Engine Misfire/Sputter
Bill Long

Lutherville Timonium, MD

#61 Dec 14, 2013
I showed the letter to the service manager and had him drive the car. They fixed it no charge
Bill Long

Lutherville Timonium, MD

#62 Dec 14, 2013
If you google "special policy 10250" you should be able to find information to give the service manager
Repair Invoice

Lutherville Timonium, MD

#63 Dec 15, 2013
I've posted online a copy of the repair invoice that I received when my Equinox was repaired. See: http://www.longwebs.org/Equinox/EquinoxRepair...
My Equinox never displayed a "Check Engine" warning light but the service manager was willing to road test and immediately acknowledged that there was a problem.
Paula MN

Saint Paul, MN

#64 Dec 17, 2013
I own a 2008 Chevy Equinox 57,000 mi. It was misfiring between 48 to 58 mi per hr. No engine light ever came on. After reading this I brought it in and told them about this website and issues you all have been having, including GM paying for labor and new spark plug wires. They put in new wires, and I got new spark plugs (my choosing - just to have new ones) and my car has been running like new ever since.

I hope this helps.

Nothing worse than car problems during a cold snowy MN winter. BRRRRR.

Lawrence, MA

#65 Feb 12, 2014
my 2009 chevy equinox sputtered at 45 miles an hour , i changed the spark plugs and wires and as good as new

Brighton, Canada

#66 Feb 17, 2014
I am having the sputtering problems everyone is talking about. Spark plugs were changed at $200 but didn't fix the problem. Will try the dealer for the plug wires and see what happens. Thanks to all who commented!

Irvington, NJ

#67 Mar 1, 2014
I am experiencing the same problem now. I thought there might have been condensation in the gastank due to all the snow and rain we were having. It just bucks randomly and then stops...on star ran a diagnostic and nothing came up...I can going to see about the spark plugs misfiring.

Thunder Bay, Canada

#68 Mar 23, 2014
Did I make a mistake financing a 2011 Equinox?
Tisha Paden

Philadelphia, PA

#69 Mar 27, 2014
I have a 2012 Chevy Equinox AWD LTZ. I have the same problem only my engine light kept coming on and flashing. I took it to dealer and they couldn't find the problem due to the engine light not being on. I was told next time it comes on to take it right in and not shut the vehicle off. So I did that and they said it showed a P0300 code. However they said that GM is aware of it and nobody knows how to fix it. After waiting 2 weeks and still not hearing anything we call GM directly and they said they didn't see anything reported on my car. They were calling the dealer to get tonthe bottom of it. The next day I got a call from the dealer. I took the car in and they kept it for a day and a half. They cracked the engine open on a car with 20, 000 miles to soak the valves which all had build up on them and replaced the spark plugs. When I picked it up the car smelled horrible due to whatever they soaked the valves in. It still misses while driving. The dealer claims its just us. However they are now trying to find us a new car due to the fact we just purchases this car 3 months ago and this is the 4th time we have had it in for this issue. They claim the issue is only with the 6 cylinder engine.

Savannah, GA

#70 Apr 20, 2014
I had the same problem in my 02 subaru forester 2.5L and I got almost 3 grand of parts and labor including 100k mile tune up, new timing/v belt, new spark plugs/wires, new head gaskets and valve cover to name a few things. Problem was fixed for 8 months then en route to work today it started back, bad. No check engine light. Any ideas where to start?

Norene, TN

#71 May 5, 2014
Christine did you recieve any letters for your 2007 equinox?
June M

Mesa, AZ

#72 May 5, 2014
My 2007 Chevy Equinox is doing exactly the same thing that is outlined in #10250 Special Coverage Adjustment - Spark Plug Wire Warranty Extension. I called the dealer, who looked up my VIN number, and said that my VIN number is not on the list of vehicles affected and therefore isn't covered. This is BS.
June M

Mesa, AZ

#73 May 5, 2014
And don't get me started on the key not releasing when you turn the engine off. That's been happening now for about 18 months and seems to be getting worse. I've tried re-starting, shimmying the steering wheel, banging the key, putting it in and out of gear - the lot. Sometimes sitting there for up to 5 minutes messing with it - I'm developing a blister on my finger from it. And apparently there's a big recall on this issue for some Chevy models, but of course not for my Equinox and my VIN number.

Shrewsbury, MA

#74 May 14, 2014
I'm having the same issues as everyone else: skipping/lugging - whatever you want to call it, when engine is under load. Had the same issue in Oct 2013, but replaced spark plugs and issue went away - now, within the last few weeks -the skipping has returned. Its a 2008 Equinox. Looks like I'll be making calls - want this resolved asap! Frustrating.
June M

Mesa, AZ

#75 May 15, 2014
I took my car to the dealer today to have it looked at (2007 Equinox). They determined that the issue with the car is exactly what is outlined in #10250 Special Coverage Adjustment - Spark Plug Wire Warranty Extension - but they won't cover the cost because my VIN number does not appear on the GM VIS list (and they said it's something over $400 to repair). They advised me to call GM (1-800-222-1020) and inform them that I want to establish a case file on this issue and try to get them to authorize the dealer to cover the repair. I'll be calling tomorrow and will update this on what happens.
June M

Mesa, AZ

#77 May 28, 2014
GM refused to cover the repair and the dealership (Chapman Chevrolet, Mesa, Arizona) would not perform the repair as a goodwill gesture. They wanted over $400 to do it. I had an independent mechanic perform the repair for $150 and it is now working fine. When he took the spark plugs out, the #1 plug looked exactly like the picture they show in the #10250 documentation. One would think that GM might want to engender some customer goodwill these days, but apparently not so. My next car will not be a GM.

Antioch, TN

#78 May 28, 2014
It was my number 1 too! The location fixed it under goodwill.

Sault Sainte Marie, Canada

#79 Jun 4, 2014
have unique problem
05 equinox will shift hard and cant find proper gear when tranny is first put in gear
after 3-4 miles it starts to run fine and runs great the rest of the day until the next morning when I start it up again.(not cold,about 60 degrees all week)
It is now at the second tranny shop this week as I spent $505 at the first and they solved nothing after a fluid change and service and a software update.They were frustrated as they hadn't seen this prob before
Now i'm wondering if it is the tranny or this misfire problem that others are having but am sure it is the tranny
any help would be appreciated but it seems to be a one of a kind issue

Newport, PA

#80 Jun 21, 2014
I have an 08 equinox Ls. There is a recall for the plug wires. I started to have the sputtering again the same as you described. I have 85000 mi on mine . Just replaced the ignition coil. Seems as if the problem is fixed. I too thought it may have been the transmission.
08 Equinox wrote:
I have a 2008 Equinox LT FWD with the 3400 motor in it with 89,000 miles. A couple of weeks ago I noticed it would miss while at highways speeds(50-60mpg) under load(going up slight hills) and it would do this while the vehicle was in 5th gear at around 1500-1800 rpm. If the vehicle downshifted to 4th it would stop missing and run normally. Then today it started to miss almost constantly. The funny thing is that the check engine light does not come at all. Which I think it is wierd.
I had a belt replaced about 1 month ago just for preventative maintenance reasons and asked them to go ahead and replace the spark plugs while I was there. They said the vehicle had 88,000 miles on it and the spark plugs are good till 100,000 miles and there really was no need to replace them.
I was pissed off because after asking them to replace them and now possibly have problems with a bad spark plug, I called the dealer today and asked them if they think it is a plug or plug wires and they asked if the check engine light was on and I said no. They said they would have to run a diagnostics check on it because they said it may not be a misfire it may be the transmission lunging. They said when they hook it up to the machine it will be able to tell if it's misfired and how many times and what cylinder. But my thing is that if it is saving these misfirings in the computer then that means the computer does detect a misfire and that means there should be a check engine light on giving a engine misfire code. Does anyone know if it will save a misfire in in the computer but not trigger the check engine light?
I just wanted to know if anyone else has had this problem and what it might be? It does seem to point to the transmission. Only does it in 1 gear(5th gear) at low rpm, it doens't do it at all driving in town(up hills or anything)and ofcourse driving in town you are only using lower gears. And ofcourse that would explain why there isn't a misfire check engine light either.
But then again 9 times out of 10 if you got a bad wire or plug it will only misfire under load and low rpm. Maybe while driving in the city i never really am under enough load at lower gears to put a big enough strain to cause it to misfire.
Any help would be nice. I do have a powertrain warranty on it so luckily if it is the transmission I am covered. But i'd rather not have the headache either.

Newport, PA

#81 Jun 21, 2014
Try replacing the ignition coil. I just did and it seems as if the problem is fixed . Still related to the plug and wire issue from earlier. I too had plugs and wires changed with recall and this subsided for a little and then returned . Good luck. Just replaced my coil yesterday. Good thing is that the coil is one whole assembly and easy to replace . On top of engine near firewall.
Jay wrote:
I am having the sputtering problems everyone is talking about. Spark plugs were changed at $200 but didn't fix the problem. Will try the dealer for the plug wires and see what happens. Thanks to all who commented!

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