Clunk noise in the front end

Jacksonville, FL

#61 Feb 27, 2007
Jason wrote:
the clicking/clunking in my 2004 siverado is when i'm making tight turns. I've had it looked at and they said nothing was wrong and that it might be the tires rubbing?? I've heard other chevys doing it. But i'm sure as hell not taking it to chevy so they can 'find' something wrong and charge me alot of $$.
anyone else's clunk while turning?
My 06 silverado was doing it and it was the wheel bearing so they said I now have it again only after 3,000 miles.

Jacksonville, FL

#62 Feb 27, 2007
I have a 2006 silverado z71, I heard a clunking sound then a grinding sound it was the right front wheel bearing. This was done about 3,000 miles ago. Now it is clunking again, especially during a slow turn

Atlanta, GA

#63 Mar 6, 2007
Wow... can't believe this news.. I just bought a used 2005 HD2500 and after a week the loud clunk
( sounds like a helicopter flying over) happens at different speeds and at different times.
I'm guessing my greased frontend lasted long enough
for me to get it home? It is only on driver side.
Dave M

Victor, NY

#64 Mar 13, 2007
rhettly wrote:
I have a clunk noise in the front end, so far the dealer said they don't know what's wrong. Does anyone else have this problem. I'm gonna get it looked at a couple of more times then I'm tking it up with the lemon law associates.
Loose sway bar link or strut isolator buishing.
Dave M

Victor, NY

#65 Mar 13, 2007
Bad sway bar link or strut bushing.
Hubert Kingery

Roanoke, IN

#66 Mar 16, 2007
I have a 2007 Silverado extended cab that I bought brand new. It has been making a loud clunk noise since day one. It now has only 21oo miles on it. I have been complaining to the dealer Andy Mohr Chevrolet in Plainfield Indiana with no help. They say it is a normal noise. If they had told me that before I bought I would not have bought it. GM has been no help yet. The manager wouldnt even talk to me. NO call back from my salesman Joe K.. This sucks

Sterling Heights, MI

#67 Mar 16, 2007
2004 Silverado Z71/ My front wheel bearing is shot. I had the instrument panel go out also and had to have a new cluster put in it. I have 62000 mile on the truck. My 2002 silverado lost its tailgate 1 week before I traded it in for the 2004, but the re-call wasn't out yet and established until the third quarter of 2004, so my insurance company had to pay for it. The dealership and the net claimed no one knew about it but I'm friends with one of the big guys at GM headquarters, and he knew all about it. I'mn going to find out about the bearings now. Just yesterday my truck vibrated on the x-way at 70 mph. By the time I got off, the clunking sound started and now I'm afraid to drive it. I did buy the part for $ 136.00. GM dealer wanted $300.00 for it and $200.00 to put it in. I'm getting an f150 next

Sterling Heights, MI

#68 Mar 16, 2007
My email is [email protected]

United States

#69 Mar 19, 2007
I have been having the same issue with my malibu and have taken it to the dealership numerous times the steering pinon has been replaced twice and I was told by the service department that this a defect
rhettly wrote:
I have a clunk noise in the front end, so far the dealer said they don't know what's wrong. Does anyone else have this problem. I'm gonna get it looked at a couple of more times then I'm tking it up with the lemon law associates.

United States

#70 Mar 19, 2007
I have been in contact with GMC and they are not doing anything. Today I took my 05 malibu back in for service and was told that the sound came from within the steering shaft and its been replaced...sounds like the same thing that was replaced before.

Austin, TX

#71 Mar 20, 2007
Gene F wrote:
Clunking rear end noise on stops and starts on my 04 silverado. Any ideas?
I have a 2003 Silverado w/ approx 45K miles and first had this problem show up about a year ago. Was diagnosed as a broken frame mount on the left side. The same clunk has returned and of course I have the steering shaft noise and vibrations. The lube or replacement shaft trick has been done at least four times. Likewise, I've had the instrument cluster/panel replaced twice for a metallic clicking noise at vehicle startup. Last time the dealer replaced the panel, they did not align correctly w/ the dash, thus, a wide gap between the AC controls. Great quality. Toyota, and even a three or four year old Tundra, is looking better all the time.

Austin, TX

#72 Mar 20, 2007
Oh, and did I mention the great sounding "diesel clatter" problem at startup? I've had my days with hand me down cars that were past their prime. Burning oil, faulty clutches, no AC, torn seats, sagging headliners...all stuff I was willing to put up with in high school and college days. Not acceptable for a new vehicle.
Ruth Frownfelter

Battle Creek, MI

#73 Mar 26, 2007
mat wrote:
get them to check your sway bar and bushings
Yes, that's what my problem was, alright. The clunking sound I was hearing on my 2006 Chevy Uplander van went away when the loose front sway bar links were both replaced.
Ruth F

Battle Creek, MI

#74 Mar 26, 2007
That's what my problem was, alright. The clunking sound I was hearing in my 2006 Chevy Uplander van went away when the mechanic replaced both loose front sway bar links.

Nashville, TN

#75 Mar 30, 2007
I don't know that I would call mine a clunk, but I definitely have something going on in my steering linkage somewhere. I feel it transmitting up through the steering wheel and it feels like a loose connection somewhere in there. I have 35,000 miles on my truck now and have had this for several thousand miles now. I am going to the dealership today and will report back.

United States

#76 Apr 7, 2007
Don McEntire wrote:
My 2006 Silverado 1500 has the clunk! It started at about 20,000 miles.I notice it on small bumps in the road and on turns. Appling the brakes makes no difference.It's an annoying clunk that you hear and can feel in the steering wheel.I got underneath and suprizingly tightened almost every bolt in the front end .This made no difference!I'm headed back to the dealer with copies of these comments...I see why GM is losing sales to the imports!!
Lube the ISS Intermediate steering Shaft

Sanger, CA

#77 Apr 18, 2007
I'va got a clunking sound when turning at low speeds, I feel it around my brake pedal. Is this the same problem?

Calgary, Canada

#78 Apr 21, 2007
Totally have a similar problem. I have a clunking sound in the front end of my 92 cavalier when I turn left usually and occasionally right. It can be felt in the whole car, but on the passenger's side floor the most. Any solutions?
rob vancouver canada

Maple Ridge, Canada

#79 Apr 29, 2007
I just purchased an uplander and I have noticed a clunk or vibration that pulses up the steering wheel on slow sharp turns. I think many of us are having similar problems with these GM vihicles. And when it's affecting your steering thats serious saftey issue ! I'm gonna contact GM are lives could be at risk.
Mitch Y Birchwood TN

Dalton, GA

#80 May 2, 2007
A solution is now available!! GM has an "updated" intermediate steering shaft.It's different because it now has a nylon insert to keep the "ends" of the shaft from "bumping" together causing the clunk that can be heard & felt through the steering wheel. The new shaft has only been released for about 2 months & the dealerships are just now getting them. I am having one installed next week along with a new instrument cluster on a 04 Silverado. Clusters can be replaced at no charge up to 75,000 miles,for bad gauges and or speedometer. Thought you all could use some good news. GM's steering shaft & instrument issues cover a wide variety of trucks and cars. This info was from a CHEVY dealer in N. GA. and they have had my trust for a long time. Spread the word and ENJOY LIFE AGAIN!!

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