so I took it in for a warranty repair. The dealership shop manager knew right away what it was and said he has seen a ton of them and just fixed one sitting outside. He said it is a steering shaft that goes out prematurely. My truck only has 16,xxx miles and it wore out a steering shaft????? Guess they havent had enough people complain to do a recall.

South Bend, IN

#131 Nov 1, 2007
they told me they won't do a recall because it doesn't pose a safety issue

Niceville, FL

#132 Nov 5, 2007
Does anyone know how to do this job themselves. I have looked in Alldata on te job and there is nothing there yet. I have an 05 Siverado with the same knock in the steering. Does it just consist off a grease gun and some grease?


#133 Nov 13, 2007
rhettly wrote:
I have a clunk noise in the front end, so far the dealer said they don't know what's wrong. Does anyone else have this problem. I'm gonna get it looked at a couple of more times then I'm tking it up with the lemon law associates.
I had the same thing dealer replaced a bushing on the control arm after bring the car back many times and bitching

Phoenix, AZ

#134 Nov 29, 2007
Don't let them fool you by telling you to "Road force balance your tires." It doesn't help with the vibration in the steering. They actually ended up having to replace the wheel bearrings and a whole lot of other crap too!

Arnold, MO

#135 Dec 9, 2007
I have the same problem on my Chevy Cobalt. It happens when I got about 30 mph, and it only happens when I go up a hill. The mechanics at Chevy said that it's being caused by a bent rim. However the guy who sold me the car said that I would be able to feel it at any speed, not just one speed.

Rochester, NY

#136 Dec 10, 2007
Gene F wrote:
Clunking rear end noise on stops and starts on my 04 silverado. Any ideas?
my name is mike i have the same problem with my 05 seirra it clunks when i stop and go the dealer told me that there is nothing wrong with the truck i have been there several time and they give me the same line of crap. if you or any one comes up with any thing let me now mike
Larry james in Clayton NC

Raleigh, NC

#137 Dec 16, 2007
I have a great Lt 2006 Silverado crewcab. I to have this clucking sound at slow speeds, I can also feel somthing in my steering wheel, I only have 30,0003368
Bob in Ohio


#138 Dec 22, 2007
There is a new TSB jan 07

Bulletin # 00-02-035-003m It says to the dealer not to Lubricate or exercise the I -shaft. Replace I shaft with pn 19153614.

Suppose to be the permanant fix
Larry P in VA


#139 Dec 23, 2007
I have a 2004 silverado Z71 and had the intermediate steering shaft replaced many months ago to correct noise,and so far all is great, hope it continues,my dealer also replaced my entire drive shaft with a slightly longer one to correct clunk in drivetrain, Got lucky to deal with a dealer that is willing to do the corrections with no grief,or BS. It was still under warranty then too !

Troy, NY

#140 Jan 21, 2008
I have a 2007 Silverado extended cab that I bought brand new. It has been making a loud clunk noise since day one. It now has only 21oo miles on it. I have been complaining to the dealer Andy Mohr Chevrolet in Plainfield Indiana with no help. They say it is a normal noise. If they had told me that before I bought I would not have bought it. GM has been no help yet. The manager wouldnt even talk to me. NO call back from my salesman Joe K.. This sucks

In 2003 I bought a new silverado which coughed up the trans at 3000 miles. When I got it back it too cluned loudly at times. I went to MV court and FYI; GM released a service bulletin that states that clunk is normal, 2 days after they recieved my court complaint. Believe it or not, the MV court used that to deny my claim and set the precedent for all you GM owners with clunking transmissions. They sent the dogs to court after me too. You don't have a chance unless you get armed to the teeth with some engineers to boot. Good Luck. BTW, I took an AAMCO diagnostic report in, was scoffed at.

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